Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Message to Abey Ahmed ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)

Message to Abey Ahmed
 ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)

A short note to my readers;- (7-25-2018)

As you all know, I am an author, a whistle blower, a unique Tigrayan who stood not for any ethnic, but for truth. My various commentaries and books certainly discomforted (and will in the future) some, if not many of the mediocre opposition media and their political organizations with their puppets and many of the Ethiopian intelligentsia sectors who woefully failed for 27 years  to remove the TPLF apartheid system in Ethiopia.

Therefore, as a whistle blower, my commentaries vary from position to position based on who is taking the action- be it correct or dangerous.  Therefore, it is obvious there are some who hate me for being openly exposed their destructive positions and actions all these years till this day without taking sides.

  As all of you my listeners and readers who followed my position on the new change, lead by Abey Ahmed I want you to know that I have some principal national issues that I have doubts on Abey’s leadership that he will not execute them now or in the future. With all my doubts, I have been fair and  polite to give him the benefit of the doubt that he needs time to carry some important issues. Because of this, I have been critical to some opposition groups not to stress him with burdens of heavy issues to be carried in a shortest period seeing the dangerous circumstances he is surrounded.

But, unfortunately now, after I heard his own words saying “we do not need revolution but reform” speaking at the conference when discussed with the Ethiopian scholars in Addis, I am not sure now, if he is really going to remove the apartheid system completely that was destroying our life, our unity, and the hate status erected in every villages and cities and towns all over the Ethiopian territory unless he took radical measures against elements who were leading the apartheid itself. 

Most importantly, the Apartheid ethnic self administrative system which Abey argued there is no ethnic border, but administrative borders, perhaps it looks like the balkanization is going to be continue under his leadership too. To my surprise, weighing his desire to reform the fascist system lead by TPLF and his party OPDO not to remove this apartheid through radical changes, but through reform gave me a chilling sensation and I am now in a crucial position to withdraw my support for him at this moment, unless he agreed to remove the apartheid system radically not in maintenance.

Unless, Abey does not believe that the system he grew-in and served is not apartheid, there is no reason for him to believe TPLF/EPRDF apartheid with all its Gestapo security apparatus and economic hegemony can be reform. The question is, even if he believe the system is apartheid and system of terror (as he openly admitted it is terrorist State) , the question then is ‘can apartheid be reformed unless completely crushed?’

Do I need to prove him or to anyone that the system lead by TPLF/EPRDF is a fascist and apartheid? I already wrote books to show the nature of the system. My friends in particular Dr. Assefa Negash (a Medical Doctor and specialized in psychiatric- based in Amsterdam) wrote book and dozens of documents in a very unique presentation, in a way so far, no one, presented in the Ethiopian history for the last 27 years to show the nature of the system uniquely fascistic and apartheid. In addition, those of you who want more evidence to show that the system is apartheid, you need to listen to the Amhara prisoners the apartheid treatment applied against them by the Tigrayan security apparatus and its Gestapo assassin groups posted on you tubes and all over the media.

Revolution of course is to crush. But to crush which part is the question. It is not as Abey and others define that revolution means to destroy everything in the country. Not at all. Reform is not new thinking. It means to improve. To apply some maintenance.  We are not here talking about vehicle- we are talking the life of 100,000,000 population’s life. In our case, we are in an apartheid system, unless Abey wants to defend his party OPDO (a crime organization responsible for the Amhara ethnic cleansing and for erecting hate status in the Oromo balkanized territory) and of course TPLF (the responsible leader of the Apartheid system) referring it as simple ordinary tyrant system is wrong and naive. There is no doubt that it is a Nazi like apartheid system lead by bunch of lunatic fascists. Yes, clearly, the constitution and the border linage is based on apartheid style administration. so, therefore, It is possible to modify a fluctuate market, even that, in some aspects it requires radical reform-. The change that we saw that brought Abey to power came from the mass as a result of  revolt. Abey is the result of revolution, not as a result of demand for reform. Demonstrators demanded system change not reform.

He and others can dismiss radical change is intellectually unfashionable, but, on the other side of the aisle; we say Fascistic and apartheid system does not need maintenance like a broken vehicle, but tow it away to the history of junk yard. As one of the Ethiopian scholar Dr Hailu Fullas, clearly said in the early years back –

“the jihad against the Amhara who support unity…is qualitatively the same as, but greater in scale than the fascist Italy’s action.”

Indeed, it is true therefore; TPLF-EPRDF leadership has copied fascistic Italy even in its geographic distribution. It is an attempt at the creation of a perception of diminutive- goal of the Amhara and other pro-unity linguistic groups and their ancestral regions. Because of the balkanized system, the ethnic cleansing and deportation crimes all over the country is still going actively fresh as we speak.  Sadly, now Abey wants this apartheid system to be reform not to be abolished. What is that message all about?

To crush, arrest criminals, even to murder them when necessary should not be interpreted as act of unnecessary revenge (according Abey’s interpretation of the book of love) , but a necessary step according to some of us.

I want to remind all of you including to Abey, that many innocent and decent Ethiopian citizens including children and pregnant mothers under the OPDO/TPLF ethnic lord leaderships been cruelly murdered, looted, disappeared, tortured and humiliated in a despicable act.  Now, Abey is preaching us the change he will carry will not radical change, but a reform with the guidance of the bible of love?

Does apartheid and hyena understand love? We have seen hyenas fed with the hand of its ‘future’ victims in a village somewhere in Harare eastern Ethiopian province, but when the feeding process stops, there is not guarantee the hyena will not eat the hand that feeds it in a regular base. 

To demand the public for extended and reasonable time which I agreed and supported it in order Abey and the reformist group to get themselves together before they take the necessary radical action in removing the apartheid system is acceptable and fair. But, to assert strongly the reformists are there to give some maintenance (reform) to the apartheid system is unacceptable.  We can hypnotize society temporarily, but, as long as  the apartheid operators are allowed to shape and reshape the country in the old way – apartheid or fascistic elements know no boundary when it comes to their goal whether treated by love or not.  

The reformist can recreate another Kifle Wodajo or Abdul Mohammed from our side, but the demand in 1991 (Ethio- calendar 1983) was the departure of TPLF and EPLF occupied forces from the territories they occupied illegally unjustifiably by force; and the demand in 2018 (Ethiopian calendar 2010) is not different than the 1991 demand either. The demand was and still is the formation of free government from apartheid and ethnic fascistic system, not reform with some temporary makeups.  It is not out-fashion to demand for removal of fascistic system radically. Reform has no power to remove fascist system from power unless the leader is a messenger of God that is out of my knowledge to debate on it.

disagreeing through my commentary on Abey’s reform issue…should be treated as a brotherly citizenry advice- this should not give the pathetic secessionist groups and TPLF fascist puppets a green-light to dehumanize Abey and his positive desire for change. You the secessionists and fascist puppets is the reason why to begin-with we are here suffering and arguing with this gentleman of love. We deserve the right to comment against him not you the secessionists and fascist puppets. You have 27 years. The “time“ is telling you to shut up!
Part two will continue- what is reform and revolution in detail after the hoopla of the DC and the Hoopla in LA ends. We will also talk about the much talked selective discriminatory hoopla gatherings.
Getcahew Reda (Ethiopian Semay)