Thursday, April 26, 2012

Array of criminals in our political dialogue By Getachew Reda The struggle in Ethiopia as I stated it in my earlier articles is not only going to be against Meles / Woyane Tigray but also “mainly” post Woyane Tigray lead by an Array of top ex- TPLF criminals and their Diaspora supporters (-we only have to mentioned their Diaspora supporters- since these criminals only have limited number of supporters in Tigray based on my reliable source of family and friends). We are heading there now! In fact my source told me, many Tigrayans in Tigray (particularly in Mekelle,) reflected anger when they heard these criminals involved in the current political dialogue knowing their hand tainted with so much blood). If you carefully followed the current political situation in Ethiopia, the various criminals and their supporters are crying so loud against the AEUP leadership in particular against Eng. Hailu Shawel. Brothers and sisters , it is not politics that we are hearing from those wolfs in the sheep skin, it is “hate”, it is fear of loosing power, it is fear of facing justice. Lately Siye Abraha and Gebru Asrat are becoming seen as the “saviors of Ethiopian people” inclined with the so called MEDREK (as the lampoon (Ye Ergo Zimb) Tedla Asfaw correctly putted it in his article “ ). Medrek, the last hope of Kilil Politics in Ethiopia !!! The Diaspora supporters of these mixed criminals such as Tecola Hagos, Abraha Belay, Kinfu Assefa, Ashebir, Mekonnen Zelelew….. and many and many media operators and sadly also by the man who called himself an attorney of law Al Mariam and the likes are trying to rehabilitate these criminals with a skillful conspiracy of trying to pull down the victims of these criminals into a powerless voice. It is indeed amazing and shocking to hear insults thrown at an Ethiopian patriot Engineer Hailu Shawel, while uplifting the spirit of those criminals namely Seye Abraha of TPLF, Gebru Asrat of TPLF, Negasso Gidada of TPLF, Merera Gudina and Beyene Petros (one of the few worst opportunists) members of TPLF parliament. Other Diaspora Ethiopians calling themselves opposition are now also to our surprise joining these wolfs in the sheepskin in the campaigning going after AEUP’s disrespect and destruction. I am not so much worried to find out their reasons why the above individuals and media outlets trying to pump their image and fall in love with these criminals;- what I am wondered is by other unexpected groups that none of us expect them to be that low in attitude and wisdom of the current situation. You all might have listened to the radio calling itself NeTsanet radio: - Last Sunday, I visited its website and listen to its broadcast. Its guest was Ambassador Imru Zeleke and Dr. Abeba. Listening to (their solution to their own failing wisdom) the solution they gave to Ethiopian opposition party was “to dismantle AEUP”! I ask to my self- UMMM! Okay. Such infantile solution they came up to remove Meles /TPLF from power was “to dismantle AEUP” as Andargachew and Berhanu “Dismantled Kinijit” to its demise. And see where the Saviors of Ethiopia are now caved in after they destroy kinijit. The radio producer asked them exactly what I and few of my friends asked the sitting “Diaspora Ducks” a solution to the current situation if they do not like what AEUP is heading to. The elderly Ambassador Imru Zeleke went into untouchable, confused theory of emotion with no substance of solution to the question he was asked for a prolonged moment and the same Dr.Abeba went into using the “sterile strategy” of selected words and vocabularies to sell her product s with no buyer around her to listen. It was narcosis to listen both educated fellows given humble time to come up with solution and end up telling their audience “The only solution is to dismantle AEUP”!!!!!! Why some one of such high caliber of education can’t think of any other solution besides destroying AEUP is beyond me! They can’t have any other party of their own to lead Ethiopia if unless they see Hailu and his party destroyed is pathetic, stupid and idiotic and infantile to say the least! The radio hosts (even though their view too is infantile and driven with unrestricted emotion) they didn’t ask these educated Ethiopian “NOSTRADAMUS” why they can’t go to Ethiopia and lead the people. Even after their solution to destroy AEUP agreed by both the guests and their host, we didn’t hear from these gentle man and woman and the radio host if they too are going to go to Ethiopia after the demise of the AEUP, so that it won’t happen what they hate. These elements are dangerously slipping into the rightwing who wants AEUP to be destroyed thinking AEUP is Amhara party. The right wing Amhara haters and these elements together are up the hill calling the destruction of AEUP and Hailu Shawel who lead and construct this party for many years in a very dangerous moment. We have seen the demise of Kinijit by Berhanu Nega (the most racist, coward, liar and opportunist, political trader, and dangerous to the nation’s survival…..) along with the most known rightwing Amhara hater Andargachew Tsige : - it is now also the Imiru and the Abeba’s strategy to see AEUP and Hailu Shawel to its demise as TPLF and Siye and Gebru wants to see this party dismantled so that these “Mixed Criminals” called “MEDREK” will take over the political dialogue in Ethiopia. That is what their “sales force” are working hard day in day out in here (Diaspora) and in the country. Now, let us go back to these Mixed Criminals who are trying to get in into the political Dialogue of Ethiopia after they do what they did to the nation for many, many years. Recently the War Criminal (many crimes to be detailed ……) Siye Abraha threw one article to his supporters in the Diaspora media. It is posted on and and other of his media “sales force”. In that article, you can read so much distortions and emotions to confuse the already distorted supporters of his. If you go back what he wrote about Kinijit and the ruling party during the last election and what he is saying now about Kinijit and the ruling party- you simply see this liar exploiting the party to his strategy. Forget his distorted information of comparative about Kinijit/Hailu in the past and present in order to sell him self: what made me halted for a moment was the foolish analysis he attempted and the question he asked “why Hailu Shaul shacked Meles’s hand not Lidetu’s hand”. The fellow is ridiculously distorted, at times skillfully trying to sell his product of his own crime record as “nothing important to us”. We saw the Engineer made a handshake with Ato Ayale Chamiso, - if so what makes a different between Ayele and Lidetu if Siye Abraha think both these men are of the same group who belonged to TPLF/Meles? Generally speaking, if he as he/Siye did indicate in his paper Lidetu was a TPLF, then there is no point of shaking Lidetu’s hand when his boss Meles is there on the table representing him. Though going to such silly analysis and hotchpotch is not smart, one asks “what is Siye trying to address”. Does he think “handshaking” meant heart felt strategy give and take? Many times nations at war handshake on some agreement on the table- that doesn’t mean anything!!!!!!! See Isyas and Meles’s handshake in Algiers – what does that mean to the real problem solving? Nothing. So why is so big deal Hailu Shake hand to Meles or to lidetu or what ever? The Mixed Criminal and their supporters have the nerve to tell us Hailu’s handshaking should be condemned while advocating a handshake with the most wanted criminals of the century (Siye, Gebru, Negasso……) as Symbol of DEMOCRACY & JUSTICE by dismissing the victims complaint and crying voice for 37 years is indeed some thing wrong with these advocates. Indeed few brilliant Ethiopians said “ those I mentioned are enemies of Democracy and Ethiopians wish them to go away like Tamirat Layne – they don't belong in our struggle – they can only become part of the dialogue after facing prosecution by the Ethiopian people for the crime they committed while they were party to Meles and the Tigrean crime family.” Namara (Ethiopian Review. Discussion Forum- January 2009). Indeed. The Diaspora media (and their sitting Ducks) in their latest campaign of concerted effort of insulting AEUP’s President Hailu Shawel and aiming every wrongs at him (surprisingly, excluding