Friday, April 25, 2014

The Opposition Dancing to the Tune of the Enemy against Moresh Wogene

The Opposition Dancing to the Tune of the Enemy against Moresh Wogene

From the Editor’s Desk:

 “like Hitler told the Jews, Woyane/TPLF and OLF told us clearly, they will humiliate the Amhara Beeher before the clock strikes twelve. The time is ticking. The enemies are winding the clock faster.  What are you doing to halt it before the clock strikes twelve?”   Getachew Reda

By Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
Wednesday, April 25, 2014

Lately, there is unfair and wide vilification going on by the so called “opposition” individual elements against Moresh Wegene an organization established by concerned individual Amhara ethnic who understandably wants to resist and register the crime against the extermination of its ethnic Amhara by variety of internal and external enemies. The emotionalist opposition who ranked themselves as “Pan Ethiopiansits” or “Patriot Ethiopianists” who are accusing the Moresh Wegene lead by a Ato Tekle Yeshaw as “Amhara Ethno centric/ or anti Ethiopian unity” are truly hypocrite elements living in their “fantasy world”.

For Moresh declaring to stand and defend for its ethnic when its ethnic is currently at the verge of social crisis and undermining the atrocity of the Amhara ethnic by variety of enemies who is singled out unfairly and illegally as “common enemy” is something of a concern to the Amhara themselves if others failed to echo it or defend it.

When, and exactly when, was the opposition media started to cry for the Amhara openly and continuously? Very, late. Is that not only me and Tamange Betyene openly criticized and furiously angry and aired our dismay at the opposition media (inside the country and in the Diaspora) for being silence on the issue of the news of the Amhara victims? It was just yesterday (few months ago)- who is fooling who? 

Where were these mouth oppositions when the Amhara was day in day out beaten, slaughtered and evicted from his own country and his own farm land?
These hypocrites amazed me when they come out with some fancy words to explain their Ethiopiwinet better than the victims or the advocates of the victims.

One of the Pal Talk editor calling himself “Debtera/ insisted and vowed “ (ስርዐቱን) በኢትዮጵያዊነችን እናሸንፈዋለን እንላለን፤ ኢትዮጵያዊነት ያሸንፋል ብለን እናምናለን፡ ከላሸነፍነው አማራው በጐሳ ተደራጅቶ ከሚገዛን ሥርዓቱ (ወያኔ) ለሚሊዮን ዘመን ለምን አይቀጥልም!”.  አሁን ባለው ሁኔታ የሃይሉ ሻውልን እና ‘መ አ ድ’ ንም ልንጠረጥረው አድርጐናል። በእነዚህ ሰዎች ምክንያት ጥርጣሪያችን እየሰፋ እንዲመጣ  አድርጎናል።” Here we ago again the TPLF theory coming alive inside the opposition “no matter what, you can’t trust no Amhara” back to the vilification of Hailu Shaul and Amhara.

 It is not a hidden secret that the Amhara ethnic is in clear danger. Now, the so called elements of some opposition are playing games reproducing the recycle product of TPLF in the name of Ethiopiawinet to air their allegation against Moresh Wegene led by Ato Tekle Yeshaw.

Some are now accusing Tekle Yeshaw as murderer Derg cadre in order to attack Amhara. Even though, he was Derg official, these opposition elements are accusing him as murderer. Even TPLF did not accuse him of such heinous crime. TPLF did not even found anything of such allegation as these pathetic oppositions are hallucinating of such crime against Ato Tekel Yeshaw.

Ato Tekle Yeshaw was in Tigray as Tigray region administrator during the Derg- do you think TPLF could have let him free if TPLF found evidence that he abused Tigrayans in such ridiculous accusation? You do not think so TPLF could have known that the in and out of secrets done inside the Derg crime in Tigray by Derg officials against Tigrayan or anyone?  This pathetic opposition is indeed aimless and corrupt!

TPLF/OLF and all sorts of Islamic mujahedeen were, and still are engaging in the crime of humiliating and exterminating Amhara and Orthodox Christianity, whenever they get the chance. Therefore, it is rightly so and on its legal position ‘Moresh members’ to defend their ethnic by any means necessary, be it, organized under their name on their own, or with other Ethiopians.
As the opposition fresh hero and new fighter from Tigray Mr. Abraha Desta rightly said so; that “በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ የተቃጣ አደጋ ካለ ከትግራይ ህዝብ ጋር መቆሜ አይቀርም።” So is right, if Moresh stands for its people from the total extermination.  so why is all this loud burp of “burro ha ha” and “HO HO hoopla”  all over the Pal Talk and websites against Moresh Wegene accusing them as anti Ethiopia or narrow nationalists?

Could have some elements inside it aired some misguiding emotions? Perhaps, yes. But, that should not be a reason to vilify and humiliate and accused the intention of the organization as anti Ethiopian unity. It amazed me to death.

Do not you guys think, it should have been enough what you guys played on Kinijit destruction when you vilified Hailu Shaul as Amhara narrow nationalist from the left and right (even still from the so called ARENA leader Ato Berhane Hailu in Mekele and Abraham Asrat who hate Hailu Shaul?  (Listen to Berhane Hailu of ARENA Interview held with Senit radio prepared by Mekonnen Zelelew few years back) referring Hailu Shaul as Timkihit/Kinijit Hailu.  Or for that matter, listen to  the x-ARENA member Mr. Abraham Asrat referring Hailu Shaul and his party as “Menlik SerAt AkenKang party or Middle age era /feudal party,.….. so on and so on”.

 It is clear now, the left and right subversive groups from the opposition have played a negative roll which now destroyed Hailu Shaul’s organization to the level where it is now?  

What is the definition of Ethiopiawint for you guys, when you attack those who stand to defend themselves and their families from the ongoing atrocity while as anti Ethiopia, while your fancy vocabularies of Ethiopiawinet that helped nothing to save the Amhara people is nothing unpractical. but only ‘emotion’?
How can it be consider “politics of secession or narrow nationalism” when one stands to save his own people from extermination and crisis, when none of your fancy vocabulary have done nothing to save the Amhara society form humiliation and misery?

What did your fancy of empty Ethiopiawint rhetoric have done to save the Amhara from destruction and humiliation? Nothing. Let alone to save them from atrocity and defend the Amhara society, you do not even have a proper file of crime done against them. You have nothing on your hand, “nada! No paso nada”, zip, nothing!

What is the crime of Moresh or the crime of Ato Tekle Yeshaw and his followers if the opposition’s new hero Mr.Abraha Desta  from Mekle Tigray claimed “በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ የተቃጣ አደጋ ካለ ከትግራይ ህዝብ ጋር መቆሜ አይቀርም።” why is that then, all this buru ha ha and HO HO all over the Pal Talk and websites against Moresh Wegene accusing them as anti Ethiopia or narrow nationalists when they organized themselves either politically or civic or in any form of shape to defend their family from the going atrocity?

