Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Masked Mercenary Housed in the Misnomer TPLF is Visiting His Pets in the U.S.

Some of you who visited the so called (a pro Meles Zenawi website) might have seen a “public” notice posted to all the Meles Zenawi’s puppets to come and join Tedros Hagos in San Jose, California for August 29, 2009 which invited only to “ Tigrayans”. Tigrayans to these Eritrean puppets are either full blooded Eritreans like that of their guest Tedros Hagos who is one of the masked mercenary groups housed in the misnomer TPLF, or their narrow ethno puppets. Even if this thug was supposed to call to all Ethiopians, I am positive not many genuine Ethiopians will go to his meetings to hear his lecture of caring about his Eritrea. Who is Tedros Hagos? Well, as long as I knew him during our youth age in Tigray, he was not anti Ethiopia. He switched his sick mind preaching anti Ethiopia in favor of his country Eritrea (if it is conceder country) after he fled to the forest. I knew Tedros asking me and his and mine friend few weeks before he went to Dedebit to establish TPLF to help him rewrite a hand copy of their propaganda and spread it to friends who we think are reliable. Back to the era of our youth-hood, I as a family friend, I was many times invited to their house and eat lunches with warm and friendly social talks and they were fan. And I knew Tedros a conscious, none violent, soft talker, friendly with a habit of reading the small communist book called “Communist Manifesto” and few other pocket books written by Mao Tsetung which I had fan discussed few times with him. Generally speaking we were friendly until he confused himself in the jungle. Leave that as past history. Let us deal now, with his current anti Ethiopia position which shocked me absolutely for years. Tedros Hagos is the sun of a very secretive bureaucrat, who liked to isolate himself from the public integration as Isayas’s father used to do in Mekelle. His father had held a secretary position for Prince Mengesha Seyoum in Tigray all his life. Their life-hood is conceder rich and comfortable with the then standard of living compared with all the indigenous Tigrayans. We never distinguished him or his brothers and sister as Eritreans. They were sweet and friendly Ethiopians back then. But, later I heard even his other brothers in LA including a popular Medical surgeon were pro EPLF and run a vicious campaign against Ethiopia during the battle in the 80’s and later after their “fake independent”, continue during the conflict of the two askaris/banda (TPLF and EPLF) during the Badime conflict. Surely sad as it is to those who we considered as a decent Ethiopian family, Tedros Hagos turned to be the worst vicious anti Ethiopia masqueraded in TPLF as one of the founder and currently high TPLF official. Today’s Tedros Hagos is not that I knew before he went to the forest. He is now part of the tyrannical TPLF group and most sadly also, he is one of the elements who are a staunch defender of Eritrea accusing Ethiopia as colonizer which deserve to be landlocked. Not only he stood clearly for his native Eritrea, but also, he is one of the elements who deny Tigrayns to practice democracy. Read what his comrade (Shall I say x-comrade) Aregash Adane of TPLF-Arena had to say about him. “Tewodros Hagos, a serving TPLF CC member said that there was no need for the Tigray people to participate in politics other than under the TPLF as this is the only organization that understands and responds to their needs.” Tewodros was said to have made the comment during a TDA conference in the region. Her interview was made in around November 2006 (before three years). She said “the party has effectively been reduced into an organization whose day to day activities are subject to the personal dictates of Meles Zenawi. She said Meles Zenawi has molded the Front into one that merely advances his personal interests and views”. It was possible for Meles Zenawi to own and posses the organization because of his friend the likes of Eritreans Tedros Hagos masqueraded as Tigrayans hosed in the misnomer TPLF. Remember! Tedros is here touring the U.S. to hypnotize the Ethno- ill informed TPLF(TDA…) members in order to stretch the agony of the Ethiopian people searching for their support. We know from TPLF’s record there were undisclosed number of Tigrayan elders, children, women and priests, monks, war captives poisoned in amass (remember Gebremedihn Araya’s document?), and the burning of elders with live fire like Fotawrari Gezai Reda (who is still alive) and also my own family shot dead while asleep after tortured with fire, and the living witness “Deacon” Berhane Gebrehiywet who was shot seven times and crippled for life. So many untold stories waiting to be disclosed as the previous abused by the cruel Derg was disclosed. And yet, Tedros and his Eritrean group are acting as a Tigrayan to care about his native villages in Eritrea with the expense of Ethiopia. Many of you might know the story of Tedros Hagos’s father said to be a pro EPLF while he was in Mekele after the Eritrean independence. After the quarrel of TPLF and EPLF, the secret I have heard from a reliable insider person is that- his father Girazmach Hagos was found in the circle of EPLF cell, on which he was aiding a fellow who was sent to Tigray from EPLF to kill the so called anti Eritrea group with in the TPLF (such as Abay Tsehaye, Gebru Asrat, Seye and the like who are against Isayas and Meles Zenawi at the time) rankings. The secret list of names that were to be shot killed by the EPLF dead squad was later found by the TPLF security apparatus, on which his father was disclosed among the conspirators as EPLF undercover members. When officials decided to arrest him-, (later decided by the angry TPLF officials to deported him to his Eritrea), he fled to his son for Addis Abeba for shelter and surely got a firm defense on which his deportation or any attempt to arrest him was halted immediately. As you know, Meles Zenawis mother who officially vote for independent of Eritrea as an Eritrean was also protected from deportation because of the power of her son. Justice? Call it anything you want, it is there for any blind to see! Tedros Hagos or Sebhat Nega, Meles Zenawi, Bereket Simon, Seyoum Mesfen- whose faith committed every day and every second the pledge of Elegance to the State of Eritrea on their words “"We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule ofEthiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy." - Sebhat Negaon Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)”.
Dear Ethioppians: - Tedorso Hagos and Tsegay Berhe and other Meles Zenawis puppets are not a bit worried about Ethiopia. Their main concern is how they can use Ethiopia for the better use of Eritrea! One need to do is read every interview Tedros Hagos carried with DimTsi Woyane Tigray Radio or Woyin Tigringa gazeTa. You will read his arrogance, his disrespect to the nation, his filthy propaganda teaching ordering the people of Tigray to obey to his fascist organization “TPLF” that clearly violated national soverignity and the unity of the Ethiopian people which casued so many havoc and deportation of the Amharic speaking society from the South as we speak. Please visit under the title ethnic cleansing by Zenawi's militia against defenseless Amharic speaking people. ( horrific audio report from DW) and also visit on the right side of the Amharic section under the title “የአማራው ሕዝብ ሰቆቃ ፤ የቡርቃ ዝምታ ስኬታማ ተልዕኮ” both are audio report. This showed that these filthy ignorant racists and fascist group in power are the number one enemy of Ethiopia who still acclaimed Ethiopians; while in practice you will find them being the diehard defenders of all sorts of Ethiopian Enemies! This kind of group must be exposed until the blood they spilled and the national crime and soverignity they committed for enemies’ benefit is accountable in the court of law. The people’s victory is inevitable! Getachew Reda-