Friday, April 27, 2012

A must listen Audio interview of Dr.Assefa Negash

   A must listen Audio interview of Dr.Assefa Negash

For this week's commentary, I am inviting all Ethiopian Semay readers to listen to my hero Dr. Assefa Negash's Interview conducted with the Moresh Pal talk group yesterday (see the video posted to the right). If you have not listened to it, here it is now- downloaded on YOU TUBE by a patriotic friend of mine posted here on my weblog. .The Video is posted to the right side of this page .

you can listen to the interview on this web log on the video section. I like to thanks my friend for download the audio into you tube. I really appreciated you for your patriotic contribution. Thanks on Dr.Assefa'a behalf of my Ethiopian Semay readers.

1-you will listen why Ethnic politics followed by TPLF,OLF,ONLF, Ginbot7 and the rest of the ethno liberation Fronts are dangerous for the survival of the Ethiopian people.
2- you will also listen why Ethiomedia's Editor Mr. Abraha Belay is refusing Pan Ethiopian patriotic writers' view and articles to allow it on his   website. You will hear Ato Abraha Belay's email communication with Dr.Assefa explaining why Abrha Belay remove Professor Getachew Haile's article from his webiste.  Listen to it and judge it to yourself.
Thanks my hero Dr.Assefa Negash for exposing all the narrow nationalists and fascists of all colors and faces.

I also  heard that the patriotic and the hero of mine  Dr.Mankelkilot Hailesilassie conducted interview with Assimba Pal Talk, unfortunately they didn't post it. Hope they post it on their website or send it to me so that I will guide my readers to listen to it. If we do not alert our readers where to find it- the OLF lovers such as Ethiomediam EMF, Abugida, Quater or Ginbot 7 and ESAT TV, and their likes..... are not going to post them or aired them as Ethiomedia refuse to post Dr.Assefa 's or Professor Getachew Haile's articles or interviews on his website.
                   Getachew Reda  (Ethiopian Semay) April 24. 2012 (408) 561 4836