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The Ginbot 7 Criminal Leaders

x- Hizbawi Hayl fighter  an Ethiopian Shitaw Shiferaw Victim of Ginbot 7 explaining how Ginbot 7 passed him to  EPLF to tortured him
The Ginbot 7 Criminal Leaders
By Getachew Reda (May 14, 2014)
I have argued for many years that the opposition is taken away by foreign mercenaries and criminals who are seen by their ignorant followers as their shining light on the hill that can do no wrong!
I am sick of the criminals leading the opposition in the Diaspora as I am similarly sick with the TPLF criminals inside Ethiopia.

Many understand me why I am frustrated by these Diaspora opposition,  and many fools also opposed me and asked me why I am frustrated by the so called opposition and their naïve “activists” and their destructive media. I have been on the front line for the last 22 years with my few friends, while the present thousands/perhaps millions of opposition hatched like  a turtle egg all over the Diaspora are late comers to the struggle. I am well familiar who is who, including the crooked elites who are hard to detect when they play political gambling.  

Heart breaking Tears!!!!!! Agony!!!!    - Victim of Andargachew Tisge Ginbot 7 fighter in Eritrea explain his ordeal of torture in Tears.
Though, I tried over and over explained to them in my written commentaries and interviews, why I am opposing them and fade up of their connive character, crime and their destructive activity against the political struggle and against humanity, many ignorant and their premature Diaspora opposition cults who are not better mature than the ordinary street gang bangers still failed to understand their leaders' psychopath and connive nature.

Their followers seemed to ignore the human dilemma as long as anyone try to remove TPLF. It could be criminal, monster, evil, secessionist, mercenary, it does not matter to these premature cults as long as any of their evil, monster, Nazi, connive. Psychopath individuals or organization remove TPLF from power.   You can hear these lunatic and lost cults heralding such scary view all over the anarchic Pal Talk rooms.

 Next week until I present you “how the opposition in Ethiopia such as UDJ, Semayawi, the Islamic movement/DimTsachin Yisema are avoiding Ethiopian flag replacing it by yellow, red, black, blue, or  white rag when they staged public protest.”  Until then, for today, I will present the crime of Ginbot 7 inside Eritrea headed by none other than the two psychopath leaders of Ginbot 7 Dr.Berhanu Negga and Andargachew Tsige. You need a strong heart to listen to the audio video presented by their victim. If you have soft heart, you will be easily broke in to tears with the victim  broke to tears.

So I advise you to be strong and finish the interview all the way. It is heart breaking when Ethiopians repeatedly given to Eritrean cruel torturers by Dr. Berhanu Negga and Andaragchew Tsige, who are simply thugs playing the life of our people worst than our enemy TPLF and EPLF. These psychopath criminals need to be sued in the international court for abusing humanity. That will not happen, because there are many activists individuals  like TamanG Beyene, and ETSAT journalists and the rest of the Diaspora sold-out elites and their puppet media hiding their crime by manipulating the mind of the premature Diapsora population as "Freedom Fighters". You can see the promotion on Zehabesha website or on Ginbot 7 own media ETSAT by the laughable puppy of Ginbot 7 member Dr Taddesse presenting his stupidity reading his thuggish master's book "NeTsanet Ye Mayawuk NeTsa Awchee". What mockery BLASH elite this fellow is!
We have seen TamNg Beyene crying wolf for humanity in public condemning TPLF’s crime, we have not seen yet, TamaNg Beyene as an Ethiopian activist crying and exposing or confronting or even mentioning an iota of word about the crime of his friends Dr.Berhanu Negga and Andargachhew Tsige.  How bias can one be than this open pick and chose defense of humanity? This guy is been talking about Humanity ever since 1991, you mean to tell me , he can't understand the tears and agony of the Ginbot 7 victims'?!
 I urge all my followers and readers, to spread this commentary on your face book all over the planet, since these Diaspora opposition media are embedded with those torturers and psychopath elites. They are hand and glove in this crime. TPLF will never be removed from power soon as long as these connive criminals are allowed to exploit and abuse our people. They are the tools of distraction supported by foreign enemies. The false picture given by the lunatic elites in the opposition that TPLF is breaking down and reaching at its 12 hour is a mockery to fool you. It can/t be, because, the opposition is romanticizing such myth  to itself without any strong spine of its own. TPLF was never strong, what made TPLF strong is the opposition who bent down in front of a hard ship in prison. They are still in such cocoon.

These criminals in Ginbot 7 as leaders of such crime are responsible for many wrongs since TPLF got into power.  Their present crime is documented on  video. It  is attached under this commentary for you to see the inner side of these political criminals who Andargachew and Berhanu Tsige looks like.

