Friday, December 24, 2010

Jawar Mohammed & His Tricky Smile

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By Getachew Reda

Jawar Mohammed is an Oromo young Stanford educated fellow, who is mistakenly taken by many fools and the myth feeding opposition media in the Diaspora as “young nationalist Ethiopian” while he is simply using his being Ethiopian to fool the rest of the fools as an Ethiopian while the fact the matter he is using the Ethiopian stages and the Ethiopian media outlet to further advance his “heroes’ ” (leaders of OLF) narrow Oromo nationalism mission.

Honestly, It never took me time to knew this guy from his treacherous writings from the beginning that he is not humble as some fools want us to believe he is against OLF and its mission, but he is nothing but dangerous agent of narrow nationalist group (who knows what else his other mission serves to).

I remember I met Jawar a year or so ago once here in San Jose. I have no problem with his personality and still I am not against him, but I am against his dangerous anti Ethiopian position and his narrow nationalism that is dying to address using Ethiopian media and Ethiopian forums as a genuine Ethiopian (he even is recognized as genuine politician to debate with TPLF on behalf of Ethiopia on Aljazeera TV –May I ask who is selecting such bogus Ethiopian nationalist and his likes to such International stage? Give me your thoughts!).

My meeting with him for the first time, I remember, saying –referring to me “Oh! When I read your writings on the media, I thought you are one of the fart old Amhara who hate Oromo not such from a very young looking Tigrayan! - “What makes you think an “old Amhara” is the only who hate Oromo not an old Tigrayan or young Tigrayan?” I asked. He smiled and I smiled politely with courtesy as he was one of our guests in the conference. And he told me he will phone his comrade somewhere in the U.S. said “this guy HATE you bitterly to his gut” to inform him that you are a young looking Tigrayan not an old fart Amhara.”)

I know that the OLF cults hate me to their guts, because, they know I am always uncovered their crime that they committed ethnic cleansing against the Amhara peasants and their family and their destructive of brigand politics of mission to wipe out Ethiopia that their program clearly written for anyone to read it regardless they talk about YEHIZBOCH YEBELAYNET cover up while they murder human beings in mass- including their own Oromo people! (Remember what Dr. Beyan Asoba, the spokesperson of the OLF and a Member of the National Council of the OLF said about Ethiopia when he said “I can careless, my concern is not wither Ethiopia be survive or not”.)

This fellow (Jawar) resembles to Tesfaye G/ab of the many said agent of the EPLF and pro OLF using Ethiopian stages, media, language, culture, show a fake concern, and an Ethiopian tone of character addressing underneath different tone. Unless Jawar Mohammed showed a new change from his current position of Amhara hating character and anti Ethiopia position and exclude himself from preaching Oromo as an independent people apart from Ethiopian population, I will still take this fellow as I always constantly said an agent of politics of separation.

Few days ago a friend sent me Jawar’s paper to see it if in case I missed it, which indeed I did.

Jawar is coming with a concern under the topicWhy Oromos should care about the Nile Politics”.

He said

Responding to my article, Ethiopia’s Internal Cohesion Key to Advancing Interest in the Nile, some readers questioned why the Nile issue should concern the Oromo people. There seems to be a strong assumption that the conflict over the Nile is essentially an affair between the northerners (the Abyssinian proper) and the Egyptians.”

Jawar! This is your makeup in order to conclude your Oromia as another country and entity as exactly what your OLF leaders (that you always said “my heroes”) taught you since you were young student. Look, there never was internationally or even talks or arguments or agreements between Egypt and Ethiopia as a conflict or interest or an affair between “the Northerners (the Abyssinian) and the Egyptians.”

Such fabricated misinformation is no question of carrying a mission to complete the disunity of Ethiopia and the hate that Jawar has to the people of the Northern territory of Ethiopia that he still called us “Abyssinians proper”. He is still calling the Northern part of Ethiopia’s population (Afar, Kunama, Tigre, Saho, Agew, oromo ...) as Abyssinia which he first hand learned it from his patriotic leaders of the most criminal terrorist organization called “OLF” and the way Portuguese, and the rest call Ethiopians as Abyssinians as the Arabs called us Habesha/Habeshi/Habesh (the Niggers) because of our dark skin.