themselves from the wrongs they are complaining) as a result to bring the destroying of AEUP. And the concerted tactic to rehabilitate Gebru, Seye (MEDREK) and the rest of the Mixed CROIMINALS in the current politics can fool only to those who do not know who these Mixed Criminals were. Such concerted rehabilitation campaign is nothing but, introducing an array of criminals in our political dialogue – the likes of Seye, Gebru, Nagasso who are instrumental in creating wedges between legitimate political opposition forces are now in a full swing against Pan Ethiopian struggle. Those who were following the struggle never surprised us a bit when we saw some considered Pan Ethiopian websites are currently giving service to those “known and unknown anti Ethiopian groups” that came to engage with ridiculous insult against Engineer Hailu Shawel, Dr.Taye Woldesemayat, and the rest of the good patriots inside the party. Leave the other media alone; are you surprised as I am when website and its likes are becoming infected by elements who praised Berhanu Nega , and his tribalist Gurus as a hero and a profitable politician? Let me throw you one quote from a patriotic Ethiopian “Gasha kelemu” what he had to say regarding those who were seen by many of us as pan Ethiopian websites and their writers (such as a the elderly man -an Eritrean by birth- calling himself “Obo Arada Shawol” who disrespect the president of AEUP’s President Engineer Hailu Shawel under the title “birds of the same feather flock together”) – Gasha Kelemu said.- Quote- “Yes indeed “birds of the same feather flock together” but in this case you missed it by a mile the flocks turned out to be different species than the once you mentioned. Isn’t this amazing when Bertukan soldier Yilma Bekele, Berhanu’s new soldier Obo Arada Shawol? Joining hands with Siye’s soldier Tekola Hagos a known racist Amara hater. Bravo to the EMF website for bringing all the anti Amara elements together. But Obo Arada Shawol advocating for Berhanu Nega? And supporting Tekola Hagos’s suggestion for Ethiopia to be colonized by foreigners? What is this world turning into? To say the least, I expected to hear a lot from the above mentioned mini-racists but when I read “Birds of the same feather flock together: the case of Engineer Hailu Shawl” By Obo Arada Shawl on, I was disappointed.” Indeed, many of us are disappointed by ethiolion and its writers. Not to mention what was said against Engineer Hailu Shawel on by a fellow ranked himself as “captain”,-. “Captain Woldemikael Dangachew” (the unknown self ranked Captain, whom I called “Captain Planet of the Star Trake The new generation-or in the Amharic “ SAHMBEL BEFEKADU” ሻምበል በፈቃዱ ) This current political climate is continuously surprised us by so much odds. This time the ex- TPLF Generals calling themselves “ብአዴን” are now also called “heroes and saviors of the nation” just because TPLF arrested them for coup d’état. If the story is true- how democratic would have these brutal ex- torturers and murderers and war criminals with a rank of General and colonel would have been soldiers of DEMOCARCY AND JUSTICE? If these war criminals and corrupted soldiers of ብአዴን could have been take over the spot of TPLF by force of gun would they been worst than Mengistu (the Derg Soldiers) or as the Diaspora Generals and Colonels whose command and post is in London, DC controlled by the HQ in Asmara run a battle against TPLF by a remote control telling us “been saviors of the nation and DEMOCRATS who could have open established neutral court of justice to see their own crime while they were serving TPLF and the crime of their bosses? I doubt it such was their motive. It is Berhanu Nega and Abay Media, Abugida and EMF fooling their fools as usual to decorate their website to their laughable Adds of touring from State to State some thing to talk about as a spice to their boring agenda of “እኔ ለሃገሬ”. It is not only the Mixed Criminals known to us we now promoted as heroes, it is also Andargachew Tsige’s party ብአዴን Generals and Colonels promoted to be called heroes of the Nation. Hale Luya!!! Sehalinene Kidus!!! I can’t agree more with Namara that I read in the forum further concluded his wishes by saying “Seye, Gebru and their Diaspora collaborators spearheaded by none other than ABRAHA BELAY are making an effort to reinvent post Melese Woyane to further extend the Woyane tyranny – Your time is up… Please go away and join Tamirat Layne until the day of judgement!!!” That was then, currently, the place of Abraha Belay and the Amhara hater and Siye Abraha’s and Gebru Asrat’s Diaspora soldier Tecola Hagos and the rest of the other Ethiopian Mujahadeen media propaganda outlets are currently replaced by those who used to call themselves Pan Ethiopian media and engaging in the propaganda of insulting the AEUP President and the dismantling of the AEUP. Let it be clear to any one; that rehabilitating arrays of criminals to lead our politics and allow a chance of vast room in the political dialogue to those Mafia type criminals who were involved in torturing our parents, family with a fire are responsible as well equally with those criminals they committed Human atrocity.// Power to the victims of TPLF not to the arrays of criminals who created so much pain upon the victims and our families is our priority of struggle. We are living in so much pain missing our disappeared parents, family who were kidnapped, shot, tortured, arrested, mutilated, and made lined up for a firing squads target. Siye, Gebru, Negasso and their likes of bunch are responsible for such horrendous crime! The struggle will continue to its climax ever!! Ethiopia will prevail above the grave of those criminals who inflicted so much injustice to our people. I really feel angry, bitter, disappointed, outrageous at these criminals’ political game and their supporters trying to block the victimizes complaint in the name of peace in politics by knocking off the cry for justice to the side while those national criminals who are trying to exploit the current disunity and the weakness the nation to their future agenda of recapturing state power in order to nock off any victims’ legitimate complaint against TPLF leaders and their collaborators currently gaining ground as “agents of justice” in the eye of the frustrated, distorted and hopeless “Diaspora Opposition” . Allowing array of criminals in our political dialogue to lead the future course of the nation is lethal for future justice./// -/

The Chatting Apes inside the Ethiopian Current Affairs Pal Talk

;">ይድረስ ለጎጠኛው መምህር (አማርኛ) $25.00 እና ሓይካማ (ትግርኛ) $15.00 መጽሐፌን ለመግዛት ዕድሉን ያላገኛሁ ካላችሁ በሚከተለው አድራሻ ደውላችሁ ማግኘት ትችላላችሁ Telephone (408) 561 4836 (Getachew Reda P.O.Box 2219 San Jose, CA 95109) The Chatting Apes inside the Ethiopian Current Affairs Pal Talk By Getachew Reda ( I just cannot let some of the insane stories of chatting of the day that I heard on some of the Pal talks (Bertukan Mediksa’s news of release from prison related issue) go by without comment. The hot news of the day is Bertukan Mediksa’s release from prison. Her release from the TPLF’s notorious prison (kaliti) in Addis Ababa sent a wave of joy to the comp of the Ethiopian political oppositions (that includes me). I am happy for her, simply because her imprisonment was not just, and was of the arrogance and tyranny attitude of the fascist junta in power in Addis Ababa that sent her to prison for a second time. It is obvious that the criminals in power simply want to show her and the public, that, no one is allowed to freedom of opinion regardless the criminal in power knew it was not the opposition leaders who murdered 200 people during a protest that lead to the appraisal or public riot (civil disobedience), but the criminals themselves who are in power, out of frustration, ordered with the shoot to kill proclamation after the ruling party felt alien to the Capital city with no one left in support of them (What a unforgettable lesson and a shocking news it was to the junta)! Bertukan had no record of any political involvement before Kenijit, besides she was a judge. Now, what led to her arrest to begin with and what happened after her return to Ethiopia after visiting her supporters abroad, and what lead to her imprisonment and all the trends, cries, anger, praises…… obvious to all of us for the last 25 months. Now, she is out of prison after asking for