The elements in Moresh are not less Ethiopian than you guys. You the loud big mouth are good for nothing.  Stop that nonsense hair splitting politics accusing Moresh as it is working for secession! Quit that super-nonsense! You know that I am not going to let you play games as you did to Hailu Shaul. I defended him successfully at the harsh storm of the from the subversive group. And I will again challenge anyone aimed at Moresh in fairness of justice. Why are you guys dragging us again to such nonsense infighting and conflicts to distract us from focusing our common enemy?   

It shocked me over and over that the opposition is still dowelling with petty issue and hairsplitting definitions. The opposition is at a verge of collapse when it chose TPLF to rule for millions of years than patriotic Amhara to come to power (this is true- you will see it in the bottom of this article).

Not only rivers of flooded articles are continually posted on the opposition website against Moresh Wegene, as the opposition is taking this game as its latest fashion of battle zone; but their divorce from reality is also a wild discussion of topic as we speak on the opposition Pal Talk rooms too.
Though I am not regular audience of the Pal Talk chat rooms, lately, I started to visit some of them and got surprised.

Let me start with a positive remark before I go to the negative side of some pal talk rooms that I visited for some half hour on each room. My first visit was Qale chat room. Though, I heard (rumor) the senior editor of the room is a hardcore supporter of Ginbot 7, in all his room is mature. I was surprised by the maturity of the participants and the topic they choose to discuss. It sounds like a higher education class. They are calm and friendly to each other regardless their differences. Especially there was a person by the name “Habre” who is a brilliant fellow in briefing his topics. He is calm and knows his subject very well. I enjoyed it and quietly journeyed to another Pal Talk.
This time, it was Debtera Leaks Political Secrets of Ethiopia –Voice Room”, which is administrated by a certain name ‘Biruk Shiferaw Tufa’. whom I wrote a commentary titled “ላ የመጣ ዓይን አወጣ!  or you can find it on Zehabesha website and other websites.

 After I wrote a commentary about this fellow, last week, this due surprised me by calling my phone constantly day in and day out at different hours leaving a message of insults calling me “YeshermuTa Lij”. At times he imitated like a black American. I have save all of his insults for the record. I can’t help but, laugh at his insanity. I think Dogs can talk better than this guy.  What made me laugh was when he left a message faking his accent/imitating as Black American with a ghetto insults. I am still laughing when I recall his tone. Why an Ethiopia imitated to be what the rapper Dr.Dre called it “a ghetto boy” is a freaking wearied. Unfortunately, this was the room that I stayed few hours unpleasantly.

The nonsense Ethiopiawinet rhetoric is nonsense when it is seen in practice. The vilification of Tigrayn people, Amhara and so on was largely what I heard on my few hours of stay on some of the Pal-Talk rooms. For example look at the following screen shot that was largely tolerated in the room. 

I intentionally kept an eye on the fellow who insulted Tigrayans as “ke Agamewoch Yeterefen Aids becha new”…. By the name “mike_07” to see if the admin will kick him out, unfortunately not. He was repeatedly doing same hatred over and over while others who challenged against the view of the room administrators were put to restrain and sealed their mouth with a red dot on them.

The poor (meskin) Moresh wegene was the constant punching bag of the editor of this room and his friends.  Amhara was next online vilified by these elements in favor of Tigrayans. He accused the Amhara as the only ethnic who accused Tigrayans for saying “Tigrayans are supporters of TPLF”. Here is what he said:

ይህንን ቲዮሪ የሚመጣው ደግሞ “አማራው ነው”። “አንድም” ጉራጌ ይህንን ቲዎሪ ሲያቀነቅነው አላየሁም፤ “አንድም” ኦሮሞ ትግራይ ሕዝብ ‘ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ’ ነው ብሎ ሲያቀነቅን አላየሁም። ይህ ደግሞ ጠባብ  ብሔረተኞች ከሚያቀነቅኑ ሰዎች ይቀነቀናል።” therefore Mr Beruk never heard “even a single Oromo or Gurage” accused Tigrayans as TPLF supporters, but only the Amhara ethnic.? Is this real? አንዲህ ያለ ዘረኝነት ከጉራጌ ብቻ፤ ከኦሮሞ ብቻ ሲመጣ ብቻ አይደለም የምንዋጋው፤ ከአማራውም ጭምር ሲመጣ አንዋጋዋለን።” said Mr. Beruk. By what criterion is such argument taken as “racism against Tigrayans”? One could argue and dismiss the analysis as wrong analysis, but obviously not “racism”. 

There he goes again to show his supporting evidence to show Tigrayans as opposing TPLF by mentioning several individual Tigrayan names “Dr.Hailu Araya, Tekle Bekele of UDJ, Asgede, Abraha Desta …” These are his few evidences as massive opposition to TPLF out of the 5 million or so society of Tigray who fought, die, wounded and supported TPLF since 1975 willy-nilly that ended Ethiopia a landlocked nation in order to reassert “Tigrawaynet Identity”.
 So now, Amhara is accused by the so called opposition as racist. ይህንን ቲዮሪ የሚመጣው ደግሞ “አማራው ነው”። “አንድም” ጉራጌ ይህንን ቲዎሪ ሲያቀነቅነው አላየሁም፤ “አንድም” ኦሮሞ ትግራይ ሕዝብ ‘ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ’ ነው ብሎ ሲያቀነቅን አላየሁም። ይህ ደግሞ ጠባብ  ብሔረተኞች ከሚያቀነቅኑ ሰዎች ይቀነቀናል።”  This is beyond belief. When will this Amhara ethnic going to get relieved and rest from being vilified and accused and used as their punching bag as a scapegoat to their weakness the harshness against Amhara that started since the beginning of the Ethiopian Communist student movement led by the so called Waleling Mekonnen (and his likes), who was the hero of TPLF and OLF?
So, said MR Beruk, “therefore, do not accused 4 Million Tigre for not to being chairman of the opposition. Oromo, the same. It is impossible millions of Tigrayans to be seen in the opposition as leaders”. Mr. Beruk defended Tigrayans as opposition to Weyane Tigray equally as the Oromos are opposing TPLF en masse . It is only the 200 or 300 Amhara opposition (his own figure) in Ethiopia or in the Diaspora that are coming out as opposition to TPLF out of the 30 million or so Amhara population. So why only Tigrayans be the center focus for criticism? asked Mr. Beruk in defense of Tigarayns.   

Have anyone seen Tigrayans coming out by hundreds of thousands of Tigringa speakers in Ethiopia or in the Diaspora to take their grievances to the streets to show their opposition to TPLF for land locking Ethiopia or for dismissing over a quarter of a million Ethiopian army as they are the cause for bringing this lunatic anti Ethiopia group to power? Tigrayns should have been at the first front of battle or protest resisting TPLF conspiracy before anyone else for that matter as they were and are the leading players to bring this party to the center power. Sadly they did not protest as they should have. Not at all.

