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The Betrayal


 The Betrayal   
Isyas Afewerki's CIA ID card given to him from Miles Copeland in Asmara Americas Military base/Kangew Station posted at Ethiopian Semay blog.

Bunch of anti Ethiopia TPLF's  Mujahedeen  acting as Ethiopians where many of them are currently sheltered & trained in Eritrea how to plant Exposions to murder Ethiopian Citizens in Ethiopian cities towns.              
The criminal leader of OLF Lencho responsible of murdering Amhara children and women lying in Asmara stadium celebrating Eritrean's fake Freedom in 1992 After his boss Meles sent him to Asmara to lie on Ormo's behalf.
              The Betrayal         
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This article is updated and was posted on 2006 under the topic (Compromising is not only selling out, but it is also selling your self-short.)

    The greatest threat to standing by what you believe to be right is compromising: Compromising chips away until your stand is weakened”.

 The last fourteen years (when this article is updated,  now, it is twenty years), the situation in Ethiopia is one of the darkest time if not the worst darkest period to the many concerned Ethiopians.

     *The mother of all the people of the world “Ethiopia” lost its natural  accesses to the enemy and landlocked by a brutal conspiracy,

  *Many thousand lives lost in the Meles/isayas, meaningless war  *Thousands dislocated and deported from their own land and their own nation,

*Thousands of uncountable lives lost because of hunger and                 disease). Millions become orphanage, beggars, Arab slaves unemployed, immigrated (even TPLF colonels, and thousands of fighters immigrated)  and lost hope for what they dreamed.

  *Another many thousands arrested, tortured, murdered

* Majority gallant Ethiopian defense force, and including its own TPLF female fighters became prostitutes and became homeless. Worst of all, Amhara was a target of ethnic cleansing by OLF, EPLF/TPLF and Islamic extremists.  

The worst thing Ethiopians should avoid in their daily life is to “shut up” at a time of challenge like this. This week, many concerned Ethiopian citizens and Ethiopian friends aired important voices to the world, that, the coming back of Meles Zenawi’s business of selling Ethiopia to benefit his mother land Eritrea is on the news again.

 The entire game of this most complex puzzle of our time is a well orchestrated conspiracy not only by Meles/Isayas, but also by outside forces to destroy the land of the origin of human race “Ethiopia!“, the mother! the only exceptional womb in the planet earth, the one and the only one blessed through her creator who can produce black, red and brown (Tikur, Dama, Key, Yekey Dama ) children of the same melanin mother and father.  Back to square one, fox Meles is back in business all over again” is a call anyone should give attention.

These two mercenaries are performing two theaters simultaneously one in German and the other on the Afar localities.The EPLF and TPLF mercenaries are now playing games again to roast our families “on fire!, a very hot fire!” only us and our families, ‘yes“! Only us, not Meles/Isayas or their children or any other outside force can be roasted on the fire that is orchestrated for many, many years by both mercenaries who are playing useless shooting at each other a puzzle no one understands.

 It is time for all Ethiopians to voice opposition to Meles' renewed aggression against Ethiopia's territorial integrity and national security.Particularly those who are armed with gun serving the royal families (Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Negga and Seyoum Mesfin) must demand these Royals to destroy Isyas Afewerki and his Topolony Army (The Italian word for Toy Army) who is playing games in Somalia and inside Ethiopia once for all, or else “arrest” or ‘takeout” those Royals once for all so that Ethiopia will be  free from all this mess we are in. Only  “patriotic Ethiopians” in the TPLF Army can do this job, not any people’s revolution can do the job at this moment where it is impossible, where everyone is enclave in his own house and cocoon (Islamic and jihadist revolution and their demands burning churches and killing Christians, ethnic demands and what not and what not, …….)  

 This call is the most essential call to the TPLF armed group that everyone who believe he/she is the child of Ethiopia must heed and act now against those TPLF Royals. If the TPLF Armed Group want to make a difference to the very existence of Ethiopia arrest the top TPLF Royals and remove Isayas from his Asmara fake government sit to that to remove the terror he leashing against his own people and surroundings.