Jawar knows that we are Ethiopia accepted and registered as Ethiopians in the U.N nations not as “Abyssinia proper”. Ironically, he aggressively complained to people calling the present or the current Oromo as Gala while he himself is calling the Amhara, Tigre/Tigray , kunama, the Oromo, Nara, bilen, Beja, the Afar, Tigre, Saho as “Abyssinian”.

My question is let him call us whatever name he wish to call us, but, the principal question “is there currently people, country or territory called “Abyssinian/Abyssinia” in the North? Currently, the Northern part of Ethiopia is called Wollo, Tigre/Tigray, Gojam, Gonder, Medri Bahri (Eritrea) (leaving the TPLF Anarchic Fascistic design map of ethnic tribalism in Ethiopia. Jawar must explained to us if there is a country or part of a country currently called “Abyssinia” at this moment registered nationally or internationally. If Jawar is talking the old name which foreigners called it as “Abyssinia”, then, we are talking about as Axum its centre, the then name, the government rule of authority and the territory of government stretched all the way to Yemen, Saudi Arabia and even all the way to Sudan and Egypt. But, that is history. Yemen doesn’t own Nile, Sudan doesn’t own Nile, Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a river to contribute to Nile to be called currently as “Abyssinia” unless the narrow nationalists and the Ethiopian Talibans come back again with fabricated assertion to tell us Saudi should be part of the shareholder to Nile as owner or tribute of the Nile as some Ethiopian Talibans claimed Saudi as their future capital city/Medina after their Liberation Front defeat Ethiopia and its name with its people inside it to turn Ethiopia to a unviable State (read the OLF program and the Islamic Ormo liberation front and their likes).

Therefore, there is none by the name Abyssinia in the Northern part of Ethiopia currently called Abyssinia legally registered in the U.N. or local territory or map designed as such even by TPLF system.

I will repeat to Jawar again “There is no Abyssinian that has conflict with Egypt in regard to Abay (Nile) river. It is Jawar in his dream of constructing new country called Oromia to also divide the Nile water as an owner to the coming country called Oromia Republic.

Not only that Jawar is trying or concerning to address about the water share or who owns majority of the water, but also using Nile issue to introduce his myth of “Oromia Republic” to the world in the name of water share/Nile!

He said, “As such, it is suggested that the Oromo have no reason to take sides, or if they do, it should be as the “enemy of our enemy”.

What does that mean? If Jawar believe he is an Ethiopian nationalist not from a country called “Oromo Republic”- then where in the world as an Ethiopian does he heard or read Abyssinia (Northern part of Ethiopia) take side or argue about or made treaty about Nile or share Nile issue alone apart from the position that the Nation “Ethiopia” has? Why would Oromo should take side or have stake or deal or sign agreement with Egypt and Sudan apart from the treaty of the Nation or central interest of the Nation represented by legal or illegal government of Ethiopia? If the deal that TPLF government is dealing looks bad by Jawar, then yes, Jawar is in title to argue with how the government is handling the issue with Egypt in regard to the Nation’s interest. Not only Oromo Interest!

Jawar’s jabbering in this regard is purposely to address and popularize the Oromo republic Issue that he and his OLF dreams about to establish by destroying and alienating the South, the North, the East and the Northern people of Ethiopia from reaching each other.

Those foreigners who are enemy of Ethiopia are lucky! They got agents all over the corner of the world who have no vision or heart to the people, the land soil they born and married and have children of all sort of mixed ethnic called “Ethiopians”. What a century we are in?

Where is Jawar’s Stanford education? Is this why Ethiopia peasants send him to America to worry about how much Oromo water is going to Tana to feed the “Amhara, Tigre, Kunama, Afar, Oromo, Beja, and Agew... (“Abyssinians proper”) that Jawar and OLF hate to see them survive on earth? Was he sent to continue his study by Ethiopian Tax Payer and peasants to talk about Oromia and Oromo and Oromo Republic? Was the Ethiopian peasants sent him to Stanford University to destabilize a Nation with mixed bloods using ethnic issue as a cover-up policy to sabotage the family of the God fearing farmers of Ethiopia? What are those Institutions teach them in class? I don’t understand it! Stanford, Oxford, Berkley... educated, but failed to see humanity that needs basic knowledge that doesn’t require so much philosophical thinking to treat and concern, all human communities’ issue as one human family and concern! What is education going to worth if our elites failed to see a common basic wisdom?