pardon. She apologized the King of TPLF and the system he ruled by admission of guilt for committing crime and coup d’état (which we all know she confessed or admit the crime for the second time by physical or psychological torture while she was in prison based on lingering of justice that seemed no justice to be found no matter how long you are in such prison). Is it acceptable or admirable for a political leader the way she asked pardon by admitting a crime she didn’t? No! In the eye of a search for a quality leader, her confession bent for pressure disqualified the entire quality name she was given by her supporters and observers. Having said this, based on my observation this young lady is intelligent, but inexperience in politics and hardship. And she did the right thing for freeing her life from the hardship she was for the sake of her daughter and elderly and ailing Mom (according to her) after she weigh her spirit, that she can’t resist the hardship for so long as the Mandela or Jesus, or Taytu Betul… had gone through or enemy confrontation. So, yes, she did the right thing knowing she can’t lead politics in such frustrating and challenging confrontational situation. Politics, especially leadership in a time where the entire community goes foolish and confused under fascism is too hard for in experienced young lady who never experience physical torture or jungle life as most of the young ladies in the 60/70 faced. Regardless, her supporters predict or wish or express that she was the long awaited leader to free Ethiopia from tyranny, my understanding is that she will not going to be involved in politics from now on unless, she immigrated to the U.S or Europe as her comrades did fled abroad leaving her exposed to the Gulag gangs of Woyane Tigray that lead her to such painful exposure and frustrating experience for her. Trust me, She is not going to be the political leader that her supporters/or some premature website editors, some chatting Apes of the Pal Talk have been talking/writing waiting for her to be released lead them to victory. I will say it now and say it again, that she is not going to be there for them anymore! Mark my word! I wouldn’t surprise if she openly said it so. She already knew how crippled and deluded her party leaders are in the face of a challenge and during her absence! They fought each other for power while she is in prison, and apparently sick justice from the their enemy’s court because of their dispute (not to mention the record of Berhanu Nega’s abandoned her and fled for abroad after all that boastings to finally ended congratulating OLF’s unity to destroy Ethiopia!). Poor young lady, before her release, her supporters in the Pal Talks, media, conferences and her comrades tried to use her for their own ego and selfish politics from her sacrifice labeling her the as omnipotence while she is in prison. Her supporters claimed she was Mandela/Princess Taytu and even God/Jesus Christ (some writers did comment in such unrestrictedly)… Well, that was not true! I know some of her Pal Talk chatting Apes will scream loud at me (especially the emotion is currently high that rational thinking to be distorted easily as a drunken person talks irrationally) as they always did without reasoning driven with emotions. I as individual and others knew that she was not near to what her supporters and many of the white collar media outlet owned by the opposition of claiming her to be Mandela, Jesus, Taytu Butul of Ethiopia. She got fragile so easily and broke her words (Kale) that she promised her followers and the rest never to admit guilt of a CRIME THAT SHE NEVER COMMITTED asking her followers in a message written few months back “I am ready! Are you ready? In any rate, circumstance changed her words (Kale). We knew that we admire her certain courage for defiance, but she failed to posses the quality of Mandela or Jesus or Taytu Butul…. when the hardship that challenge leadership’s spirit of strength confronted her. In other words, she a National leader/or International political figure- in this case based on the name given to her “Mandel of Ethiopia/Taytu Jesus of Ethiopia…” showed a coward emotion. What is Cowardice? It is a selfish character immediately retreats in the face of hardship as it demands private sacrifice .Is that not the right definition? As repeatedly said above, her unlawful detention was not accepted. And she is a brave young lady to walk certain hardship without bent to pressure, but failed to be qualified to be the name given by her supporters/followers. It is therefore, their right to claim so, but, it is also observers’ right to dismiss such honor in a worst case “admitted” a crime she never lead or participated! Was Mandela or Jesus or Taytu bowed to a false pressure or fraudulent document or agreements or threats? No! Last night means at 4:00AM California time, I was up from my bed and read some news from the internet media to take some advantage before surrounding noise govern the atmosphere. After her first release was heard as news- the same morning I visit what I called “The Room of the Chatting Apes” (Ethiopian Current Affairs_ the most notorious Tigray haters and full of young future fascist tyrants). I never visited that room for almost a year or so. Somehow, I visited the Pal Talk for the last two days or so on and off. One of the individual who administrate that room by the name “ENde-LIBU” is the most irrational fellow I have encounter hearing. He gives everyone who had different views red light, he accused any one as TPLF cadre or as Tigrayan if one opposed Ginbot7 or anyone for going to Isaya’s Eritrea for help to over throw TPLF. The bigotry running against Tigrayans regardless you are a Tigrayan or not once you have differ with the opinion those “chatting Apes” inside that room labeled as Tigrayan or Derg is sickening. The same morning I visited to observe the character of that room if changed. Fortunately, there was one lady who was reasonable Administrator of the room who allowed visitors to discuss about the release of Bertukan. While some aired their disappointments of their view against Bertukan for admitting guilt and asking for pardon while her supporters calling her Mandela or Jesus…..and run petition for international recognition of a Nobel Prize: - some felt furiously angry particular one of the Administrator of the Pal Talk (forgot his name) calling others as TIFRAMoch (meant Balager/farmer (?) who have no time to shape /cut his fingers due to busy life). The insult comes on unrestrictedly and continues with threats as the Derg or TPLF cadres exactly behave to remove them with Red out of the room. And Bertukan’s supporters start to tell others to shut their mouth or else will be …! At the time the Admin lady very wisely advice the other male Admin who was calling his visitors as “Tifram” or “Woyane” told to control his insultto cool it down so allow others to express their view freely and democratically knowing living in democratic and freer countries. She finally was pressured to put the agenda in to vote. The yes (we like to talk about her weakness… was defeated by the Ne (No) who simply told the Admin to stop anything talking about her. I remove myself from the room silently as soon as I saw how those chatting Apes think of politics without reasoning lead by emotions. These guys use free countries media unrestrictedly for their own agenda, but when someone of a different opinion aired his/her idea in a gentle manner to make his/her point, he/she is called TIFRAM or Tigrayan or DERG. This is how tyranny will erupt in future Ethiopia. Such spontaneous declaration to stop talking about a political figure such as Bertukan Mediksa in a Pal Talk or similar particular ideas, expressions (good or bad) which were then acceptable (while she was in prison) should be forbidden now, and people who transgressed should be punished or called names as TiFRAM or to become the object of a Pal Talk mob is a frightening future. Even Jesus or Mohammed or Mandel are subject to any criticism. If so, why not Bertukan? This trouble making bigots in the so called “Ethiopian Current Affairs” Pal Talk who chat like Apes without rational thinking need to stop abusing media as their TeJ Bet Community. If they can’t tolerate different opinion from others, how are they differing from TPLF’s tyranny? Getachew Reda (

በደም የተቀባ ከበሮ መደለቅ ያስነውራል!

