Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Is Abey Blessing or a Curse? Ethio Semay

Is Abey Blessing or a Curse?
Ethio Semay
To answer the question, it depends on the issue. I can only tell you Abey is a blessing to the Oromo blood stain criminal leaders and their hatemonger members. The fake Republic of Oromia dreamers slaughtered so many thousands of Ethiopian citizens to death. And millions and millions deported and destabilized their life forever by Oromo criminals.

Many if not all Oromo organization has participated intentionally in the fabrication of history to destroy an ancient country and its people Ethiopian. The OLF lead crime is been recorded in the mind of the many Ethiopian ethnic group, mainly in the mind of the Amhara people for ever. Tigrayans and Oromo criminals intentionally framed a program that lead in the crime to abolish Amhara ethnic from the planet earth.

All Oromo leaders who established an organization called Oromo Liberation Front (several of them in different leadership) are so sickeningly savage minded and uncivilized towards any positive thinking. As you all know according to the political program of the Oromo Liberation Front-OLF-(1976) and various publication related to it, the Oromo are not Ethiopians, but a colonized people: According to the OLF the Oromo were colonized during the last quarter of the 19th century by a black African nation-Abyssinia. As you can see their fabricated lies, the current Oromo society is not an Oromo society. Yes, they speak OromiNNa, but their blood cannot be proved that they are what they called themselves Oromo. There is no such thing in human biology to prove their DNA is Oromo DNA, as if there is a DNA called Oromo DNA. In fact, all of them are obtained from a various mixed ethnic language speaking parents and grandparents. To hide themselves as “pure Oromo blood” they change their parents’ given name to an Oromo names. How smart?! Their mothers are Christian and their fathers are Muslim followers. How do you negate this fact when you see even their different faith is intermingled by marriage. In fact it is difficult to marry a person with a different religious background than the other party than to marry a person with a different ethnic background. Tigrayans are not even better than the Oromo. Starting from Axum (many of them a Jew/Ayhud/ kings, Greece, some unknown ethnic or race...), all the way to Emperor Yohannes down to current living prince Ras Mengesha Seyoum (the treacherous prince who is untrusted, disingenuous and opportunist who speak with two tongues) are all ether half casted Amhara or Oromo, Saho, Beja and Tigrayan background, 

This includes the entire Tigringa speaking Tigray society who are the result of war and Empire which started from the kings themselves who were ruling Axumite Kingdom came from different race and ethnic background. You can see their face featured on their coins (currency) The obvious effect of these kings was to create a glued society of different skin and different feature. The entire Tigray/North- Gojam, Gonder, Baher Negash (eritrea), Wollo and shewa and beyond was the work of these kings and warriors. Those territories are clearly intermingled/mixed with the rest of the different ethnic in Sudan (As we speak today, the Felata Sudanese from Nigeria are living in our territory. Not only them but so many Sudanese ethnic and including Syrian refugees are now starting to flood to Ethiopia- the result of this is clear- mother nature will take its course and half cast breed will emerge). In this case let alone at the beginning of our establishment, starting from the ancient time, the various ethnic groups (Beja,Tigre, Portuguese syria, Italian Jew blood,,,), including with that of the Yemen and Saudi Arabian race is swimming inside the blood of the current Ethiopian society. When it comes to the Axumites, you can read the inscriptions left in stone monuments by the Axumite/Adulis Kings how they were moving one ethnic group to another village or far territories (the entire village mixing with another village after capturing the defeated ethnic/society/). 

This was done openly. When a given territory/village/ethnic refused to be subdued by the king The king goes to war to bring captives of the war and moved them to another territories. As the result nature takes its own course through marriage as the bee works its job inside the flower. The Tigrayan fascist can claim they are "pure" when there is no such "pure' in human biology. In fact Tigrayans are the most mixed/ halfcasted/ trippledcasted/ qudrippledcasted society than any others. Just read the kings' inscriptions left for history to see it.

Let us go back to the criminal OLF group;-

The OLF history as you know cannot cross back beyond their claim (19th century) to the 1st or the 13 century Ethiopia. They know they cant offer to get into it. They know the ¾ Ethiopian territory occupied by the so called Oromo was not their land originally. In fact they are the ones who penetrated from tip south of the Ethiopian territory extended to their current settlement territories that they are now owning as the only ownership of these ¾ Ethiopian territory. Just read the ‘Aba Bahrey Dirsetoch’ documented in the 16 century by a monk name Aba Baherey who was a chief in the Birbir Mariam monastery in Jima during the barbaric Gala occupation, himself a witness and a victim of the gala warriors. They burnt his books and his monastery.  Raping, looting, murdering, burning houses was so brutal, it shocks to your rear end when you read the hand written document left for history to look at it.