It was only from the Amhara ethnic who stood against such conspiracy in front of the world (Professor Asrat vs Meles and Isayas
And Professor Mesfin Weldemariam and similar Human Rights activists who was day in day out filing grievances and appeals to the whole world exposing the atrocity and ethnic cleansing of Amhara society by TPLF/OLF/OILF lead by the late “terrorist” General Jara. These were Amhara ethnic activists who were in the middle battle with different adversaries when majority Tigrayn elites and ordinary Tigrayans kept their mouth silent. On the course resistance Professor Assrat, Assefa Maru and many others lost their life by TPLF assassins. Some were butchered with naive or shot to death like a jungle goat in broad day light, because they were not criminals, but their crime was only because they were born Amhara speaking Ethiopians trying defending their ethnic from ethnic cleansing crime against them.

You all recall what Dr Taye Weldesemayat (chairman Ethiopia Teachers Association) went through under the brutal TPLF prison? Did not you? What was his crime? Nothing, his crime was defending justice and born being Amhara. It was not Tigrayans who were crying and protesting to release him from TPLF brutal prison. It was all kind of Ethiopians; in particular the Amhara elites wrote and defend so many articles in his support. The media did a good job at the time. But, not Tigrayans. They were busy dancing and touring with Eritreans all over the world singing for Eritrean mothers counting as heroes and tigresses “Eritrawit Ado Ezi Kulu Ay salKindo!”

All those Amhara elites lost their life, lost their job, their country were subject for a harsh accusation referred as Neftnga or as narrow AMHARA NATIONALSIST. How fats is our memory fading?! Their latest target is now Moresh labeling similar name what Professor Asrat and Assefa Maru and others were labeled by the subversive agenda collaborators.

 Have I saw any Tigrayan opposition (beside me and Gebremedhin Araya and Abraham Yayeh and few others) opposing Meles Zenawi when he openly insult the national Ethiopian flag as CHERQ?  No, not at all. The reverse was true.
It was the Amhara elites by majority resisted such conspiracy. The record should be clear. Of course few Oromo and few Tigrayns and other few ethnic elements were resisting the TPLF conspiracy, but it should be clear that the Amhara was at the front line resisting the subversive group more than anyone else, because they were the principal target of all sorts of different enemies. The record should be clear. If the Oromo were targeted by TPLF, it was competing for ‘Oromo supremacy’ or because they wanted power in order to fulfill their nihilist agenda of secession from Ethiopia.

There were not too many Tigrayans or Oromo resist like the Amhara to save Ethiopia and to defend itself. What were Tigrans doing at the time when Assefa Maru or Assrat or Amahar elements are in jail in Debre Berhan ? They were ululating in the glory of Mr. Meles Zenawi. Remember, he was the chief ideologue of TPLF who caused for the killing and humiliation of Amhara peasants and intellects. He was doing his dirty homework collaborating with the so called splinters group while they all were in power while the Tigrayns were hugging them as their hero.

The TPLF chief ideologue went to Mekele to celebrate TPLF anniversary, after he did what he did in Addis Abeba against Amhara elites and peasant. He was in the middle of Tigrayans in Mekele, hugged by thousands of Tigrayans in Mekele public gatherings, in return, he was kissed by his thousands of admirers on the cheek by entering to the center of the gathering field, calling them “Golden race” ( worqi Hezbi), and expressed his crude and proud emotion for belonging to the Golden people than from the bronze people of other ethnics in Ethiopia. What was the Tigrayns’ reaction after he told them “Golden people”?
 Millions of them were ululating after they heard from their leader (who was accused as “Eritrean” by the mediocre Tigrayan opposition) ranked as the “Golden people” comparing with the rest of the bronze and silver ethnic stratus.  Is that not the reality?

So, if there is strong resistance of Tigrayans against Weyane Tigray as some opportunist opposition are arguing, since when did the Tigrayans started to oppose and get furiously angry and protest at TPLF officials by thousands of them, as the latest Bahirdar demonstration by the Amhara youth? We need to hear that?  What did Tigrayns do when Sebhat Negga calling the Enderta people as “‘professional beggars’ who travel every year to Addis Abeba to beg, even if they do not need money considering Addis Abeba as their capital city for their habitual beginning activities. As the Christians do travel to Israel or the Muslims to Mecca Median, the Enderta Beggars (particular village of Enderta) travels to Addis annually after they collect their farm seed. (1994).” (Sebhat Negga with radio DemTsi Weyane Tigray).

So, what did the Tigrayns did when insulted by this crude old man? Nothing. TLF is their church. They accept any degradation as long as it is from TPLF, but not from the so called “NefTenga” That is a no! no! sign.

Are there Tigrayn opposition? Of course there are some pockets of opposition in Tigray here and there, which is inevitable not surprising after so many years of support and silence. But is that enough from the territory that showed unbelievable resistance of arm struggle with the Derg?

During the struggle, before 22 years, thousands of TPLF fighters resisted from marching to the center of the country by refusing the furious TPLF commanders order to liberate the rest of the country from what the Tigrayan politicians called the “Amhara Derg government”. The resistance stayed for whole one full year. It was called “DEWTA” (resistance/pause). Some left their bankers and went back for home and join with their family. Why not now? We have not seen any significant resistance as we speak or as the rest of the Ethiopians during the Kinijit uprising in Addis Abeba (though they say Tigrans vote for Kinijit, we have not seen evidence of it- except reported by reporters without showing us the election evidence) lead by the Amhara lead Hailu Shaul and the Wollo Agewait (?) Amhara (?) Lidetu Ayalew. Remember majority member supporters of Kinijit came from the constituency of Amhara መአድ (later መ ኢ አ ድ) which made the strong Kinijit that we witnessed as “Kinijit” which jolted TPLF leaders from their feet not from Tiigray population.

Is that not the so called ARENA Tigray lead by Gebru Assrat that testified the election as nothing wrong in Mekele city during the election via radio DimTsi Weyane Tigray? Were not they as member signatures of member oppositions in Tigray testified, the election as peaceful election after TPLF asserted as winner in Tigray? - Though they (ARENA) spoke against it after the election as fraudulent? This is what we heard from the TPLF HaleQa Tsegay the then Tigray President. But, we have not heard either Gebru or other ARENA officials to contradict or protest what HaleQa Tsegay said on Geza Tegaru Pal Talk interview.

