Monday, June 11, 2018

The Mighty Amahara is Making Tigraionline Shitting & Crying – Woo! I am So Happy! ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian Semay

The Mighty Amahara is Making Tigraionline Shitting & Crying – Woo! I am So Happy!
ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian Semay

To tell you the truth, Tigrayans were extremely intoxicated by imaging themselves as the lion of this planet earth.  You , you, you Tigrayans were dehumanizing the Amhara, you murdered them, insulted, robe, threat, impoverished them, you made their women infertile with a poisonous injection, you snatched their land, what else is there you idiots did not do for the last 27 years constantly with your internal mercenary collaborators?  The Amhara had enough of you. You do not get it, do you?  

The Amhara are now awakening after so many patience tolerating these thieves and bandits for so long, as the result of it now, Tigraionline (the Agazi group), which I call them “The Tigray Boko Haram” are now shitting and crying like a child after they heard the mighty Amhara whose population is packed with heroes, fighters, scholars, rich land and largest population 6 times of the Tigre population started to organize themselves openly telling the Tigre thieves and bandits

Stop! You going to stop it, you like or you not. There is a fire every where and here too that will burn your bragging ass if you do not behave right! The old time is gone! You have had it, murdering millions, and now is the time for you to behave right.”  

After hearing the Amahara strong warning, the Tigray Boko Haram are now shitting and crying like a child. I tell you, Woo! I am so happy. Please visit the Tigray Bokao Haram website. It is coming with title “Establishment of National Movement of Amhara and its danger for Ethiopia Tigrai Online, June 11, 2018)

 How funny, group of “Boko!  Now you came to know what danger means all in a sadden? You are now all in a sadden in a fresh mind “the Amhara is coming”;  yes they coming after you TPLF, if you do not stop shitting and pissing on people. You know your TPLF Gestapo were pissing on people live!!!!! You understand that? These bandits were pissing on Amhara prisoners inside Ethiopia prison cells.   Amazing!

I went to their look a like a Boko Haram website and told them ‘you have been itching this for long time, now you got someone to bleed your itching ass so bad. Now, no more cry baby. You pray for it, you got it. Time to shut up!”   The Establishment of National Movement of Amhara is of course danger for the ignorant group of the Boko Haram of Tigray.

Do not use the name Ethiopia any more. You have manipulated it in the name of it for the last 27 years. Even now the Tigrayans themselves are have had enough of these Eritrean Bokoharm in TPLF fooling the ignorant Tigrayns 17+27 years “murdering, raping, robbing, torturing, sodomizing, what else did not TPLF did to my belove people Ethiopia? Shame on you animals! Woo, I am so happy your time to face reality. It is here! You sold Ethiopia, you landlocked Ethiopia, you gave Badime and Alitena what else.. what else,,, you idiots ;;;;; you sodomized the country-------I hate you!

ጌታቸው ረዳ (ethiopian seamy)