Friday, December 11, 2009

(Commentary By Tedla Asfaw) Tedla Asfaw Note from the Editor;- We appologize in advance for the artcile's Layout. It is been copied from PEDF format and we found it hard to adjust the PDF with the way the layout of the Blog allows. It fits right if the article is sent with MS Words. Thanks. by Tedla Asfaw
I read an Amharic piece based on the written survey done to find out what Ethiopians think of thecurrent political situation in their country. There were questions about the ruling regime TPLF/EPRDF, its leader Meles Zenawi and selected opposition groups, OLF Medrek, EPPF,Ginbot7 and surprisingly the biggest tested opposition party, AEUP is absent from the list ofopposition parties on this survey.The query should have to put the AEUP as one of the opposition groups and however it did not and this shows the bias nature of those who claim to be an independent survey. However,putting it might not make a difference as we see what the 281 people who gave their opinion onEng. Hailu Shawel, the AEUP leader. Two hundred twenty four consider him as a traitor while eight support him for his bold move to sign a Code of Conduct with the ruling regime while forty nine have no opinion. On the paper itwas suggested that out of these, forty nine people, many are against him too. We might reach to same conclusion if we follow the opinion of many Ethiopians from Ethiopian opposition websites and paltalk rooms, the majority of whom are denouncing AEUP leader as a sale out. On recent article in Amharic on, Aemero Dagnechaew wrote something new without many not giving much attention to his piece. He claims that Eng. Hailu agreed with TPLF/EPRDF on list of campaign/election issues not to be raised during the election campaign or debates. The land deal Meles signed with Sudan, the investment deal Meles signed with foreigners to give our land on long lease and the government monopoly of all businesses under EFFORT are the untouchable issues for the coming election. This is the mother of all liesto isolate the biggest opposition party, AEUP, here in the diaspora. I want to tell the writer that not only the above issues are central rallying cry for our people, without them there is no AEUP different from TPLF/EPRDF.AEUP leader Eng. Hailu's interview wth Andenet Raido host Yoseph last Sunday however couldhave changed the opinion of most of those who have negative opinion about him. I encouragehose who made the survey to make a follow up interview if hey can. Opinion can be formed withmisinformation and the Seattle might be such a case.We have seen here in America on the health debate how twisted information can anger many people. The government is going to pick your doctor, there is a socialist system of health care, quality of health care is the things of past were some among many that confused the real issue behind the health crisis in America. After all this false propaganda,however, the real debate has now begun.AEUP is peoples party and I can agree with Eng. Hailu Shawel that this is the biggest oppositionparty in Ethiopia which has wide popular support. Its supporters are reorganizing themselves using the window of opportunity opened with the signing of the Code of Conduct and the negotiation is still going on until all the hurdles are removed in the coming months to make our people voice once again heard like that of May 2005./-/