Was the election fraudulent? Of course, TPLF is fascistic and a cheater. But, what was the secret and why does the region armed with millions of guns on its disposal full of hard battle tested fighters living inside Tigray, who are much better equipped than the Amhara society (the Amhara who is disarmed and demoralized left and right by all anti Amhara entities,) failed to resist and protest the fraudulent election in Tigray, unless they liked TPLF?  Would not be this society who built and support and fed its guerrilla fighters calling them “DeQina/our kids” should have come first and lead the revolt against TPLF if they think TPLF is Eritrean lead party not a Tigrayn organization? No, they love and even accepted the TPLF flag as theirs. This is clear, that this jungle party has no right to implement a party flag as it is legitimate Tigrayan flag. Tigay have no flag of its own, it has one flag that is Ethiopian flag that came down from generation to generation.  But, we heard no resistance from the elites of Tigray even to blatant violation. It is foolish to accuse us as anti Tigray, because we believe all Tigrayns are TPLF supporters.

Leave the farmers alone. My older sister who lives in the far deep lowland of Tigray is a peasant. She knows nothing about politics. There are millions of farmers like her who struggle day in day out on their farmland make ends meet. My accusation and blame of focus is on majority of the Tigrayan urban duelers (students, teachers, civil servants…) and educated elite. That is where the core problem is based at.   

But, Mr. Beruk and his likes told us openly on their Pal talk rooms, that “Tigraysn do not accept or support dictators in their history”. Well, well,.. Is that not TPLF that fits the name Dictator and Fascist party? Then why the silence if not why the support? Seye Abraha or Gebru Asrat are Tigrayans among the 17 dismissed TPLF CC members compared with what Abraha Belay and Beruk Shiferaw referred them “pure Tigrayns” compared with the so called “Eritrean groups” why then failed to establish a guerrilla resistance force in Tigray right away after their dismissal or even as we speak if these element believe Tigray is ruled by Eritreans?

Surprisingly,  It is not the splinter group themselves telling us, that they believe such ridiculous blood linkage theory for their disagreement- this is coming from the mediocre Tigrayan opposition individuals and their opportunist oppositions as to cover their crime and weakness of the so called “splinters” who are called their “Heroes and diamonds” by the Tigrayn elites.  (Read my book የወያኔ ገበና ማሕደር የትግራይ ምሁራን እና ወያነ ትግራይ “ገጽ 399-427፡
The letter was addressed to Meles Zenawi under the tile “From Tigrayn professionals”
ትንሽ ልጥቀስ፤

“አቶ መለስ እርሰዎ እና ቡድንዎ ለምን ድነው አንዚህ በእሳት ተፈትነው የወጡትን የጀግኖቻቸንን መልካም ስም ለማጥፋት  የፈለጋችሁ? በጥሩ ስም እና ዓለማ የታነፁ አንዚህ ጀግኖች መሪዎቻችን፤ የወያኔ አለኝታዎች ናቸው።እነዚህ አርበኞቻችን የዓይናችን ብሌኖች ናቸው ፤ዕንቆቻችን ናቸው።የክብራችን፤ የማንነታችን መከታዎች በሆኑት አርበኞቻችን ላይ ለምንድ ነው አቶ መለስ መዝመት የፈለጉት? አቶ መለስ ያቁሙ! ለምንድ ነው ትግራይ የወለደቻቸው ብርቅዬ ሰዎቿን ማባረር የፈለጉት? አቶ መለስ መልስ ይስጡን አንጂ! ዝምታው ምንድ ነው? ህወሓት ማለት ለትግራይ ሕዝብ ህይወቱ (ማንኛውም ነገር) ማለት መሆኑን ልናስታውሰዎ ይፈልጋሉ እንዴ? ህወሓት ለህይወታችን ዋና ዋና የሆኑ ወሳኝ ነገሮችን ሰጥቶናል ብቻ ሳይሆን “ህይወት የምትባለው ወሳኝ የህልውና ትንፋሽ ሰጥቶናል” ብንል ማጋነን አይሆንም።

ድርጅታችን የሕግ ምሰሶ አቁሞልናል።ሕወሓት የሕግ እና የሕልውና ከለላችን ነው።በህወሓት ላይ “ዕቃ ዕቃ” በመጫወትዎ የትግራይ ሕዝብ የወደፊት ህለውናው አደጋ ላይ አንዲወድቅ አድረገዋል።በአርበኞቻቸን እና በእርስዎ መካከል የተከሰተው ነገር አናውቃለን፡ በፍጹም አንጃዎች አይደሉም።ተገንጣዮች አይደሉም። ተገንጣዮች/ጠባቦች ያሉዋቸው ምክንያት የህወሃት ህንፃ እና መተከል አክብረው ተንከባክበው አንዳይፈርስ በመከላከላቸው ምክንየት ነው።

የህወሓት ሕግ በታጋዮቹ ደም የተጻፈ ነው። መፍረስ የለበትም። እርስዎ በጠባብነት እየከሰሱዋቸው የሉት ጀግኖቻችን አንጃዎች ሳይሆኑ “ተራሮችን ያንቀጠቀጡ ትውልዶችን የመሩ ናቸው”። እነዚህ በአርማጌዶን ወቅት በእሳት ተጠብሰው በፈተና ያለፉ “ንጉሦቻችን” ናቸው “አንፀባራቂ ከዋክብቶቻችን ናቸው” አነዚህ ዕንቆቻችን ‘አንጃዎች’ ወደ ቦታቸው ይመልሱዋቸው፤ ዕርቅ በመካከላችሁ ወርዶ ህወሓት ይቀጥል።ለጠላቶቻችን አጋልጣችሁ አትስጡን… ወዘተ….ወዘተ…..ወዘተ…” በማለት ነበር “ወያኔ ለሁለት ተሰነጠቀብን 

፤የትግራይ ሕዝብ ለጅቦች ተጋለጠ…….እያሉ ሲጮሁ የነበሩት።
(by the way, my apology for those asked me to send you a copy of this particular book. It is out of market.)

These are my principle focus group when I argued Tigrayan people are TPLF supporters, unless one wants to play ‘hair splitting’ game. The fact about the splinters that those opportunists wrongly misguiding you that they are against TPLF is not true. Here is from a Tigrayan Abraha Desta who said ገብሩ እና አረጋሽ ከሕወሓት የወጡት በግለሰባዊ ጥላቻ አይደለም። የትግራይ ሕዝብ ጠልተውም አይደለም። ተቃውሞ ጠላትነት አይደለም። የአቋም ልዩነት መያዝ ነው። ስለዚህ አረጋሽ እና ገብሩ “የህወሓት ‘ተቃዋሚዎች’ አንጂ የህወሓት ‘ጠላቶች’ አይደሉም።” 

so, Abraha is telling us clearly that in principle, both, the splinter group and the Meles Group are one and the same when it comes to TPLF. They are only indifference on implementation of the already established policy of TPLF.        
Mr. Biruk Shiferaw Tufa (an Oromo by ethnic, based on his own assertion) is dying defending the Tigrayans who support TPLF/or those of Tigrayans who are beneficiary of TPLF by ridiculing those who argued ‘Tigrayans are beneficiary of TPLF’ or ‘Tigrayans are supporters/sympathizers of TPLF’. Here is what he said (this is a recorded audio that I am directly coating him).

