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The Emergence of Oromo and Tigre hegemony Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

The Emergence of Oromo and Tigre hegemony
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
Emperor Menlik the African Hero who defeated the Italian Fascists in Adua (Ethiopiabn Semay)

Bahru Zewde’s book “the quest for socialist Ethiopia” dealing about the Ethiopian student movement from 1960 to 1974; a truly well researched book caught my attention reading part of the history of the Hailesselassie University student movement slogan posted around the Yekatit 12 square, just outside the Sedist Kilo campus, read: “Ethiopia’s wealth should reach all”. Indeed a superbly beautiful slogan.

The reverse is what we are hearing from the so called Tigre or Oromo students’ current slogan. Tigre for the Tigrayans, Oromo for the Oromo. The recent slogans heralded from Oromo youth “Oromo wealth for the Oromo! Just us only!  Oromiya Kenga!/Oromo is ours!”.  Contrary to the Hailesselassie University Students’ slogan! It is a big “U” turns indeed! This is indeed the result of incredibly corrupt and visionless elites who mislead those sloganeers “Oromo for the Oromo” and “Tigray for the Tegaru”.

 Ethnic elite thugs from Tigre and Oromo already brainwashed the mind of those ethnocentric students’ thinking. It is obvious, the rise of thuggish politics in Ethiopia already accelerated in a very fast speed for the last 40 year. Not only thuggish politic is gearing up in a high a speed lead by different political criminal thugs, the incredible ignorance of the political opposition leaders is also gearing in a high speed rate rushing up to support “every” public riots and complaints as long as it opposes the fascist ruling party. They rush to give their support and voice with the absence of any rational analysis (not to mention their destructive media glorifying rightwing fascist elements who openly and publicly vowed to mow down Ethiopians and Christians from the Oromo areas).   All these thugs came with the intention of disturbing the future peace, security and stable climate of the Ethiopian society. 

Who are the thugs we are talking about?

They are many, but the major ones are the Derg, TPLF, OLF, EPLF, ONLF… , These of course slowly but surely became the factors/perpetrators for our misery and destruction to our survival in their 40 years of journey. Derg is gone. Derg with all its tyranny, its intention was not anti Ethiopia as it is now with the present groups. TPLF/OLF/ONLF… are trying to produce (already did) a very nasty film as if Ethiopia and its people are easily made and remade, edit and re-edited as if ETHIOPIA is the product and factor of film and cartoon makers. This is not funny. This is a frightening phenomena to all of us.  What makes the rest of us frightening as citizens of an ancient country “Ethiopia” is the emergence of “civilized thugs” apart from the classic thugs, “the Shifta”.  

In other words, they are “Shiftoch/jungle outlaws” with massive followers (including educated lawyers “like the secessionist and pro Fascistic designed map advocators like Tsegaye R. Ararssa”) armed with modern weapons including Airplanes (in the case of Tigrayans (TPLF/the present ruling party) armed with Biological Weapons/ (anthrax spores Brucellocis and Butullism “ጅምላ ገዳይ ተውሳክ” moved to Tigray from Debrezeyt military base. The later weapon was reported July 21/2014 by EMF)

 The Oromo and Tigray elites for the last 24 years are now in the making of a frightening film called “Ethnic Federalism”. This film is not for screen play. It is experimented on human beings (on the life of the Ethiopian population). This is fascism in its best!

Tigrayns lead by TPLF

 As a Tigrayan myself, I have never felt a shame as this era of time as a member of the Tigre ethnic. All this is because, Tigrayans lead by TPLF allowed Ethiopia to be landlocked and cause Ethiopian unity to be fragmented and threatened by Fascist thugs. When I was screaming my lung out-loud to the people to reject these thugs, majority of Tigrayans, if not 98 0/0 was fantasizing with them believing the old glory of Tigray society reoccurred through the “gallant TPLF”. Hateful speeches, physical fights, Party, dancing, insults, bravados, drinks and fantasizing heavenly Tigray just reborn, celebrating its birthday all over the world. Recklessly foolishly and arrogantly told the entire world, gave Ethiopia’s nation, nationalities and peoples their freedom taken away from what they called “NefteNga/Amhara”. Not only to these groups, but given the unexpected freedom to the Eritreans who TPLF claimed from the “Amhara colonizers”- which end up landlocked Ethiopia and surrendering its seaports to the Arabs.  These elements are scum of history.

