Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quote of the Year

"Lately, the political carpet it stands on for long time is being pulled under its feet. It is now shopping around to sell its worn out garment by stitching it with new treads. The salesmen are all over the place looking for a bailout to save the bankrupted model... like they say-Good will hunting.. There are other toxic factions who facilitate the bailout in order to save it from total meltdown. Of course there are some who want to believe the unbelievable. I say –GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY... ETHIOPIA SHALL PREVAIL!!" The above quote was taken from an Ethiopian writer by the name Ato Germame Neway. January 2009 Detail:-

This quote was taken from websites discussion forum when arguing his position against OLF preachers and their sympathizers who present themselves as genuine Ethiopians under the political trade mark called “ DEMOCRACIA”. (