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Cosa Nostra ኮስታ ኖስትራ” የተመሠረተበት ወር ነው። ክላኖቹ የካቲትን በውሸት ከበሮ ያጅቡታል። ለዚህ አምዳችን ለመረጃ ማገናዘቢያ ያመች ዘንድ ሲዋሽ እየዋሸ መሆኑን ገጽታው በቀላሉ የሚጋለጠብት በየወያኔው መሪ ውሸት በመለስ ዜናዊ ንግግር ልጀምር። ባለፈው አንድ ወር ሆኖታል ካልተሳሳትኩ ወያኔ እራሱ “ነጋዴ ሌባ” ሆኖ መላ ቅጡን ያሳጣው የገበያ እና የምርት ምስቅልቅል ለማረጋጋት የአዲስ አበባ መስተዳድር እያለ የሚጠራው የነጋዴ እና የአምራች ክፍል ግንኙነት ሲተነትን ምን ያህል ከፍታዊ (ከፍታዊ ማለት በወያኔ ትርጉም ምን ማለት እንደሆነ ባላውቅም ጋዜጠኛው ከፍታዊ ይለዋል) እና ግልጽነት ምን ደረጃ ላይ ነው? እንዲሁም በጉዳዩ በቂ ጥናት እንደተረገ ነው በተደጋጋሚ የሚገልጸው…በዚህ ያለዎት አስተያየት ምንድነው?ሲሉ ቱልቱላው የወያኔ ተቀጣሪ ጋዜጠኛ እንዲያብራራለት ጌታውን ይጠይቀዋል። ግልጽነት ማለት በወያኔ ቃል “ውሸት ድብበቆሽ”እንደሆነ ከማሕደሩ የምታውቁት ነውና መተንተን አላስፈለገኝም፡ ለመነጋገር የፈለግኩት ከራሱ የውሸት መልስ ለዛሬው ርዕስ ምን ያህል እውነታ አለው ከሚል ነውና ፤የመለስ ዜናዊ የተለመወደው አጭበርባሪነት ይኼው ሲመልስ እንዲህ ይላል “… ጥናቱ ሲደረግ እኔም በሩቅ ሁኜ ስከታተለው የነበረው ጉዳይ ነው፡ በጥድፍያ ያልተደረገ ጉዳይ እንደሆነ በእርግጠኝነት መናገር እችላለሁ።ለማወቅ የሚቻለው ሁሉ ለማወቅ ጥረት እንደተደረገም እርግጠኛ ነኝ። ግልጽነት በሰፈነበት ሁኔታ እንዲከናወንም ማንኛውም ነገር ከፈትሓዊነትና ከግልጽነት አኳያ አስተማማኝ እንዲሆንም አስፈላጊ ዝግጅት እንደተደረገ አውቃለሁ።ይኼም ሆኖ ሰው የሚሰራው ሥራ ከስሕተት ነፃ ይሆናል የሚል በእርግጠኝነት መናገር አልችልም።ስለሆነም መጀመርያ ስሕተት እንዳይኖር እንዳልኩት ከአስራ ስምንት ወራት በላይ የፈጀ ጥናትና ጥንቃቄ የሞላበት አሰራር መከተል ነው መጀመርያ ስህተትን ለመቀነስ። የህም ሆኖ ስሕተት ሊኖር ስለሚችል ተበደልን የሚሉ ወገኖች ሊደመጡበት የሚችሉ ሥርዓት መኖር አለበት።እና እንደዚህ ዓይነት ሥርዓት እንዲኖር ተደርጓል፤ አዲስ አበባ ለይ። ስሕተት ለመኖሩ የማውቀው ነገር የለም፤ ምክንያቱም አይኖርም ብየ ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ፡ምክንያቱም በቂ ጥንቃቄ ተደርጓል፡ነገር ግን እንዳልኩት ከሰው ስሕተት መኖሩን ሁሌም ጥርጣሬ መያዝ ስላለብን ምናልባት ስሕተት የተሠራ እንደሆነ በስሕተት የተጎዱ ወገኖች ተጎድተው እንዳይቀሩ የሚደመጡበት የቅሬታ ሰሚ ስርዓትም መኖር አለበትና ያ ስርዓት አለ።ስለዚህ በሁለም መልኩ ጥንቃቄ የተደረገበት ነው ማለት ይቻላል።”ስል ቅንድቡን ገትሮ ሳያፍር ዋሽቷል ልድገመው “ዋሽቷል”! ስሕተት የተሠራ እንደሆነ በስሕተት የተጎዱ ወገኖች ተጎድተው እንዳይቀሩ የሚደመጡበት የቅሬታ ሰሚ ስርዓትም መኖር አለበትና ያ ሥርዐት አለ”የምትለዋን ውሸቱን አትርሱ እና እሷን በሕሊናችሁ ይዛችሁ ወደ ሚቀጥለው ልዩ ዝግጅት ልውሰዳች። እውን ወያኔ የተጎዱ ወገኖች ተጎድተው እንዳይቀሩ የሚደመጡበት የቅሬታ ሰሚ ስርዓት ክፍት አድርጓል?መኖር አለበት ብሎስ ጭራሽኑ አምኖ ያወቃል?ያ ሥርዐትስ አለ የሚለው የት እና መቸ የተመሰረተ? ለእንዴት አይነት ተጎጂ ክፍሎች ነው “የሚደመጡበት ሰሚ ሰርዐት አለ” እያለ ቅንጣት ሃፈርትሳይሰማው የሚዘላብደው?”እሱና መሰል የህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ገራፊዎች ጫካ ውስጥ በማን ያህለኝነት በመርዝ ግድያ የተካፈለበት ወንጀልና የራሱ ነብሰ ገዳዩች ማጭድ አግሎ በእሳት የሰው ልጆች ሲጠብሱበት የነበረው ወንጀልና በሺዎች የተገደሉ ንፁሃን ነብሳት የሚደመጡበት “ልዩ ፍረድ ቤት የሚፈቅድ ሥርዐት አቋቁም ተብሎ ትግራይ ውስጥ ተጎጂዎችና ቤተሰቦቻቸው ስርዓቱን ሲጠይቁት ለምን ፈርቶ ተምቦጅቡጆ እምብየው አለ?” ንጹህ ሰው ከሆነ ለምን ፈርቶ እምቢ አለ? ንጹህ መሪና ድርጅት ፍርድ ቤት ይፈራል? በመርዝ ግድያ የተካፈለበት የራሱ ወንጀል እንዳይታወቅበት ይሆን? የተጣለበት ሳይታወቅ በወያኔ ሽብርተኞች እና ገራፊዎች ተደብድቦ ተቃጥሎ በየጥሻው ተጥሎ የቀረው የሰው ሕይወት ወያኔ ምስጢሩን ይዞት ለምን ዝም ይላል? ለምንስ ሕግ ይፈራል? መቸስ ነው፤ ለምንስ ነው ድርጅቱ የፈጸማቸው ወንጀሎች ልክ እንደ ደርጎች ልዩ በጀት ከፍቶ በሕግ እራሱንም እንዲጠየቅ ልዩ ፍርድ ቤት ለማቋቋም እምቢ ብሎ በፍርሃት ሁሌም እያጭበረበረ መኖር መረጠ?