Monday, November 9, 2009

Where is the said “formidable anti Woyane alliance” that is still hiding its where about since 2007?

Where is the said “formidable anti Woyane alliance” that is still hiding its where about since 2007? Getachew Reda
Before proceeding my commentary, let me thank Dr.Mankelkilot Haileselassie as I always admired him for his superb analysis of the current political situation in Ethiopia and the remained available option he pointed to those believers of a “peaceful struggle” living inside Ethiopia to challenge the tyrannical system. His view is natural, excellently analyzed, matured and narrated from the existing reality. Most of importantly, his view was ungoverned by emotion. As many sociologists and philosophers pointed out mankind is governed by two sovereign masters, “pain and pleasure”. It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well as determined what we shall do. What that means is, there are phenomenon’s rules that can’t be avoided even if we wanted them to be avoided from our struggle to survive. It is by their (situations) rules that w e live. Whether we approved them or not, they are out of our power. There are times, phenomenon ruled our desire. Like it or not they governed our ways of life, our ways walk, our ways of attitude! Some of the Diaspora opposition clearly is living in the course of fighting reality that governs humankind. There is only one principle in the eyes of these groups. That is “demanding “pleasure”& “happiness” without engaging the necessary course that brings ‘the desired pleasure to our society”. This time after “AEUP”- the largest and strongest most viable patriotic opposition in Ethiopia decided to use its available alternative (participate in a peaceful struggle), many of the Diaspora opposition are completely mixed to each other without knowing what they want from the other and form Collection of gang mob of the Jacobins, Mountains and the Girondins (leftists, meddlers, and right wingers) to blackmail the name of the leaders of the AEUP. These Diaspora opposition groups are engaging in the business of “trust my promise”. The AEUP is acting from the idea of the law (current urgent situation), and hence group who acts from the idea of the law is already morally good, no matter whether the consequences which he expects from the action hits its target or not. It is up to individuals to make it happen. What I do ask the Diaspora opposition is it prudent to make a false promise ;is it morally right to defame AEUP as TPLF puppet(sale out), when the Diaspora opposition leaders are giving false promises for three years since their split from AEUP (largest member of the Kinijit)? Are they proving themselves a viable opposition even after the people gave those three years humble time to show us tangible result better than the peaceful opposition parties in the country? Let us take for example the so called Ginbot7 leaders in the Diaspora living not in the jungle of Africa/Ethiopia- but in U.S and in London, and their teaching against “participating election in a peaceful struggle”. Their mind is already made that no matter what peaceful struggle is not effective in Ethiopia. The following is exerted from the second man in power (mob power) of the so called Ginbot 7 “Andargachew Tsige/Betinachew Tsige) interview with one of the “broken and noisy Muffler of the Diaspora opposition media (OLF.EPLF, ONLF, EPPF, Ginbot 7, EPLF)” calling itself Ethiopian review. “It's been six months since Ginbot 7 Movement for Freedom and Democracy in Ethiopia was formed. In June 2007, wrote (read here) that the new movement has less than 6 months to prove itself. Did it prove itself to be a viable opposition party? What did it accomplish so far and what is it currently doing? Ethiopian Review had posed these and other straightforward questions to Ato Andargachew Tsege, a senior official of Ginbot 7, in an interview conducted Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008. Ato Andargachew said, among other things, that another 2 or 3 years of rule by Woyanne will further devastate Ethiopia and that those in the opposition camp who are talking about the 2010 election are committing political suicide. He said another election under the Woyanne brutal regime is not an option. Ato Andargachew also said that Ginbot 7 is preparing the ground work for a formidable anti-Woyanne alliance involving several organizations, including EPPF and OLF.” Ladies and gentlemen: This is exactly why I said, lying is now becoming the universal law of such mobs. Now, forget asking these mobs what they have accomplished in six months since their early establishment-! Ginbot 7 is been established since June 2007, ask what have they accomplish in three years? Is it hard to report three years accomplishment to the Ethiopian people? I do not think so, if there was accomplishment to report afar from touring State to State- forming a circle of discussion group in restaurants, by now, we could have heard, read their general report on their press. One can go one by one on their press, media and can’t find none what so ever that tells us TPLF is been hammered by Ginbot 7 army. Their press only talks how many breads are provided in a daily bases to the Army in Tigray and how much the population in Tigray is benefited from selling these loafs of breads, which as a result of selling those said loafs, turned the society of Tigray to a bourgeois class.( I didn’t report that Ginbot 7 radio report that!!!) That is the report they can offer for the last three years. If the oppositions in Diaspora can sit idle for the last 18 years (okay – let me put it three years without forming a single army that calls itself “Ethiopian” without being EPLF puppet), then that shows us the upcoming mode of struggle (the current) struggle’s option remain for the Ethiopian people is to engage in a peaceful struggle as AEUP decided to carry on. I do not think necessarily, an armed of army is the only option to topple a tyrant. All we need is the conscious of society. Each citizen can put a card and win, even under a pressure of gun. If fraudulent election is carried, then the AEUP and the people have an option and a reason to boycott and bring havoc against the rulers. The anger of the population is louder and lethal thunder than can tear down the stricture of the tyranny better than the EPLF puppets and the Sitting Ducks of the Diaspora opposition. Ladies and Gentlemen:- Three years is long enough! How many more years do you want the collection of gang mobs of the Jacobins, mountains and the Girondins sitting Ducks in the Diaspora to shake their watery socked body and show us where the said “formidable anti Woyane alliance is hiding all those three years? Please remind yourself what you read on my weblog from the book “Ay MTsuwa” quoted in short the following and think about Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige going to Asmara or Eritrean Embassy in the Diaspora shaking hands with Shabia president and his officials, if these Diaspora opposition has the moral ground to condemn AEUP president Eng.Hailu for shaking hands with Meles Zenawi while their leaders and their party officials and their members are shamelessly and openly advocate for praising Isayas Afewerki as Year of the Man’! “ሰዓቱ ለካቲት 9 አጥቢያ ከንጋቱ 11፡30 ሰዓት ነበር።… በሁሉም አቅጣጫዎች የአብዮታዊ ሠራዊት አባላት በከባድ ጀግንነት ከሻዕቢያ ጋር በጥይት፤በእጅ ቦምብና ላዉንቸር ተጨፋጨፈ። መሬቱ እየነጋ ሲሄድ የምፅዋ ከተማ በአስከሬን ክምር፤በሰዉ ሥጋ ብጥስጣሽና በደም ጎርፍ ጨቅይታለች፡ ድመትና ዉሻ የመረጡትን አስከሬን ይጎትታሉ።አንዳንድ ቦታ ደግሞ የሰዉ እስከሬንና የዉሻ ሬሳ ጎን ለጎን ተኝቷል። በጣም የሚዘገንን ዕልቂት ነበር። የከባድ መሣሪያ ጥይት የቆራረጠዉ ሰዉ አካል በየቦታዉ ዕጣ ያልወጣለት የቅርጫት ሥጋ መደብ መስሏል…”Only history will judge who is on the right truck! please also visit