What is TPLF means? Leave the abbreviation aside as a cover-up. The direct definition of it when you pilled off the superficial label on the top- you will see the inside label reading the word “TPLF means Fascism!” These are worst than the ordinary thugs. These ruthless thugs already landlocked Ethiopia and awaken the Arabs to control our Red Sea ports through the nemesis and the Arab mercenary “Isyas Afewerki”. Was I and few of my compatriots right when we were saying Eritrea an “Arab Dellala” ? Were not we right when we sing in Tigray “Eritrea Ay Arebinga! Ne-beal menyom Kishetu Zidelyou …….” Remember this song? Was not Derg right when he accused the Eritrean Liberation Fighters and TPLF as Arab mercenaries? Yes, we all were right. Now, Herman Cohen is telling us to our face- your sea ports are occupied by the Arabs!!!!!”  Here is what his own writing said “The Red Sea is slipping  into Total Arab Control”. We need a Noble prize for predicting such heinous national crime sure to happen by the action of these thugs.  I and few of my friends got so many insults and to the extent they labeled us as none Tigrayans (Shewawuyan Tigru) for telling and predicting what might bring their crude conspiracy against our people. 

 These thugs shamelessly demonstrated the world how they managed to kidnap rape and torture Ethiopia as a nation of millions of population exactly how Italian Fascists rape Ethiopia during the Second World War. I have said time after time, even when I was in my country openly in public gatherings, “the thugs, particularly the so called TPLF leaders are an Eritrean Mercenary who inevitably after time will give us a fragmented Ethiopia”. People look at me as crazy who calls death to himself. Some, even the Derg cadres suspected me unless I am member of TPLF no Tigrayan will have the gut to utter such straight forward at the time when everyone saw TPLF as liberators and scary elements who could even shoot at a moon for shining at them at night. 

I remember that day- it was when all residents in Tigray/Eritrea ( I think even in other provinces also-though not sure) ordered to gather in every town to discuss what Captain. Fikreselassie Wegderes’s speech aired on the national radio regarding the future of Ethiopia. He spoke about Eritrea and the fate of future Ethiopia via Ethiopian radio aired to Eritrea /Tigraya and all over the nation.. It was published in Addis Zemen Gazeta. That paper was fortune teller (I can’t remember the title of that paper- it predicted how Islamic extremists, secessionists will fight in the scramble of Ethiopia, “if”, in case, the center falls by accident). It is happening exactly now.  Sure enough, what I said was also precise! The Arabs got what they were looking for. The Arabs got their money worth for supporting them during their guerrilla era. Indeed, my argument was right, the Arabs are here and are now ready to strangulate us, as they did to our Axumite kingdom.

No one believes this is real. These thugs’ activity seemed unreal. Their action and behavior fits like an outsiders’/invaders’ act. The principal historical archive of Ethiopia “Mariam Zion” and “our obelisks and artifacts and its civilization” is now for the second time again surrounded by the Arabs. It sounds like a film not real hearing these thugs from Tigray, calling themselves number one “Tigrayans” stood on behalf of Sudan and Eritreans “denouncing Ethiopians” openly inside their parliament secession as “war mongers, colonizers” and “seekers of sea ports not of theirs”.

 Tigrayan hegemony lead by TPLF leaders is a dazing subject to explain. They grab lands by force of gun, robbed financial institutions, government properties, even Christian Monasteries were not spared (read Gebremedhin Aray’s paper *main conspirator for robbing Tigray ancient Monasteries was Sebhat Negga* ), they control the Muslim and Christian institutions, they control and invaded the entire country through their guerrilla army and terrorizing the nation after they dismissed the national army to control power. Many crime and privacy invasion occurred. They murdered and arrested icons of the nation. They are hard to identify their nature. One can only describe them as “hooligans”.

 This is a real murder against a nation, rape, conflict, terror and robbing the Ethiopian people what they got left from the previous regimes. Life became harder and harder everyday by the activity of these thugs and their collaborators. Some of these perpetrators live inside Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia. Most of them are criminals yet to face justice for their crime. Unfortunately,  many of them are defended and sheltered by Europeans and Americans. In-fact the thugs are in some cases encouraged to continue terrorizing the citizens of Ethiopia by the mentioned countries. Just recently President Obama told the world TPLF is a democratic elected government by the people of Ethiopia. You do not need me to elaborate such blatant crime against our people by Obama. Do you?

Ethiopia on the eye of these strange thugs is not a country of decent people. They look at us as their captive animals who do not know what is right and wrong to think for ourselves. What these thugs and their lawyers and defenders did not know is that ‘at the end of the day’, our captors will humiliated by the “God of Ethiopia” as all different forms of thugs came to invade and divide Ethiopia centuries and after centuries before them. This time, might be tougher for us, since the enemies are within; but overtime, we shall overcome!

