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Wellega & Illubabur belongs to Damot not to Oromia

Wellega & Illubabur belongs to Damot not to Oromia

Editor’s Note:- (Ethiopian Semay) January 30,2017

In my article August 17,2016 “The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre Fascist Gangs”   I wrote “…the fascist gangs of Oromo (in power or out of government power including those in the Diaspora “OLF/OPDF/IOLF….) claimed Oromo people has obsolete right to control the large territories which it illegally seized (prototype colonization of vast territory) since 1991 with the permission and conspiracy of the Tigarayan people “TPLF” government ( the present fascist group government) as owner and principal chief/Land Lord refusing to share the wealth of those territories with other Ethiopian citizens.”
With this I added, not only the present Oromo people controlled the vast land in Ethiopia as a prototype colonial land grabbing act, but also the Oromo elites claimed Oromo need to control the government sit in Menelik palace. Such was quoted by the narrow Oromo nationalist Merera Gudina (surprisingly seen by the ‘illiterate’ leaned elites of the opposition as Ethiopian patriot) now incarcerated by the TPLF fascist security who himself called Kinjit as “NefteNga MeTa” in the early stage of “Kinijit era” who openly said

 Oromos can better claim that they are nearer to the Menilek palace at Arat kilo than those who came from Menez yesterday and Adwa today.            (Merera Gudina)

Now, these gangs and many of them involved in a genocide crime want us to believe them ‘Oromo never was a colonizer or aggressive or never committed genocide against any Ethiopian society in it’s the past of present history. Now, let us disprove their assertion with evidence. The so called Gala who moved from the end south border of Ethiopia towards the entire territory of Ethiopia (south, center. East, north…) did looting, burning villages, monasteries, raping, kidnapping, murdering settled various community of Ethiopia. In short they “committed genocide” and “colonization”. How did these different pastoralist Gala community trace pass the then ‘settled community’in ther 15 Century looted and colonized their present territories. Read the following map and document by our brother Abraham Taye.  

Wellega & Illubabur belongs to Damot not to Oromia


Wellega & Illubabur belongs to Damot not to Oromia

PART 1 : Oromos’ expansion is responsible for the genocide of Gafat population
The current Wellega and Illubabar are not lands of Oromo rather they were part of the Damot kingdom once its Gafat population and rulers evicted to Gojjam by the Oromo aggression. In the 16th Century, the Gafat inhabited a long stretch of territory on the bank of the Abbay River, extending from the Wellega river in the northern Shewa into eastern Wellaga (historical Damot), up to the Didessa river, and beyond. Southwards, their area of settlement extended as far as the headwaters of the Awash river: lakes Chala and Zway. The available earlier data indicate that the Gafat had inhabited a substantial portion of this territory in the previous two centuries.

From 1574-1606, the Gafat were increasingly exposed to the pressure of the northwards migrating Oromo. Unable to resist their onslaught decisively, large numbers of Gafat left their ancestral homelands and migrated across the Abbay into Gojjam, taking with them many of their place names ( including the term Damot, which now came to designate a town north of the Abbay ). Once in Gojjam, they were incapable of resisting the Christian kingdom, but instead looked toward them for protection. Overtime thus the Gafat became loyal and inconspicuous subjects of the Christian empire. This development culminated in the linguistic and cultural annihilation by Amara, which was virtually complete by the mid-20th century, a process that began 150 years during the visit to the area by the Scottish explorer James Bruce in 1769. Those Gafats who did not take part in the trans-Abbay exodus, but remained in their erstwhile homes and were fortunate enough to survive the Oromo invasion, were rather quickly assimilated , thus  disappearing from history as a distinct ethnic groupGafats, now confined in Gojam speaking Amharic used to occupy a large area, are close relatives of Gurage. Study of their language revealed that it’s a family with Sodo and Sebat Bet dialects of Gurage. In Chaha, Sebat Bet gurage, just southwest of Welkite near Gubrye town, there is a region called Gafat.
The main reason many of the people were wiped out was because of the “depopulation” or i.e.   “Genocide” that took place in the 16th century that is painstakingly recorded by the Portuguese such as Alvarez, Bermudez and Arab Ayyan. The Amhara, Argoba, Gafat, and Gurage people occupied much of the North, South, west and central Ethiopia that is why they speak Semitic language because of living together in common boundaries in ancient times. It is the Cushitic invaders Oromo occupying Illubabur & Wellega and bloking the Gojjam Amhara from the rest of Southern, Shewa and Gurage land.

In a related story the Mislee  Oromo tribe occupied the present time Gibe and Jimma towns in the period between1554- 1562.This area was known as Enarya land of the Southern nations as currently called. Untill this point we can conclude that expansion of the Oromo towards west and North West Ethiopia Oromonized the areas by large.The expansion not only changed names of Damot to Wellega, Enarya to Jimma, but also resulted in extermination of the Gafat Damot population.

When to redress the crime done to the Gafat?  The Gafat people should be given back their land in Wollega and Illubaur or monetary compensation. These people did not leave Damot of their will or even peacefully, they were mass murdered, their women raped, children castrated. It is a crime of genocide made by the Oromo they should redress the Gafat people before they claim Minilik. Not all, the few moron Oromos should learn it is typically referred to as genocide no survivor is left after their horrendous holocaust of the Gafat and Enarya tribes.

If the former boundary is not violated by the Oromo the possible Semitic region map will be mixing Southern nations such as Gurage land with Amhara land as Illubabur , wellega  and Jimma were part of their land before the Orommo aggression.

Map the Gala/Oromo/ aggression and genocide in the west and North West Ethiopia

This part 1 approves the Oromo aggression and genocide in the west and North West Ethiopia
Assimilation of Central and southern Ethiopians by Oromo( to be continued)
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