ይህ ሁሌም በየአመቱ የካቲት የምጠይቀው ጥያቄ መለስ እስክያገኝ ድረስ የዛሬ የካቲት 11ቀን አክባሪዎች የማጭበርበሪያ ከበሮአችሁን መሬት ላይ አስቀምጡና ጆሮኣችሁን አቅንታችሁ ለዚህ ጥያቄ መልስ ስጡ! በደም የተቀባ ከበሮ መደለቅ ያስነውራል! የካቲት እያሉ ውሸታቸውን ለመደበቅ በፍርሃት ከበሮ የሚዘሉ ፈሪዎች የየካቲት ጉድ እነሆ ‘ጉዳቸውን እዩልኝ፡- ይህ ሰነድ ጋህዲ ከተባለ አቶ አስገደ ገብረስላሴ በጻፈ መጽሐፍ ቁ-2 ገጽ 131 135 ከትግርኛ ወደ አማርኛ የተረጐምኩት ነው። ጽሑፉ በቅርብ ጊዜ ለመታተም ዝግጅት ላይ ካለው አዲስ መጽሐፌ የተቀነጨበ ነው። ሰላይ ብለው ወይንም ሻምበል ተኽላይ ብለው የሰየሙት ሰላይ ከሌሎች ታጋዩች እና የዓይን ምሥክሮች እንዳረጋገጥኩት (በይድረስ ለጎጠኛው መጽሐፌ ውስጥ ከአቶ (ፊታውራሪ)ገዛኢ ረዳ ጋር በተደርገው ቃለ መጠይቅ የቀረበውና እኔም በግል ከሳቸው ጋር ባደረግኩት ውይይት እና ከሌሎችም ልጁ የአስራ ሁለት ዓመት ወይንም ከዛ በታች የሆነ ታዳጊ ህፃን ነው።ይኼም በራሳቸው በወያኔዎች የተለያዩ የራዲዩ ቃለ መጠይቆች ባደመጥኳቸው ላይ ሰላይ እየተባለ ያለው ገና “ልጅ እግር”እንደሆነ አንዳንዱ 14አንዳንዱ ትንሽ ልጅ አንዳንዱ 15ነው እያሉ ነው የገመቱት (ለዚህም ነው ወያኔዎች የዲማው “ማንጁስ” ወይንም የዲማው ጩጬ (ህፃን)ብለው የሚጠሩት።ለዝርዝሩ ይድረስ ለጐጠኛው ምምህር መጽሐፌ ስለሚገኝ ያንብቡ)። ቢሆንም በአስገደ ገብረስላሴ አባባል አሁንም ከወደ መጨረሻ ዘገባው ሻምበል ሲለው የነበረው ሰላይ ከ20 ዓመት ዕድሜ በታች ሲል እራሱ አስገደም ቢሆን አረጋግጧል። እንደ ፊታውራሪ ገዛኢ ቃለ መጠይቅ ሕጻንት ልጆች በስለላ እየተጠረጠሩ ሲያዙ ምንም የማያውቁ እንነበሩ አብረው ታስረው ከነበሩት ህጻናት ጋር ለመረዳት እንደቻሉ ተናገረዋል። ብርሃነ መስቀል የተባለው ህጻንን ሲገርፉት የማያውቀው ነገር አዎ በል ስላሉት አዎ ሰላይ ነኝ እያለ አመድ አክስቱን ለጎብኘት መጥቶ ያረፈበት ቤተስብ ሁሉ ሲጠቁም የነበረውን ታሪክን ያጠነዋል፡እዛው መጽሓፌ ላይ ተዘግቧል፤ እሱን ማንበብ ነው።} ለማንኛውም ሻምበል ተብሎ የተጠራው የሻምበል ተኽለ የስለላ ታሪክ እና የወያኔ መሪዎች አረመኔነት እንከታተል።}ወያነ ትግራይ መስርተው በእግሩ ካስቆሙት አንዱ የሆነው አቶ አስገደ ገ/ስላሴ እንዲህ ይላል፦ ጊዜው የካቲት 5/1968 ዓ.ም. በየአውራጃው፤ወረዳዎች፤ከተሞች ድርጅታዊ ሥራዎችን ስናከናውን ቆይተን ሌሎቻችንም ተራራ ጉቡታው ላይ አንዳንዶቻችን ከረፋዳው የፀሐይ ቃጠሎ ለመጠለል “ላሓይ” ከተባለ ዛፍ ጥላ ሥር ቁጭ ብለናል፡አንዳንዶቻችንም ቂጣ እንጋግራለን ሌሎቻችም “ብርኩታ” (በፀሓይ ሙቀት በጋለ ድንጋይ ላይ የሚጋገር ዱቡልቡል ደረቅ ዳቦ (ክርሰፒ ብሬድ) ማለቱ ነው ብርኩታ ሲል የጋህዲ ደራሲ) በማር ቀብተን እንበላለን፤ሌሎችም እንዲሁ ቂጣ በቅቤ ፈትፍተው ይበላሉ፤ እንደሰታለን፤ እናወራለን፤እንስቃለን ደስ የሚል ሁኔታ!ይኽ ደስታ ወደ ሃዘን የሚለወጥ ድንገተኛ ክስተት ከላይ በተጠቀሰው ዕለት የተ.ሓ.ሕ.ት. (ተጋድሎ ሓርነት ህዝቢ ትግራይ) አመራር አባለት፡ 1. በረሁ በርሄ ማ/ኮሚቴ 2.አስፋሃ ሐጎስ መ.ኮሚቴ 3.ስዩም መስፍን ማ/ኮሚቴ 4.አገአዚ ገሰሰ መ/ኮሚቴ 5.ሙሴ ተኽለ መ.ኮሚቴ 6.ግደይ ዘርአጽዩን ማ/ኮሚቴ 7.አባይ ፀሃየ ማ/ኮሚቴ 8.ስብሐት ነጋ ታጋይ 9.ህቡር ገብረኪዳን ታጋይ 10.ቆቋሕ ፀጋይ ታጋይ 11.አጽብሃ ዳኘው የ5ኛ ምድብ የሕክምና ሓላፊ እና ሌሎች የተቀባበለ ጠመንጃ ወድረው በዛው ባለንበት በዲማ ማርዋ በሥልጠና ላይ የሚገኙ ሰልጣኝ ታጋዩችን እየያዙ ወደ እስር ቤት ማስገባት ጀመሩ። ከዛ የታሰሩት እነኚህ ሰልጣኝ ታጋዩችም በጣም ጨካኔ በተሞላበት ከባድ ግርፍያ (ቶርች)እና ድብደባ ውስጥ አስገቧቸው።የተገረፉትም እንድንጠብቃቸው ወደ እኛው አመጧቸው። እዛ በሕክምና ተመድበን የነበርን ታጋዩችም የገረፏቸውን ታጋዩች እንድናክማቸው በሙሴ አማካይነት መመርያ ተሰጠን። ሌሎች በጣም በከባድ ምርመራ የተገረፉ ታጋዩች ደግሞ በወቅቱ የሕክምና ሓኪም የነበረው ዶ/ር አታኽልቲ ቀጸላ ሰው እንዳያያቸው በምስጢር በተከወለ ሥፍራ እያከማቸው ነው።