ሁሉም ትግሬ የወያኔ ደጋፊ ነው ብላችሁ የምታስቡ ካላችሁ ለአራት ሚሊዮን ሕዝብ ጥየት አዘጋጁ፤ ለአራት ሚሊዮን ሰዎች መቃብር አዘጋጁ….ምን ዓይነት አይዲኦሎጂ፤ ምን ዓይነት አስተሳሰብ ነው?ቢሆኑ እንኳ፤በሙሉ ቢሆኑ እንኳን “አይደሉም!!!” ብላችሁ ነው መከራከር ያለባችሁ።

Now, let me clarify this hypocrite argument “ሁሉም ትግሬ የወያኔ ደጋፊ ነው ብላችሁ የምታስቡ ካላችሁ” briefly. I and my friends have been clear on such theory. We have wrote and argued and said it over and over, when we talk about one particular population, entire population can’t flock like a bird for a particular agenda, can’t be beneficiary, can’t be criminal, can’t be a fighter, can’t born at one day and can’t die at one stroke. For instance, first of all, when one addresses “German people were pro Nazi”, that in itself does not mean the entire German people were pro Nazi. We know that there were some German citizens who were against Nazi like the movement of the ‘White Rose’, who was trying to topple Hitler, as the result got executed with his other woman comrade Sohpy.

 But, generally speaking, substantial number of the German population was Hitler sympathizer; the same was true that Tigrayans have soft heart for TPLF than to the Derg,
or than to any present opposition.

“ትግሬዎች የወያኔ ደጋፊዎች ቢሆኑ እንኳ፤ “አይደሉም!!!” ብላችሁ ነው መከራከር ያለባችሁ።  Not only such hypocrisy is “hair splitting” argument but, waste of time intentionally argued as a tactical tool to cover up the collaboration of Tigrayans with the Apartheid TPLF. This tactical escape door was designed by the so called mediocre opposition Tigrans or those of the general opposition who are simply “opportunist”.  

What is this fellow saying?  “ትግሬዎች የወያኔ ደጋፊዎች ቢሆኑ እንኳ፤ “አይደሉም!!!” ብላችሁ ነው መከራከር ያለባችሁ።  Why Ethiopians or any Tigrayans or any one have to cover up or argued in defense of Tigrayans saying that Tigranays did not collaborate with the Apartheid TPLF? Why discourse the reality? Are we not contradicting history? What was its motive behind?

Later, we will see the reason behind why the fellow’s motive is the reason why this guy wants us to shut up and not to talk about Tigrayans supporting TPLF or not to talk about the reality that Tigrayans benefited under TPLF than the Amhara? - that the Amhara who lost their fertile agricultural territories to Tigrayans by the TPLF’s gun to the extent exterminating the population of the Amharic speaking residents of those annexed territories? Listen to the audio-video “interview of two natives of Wolqait Tegede about the atrocities of TPLF”  is that not at this annexed Amhara /Gonder/ fertile territory that millions of Tigryans and fighters made to live? Of course they are beneficiary of their fruit TPLF.

Why is this fellow and the mediocre Tigrayan opposition elites argued Tigray people or Tigray province never was benefited from TPLF? One of their reason and argument is that TPLF fired about 35,000 TPLF fighters under the title poor performance (drunkards and so on….. Their argument is “because TPLF is anti Tigray”. They even push their argument further saying; TPLF elites are all Eritreans or half Tigray and half Eritreans. Even this fellow is repeating on his pal talk that the TPLF splinter (some 17 of the them who were the CC members) were purged/pushed out from the organization, because they were all full blooded Tigrayns (pure) by the power of the “ Eritrean conspirators” inside TPLF.
This is a joke. Who is Tiku Weldu (the brother of Abay Weldu)? Who is Teweldemariam Abera (the second in command inside TPLF next to Melese Zenawi); his mother is an Eritrean (I knew this because, his beautiful sister was my first girlfriend, and I was also her first boy friend). And so and so.
So, to argue that the 17 members of the splinter group of the TPLF CC were purged from the organization due to their ‘pure Tigrayness blood’ is simply a cover up to free the Tigrayan elites from the crime they led together and to throw every crime to the so called “half casted Tigran Eritreans”. This argument is completely inaccurate if not conspiracy.
Be it half or a quarter or whatever portion of Eritrean or Tigrayan blood they have in their family, they are Tigrayans by blood and bone regardless the Italian politics applied there as different people. No one has the right to deny them if they call themselves Tigrayans. Their act is what we should examine. Their act is anti Ethiopia, and they committed such crime not alone, but in unison.  

This is exactly what happens when ethno centric puppets and sub-feudal organizations fight one against the other for any reason personal or for power. The same story was happening in Tigray in the 19 century during the era of Emperor Yohannes during and after his death among the noble elites and feudal members of Tigray. 

Debtera being misguided by the mediocre Tigrayan opposition whom they taught him to repeat what they want him to broadcast their nonsense argument to misguide the reality through his Pal Talk is nothing but to add more blurry to the confusion.
Therefore, they argued that the mentioned number of fighters dismissed by TPLF was not because of their poor performance, but due to their being “Tigrayn”. It is not entirely true. There were also my close families who refused to continue being in the army in the new government of TPLF after many years of fighting in Tigray who were arrested for some three months refusing to be recruited in the new army and released from prison, finally their resignation accepted. Therefore, this argument is to say, TPLF/TIGRAY people are ruled by Eritreans who are firing Tigrayn fighters left and right -is idiocy and naïve, but a clever argument to cover the crime of Tigrayn elites. Where did TPLF send the thousands and thousands of its peasant fighters with their armament in the name of “GimGema/performance”? To HUMORA, WELKQYIT, TSEGEDE fertile farm areas annexed from the Agaw and Amhara sosity of Gonder and Wello.  

How foolish one can be to argue that 35,000 Tigrayan fighters were dismissed, because they were Tigrans? Eritreans are Tigrayans and Tigrayans are Eritreans by blood and bone. Either Tigrayans or Eritrean elites, both are anti Ethiopia. You got it?

What this group does not want to tell you is this.  The first act of TPLF after assuming power was the dismissal of the Ethiopian army which is believed to have numbered between 300.000 and 500,000. When one takes into account the families thrown out into the streets to starve to death. At the height of this dismissal in the summer of 1991, 7 people were dying daily from malnutrition lack of shelter and disease in a camp at Jan Meda, where 38,000 people (who had been thrown out of Eritrea) were forced to suffer.
It should be clear to the readers that those  members of the former Ethiopian army  who belonged to the Tigreans ethnic group (such as General Solomon Beyene) were observed into the TPLF/EPRDF army, whereas members of the former Ethiopian army of non- Tigrean ethnic origin, such as the Amhara, Oromo, Gurage, Wolaitta, or Kembata, who spoke Amharic  were condemned to suffer the indignity of being thrown out into the streets (General Solomon Beyene, a Tigrean who was, under the Derg, a senior commanding general in the  Ethiopian Air force, has been appointed by the to head the new Air Force.) Dr. Assefa Negash (the pillage of Ethiopia – p. 12).