What is the mission of such young Oromo and Amhara born blood Ethiopian want when he is talking about Nile and the Oromo?

Jawar continues saying “In this piece, I am going to argue that not only do the Oromo have a crucial stake in these affairs,” What stake is Jawar talking about crucial stake in the affairs of Nile and Egypt? Doesn’t he illegally, immorally and irresponsibly using the Oromo people as if the Oromo of Ethiopia are living in an independent Nation apart from the rest of Ethiopian people? Even if we take his claim in this case Oromo should participate in the Nile talk, who should represent the Oromo if at all the Oromo should has a crucial stake on Nile to deal with Egypt? The OLF? The EPDO? The OILF? The ONC? (Or... hundreds of them unmentioned here claiming oromo representatives...and other future Oromo representatives who might also claimed they too are Oromo representative in the upcoming of Republic of Oromo (as the Eritrean EPLF and ELF are now enemy to each other after all that talks of the upcoming Eritrea as a land of Honey and Milk with Democracy flourishing all over that land.) if yes, then, sorry, Jawar has to wait till his Oromia Republic is established. Now, it is Ethiopia not Oromia republic. He has to wait. After his country Oromo is liberated, then only then, he can pick or Egypt can pick if those OPDO, OLF, IOLF Or ONC... are qualified to talk about the Oromo water with the Egyptian.

Here is also the other distortion

Oromo should in fact be at the forefront of the struggle for fair and equitable use of the Nile.”

This is the other nonsense policy of TPLF/OLF that Jawar is hanging to address. The Oromo, who else? The Amhara, who else? The Kunama, who else? The Tigrayans, who else, the Armacheho? Who else the Gash Barka? The Beja? The Saho? The Agew? Who else? This bogus claiming that I am an Oromo, Tigre, Kunama, just a bogus than none of them can prove us in their blood genetic that they are what they claimed? The elite is playing games using ethnic card to manipulate power and fame in behalf of the poor peasants, communities who interrelated in blood and marriage ever since god create this earth. How can all this hundreds of ethnic representatives have to have discussion and agreement with Egypt when there is a government and independent Nation with leader and parliament? Even if Jawar doesn’t believe in TPLF representativeness, Egypt might take his seriously to destabilize Ethiopia as its main agenda, but the U.N. doesn’t know you. Then TPLF government will block every water to the Nile for talking about Nile with outlaw representatives of OLF and its likes. Even if Egypt recognizes jawar as Oromo representative, the U.N. and African Union and the rest of the share holder will not. What are you going to do? Create havoc as you are doing it now in the internet till all Oromo Liberation or representatives are represented in the talk? Are you out of your mind Mr Jawar?

Why would ethnic representation in the Nile issue necessary here? Can the government in the centre who is given to do international relation responsibility enough to deal than demanding to send representatives of 80 ethnic representatives to Egypt? Unless Jawar is looking at himself as citizen of Oromo republic not as an Ethiopian citizen which is another matter of position, he have no right what so ever to demand such. But, by claiming Oromo should be represented not a central government of a country is simply exposing his ignorant of a national concern and solution to the conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia? I can see if he claimed that Meles or TPLF government doesn’t stand for the interest of Ethiopia and brought his argument what it should have done to solve the conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt- yes, he is in title to criticize the system. But, he is not concerned about Ethiopia. He talks about Oromo. He is talking about Oromo to claim they are the majority water contributor and need to have representative in the talk. Is Oromo another country? Read the following and you will see the fellow’s little mind focusing still on “Abyssinia” and Oromia” using this water issue.

Lake Tana is the most popularly known source of the Blue Nile. In Ethiopia, the Nile River is referred to as Abay. As the result, it is erroneously assumed that the Nile River comes from the Abyssinian highlands only. In reality, most of the water and the sediments carried by the Nile originate from Oromia. Blue Nile's biggest tributaries - Gojjab, Jamaa, Dhidheessa, Abbayya, Muger, Guder, and Dabus – originate from Oromo land and wash away its soil.