Many do not understand what torture mean, unless one is tortured by someone or perhaps “Unless one has been subjected to torture oneself, it is impossible to get an accurate sense of what it must be like to be subjected to it, which is why one can dismiss out of hand the excuses given by torture apologists that it is little more than fraternity hazing, although that is bad enough.”  Mano Singham.

Yes, torture is evil and those who committed it, provided the authorization for it, and gave the orders for it should all be prosecuted.

Please listen this audio video how Ginbot 7 member by the name “Shitaw Shiferaw” in Eritrea was tortured by Eritreans without eating a food for 12 long hour every day for months and months. He was been handed to SHAABIA by the anti Ethiopia, a monster and evil Andargachew Tsige.(leader of Ginbot 7 in Eritrea). This is why I was bitterly opposing Ginbot 7 and advised the Diaspora fools about Ginbot 7 leaders since the breaking of Kinijit. This fellow was tortured in the form of “WOFE LALA” what they called it in Eritrea “HELICOPTER”. The audio video interview is posted on Ginbot 7 Democratic (the group ridiculed and exposed he crime nature of the Ginbot 7 leaders), it reads like this...
“የህዝባዊ ሃይል ተብየው የአስተዳደርና ፋይናን ሃላፊ ከነበርው ሽታው ሽፈራው በህዝባዊ ሃይሉ ስም የሚሰበሰበው ገንዘብ እንደ አስተዳደርና ፋይናንስ ሃላፊነቴ ማወቅና አባላትም ግልጽ በሆነ አሰራር ማሳወቅ አለበን ብሎ በመጠየቁ ብቻ ሰበብ ተፈለጎለት በነ አንዳርጋቸው ትዕዛዝ እንዲታሰርና ለሻዕቢያ አሳልፎ እንዲሰጥ ከተደረገ በኋላ የደረሰበትን ግፍና በደል፤ ድብደባ በአጠቃላይ ከባርነት በከፋ ሁኔታ እንዴት እንዳሳለፈ ይህም እሱ ብቻ ሳይሆን በአጠቃላይ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሻዕቢያ እጅ እንዴት እንደሚሰቃዩና እንደሚገደሉም ጭምር ይገልጽልናል። ከሽታው ሽፈራው ጋር የተደረገ ውይይት ቪድዮ ከዚህ ቀጥሎ ይዘን ቀርበናል ሙሉውን በቀጣይ በተከታታይ ይዘን እንቀባለን”

I ask the Diaspora opposition, challenging them why going to Ethiopia to accuse another criminal when there are similar criminals inside the Diaspora opposition who are not better than the TPLF criminal? Are these not victims or Ethiopians? Are these victims not human beings? Certainly, the opposition media and their activists do not believe these victims are human or Ethiopians on their eyes. If they believe they are human and Ethiopians, why then is the opposition media and some claimed “activists” like Tamng Beyene do not want to talk about it?

How can I trust and march with these as real opposition and their media who do not want to bother for Human Rights or do not bother by tears flowing from the eye of the victims of Ginbot 7? Where is Ethiopia again heading? To a circle of another period of torture with these criminals controlling the political stage all over again? I need your answer.

Please spread it all over the Face book for the nation to hear such heart breaking tears. I cried for the victims when they broke into tears. Why not you? Explain to me why not you! Can any normal mind support these psychopathic criminals calling themselves Ginbot 7 who are giving our people to Eritreans to be tortured in the hand of Eritreans? Explain to me why you can’t stand against these human crime.

I will not buy any opposition propaganda when they talk freedom, liberty, humanity, unity, democracy…..when they intentionally stumble on such crime and ignore it as if nothing happen. It is a double standard. I have my doubts for years that these are not opposition but criminals. If they are not criminals, they aiding and abiding criminals. I am asking the Diaspora opposition to come clean on this issue, and demand a public protest against Ginbot 7 for its crime as you are protesting the TPLF crime. There is no better human being when it comes to torture, Torture who ever and where ever is carried against Ethiopians must be challenged by all peace loving people no matter who did it and where it is carried. It can be in Eritrea or Sudan, or Saudi , any torture against our people must be furiously challenged. Political criminals must be stopped before they introduce another third round system of torture in Ethiopia.

It is too embarrassing to witness such crime at this century committed by Ginbot 7 leaders  without any rumors or apology to their victims.
Visit this website to hear the audio video interview of the young and handsome Ethiopian Shitaw Shiferaw.
  My email is Thanks Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

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