What happened after the EPRDF’s seizure of power in May 1991? Non-Tigryans that belonged to the former Ethiopian army were thrown out into the street while Tigrayans while Tigreans were rehabilitated and incorporated into EPRDF’s once rebel army. Even the perpetrators of the Red Terror of Tigrayan origin were rehabilitated by the EPRDF. Consider the case of Sergent Petros, an Eritrean responsible for killings of scores of young people during the Red Terror, who has been exempt from any persecution by EPRDF while hundreds of perpetrators of the Red Terror belongs to other ethnic groups are languishing in prison. (The Pillage of Ethiopia)

Now, who was responsible and who was in power at the time when the above national crime was carried? Tigrayans!! What crime was done under the banner of the Structural Adjustment Program? (SAP) I will leave the homework for those mediocre Tigrayan opposition and those apologists and opportunist oppositions to tell us what crime took place by Tigrayans to benefit Tigringa speaking society.

What was the behavior of the Tigrina speakers? Here is what my friend, an Ethiopian intellect Dr Assefa Negash explained how the behavior of the Tigringa speakers in 1991 behaved briefly explained in his book the “Pillage of Ethiopia”? Let us now examine the behavior of EPRDF’s Tigrean ethnic constituency. What happened after EPRDF’s seizure of power in May, 1991?
Read this.

“Tigringa speakers in Addis Abeba celebrated the triumphant entry of TPLF with ululation and drum beating. The predominantly Tigringa speaking inhabitants of the Tekle Haymanot, Cherkos, and Populare areas in Addis Abeba unscrupulously took to the streets to defend a regime whose hands were stained by the blood of innocent martyrs who were defending Ethiopian national symbols. By behaving in such shameful manner, Tigringa speakers alienated non –Tigreans. Tigrayns chose to rally behind TPLF which, on the first day of its entry into Addis Abeba killed children that went to protest the desecration of the national flag. When non-Tigrean bank employees were dismissed en masse after an ultimatum (in 1991) to EPRDF regarding pay raises which had been long overdue, who came forward to take their jobs but Tigrina speakers?  (As above P.76)
Tigrayans were participants of TPLF structure. Yes, they were and yes, they are still the backbone of TPLF.

Have not many Tigringa speakers working in various government offices, factories, public and private organizations and urban dwellers’ associations served as informers to the EPRDF security network? Did not Tigringa-speaking students and infiltrators collaborate with TPLFF/EPLF forces in the cold-blooded massacre of Addis Abeba University students on January 4, 1993? Did not Tigrina speakers decide to attend classes at Alemaya and Addis Abeba University when their non Tigrean compatriots chose to boycott classes following the brutal massacre of their colleagues? Did not hundreds of thousands of Tigringa speakers in Ethiopia joyfully take to the streets to show their support of TPLF/EPRDF?

During the last four years, I have scarcely seen any Tigrean group of any significance that has come out to oppose the destructive policies and practices of TPLF/EPRDF. In fact, what I have seen is to the contrary. Tigreans and Eritreans 9in Holland) who used to be extreme radicals of the student movement in the 1960’s, and later became founders of leftist organizations like the EPRP in the 1970’s, have refrained from criticizing, much less opposing, TPLF/EPRDF’s destructive policies in Ethiopia. None of these former radicals were present in the many demonstration held in Holland against TPLF/EPRDF. Said Dr.Assefa Negash

Dr.Assefa concluded “nowadays, even priority in the distribution of famine relief is given to Tigrina-speaking people. A well-informed Ethiopian weekly recently stated: “The fact that not even one death has been reported in Tigrai (the province which is recurrently and badly affected by drought) as a consequence of famine and starvation while the death of hundreds and even thousands of Ethiopians is reported in other parts of Ethiopia, shows the degree to which  the TPLF/EPRDF government is concentrating all its effort in Tigrai alone (114) This contrasts with the report from Wolaitta,  in southern Ethiopia, were more than 5000 Ethiopians died of starvation in matter of 2 months.

 Whether they admit it or not, today Tigreans support a government which deliberately dismisses competent professionals and experienced people because of their ethnic origin or political opinion. Tigringa speakers support a government which is starving millions of non-Tigrieans, a government which is destroying every fiber of Ethiopia’s national fabric. It is not surprising therefore, that Ethiopians of none-Tigreans origin feel betrayed not only by TPLF/EPRDF but also by Tigringa speakers in general. No one (except opportunists and mediocre elites- “added” by Getachew Reda) refute that Tigreans currently depend an indefensible and criminal regime that is tearing Ethiopia apart.

During the last four years (the book was written when TPLF was entering its fourth year in power) we have seen the TPLF and its constituency boasting about their military prowess and sacrifices which, they mistakenly believe, brought the demise of the Derg regime. This has led to the creation of an ever widening chasm between Tigringa speaking and others. This widening gap will, in due time, precipitate an inevitable confrontation between these two polarized groups. The onus is on those in power and their loyalist ethnic flocks to weigh the consequences that such a polarization will have on the future coexistence of Tigreans and non-Tigreans.  It is foolhardy to think that the status quo will continue indefinitely with TPLF remaining in the saddle as the dominant military and organized force of Ethiopian society. Unfortunately (for EPRDF and its Tigrean ethnic constituency), the recent history of Ethiopia does not inspire us to draw comfort from such example. Hence the need to be reflective on the part of TPLF and its Tigrean constituency from which it derives its popular support. (The pillage of Ethiopia:- p.78-79

 Why then seen such undeniable facts do some opportunists and mediocre Tigrayn opposition elites deny that Tigraysn never or are not supporter of TPLF policy? I am not surprised if the mediocre Tigrayan elites and their dogs deny their collaboration with TPLF. What surprised me is the non-Tigrean opportunists who are defending the crime of TPLF and its sympathizers.

Let me bring you back to Mr. Beruk Shiferaw Tufa (Debtera). Could the following be the reason why Mr. Beruk Shifferaw Tufa want us to zip our lips from writing, arguing, debating, and exposing the expansion of territory and the act of Fascism of TPLF to benefit Tigrayn society?
This will bring us to the secret behind the fellow by the name Debteraw why he is defending the collaboration of TPLF as non-existing. Here one audience of that Pal Talk room asked Mr Beruk (Debtera) “why do you care so much to the extent you are commanding us not to say anything about the Tigrayans support to TPLF or not to talk about the special/favoritism or benefit Tigrayans are getting under TPLF system? It is not your business.”