 BeQa, or Arab stream revolution is not going to work in Ethiopia. Only the Tigrayns inside TPLF armed group can be the remedy if there is Ethiopian patriot inside them. The power is not the Royal family in the TPLF, the power is with the Armed TPLF Group who are allowing the abuse to continue by defending the Royal family as body guards to those TPLF Royal families.
Each morning upon arising and each evening before retiring the TPLF Armed Group and officers who believe they are “Ethiopians” not “ a Meles Servants” should say loud  “ Meles Zenawi!!!! Don’t play around with the truth, or shirt around its edges, or stretch it or color it. Playing around with truth can have disastrous result!!!”

The opposition inside the country at this moment are crippled in other words they are “good for nothing”. Tigrayans who carried these TPLF Royal families to Addis Ababa Menlik palace should act ASAP. I know, I have many information that the top TPLf are reading my blogs, therefore, you have to hear me loud and clear that there should not be any dash for “ifs” or “buts“, or there is no “half and half” position towards opposing and supporting Meles Zenawi anymore from now forward. He played a lot, it is a shame for all of us Tigrayans in general!

No Ethiopian should see my reasoning lightly to why I am emphasizing seriously to the above highlighted positions or in brackets. There should not be any wallowing positions for ifs or buts or half and half in fluctuating positions when it comes judging Meles Zenawi’s entire agenda and performance.

 We should not be tired telling or hearing how it is been tough times for many Ethiopians confronting Meles/TPLF/EPRDF agenda and its actions for all those years to convince his supporters. The armed TPLF elements must turn that gun immediately against those who are playing games for twenty years.

I understand that few confused remnant cadres coming out openly to the media reviving from their dying soul after suffering a huge blow from the tornado of the great downfall of TPLF’s fragmentation are still moving like a snake cut in half. We have seen them that after their grief, these few individuals, not only they mange to keep their blackout media (internet websites, musical concerts) but, they also gradually got the nerve to wear a T shirt  with a photo of the Eritrean spokes person “Meles Zenawi” with “all his treasonous records“. Even the poor singer who is functionally illiterate who sounds suffering from a dyslexia sang for his eyelash!  

 Now, Meles is coming again to give Badime town to his mother’s land, regardless he is shooting at Isayas’s camp which is overdue a long time. Hearing “them!” trying to convince “us!“-to why their adamant trust should stay to stick with their man “Melses Zenawi” regardless of his “little mistakes” of Algeris agreement was, “the most “bizarre” stand many of us yet to figure out what “little” means in their vocabulary -or- “ Meles is the best choice to Ethiopia with all his weaknesses” mean in their definition judging Meles.” You all have to understand that, there is no excuse for a leader to be involved in a treasonous act under any pressure/weaknesses or circumstances. There is no small treason or big treason. Treason is Treason.

 No one should accept the Meles Cadres’ theory of defense that Meles Zenawi did little mistake here and there in Badime or what not……  There is no such thing as  “little weakness”  “ being a little bit pregnant”, A little lie, a noble lie“. A lie is a lie and pregnant is pregnant. He is out there to deliver treasonous act. He lied before and he still lies.  A leader should not be caught lying; therefore, abandoning his camp completely is the first step to putting down the current fire. It is the most sickening, bizarre stand to hear from Meles supporters telling the public “with all his weaknesses, he is the best choice to Ethiopia” quote unquote.  

We call all of you the remnants out there to stop being the backbone of this Eritrean agent. It is vital to make your camp clear! You only have one choice, either you are with the Eritrean agent Meles Zenawi, destroying Ethiopia or with Ethiopians, defending Ethiopia.