Due to the ever-increasing drought, Lake Victoria is in rapid decline. This makes Baro the most reliable tributary to the White Nile - and Baro’s main tributaries; Birbir and Gebba originate in Oromia. The Oromian Rivers are biggest contributors to the Nile water. Clearly, the Nile affects and shall concern the Oromo as much if not more as it does the Abyssinians.”

Who are the Abyssinians? Are the Abyssinias Ethiopians or citizens of a country called “Abyssinia”? Waht is he talking about? Who is he addressing too? If he thinks Gojam as he admits a contributor of the Nile River, Gojam farmers are living and suffering by draughts worst than the Oromo he is talking about? It is this reason why the Gojam farmers were immigrated to the Oromo fertile lands to survive as an Ethiopian which the Oromo land also belongs to them. As the result, Jawar’s heroes the “OLF leaders” and the OPDO “the TPLF puppets” combined together committed ethnic cleansing against the Amhara peasants! Isn’t that right Jawar? Is the Abyssinia you are talking the Tigre with the Oromo inside it? How can the water issue seen by you as more concerned issue to the other Oromo where you grew up or born than the Oromo in Tigray or in Gojam or in Gonder or in Wollo? Jawar, you terribly confused or intentionally carrying the OLF mission.

Jawar didn’t stop in his mission of Abyssinia and Oromia issue that his OLF always love to mention those two vocabularies. He sad in his subtitle “Oromia and the Future of Nile Politics” Mind you, he is not saying “Ethiopia and the Future of Nile Politics”. Did you feel me brothers and sisters? That title itself tells you so much about Jawar Mohammed who he is and what his intention is when he is talking about Nile and the Oromo in the water politics. Very talented fellow, isn’t he? He seemed exactly Tesfaye G/Ab.But, shallow and easy to uncover his face just by reading that title itself.

You see using that title he said “In shaping the future of Nile politics, tributaries originating from Oromian (as well Gambella, Benishangul, and SNNP) plateaus will play a more critical role than those from the Abyssinianhighlands.”

The tributaries originating from the highlands mostly flow through deep gorges, making them less cost effective for irrigation purposes. At best, their use is limited to generating hydroelectric power. In contrast, rivers originating from Oromian plateaus are ideal for irrigation use as well as generating energy.

Setting up hydroelectric power plants upstream uses considerably less water than developing irrigation projects. Not only does irrigation consume most of the water and sediments diverted to farms, it also often leaves remaining drainage contaminated with chemicals for farming. On the contrary, most of the water used for hydropower circulates back to the basin, and as little external chemicals are added, it causes less pollution.”

Therefore, downstream countries such as Egypt would be more negatively affected by upstream countries' development of irrigation projects than hydropower dams. For instance, Ethiopia has constructed several large dams in the last few years, yet Egypt is most agitated by the prospect of irrigation projects in Ethiopia. Egypt's primary objective is then basically to block developments on Oromian Rivers rather than rivers coming from the highlands. This puts Oromia and Egypt on a colliding path.”

“This puts Oromia and Egypt on colliding path”. So with that smart but shallow sentence, he is telling us not Ethiopia, but the country called Oromia are going to confront each other and meet on the colliding path. There you have it! This is the fellow many fools in the media calling him as bright Ethiopian from Oromo. As a friend of mine suggested, “I would not be surprised if the Egyptians themselves are paying Jowar to spread this message as it is beneficial to them in the long run.” The main aim at present...of ferenjees and all enemies of Ethiopia is to reduce the power and legitimacy of AMhara claim to the Nile...Clearly; the enemies of Ethiopia are way ahead of the game...because Ethiopians are sleeping..Sleeping with the enemy. A friend of mine putted it clearly right when she said “Sleeping with the enemy has become our political culture.” This has been the situation since Dergue times when Dergue leaders were sleeping with Shabia prostitutes that worked as spies for Shabia. It is a habit THAT MUST STOP.” Isn’t that right? To me the fellow needs to grow up. He is thinking and engaging beyond his ability and his age to begin with.

Jawar Mohammed asks Why Now? And his answer to his question, he said

“Some might argue that since Oromos are being repressed and exploited by the Ethiopian regime, the logical move is to side with the regime's enemies in order to weaken it. Thus, in the fight for the Nile, why stand in the way of a potential ally for our struggle over a river that we do not even control?