Mr. Beruk responded the fellow with the following tone. “ልሃጫም ብሎ የሰደባችሁ ሰብሓት ነጋ አይደለም፤ ልሃጫም ብሎ የሰደባችሁ አባይ ፀሐየ አይደለም፤ ልሃጫም ብሎ የሰደባችሁ የገዛ ወንድማችሁ አማራ ነው!” But for sure, we know Sebhat or Abaya not only insulted the Amhara, but they are among the leading players for the Amhara humiliation.

Debtera respond;-  “It is not your business?” are you kidding me said Mr. Debtera “ይገርማሃል It is my business!” ለምን አያገባኝም? ሁለት ወንድሞቼ የትግራይ ሴቶች ነው ያገቡት! አንደኛው የመቀሌ ሴት ነው ያገባው። ለዚያውም ልንገርህ አቶ ቁም ነገር፡ “አያገባህም ይለኛል አንዴ ይኼ “አህያ!” ከኔ በላይ የሚያገባው ሰው የለም። አንተ ምናልባት ከሻዕቢያ ወይንም ከኤርትራ ይሆናል የተወለድከው። ወይንም የጣሊያን ዲቃላ ልትሆን ትችላለህ።የኔ ወንድሞች ልጆች ግን ኢትዮጵያዊያን ናቸው። እናታቸው ትግራይ አባታቸው ኦሮሞ ነው። እንዴ አያገባህም ይለኛል እንዴ “ገደል ግባና!” ደግሞ አያገባህም ይለኛል!?  ያ/yea! እንዴ እምዋሽ ይመስላችሗል እንዴ? የወንወድሜ ሚስት ወንድሟ “ሜዞ” ነው። ፍስሃ አፈወርቂ ይባላል። የቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ ሴንትራል ኰሚቲ ነው። ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ ከፈጠሩ ሰዎች አንዱ ነው። “የናንተ ቲ ፒ ኤ ኤፍ ስብሰባ እንኳ አንድም ቀን ሄደህ አታውቅም። ምን በወጣህ! ከጞጠኞች ጋር የምትሰበሰበው። አምስት ሳንቲም አዋጥተህ አታውቅም”  (*this is strange. I do not know why he is ridiculing the fellow for not contribute a penny to TPLF or for not going to the TPLF meetings”* It smells a rat here. Anomaly!
The challenger continues asking “Mr Debtera, seriously, why you care too much? 

Mr. Beruk Shiferaw Tufa / (Debtera) responded again furiously: - 

አያገባህም ይለኛል እንዴ! ገደል ግባ እና! ውሸት ትለኛለህ? ለምን እዋሻለሁ?  ፍስሃ አፈወርቂ ይባላል። ዱባይ ነው ያለው። ሜዞ ይባላል። አጭር ነው። ከሰው መሃል ትለዩታላችሁ። He is four feet.  ፍስሃ አፈወርቂን አታውቁትም? በቀደም  ዱባይ ላይ በዓረቦቹ ኢንተርቪው የሰጠው። ምናልባት ብዙዎቻችሁ ለማታውቁት መለስ ፕረዚደንት በነበረበት ጊዜ “ቺፍ ኦፍ ስታፍ/ Chief of Staff” የነበረው ነው። እና ስለ ትግራይ ሕዝብ አያገባህም ይለኛል አንዴ? አንተ ራስህ ከትግራይ መሆንህን ያጠራጥረኛል። ብዙ ጊዜ የሻዕቢያ ዲቃላዎች ናቸው አንደዚህ የሚሉት።

why you care ትለኛለህ እንዴ? አንተ why you care about Birhanu Negga? Why you care about TamanG Beyene? ታማኝን ትሰድበው አልነበረም እንዴ? ብርሃኑ ነጋን ትሰድበው አልነበረም እንዴ? አብርሃ ድሰታን ትሰድቡታለችሁ አደለም እንዴ? ለናንተ ሲሆን right ይሆናል፤ ለኛ ሲሆን wrong ይሆናል፤ you talking stupid!” Mr. Beruk Shiferaw Tufa (Debtera)

Could that be the secret behind the defense, because Fisha (Mezo) is his step brother or his other Oromo brother is married to a Tigrayan lady- to why the fellow kept insisting people to cover up their collaboration with the notorious TPLF -urging “ትግሬዎች የወያኔ ደጋፊዎች ቢሆኑ እንኳ፤ “አይደሉም!!!” ብላችሁ ነው መከራከር ያለባችሁ። well, well, … huuum! 

I like to tell my readers, that, it still majority of Tigrayns (leave the farmers aside) elites, students or urban dwellers are TPLF sympathizers or hard core supporters of ethno centric politics brainwashed under “Tigrawayinet Meninet” agenda. They all supporters of what they called it “Adi Abo/ Tigrawayinet identity” (ትግራይ ዓዲ’ቦ/ እናት አገር ትግራይ ). Majority Tigrayans will tell you they love Tigray or Tigray comes to their brain before their Ethiopia. This is because; they love Tigray more than anything (read Identity Jilted authored by the Tigrayan intellect Dr Alemseged Abay as best source for this or read my book Ye Weyane Gebna Mahider or my (Getachew Reda) interview posted on You Tube). Tigraway Meninte/Adi Abo politics is their primary concern.
Their Tigrawayinet Meninet Identity not Ethiopian Identity or Ethiopiawee Meninet comes first on their goal of survival in this world. They will love to defend or rescue a Tigrayan before they defend any human being if asked to rescue the life of a Tigrayan among Irish, Ethiopian, Sudanese or any humanbeing of any citizen floating in the ocean gasping for air between death and life. That is why they believe Tigrawayinet comes first before their humanity.  It is discriminatory love for their particular ethnic. TPLF never fought for democracy. It fought for Tigrawayinet identity. That is why all semi feudal class and the radical elements and students of Tigrayans came together in the campaign of vilification against AMHARA.

If you think Tigrans fought for democracy as some fools want you to believe them, you are ought to check your sources. All those connive Tigrayn opposition telling you “Tegadaly Tigray fought and die for Democracy and equality” is utter nonsense. Their primary agenda they fought hard against the Derg by dragging historical lessons to pre Menlik is Tigraway Identity/ the politics of  “Adi Abo” to assert the Tigray supremacy at the helm of the Ethiopian power table.    

If anyone fought for ethnic identity by centering the flag and the nation as the center enemy of their identity, its primary goal is to enrich, to strengthen militarily, economically its own ethnic as the Nazi group in Germany fought for supremacy by looting and pillaging the wealth and power of the people of Ethiopia to enrich Tigray. Tigray state is now a country by itself. All infrastructures that made a nation as a full nation are implemented there- including Airbase and well equipped defense force. Yes, I am a Tigrayan, but I have a problem with their agenda of “Ade Abo”, that is seriously severing our relation with the millions of non Tigrayan Ethiopians as the result of it.