 Brothers/sisters! you are hurting Tigrean society and the nation at large by providing the psychological support that this treasonous person is currently looking for. He, doesn’t need your money as long he obeyed the super power’s mission of destroy Ethiopia. We urge all Tigrian brothers/sisters to stay away flirting from Meles Zenawi’s group kidding yourself under the name of “TDA”.  At worst, your best choice should have been to stick with the splinters group than to serve the Eritrean agent. It is absolutely naive, thinking of development in Tigray under Meles while the Eritrean agent openly telling you calling our fathers and mothers living in Badime as “some Godforsaken people“. “Badme is not bigger than Asmara. Badme is not more important than Assab by any stretch of the imagination. It is some godforsaken village” 

  Hearing this, nothing can be said except  “... .. it is again time for all Ethiopians to lineup united, as always, because, apparently the threat to Ethiopia's national security and territorial integrity, including its natural right to access to the sea is under fire, a very hot fire, which only Ethiopians can put out.” Tigrean solidarity. (The best Ethiopian advice one can pass to fellow citizens). 

  One may not understand to some people how the guy keep constantly cheating the nation, unless comparing his words in the past and his words at present time.  In 29 Oct 2003 - IRIN (news media) interviewed  “Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi” in which he discussed at length problems concerning the peace process with Eritrea. In his first answer to the following question was--

     Q: When the border decision was announced in April 2002 Ethiopia was very quick to say it had got everything it wanted. Why are you rejecting parts of the agreement at this moment in time?

A: They [Boundary Commission] made their decision on the basis of the
established practice of the parties. If they had followed the colonial treaty, Badme would have been say 40,50,60 km within the Ethiopian boundary. They issued map coordinates which they said are provisional and not final and that they could be adjusted by checking the facts on the ground. We assumed that the map coordinates would be adjusted, so we said their decision is acceptable to us. But at some stage in the process this Boundary Commission said the coordinates are final, they are not going to be adjusted unless the Security Council says so or unless the parties give us a new mandate. That is changing the rules of the game in the midst of the game. And that’s what created the whole problem. They said they would base their decision not on colonial treaties, but on established practice. And we assumed that they would check what the established practice on the ground was before demarcating the final boundary“.

That was Meles! Look how this Quisling/traitor tried to fool the International media and his TOPLONY (Toys) cadres! Was not the agreement between the two mercenaries to abide the decision be made by Colonial treaty (Italian Colonialist Map)?. If, people do not buy our agreement that “Meles is not Eritrean agent“ that is fine! but then his above statement alone can disqualify him from leading a nation and should have been handcuffed and thrown into jail. This is how Meles plays his game to benefit his mother’s land Eritrea. And he is lucky he still continue to stay in power to complete his final goal.
First, everyone knows, even the brightest Eritreans says - “he shouldn’t have gone to Algeries after Eritrea was forced to lick its wounds by the mighty Ethiopian army”. Be as it is, remember he still was very quick to lie to the Ethiopian people saying, “it had got everything it wanted ”. He knows the outcome a head of time that Eritrea will benefit by Colonial Maps that Meles willingly and intentionally agreed., But he used such a fooling technique by saying “we trust the Eritreans, we trust the Boundry Commission”. His cover up techniques are not new, it is been there for a long time before the Badime war started.  He rejected his comrades advice when warning him as their leader to alert him that Shaabiya is acting crazy around Tigray boarders, he response was “We trust them, they are not crazy to open war with Ethiopia” and condemned the oppositions as well as “war mongrels”.

  The fellow never ever seems to see events looking outward or broaden his horizon. He simply judges thing with the habit of his own assumption, self-centered idea without embracing others. If he really was not Eritrean TOPOLINO inside Ethiopia I don’t see anything better than what I just described him. He stands in the way of others and at the end he “embarrassed himself and the Millions Ethiopians in the world’s stage“. A leader must keep his word, honoring commitment, strength, honesty and integrity. Our Ethiopian ancestors had a clear advice when it came to principles. It was short and to the point: “Stick to your guns!”