እኛ ምን እንደተገኘ ምን ትርኢት ውስጥ እንደገባን ግራ ገብቶናል። ስለ ሁኔታው የነገረን ወይንም የሚናገር ሰው የለም። ደንግጠናል፤ክው ብለን ምን እንደገጠመ ማወቅ አልቻልንም።በድንጋጤ ተወርረን ተጨንቀናል። ከላይ ስም ዝርዝራቸው የተጠቀሱ ገራፊዎቹ እኛ ወደ ተቀመጥንበት አካባቢ ብቅ ሲሉ ሁሉም ታጋይ በሽብር ተውጦ እርስ በርሱ አንገቱና ዓይኖቹ ‘ዞር ዞር’ ፍጥጥ’ ‘ፍጥጥ’ “ቆልመመም” እያለ እርስ በርሱ ይተያያል፤ ግን ድምጽ ኮሽ አትልም አይነጋገርም።ሁኔታው ምን እንደሆነ የነገረን የለም፤ ተጨንቀናል። ቀን ወደ 5፡00ሰዓት አካባቢ አንዳንዶቻችን ደፍረን የምትሠሩት ሥራ ተቀባይነት የለውም ማቆም አለባችሁ፤ የሚል ተቃውሞ አሰማን። እነሱም ሰጉና ስዩም መስፍን፤በሪሁ በርሄ እና ሙሴ ወደ እኛ በመምጣት ስለ ሁኔታው ገላጻ አደረጉ። እንዲህ ሲሉም ስለ ሁኔታው ምንነት ነገሩን “ሻምበል ተኽላይ” የተባለ የደርግ ሰላይ የሚያዛቸው ብዙ ሰላዩች ወደ እኛ በምስጢር ሰርገው ገብተውብናል። እነሱን ነው እየመነጠርን እየያዝን ያለነው። አሁንም ምንጠራውና ማጣራቱ ይቀጥላል። የምንጠረጥረው ሰው ሁሉ እንይዘዋለን ይዘን እንመረምረዋለን አሉ።ታጋዩ የባሰ ተደናገጠ። አንዳንዶቹም ‘ሁኔታው ረጋ ባለ መንፈስ ብትከታተሉት ይሻላል እንጂ ይዛችሁ ከመረመራችኃቸው መሃል ውስጥ ፍጹም ወደ እዛ አቅጣጫ የማይታሰቡ የማንጠረጥራቸው ናቸው፤ ስለዚህ ወደ አደገኛ ግርፍያ ውስጥ ባትገቡ ጥሩ ነው።ያዝነው የምትሉት ሰላይ እያታለላችሁ እንዳይሆን በጥንቃቄ ረጋ ብላችሁ ሁኔታውን አጣሩ ቢሉም አመራሮቹ ማሰራቸውን ቀጠሉበት። ቆየት ብለው ለሻምበል ተኽላይ ጥብቅ የሆነ ጭካኔ የሞላበት ከባድ ምርመራ ውስጥ ሲያስገቡት “እኔ የተላክኹበት ምክንያት ታጋዩ እረስ በርሱ እንዲባለ፤ ድርጅቱ ውስጥ ብጥብጥ/ግርግር እንዲነሳ አድርግ ተብየ ነው ከደርግ የተላክኩት፤ስለዚህም ነው ተናገር ስትሉኝ ሁሉንም ታጋዩቻችሁ ለመጠቆም የፈለግኩት አላቸው። ያም ሆነ ይህ ሰላዩ የጠቆማቸው ሰዎች በአመራሩ እጅ እየተገረፉ የሞቱ ታጋዩች አሉ፤አንዳንዶቹም ሕሊናቸው የቀወሰ አሉባቸው፤አንዳንዶቹም በድብደባ ብዛት ጥርሳቸው የወለቀ/ተሰበረ፤ ዱላ እና ካራ በእሳት እየጋለ ሰውነታቸው በእሳት የተጠበሱ አረ ስነቱ ጉድ ተብሎ ይታወሳል! ከጊዜ መርዘም ብዙዎቸን ብረሳም ለምሳሌ እስከ አሁን የማስታውሳቸው በወቅቱ ያለ ሃጥያታቸው በወያኔ አመራሮች በምርመራ ውስጥ የተደበደቡ እሳት የተቃጠሉ የሞቱ ጎዶሎ አካል የሆኑ ሰዎች ስም ዝርዝር ለመጥቀስ ያህል፡ 1.ግደይ የተባለ ታጋይ (ትውልዱ ሽሬ አውራጃ ጣቢያ ኣርዓዳ) በግርፋት የሞተ 2.ያሬድ (ሽሬ እንዳስላሴ) በእሳት በዱላ የተገረፈ 3.ብርሃነ ገብረስላሴ (ሸሬ እንዳስላሴ) በዱላ፤ በእሳት የተገረፈ 4.ወዲ ገቲራ(ሽሬ እንዳስላሴ ወረዳ ዓዲ አውላዕሎ) የተገረፈ 5.ካብራል (ዓድዋ ከተማ) በግርፋት ብዛት አካለ ጐደሎ የሆነ 6.ይሳቕ ቆማጥ (ዓድዋ አውራጃ) የተገረፈ 7.ሉቃስ ተፈሪ (ዓድዋ አውራጃ) የተገረፈ 8.ነጋሽ ተፈሪ(ሸሪፎ) (አኽሱም አውራጃ) በድብደባ ብዛት ጥርሱ የተሰበረ 9.ወዲ ሓኔታ (ዓጋመ አውራጃ) በግርፋት የሞተ 1o.አሰፋ ተስፋይ (ዓጋመ አውራጃ ዓዲ ግራት) የተገረፈ 11.ማርታ (ዓጋማ አውራጃ ዓዲ ግራት) ከባድ ምርመራ ተካሂዶበት የተገረፈ 12.መኮንን ዓሊ ሹም (ሽሬ አውራጃ ማይ ዕባራ) የተገረፈ 13.ዘርኡ በዛብሀ (ዓጋመ አውራጃ ዓዲግራት) ሌሎች 15 የሚሆኑም ታስረው ነበር ግን ግርፋት አልተፈጸመባቸውም። ከላይ ተዘረዘሩት ታጋዩች ግን በዱላ እና በእሳት ገላቸው እየተጠበሰ ከባድ ምርመራ እና ግርፋት እየተፈፀመባቸው ገላቸው ቆስሎ ፀሓይ ላይ ተዘርረው የዋሉበት ቀንም በር።ተዘርረው የተመለከተናቸው ልናክማቸው ብንሞክርም አክሟቸው ሳትባሉ እንዳታክሟቸው ስለተባልን ምንም ማድረግ አልተቻለም። በጣም ሚገርመው ደግሞ አዳዲስ ታጋዩች ወደ ትግሉ ተቀላቅለው ስለነበር ይኸንን ጉድ ሲመለከቱ በፍርሃት ተንቀጠቀጡ።ተረብሸው በቁም “ሽንታቸው”የለቀቁ ነበሩባቸው። ማናቸውም ታጋይ የተጠቀሱት መርማሪዎች በአጠገቡ ሲያይ ይደናገጥና ይረበሽ ነበር። አስረው የገረፏቸው ሰዎች ምንም ውጤት ሳያገኙባቸው ከቀሩ በኃላና ሰላዩም የተልእኮው ሚና እንደፈጸመ ከነገራቸው በኃላ በከባድ ምርመራ ተገርፈው በሽንትና በዓይነምድራቸው ተበላሽተው ሕሊናቸው የሳቱ ከለቀቁ በሗላ፤ በእሳት እየተጠበሱ ገላቸው ቆስሎ ጸሐይ ላይ ተጥለው ገምተው የነበሩት ታጋዮችም ለደ/ር አታኽልቲ ቀጸላ፤ለስየ አብርሃ እና ለእኔ እንድናክማቸው መመርያ ሰጡን። ይህ ሁሉ አሸባሪ ተግባር ከፈጸሙ በሗላ ታጋይ በሞላ ሰብስበው “ተሳስተናል፤ረጋ ማለት ነበረብን፤መቸኮል አለነበረብን፤ይቅርታ”ብለው ይቅርታ ከጠየቁ በኃላ አንዳንዱ ፍርሃት ውጦት የነበረው ታጋይ መረጋጋት ጀመረ፡ እነዚያ ድብደባ የተፈጸመባቸው ታጋዩች ግን ከዚያ ጊዜ ጀምሮ ሌሊት ሌሊት በእንቅልፋቸው ኩፉኛ ይባንኑ ነበር።