So, we know who the Oromo are this time. Their fabrication as occupied people is nothing more than stealing ¾ lands which belong to all of us including to the occupiers themselves. I have to remind that the current Oromo elites including Abey and the OLF leaders demand the current Oromo areas are Oromo territories. These vast land is been handed over on a silver plate by the Tigrayan fascists at the May 1991 conference brokered by the CIA. This was sell-out of Ethiopia. So, this far, it is clear history not hard to understand to any of you my readers.  
Now, let us go to the current leader and current opposition leaders how they see regarding the Oromo issue. If you read every one of these so called opposition manifesto/interview/documents/ speeches/ arguments, group discussion…….all of them will tell you “we oppose political organizations based on blood, race, language, religion , etc.. but we will allow and honor their freedom of argument with right of self determination/administration” what does this mean? It means they will allow them to proclaim in front of the Oromo people ‘up to secession” (up to destroying Ethiopia). So, this is the new motto of the new democracy that the opposition Or Dr.Abey’s new reform.

Both of them (the opposition and Abey) agreed in free speech and free arguments up to even destroying, and murdering a nation and its people. Why?  Because, it is the old KGB communist democracy and the new CIA reform democracy style that all oppositions lead by Abey’s reform are said to follow. This is in fact the most dangerous road that legitimizes to murder a nation using “democracy as a tool”. Such reform and belief does not stop only on politics, it also allows even Alshabab type of Extremities group to fight for Islamic/Sharia/ government style as long as there is no gun involved. Do you understand this politics of reform lead by Abey and supported by the so called oppositions? Abey told us that no citizen will be prohibited to air its goal, interest even any Alshabab type of flag if people wanted it, it is allowed to hoist inside the Ethiopian territory under this reform. That far, you can’t prohibit their nihilist agenda, because Abey and the so called opposition agreed in the so called “free speech”. What does free speech mean? Well, God only knows what it means.

This is why the OLF is let free murdering looting, raping and destroying clinics and even to the extent prohibit a wounded captive Ethiopian Oromo soldier from getting treatment in any of the local health hospitals that were occupied by the OLF thugs. This story was told by Abey himself to the Ethiopia people. This far Abey reform allows the OLF and TPLF thugs to do just about anything, any crime they want to carry. Tigrayans told Abey hell with you, we are not going to listen to any of the Ethiopian Federal higher court order to surrender the wanted criminals’ sheltered in Tigray. The blood stained Oromo Liberation groups are also telling Abey hell with you, we have the right to murder, rape, loot banks as we wish, because we are not Ethiopians. So who is the Oromo liberation Front lead by? It is by no one but by a retarded blood stained fellow who is complexly living in the 16 century era still allowed to live in Addis Ababa even ordering the looting, raping and murdering innocent citizens of Ethiopia openly undermining any international or local laws.

Now, we are seeing the so called religious and cultural or community leaders spoiling these Tigrayan and Oromo thugs begging them to mellow down. But, can thugs such as these well organized criminals know what civilized mind means? No. Because these are criminals stained with human blood for many, many years. Murdering is their habit. They are addicted to kill human beings. These are crazy elements, and mentally destabilized elements who are recruiting unemployed and ill informed youngsters using them to run their blood thirsty ego. These Oromo and Tigray gun toting gangs are not use to live without murdering and creating havoc to the life of innocent citizens, so therefore, Abey’s reform is very favorite moment for these thugs to do any they want. Will this reform stop these criminals from shooting at people or will this reform stop from demanding murdering a nation in the name of self administration? Will this reform stop from hoisting Alshabba type of religious extremists’ flag in Ethiopia? The answer is no, because, the reform’s aim is to allow secession, to allow just about anything including homosexuality, faith of 666 Satanism as long as there is no gun toting involved. 

The CIA is behind, leading the flourishing of these types of Democracy up to self administration/self determination/ which started already by TPLF for the last 27 years of Ethiopia agony. seeing these extreme freedom, is Abey a blessing or a curse? It depends who you are asking. But to those dealt on this commentary Abey is a blessing. Do not forget the American democracy and the old communist think of “Freedom of speech, up to self administration/self determination is allowed as long as one does not use a gun’ is catching up in the rest of Africa slowly. So, this trend already killed Ethiopia’s unity in the last 27 years and this trend will continue with its “extreme freedom” in the name of ‘democratic reform’ to solidify tribal territories even worse than ever.

 It is frightening and a concern, that you can easily see this trend, that even the Southern various ethnic territories are now demanding “their own apartheid territories as Kelil”. And harmfully the media and the opposition are all for it, as if,  it is the sign of healthy trend and as if Democracy is flourishing. All these fragmented Apartheid Kelil will later declare their own country and their own flag wich Ethiopia will end up in anarchy state.  Seeing this,will the apartheid trend started 27 years ago by the Tigrayan fascist party going to continue or going to be liquidated once for all? 
The answer is:- as long as criminals who involved in ethnic cleansing and torturing citizens are let free without any accountability still allowed to involve in politics, then I am afraid, Ethiopia will never see the daylight we all wish to see.
Ethio Semay