The greatest threat to standing by what you believe to be right is compromising: Compromising chips away until your stand is weakened. Compromising is a situation in which you find yourself making a concession. In this case Meles Zenawi’s supporters may feel that there is nothing wrong with “giving up something” as long as the Shaabeeya side give up something too.  They may “explain it away” to themselves by saying, “Oh, well, he is really adjusting the conflict by allowing the headache (Eritrea) away“. Well, we agree, Eritreans (of course not all) are like the people who wear metal frame eyeglasses, that pinch, and they go through life with a constant headache- a headache to themselves and a headache to everyone else around them (a headache to -Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan, Djibouti….).

 They go through this cycle whether living in the Diaspora or in their little closet called “Eritrea”. Unavoidable headache!  
 Regardless with all the above understandings that we all come to agree, what at present Meles Zenawi and other Eritrean agents and their supporters are doing is “kidding themselves”, and certainly the action taken by Meles is a dangerous rout advancing towards the worst conflict ever imagined. What Meles is doing in this recent secret meeting to be facilitated by Israel and Qatar shows Meles still is “sticking to his gun- to benefit his Eritrea” but not sticking to his word/gun when it comes to Ethiopia. He is not even appealing to the Ethiopian people; he is compromising, trading away people and sovereignty as a commodity by his own will !  he puts Ethiopia in somebody else’s debt. Good Leaders never allow their country to be in any body’s debt. Meles’s treasonous act is completely a National Crime like “Vidkun Quisling” who betrayed his country to the enemy in World war II.

Hitler rewarded Vidkun with political power for doing so; he gave up his good name. Then and now, to be a Quisling means to be a traitor. That Meles!
The other day, I was reading a history book about the Panama Channel, reading that book came a page talking about missile crisis with Cuba, with American standing by ready to board: Soviet vessels, the security council of the United States (Adai Stevenson) refusing to compromise a position which he knew to be right, quietly said “Gentlemen, I’m prepared to stay here until hell freezes over, but we’re not budging!”. The entire nation watched on TV. Such name is to be considered associated with courage and commitment to a nation. To me it is a way of creating a wining image to his nation and to his name as well..  

 However, here is the so-called Prime Minister of Ethiopia saying “there is no way in hell that the decision on Badme which says it is part of Eritrea can be anything other than illegal and unjust”! while, simultaneous selling out a vulnerable nation to some treasonous groups like him knowing the border ruling  “illegal and unjust”, but agreed by the “decision in principle” again!!!  This is happening over and over in variety Eritrean issues “approved, approved, approved, sure!, sure!, sure!” to each every EPLF’s demand-  . “When we were told Asmara is not Ethiopian, when we were told Assab is not Ethiopian we said - sure, if the Eritrean people think that Assab is Eritrea and not Ethiopia, that’s alright. And we went to Asmara and celebrated with the Eritreans the independence of Eritrea.” This is the guy who suppose to represent Ethiopia who is saying this embarrassing response that I quoting him for you..
Before we all recovered from his above shocking statements, he is coming back to the business of selling out a nation all over again this time. It is a very tense week. He claimed he punished the Eritrean garrison where Ethiopian opposition (?) are trained on both sides on Eastern and Northern borders of Tigray (of course he should have done that a long time a go). And at the same time, his press released alerted us that Ethiopia will still love to have bilateral relation with Eritrea regardless the Eritrean Pharaoh still holding Ethiopians and Eritreans as his slaves. The fellow loves Isayas to death!

His followers who are apple- polishing him will have hard time living with themselves for the future if Badime is given according to the statements of Meles and his TPLF organization “we accepted the boundary commission decision in principle” regardless thousands of Ethiopian died to chase out the TOPLONI army of Isayas. Both TPLF and EPLF leaders are small men, a bad apple (le-Tarik Ye mayafru ) losers!  Time may change, situation might change, but sticking to your ancestral territory that they gave you to keep it as it is should not be compromised by any circumstances, “Stick to your guns!” only fools and losers keep changing their status to end up rush in where Angeles fear to tread.
Thanks- Getachew Reda editor Ethiopian Semay