ከእነዚያ አዳዲስ ምልምሎች አንዳንዱ “ኣይ!አይሆንም ይቅርብን፤ አንታገልም፤ወደ ቤቶቻችን እንመለሳለን”ብለው እምቢ አሉ። አንዳንዶቹም በስንት ልመና ተለምነው ታገሉ። ነግር ግን እንደ እነ ብርሀነ ገብረስላሴ እና ወዲ ገቲራ የመሳሰሉት ግን እንግዲህ ወዲህ አይሆንም፤አንታገልም! ብለው ትግሉን ጥለው ተመልሰው ወደ ቤተሰቦቻቸው ሄዱ። ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት.ከባድ ምርመራ አስገብቶ የዜጎችን ፍትሓዊና ሚዛናዊ ፍርድ ሳያጣራ መግረፍ የጀመረው ማርዋ ዲማ ላይ የጀመረው ሳይሆን ከዛ በፊት በ1968ዓ.ም.ሴሮ በተባለ አካባቢ አምበሳ የሕዝብ ማመላለሻ አብቶቡስ ተሳፍረው ሲጓዙ ከነበሩት እንዳጋጣሚ በእጃቸው ስቲንገር የተባለ 40ጎራሽ ጠመንጃ ይዘው የነበሩ “ጥዑመ ልሳን ተክለሃይማኖት” የተባሉ ጠንቋይ (ብሏቸዋል ደራሲው- ግን ደብተራ ለማለት ይመስለኛል ምክንያቱም ሰውየው መሪጌታ ናቸውና)ትውልዳቸው በሽሬ አውራጃ ሰለኽለኻ ወረዳ ዓዲ ሐበሳይ ሲሆን፤ ያኔ አቡቶቡሷን ስናቆማት ስለተታኮሱን፤እሳቸውን አስረን ወደ ምስራቅ ትግራይ አካባቢ ከኛው ጋር ወሰደን እስርቤት ከነበሩት ከግምባር ሓርነት ትግራይ መሪዎች ከእነ ዮሐንስ ተ/ክለሃይማኖት ጋር ጨመርናቸው።እነ መምህር ዩሐንስ፤ ኤፍሬም፤ወዲ ሻለቃ ሃይለሚካኤል፤ወዲ አባ ጎበዝ እና ሌላ ስሙ የዘነጋሁት ሽፍታ ለረዢም ጊዜ በመታሰራቸው ጊዜ ስለረዘመባቸው፤ እነ መምህር ዩሐንስ ሲጨንቃቸው መሪጌታውን በምትሃታቸው ችሎታ ከእስር የሚያመልጡበት ብልሃት እንዳለ እንዲረዷቸው አማከሯቸው፤መሪጌታ ጥዑመ ልሳንም ጠንቋይ (ምትሃተኛ)ስለነበሩ (ደራሲው ደብተራ ለማት ጠንቋይ ስላለ ጠንቋይ እያልኩ ጽፌዋለሁ) በእግረሙቅ በታሰሩት እግሮቻቸው ላይ እግረሙቁ ላይ ሽንታቸውን ሸንተው እግረ መቁን በስራይ/በምትሃት ሊፈቱት እንደሚችሉ መርጌታ ጥዑመ ልሳን ያማክሯቸዋል። መሪጌታም ድጋማቸውን ካከናወኑ በሗላ ሽኑበት ብለው ሲጨኑበት እግረሙቁ አልበተን አልፈታ አለ። በዚህ ወቅት መሪጌታ እና መምህር ዩሐንስ ሲንሸዃሸኩ በወቅቱ እነሱን (እስረኞቹን)ዘብ ቆመው ሲጠብቋቸው የነበሩት ተረኞች እነ ስብሓት እነ ሕቡር፤እና ዓወተ ያዳምጧቸዋል። እነሱም ለአመራሮቹ ለእነ አጋአዚ ይነግሯቸዋል። ከዛ እነ ስዩም መስፍን ከዘበኞቹ ጋር ሆነው ማጭድ በእሳት እያጋሉ ለነ መምህር ዮሓንስ ለነ መርጌታ ጥዑመ ልሳን እና እዛ ላሉ እስረኞች በሙሉ በእሳት እያቃጠሉ መላ ሰውነታቸው ገሸላለጧቸው። በጣም አሰቃያሚ ትዕይንት ነበር።በእሳት እያጋዩ ግፍ በተሞላበት የጭካኔ ምርመራ ስለመረመርዋቸው ለማከሙ አስቸጋሪ ነበር። የህ.ወ.ሓ.ት አማራር በባዶ 6 እስረኞች አያያዝ በእነ መርጌታ ጥዑመ ልሳን እና በእነ መምህር ዩሐንስ የጀመረው የግፍ እና አረመኔ ምርመራ፤ከዛም ሻምበል ተኽላይ በፈጠረው ቀውስ ምክንያት ሰከን ብለው ሁኔታዎችን ባግባቡ ከመያዝ ይልቅ ከደርግ ጭካኔ አምልጠው ለመታገል የመጡትን ታጋዩች ሳይቀሩ አሰቃቂ ምርመራ በላያቸው ላይ (በማን አለኝነት)በመፈጸም የሞት፤የአካል እና የሕሊና ቀውስ ማውረድ በድርጅቱ ታሪክ ላይ ጠባሳ ትቶ ያለፈ እጅግ አሳፈሪ ድርጊት ነበር። በህ.ወ.ሓ.ት የምርመራ አረመኔ አያያዝ የተነሳ ደርግ ብዙ ብርጌዶች አሰማርቶ ድል ማግኘት ያልቻለው ከሃያ አመት ዕድሜ በታች የሆነ አንድ ትንሽ ልጅ አሰማርቶ የህ.ወ.ሓ.ት. ታጋይ ሠራዊት በራሱ መሪዎች እንዲገረፍ፤እንዲገደል እንዲበተን ከማድረጉ በላይ የህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ጭካኔ ከዓጋሜ ሕዝብ ጋርም ሆድና ጀርባ አድርጎ እንዲቆራረጥ አድርጎት ነበር። የህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ደጋፊዎች የነበሩ እንደ እነ አቦይ ወልደማርያም የተባሉ አዛውንት ገበሬ ሰላይ ናቸው ብሎ ሻምበል ተኽለ ስለጠቆማቸው ከነ 4 ልጆቻቸው ባለቤታቸው ጨምሮ 6ታቸው ታስረው በእሳት እየጠበሱ ስለገረፏቸው አከላታቸው እንዳለ ስለተገሸላለጠ የዓጋመ ሕዝብ ይህን ወሬ ስለሰማ ወደ ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት እንዳይጠጋ ሰጋ። ሰለዚህም በዚህ ሰበብ ሕዝብና ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ተራራቀ፤መተማመን ታጣ። በሰበቡም ለሠራዊታችን ዕድገት እንቅፋት ፈጠሮ ነበር። ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ከስህተቱ ተምሮ የቅራኔ አፈታት መንገድ ከማበጀት እና ሰዎች በምህርት መልቀቅ ፈንታ በሞት (እና በእሳት እየጠበሰ )መቅጣት ስራየ ብሎ ተያያዘው። ተቃዋሚን እና ተጠርጣሪን በሞት ቅጣትና በድብደባ ማሰቃየት በእነ ዩሐንስ እና ጥዑመ ልሳን “ሀ” ብሎ የጀመረው አረሜናዊ እርምጃ ዲማ ማርዋ ላይም በሰላይ ሻምበል ተኽላይ እና ሌሎችም የሞት ፍረድ ተፈርዶባቸው በዲማ ማርዋ በየጥሻው ተጥለው የቀሩ ብዙ ናቸው። (ጋህዲ ቁ 2፦ አስገደ ገ/ስላሴ) አስገደ ገ/ስላሴ ይህን ካለ በሗላ “የተከበራችሁ አንባቢዎች ሆይ በሰላይ ሻምበል ተኽላይ ምከንያት (በህ.ወ.ሓ.ት አመራር አረመኔ ባህሪ- “ቅንፍ” የተጨመረ) ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ውስጥ ብዙ ስቃይና ምርምራ ተደርጎ አካላተቻው እና ህይወታቸው እንዳጡ ተመልክተናል። ከዚህ በሗላ የ ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት ባዶ ሽድሽተ 06 እስር ቤት ያንኑ ይደግመው ይሆን? ይልና ከጠየቀ በሗላ “እንከታተል” በማለት እጅግ የከፋ ግፍ እና ምርመራ ኢሰብአዊ እና የዲሞክራሲ አፈና በባሰበት መልኩ በሰፊው አቅርቦታል። እንግዲህ ዛሬ የ.ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት መሪዎች መንግሥት ከሆኑ በሗላ የቀጠሉበት የግድያ የግርፋት እና አረመኔ እርምጃዎች ሁሉ መቸ እንደጀመረ ለማስረዳት ከላይ ከመግቢያው የጠቀስኩት ይህን የቆየ ማንነታቸው ዛሬ ለሚታየው አፈና እና ግድያ እንዲሁም ጭካኔ ከጫካ የመጣ እንደሆነ በመረጃ አቅርቤላቸሗ ለሁ። ዛሬስ መንግሥት ከሆነ በኃላ የፈጸማቸው ኢሰብአዊ እና አገራዊ ወንጀሎች እንዲሁም ስርዓቱ ከበረሃ አምጥቶ በሕዝቡ ላይ ጭኑ ከዘረጋው በሗላ የስርዓቱ ቱባ ቱባ ሃላፊዎች ዛሬ ሥልጣን ላይ ቁጢጥ ብለው ክራባት አስረው ንፁህ ሸሚዝና ውድ ውድ ገበርዲን ለብሰው ሰው መስለው ከዓለም መሪዎች ጋር ቁጭ ብለው በስዕለ ድምጽ (ቲቪ) ለዓለም ሲታዩ እጃቸውና፤ አፋቸው፤ፊታቸው በደም ንጣሪ ሲጨማለቁ እንዳለነበረ ሁሉ ያን ጉዳቸው ሸፍነው ጸዳድተው ሽቶ ተለቅልቀው የዋህ አገልጋዩቻቸውን ሲያሞኙ ስታዘብ በጣም አድርጎ ይኸ ዓለም ይገርመኛል። ይኼ ነው የካቲት!!!!!!!!!! በዚህ ግድያ በዛው ወንጀል አረመኔነት የተጓዘ ተጠያቂነት የሌለው የካቲት ማለት የኼ ነው!አይ ፈጣሪ ሁሉም ችለህ ማየት እስከ መቸ? ተሎ ውረድ እንጂ አምላክነትክን አመስክርና ሽቶ የተቀቡት ደም ደም የሚሸቱት ፍጡሮችህን ውሰድልንና አቃጥለው ገርፈው ረሽነው የገደሏቸው የሞቱትን ቆፍረን አውጥተን ዳግም መቃብራቸው ተሰርቶ ሙሾ እና ሃዘን ይደረግላቸው እንጂ! እራሱ የገዳላቸው የት እንደቀበራቸው ሳይነግረን ሸሽጎ፤ በሕግ አልዳኝም ብሎ በየአመቱ በፈርሃት ተውየጦ ሲምቦጀቦጅ ለፍርሃቱ ሽፋን ደርግ የገደላቸው ብቻ ለፖለቲካ ንግዱ ሲል አስቆፍሮ ሕዝብን እያስለቀሰ እስከ መቸ?የገደላቸው ፍጡራን የት እንደቀበራቸው በየትኛው ጣሻ ብልን እንፈልጋቸው አምላኬ?ብዙ እናቶች እኮ ፍርድህ እንዲፈጥን እየጠበቁ ነው:ከሰው ስሕተት መኖሩን ሁሌም ጥርጣሬ መያዝ ስላለብን ምናልባት ስሕተት የተሠራ እንደሆነ በስሕተት የተጎዱ ወገኖች ተጎድተው እንዳይቀሩ የሚደመጡበት የቅሬታ ሰሚ ስርዓትም መኖር አለበትና ያ ስርዓት አለ። ይላል መለስ ዜናዊ። አውን የተጎዱ ወገኖች ተጎድተው እንዳይቀሩ የሚደመጡበት የቅሬታ ሰሚ ስርዓት ኖሮ ሰው ከተጣለበት ጉድጓድ እየተቆፈረ የሚያሳይ የሚያስለቅሰው የስክሪን ካሜራ በነሱ ጣሻ ላይ ያነጣጠረው መቸ ነው?መቸስ ነው በትግራይ ጫካ ላይ ቁፋሮው ሲጀመር የሚነጣጠረው?አይ የካቲት የስንቱን እናት አስለቀስሽ የስንቱን ደም ጠጣሽ? ፍርሃቱ ነው ዝምታው? ጥያቄው ይኼው ንገሪን እንጂ? ደም የተቀባ ከበሮን መደለቁ እስከ መቸ? Getachew Reda