The old Real politik tactic of befriending enemy of an enemy should not be adopted when the benefit gained from such tactic is lower than the cost. For any upper riparian interest group, taking side with Egypt against another upper riparian state means, prolonging Egypt’s monopoly over the Nile. The sooner Egypt is pressured into fair and equitable use of the Nile the better. The longer such agreement is delayed as a result of upstream countries' inability to assert their rights, the less likely for a truly fair agreement to be reach.

Conflict, instability and lack of unity among upstream riparian countries gives Egypt more and more time to develop further projects in order to assert acquired rights through prior usage. Eventually Egypt might be able develop enough projects to permanently foreclose future use of Nile by upstream constituencies, including the Oromo. At this likely event, even independent Oromia would be unable to use the rivers that flow through its land. As discussed above, due to the irrigable nature of Oromian Rivers, Egypt will do everything to make sure Oromia does not touch the water. How will they do so? In addition to pitting us against our neighbors, they will replicate the strategy they have been using against Ethiopia - they will use our diversity against us.”

What do you brothers and sisters understood from such cleverly structured, and covered up with nice words, but shallow and easy to understand to any person with basic knowledge what his intention wants to address? Jowhar is saying that Oromos should not follow a tactic of supporting Egypt instead of Ethiopia over the Nile a strategy of THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY....(this shows blatantly that Jowhar and the Oromos he is writing too consider Ethiopians or Abyssinians as they rudely call us..ENEMY) but that offensiveness aside. A friend who is shocked as me with Jowhar’s blatant lie and distortion, this friend of mind wrote to me “Even with my limited understanding I now that the push for the Nile River comes from the rains in the highlands which come hurtling down giving the waters the needed velocity to make it all the way the Mediterranean. It is NOT the waters of Oromia that give the Nile it's push. In addition the claim that Baro River pushes the white line is UTTER RUBBISH. I can't understand why someone with expertise in the Nile has not written a reply” Indeed!

I will leave you with his last advise that he provided to his Oromo ethnic how he cares and loves them more than any one else in the Ethiopian territory and the care or concern he has about his future Oromia compared to Ethiopia in regard to the justice, development, secure , prosperous Oromo that he wants to see under his future Oromia Republic by excluding Ethiopian people from his advice, love and care and concerns regardless Ethiopians and the mediocre Opposition media took him as a genuine Ethiopian who loves and cares about Ethiopia.

He said

“The Oromo struggle is not simply about getting rid of the current regime, but also about paving a way for a just, secure and prosperous future for the generations to come. As one of the least developed parts of the world, our nation’s only wealth is its natural resources. Hence, while fighting for political rights, it’s also very important to regain, protect and preserve the natural resources inherited from our ancestors so that we have something useful to pass on to the next generation. In addition to fighting against the ongoing land robbery, we must also be vigilant about geopolitical affairs that will affect our water resources. The wise Oromo says, lafti bishaan malee, marqi carree malee hin tolu.

As far as protecting our water interest is concerned, nature forces the Oromo to take side with its upstream neighbours, some of whom are our past and present adversaries. The future, I would argue, is more important than the present or the past. It will be a mistake to overlook our long term interests focusing only on the injustices of past and challenges of the present. That is why I believe the Oromo not only support the campaign for fair and equitable use of Nile water; in fact, we ought to be the leading voice.

Can such narrow love to a given territory of people alone be taken as humanly heart even taken as solution to a conflict among different countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan…

If such narrow love perpetrated by ethno nationalists exclude others whom lived and interconnected, share one another’s issue togethere in their daily life for millennia before young Jawar came to this earth, what will be the fate of the farmers while the Jawar group are enjoying their hot bread in the richest countries of earth? Is his none violence preaching for real or cover up? If Jawar blatantly asserted a secessionist agenda concerned solely only about his ethnic issue by excluding the Nation’s concern on media to us here- what will Jawar say out of this media in private with his likes? As my friend said I like to know really exactly what Jawahar is screaming shouting and swaggering about when he speaks to his Oromo only audiences. Can someone inform us?/// Getachew Reda editor Ethiopian Semay Author of “Yedres LegoTengaw Memhir” and “Haykama”