Monday, March 8, 2010

Taytu Betul the Hero of Adua!
On this Women’s Day Holiday Ethiopians Semay weblog is honoring the Ethiopian Empress Taytu Betul Hailemariam the hero of the battle of Adua that ended with the defeat of Italian army in 1888 (Ethiopian Colander ) (1996 European Calendar). Tailtu the wife of Emperor Menlik Deeply suspicious of European intentions towards Ethiopia, she was a key player in the conflict over the Treaty of Wuchale with Italy, in which the Italian version made Ethiopia an Italian protectorate, while the Amharic version did not do so. The Empress held a hard line against the Italians, and when talks eventually broke down, and Italy invaded the Empire from its Eritrean colony, she marched north with the Emperor and the Imperial Army, commanding a force of cannoneers at the historic Battle of Adwa which resulted in a humiliating defeat for Italy in March, 1896. //-// For more historical research go to and write Taitu Betul or Taytu Betul.