Because of it, anyone that hear me talking Tigringa somewhere (Restaurant, store, or somewhere) sees me as enemy or taking me as TPLF supporter. Even from the opposition camp who do not know me in person that I am against TPLF, sees me with a suspicious eye if heard me spoke Tigringa with any Tigringa speaking individuals, regardless I am a man of principle who is TPLF opposition from Tigray. Even those self impose oppositions like Zewge Fanta (intellectual who lived in Seattle Washington- a friend of the well known figure Ethiopian student leader of the 70s the anti Amhara ‘Waleling Mekonnen”) or Beruk Shiferaw Tufa (Debtera), Mezgebe Berhe from Chicago (anti Orthodox protestant follower, politically absolute ignorant fellow) who is A Tigrayan hardliner an x-TPLF supporter who was vilifying and insulting the Amahara on his heydays of TPLFite era) openly on media accusing me as TPLF cadre or under cover TPLF agent.

 Not only those, but Girma Kassa the well know as mediocre opposition begging us not to insult Meles Zenawi, who was and perhaps still is hardcore Bertukan Mediksa’s supporter (now UDJ supporter), also accused me as TPLF.

Remember it was never me or anyone, but Bertukan who apologize Tigrayns on behalf of Kinijit and Bedru Adem. Did you recall her apology to Tigrayans and website on behalf of Bedru Ademe. The Bettru Adem who was set free from the same accusation (anti Tigray charge) by TPLF court which she showed her ruthless and cruelty worst than the TPLF elements who accused him falsely to intentionally derail the Tigrayans mind towards the opposition as the “Inter Hamuwe” party? She has not even used her law books as a reference to accuse Bedru Adem publicly when she was here in the Diaspora tour with Berhanu Negga.  She is the one also who replied and testified in the Congress; only “100” political prisoners are suffering inside TPLF prison in a country of 70,000 political prisoners reported by Human Rights organizations.

So Girma Kassa and his other mentioned above individuals are accusing me as TPLF cadre intentionally to do their dirty agenda of subversion as they are now accusing Moresh or Ato Tekle as anti Ethiopia or TPLF insiders or narrow nationalist Amhara… and so on and so on….

These and similar ignorant are engulfed with unrestrained emotions who failed miserably to identify who is TPLF and who is not TPLF. He/she is TPLF as long as Tigringa speaking person challenged the mediocre opposition for their naïve outlook, he or she is labeled as TPLF cadre.
My question to those hypocrite elements is “where were they when I was alone fighting TPLF?” I can tell you one by one. Many of this elements starting from Girma Kassa, Beruk Shiferaw (Debtera) many of them were enjoying back and forth going to visit Ethiopia on TPLF Embassy issued Visa, while I was notoriously insulted, alienated, and ridiculed left and right for challenging TPLF alongside with my few brothers and sisters in the Diaspora refusing to visit my family or collaborated with TPLF. We were very few in number at the time. Where were these elements who are now accusing me as TPLF. I can’t help, but laugh at their ignorant intelligence.      

Okay, I am coming to the conclusion now. Let me say something about the so called ARENA as a threat to TPLF told by these mediocre Tigrayan oppositions in the Diaspora and their puppets. Even if we take the ARENA as real threat to the TPLF, the argument does not hold water. ARENA cannot be a threat to TPLF, because the main organ who piloted ARENA behind or upfront are the splinter group or X- TPLF fighters. And these can’t be TPLF enemies as “Tigray people are enemy of TPLF”. Here is my evidence “አረጋሽ እና ገብሩ የህወሓት ተቃዋሚዎች አንጂ የህወሓት ጠላቶች አይደሉም።” አብርሃ ደስታ ከሎሚ መጽሄት ቃለ መጠይቅ።
Abrah Desta is telling us exactly what Mekonne Zelelew of TAND told as (which I quoted him last week on my last article ላ የመጣ ዓይን አወጣ!). Here under is stated the reason why Tigrayans are not seen with the opposition camp with the rest of the Ethiopians at many rallies against TPLF.

ሎሚ -
ሕወሓት በአሁኑ ወቅት ከትግራይ ህዝ ጋር ያለው ግንኙነት ምን ይመስላል?


 የትግራይ ህዝብ ህወሓትን ቢጠላም በሌሎች ፓርቲዎች ላይ ጥርጣሬ አለውበአሁኑ ሰዓት የትግይ ህ በህወት እምት የለውምማለት ግን የትግራ ሌሎች ተዋሚ  ፓርችን ከህወሓት በላይ ያናል ማለት አለም።  በትግራ ህዝብመነሌሎች ተቃ ዋ ፓርቲዎች ትግራይ ሕዝብ በጐ አመለካከት  የላቸውምምክንያቱም የትግራይ ህዝብ በህወሓት ዘመን የተለየ ጥቅም ያገኛል ብለው ስለሚያስቡ፤ ህዝብ እ ፓርቲ አንድ  አድርገው  ስለሚቆጥሩበዚህ ምክንያት የትግራይ ህዝብ ወሓት  ቢጠላም  በሌሎች ፓርቲዎች ላይ  አለው።” 

But, let us take his assertion as fact and true. Why then Tigrayans took them years to support ARENA as we speak who believe the opposite to the oppositions’ belief (Tigrayans never benefited from TPLF/ or TPLF is different from Tigray people/ or TPLF is not TPLF supporter...? Is that not mystery having Tigrayan people behind it, why ARENA can’t even mange to ran a wider public gatherings without harassing by TPLF cadres and police if they are supported by vast majority of Tigray people and if Tigrayans hate TPLF as Abraha Desta claimed?

So, what was the doubt that Abraha Desta is telling us that “የትግራይ ህዝብ ህወሓትን ቢጠላም በሌሎች ፓርቲዎች ላይም ጥርጣሬ አለው”?   Regardless their suspicious to trust against Ethiopian oppositions reasonable or not, or whatever hidden phobia or misguided suspicious, it proved us “right”, that Tigrayns are not seen on any stage opposing TPLF for the last 22 years. Abraha is even telling us starting from Kinijit; - we are taking our argument taking it back since 1991 (1983) Tigrayns were not participants in any public demonstrations opposing TPLF for the last 22 years. If they came to the opposition conference/or public meeting, it is argument “Amhara, Amhara, labeling the opposition as Deg, Derg”. Nothing else but, that was it. We never heard them talking condemning TPLF, except the dead and expired Derg as if Derg is still alive or ruling Ethiopia.  Complaining, complaining, accusation, and accusation- regardless they have a huge hand on beefing up the ego of ethno nationalist party TPLF as player being the backbone of TPLF.  

My case rests here about this issue. My second part (Part 2) will focus if necessary about Moresh Wegene and the unfair vilification coming against Moresh from the ultra Ethiopian Nationalists wing who refused to see the reality of the Amhar sufferings by arguing to focus only at the whole body, while the main organ part of the body is failing, deteriorating and dying fast which could inevitably lead to the catastrophic death of the entire body. Thanks Getachew Reda  Editor -Ethiopian Semay.