Oromo people lead by OLF/OPDO/OILF/OFD …..

 Let us now move on to see what is going on with the Oromo situation. “Just us only” is the greed of the day that is herald currently by the Oromo students movement. The Oromo and Tigrayans are having their day of light with the expense of the rest.  The oromo claimed they are abused by TPLF. Yes, they are. But, they have a huge cake of land given to them for “free” grabbed from other ethnic groups simultaneously as the Tigrayans got huge farming territories from the Welkait society. We have to describe it ‘as it is’. It is an open hegemony. There is a huge map of land that shows “Oromiya”, never was exist such a map in the past history! The form of this hegemonic behavior and the making and remaking of a new map illegally by force of a gun is no other than the work of organized fascist thugs to benefit the Oromo ethnic group/s who are scattered all over the country in Ethiopia.

All these Oromo groups except one among them, came to power in 1991 (European calendar) through the barrel of a gun lead by TPLF.  Their motto from the early time of their movement was not in search of what they called “Democracy” as they lie to you. Their (OLF….)  aim to join TPLF in 1991 was to curve out a huge territory from Ethiopia to establish a new country called “Oromoiya” in the process to destroy Ethiopia to the extent “unviable state” (read OLF manifesto posted by the grander historian  Dr.Aleme Eshete on EEDN forum). Unfortunately, they created a conflict with their boss/TPLF/ and got kicked-out from the power share and its leaders cowardly left Ethiopia through Bole Airport, its armed fighters arrested, dispersed or killed with a full humiliation. Let us now move on to see what is going on with the Oromo situation.

Before humiliation, they accomplished three things. Latin alphabet to the Oromo people, mass murder and deportation of the Amhara society from the “different Oromo localities”. Finally, discared away their Ethiopian identity and Ethiopian flag and replaced it with a narrow Oromo nationalism sentiment and new OLF/OPDO/OILF….made flags.

Major of all success was the hegemony/grabbing of large territory of fertile lands from other surrounding people. Tigrayan lead by TPLF and Oromo lead by OLF/OPDO/OFD those two ethnic groups are beneficiary of the 1991 hegemony. Thus, therefore, the elites came out of these two ethnic are now are working tirelessly the world and the entire Ethiopian population to recognize their Fascism ideology and their map/s illustrated originally by the Italian fascist invaders.  The main driver of such hegemony is as I mentioned it above; “better economy to benefit their respected ethnic group”. The worst victim of all this hegemony is now the Amhara population. Amhara are marginalized, brutally murdered, deported from Oromo and other areas and made lost their fertile territories to Tigrray, to Sudan. To Oromo, to Benshangul and others with an established open policy of the regime currently in power.  

As many of us know, the Amhara was the main target of these two ethnic elites. They already declared on their policy and their leader and leaders said it over and over through their media first to subdue the NefteNga (Amhara) and the Orthodox religion in order to easily put an end to the existence of Ethiopia. (As clearly read in the manifesto OLF/TPLF policy- even from the elites’ speeches and interviews). 

Reasons they provided is these two ethnic populations were subject to economic discrimination by the Amhara- regardless the rulers of the past were both Tigrayan and Oromo rulers!!!!! Many of us did accept and misguided by these liars that Amhea were rulers of the previous regimes. Distortion and misinformation is the trade mark of all thugs in the world. So, do our thugs follow their masters’ rout.

 The Oromo now are controlling the largest lands illegally; regardless it was not theirs originally. Nothing can be further truth than what our documented history recorded by eye witness of the time registered. The then “Gala pastoralists” were invaders of such huge land which the present Oromo illegally claimed as theirs.   Let me take you in short note how the Gala pastoralists took over the present vast lands through military type invasion where all Oromo currently claimed belongs “theirs”. This absurd, needs to be confronted. Lie, after lie and add another lie it is producing more and more absurd lies. Oromo liars need to be confronted. Enough is enough!

The Gala ethnic of the 16 century (who the present Oromo claimed originated from) never were the indigenous owners of the land. We have these evidences recorded on maps and eye witnesses and names of lands and owners of those lands apart than the new claim or before the invasion of the Gala pastoralist came to those territories. 

No one, I repeat- no one, can deny that Jihadist “Ahmed Grang” who was the Islamic Turk and Arab mercenary invaded large part of Ethiopia all the way to Gonder followed by the Gala invasion of the same rout what Grang invaded. 

 The Oromo came from very tip down south almost at the end border of Ethiopia, living as pastorals moving from country to country (the Gala are stretched all the way to Somalia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya all the way to the Bantu tribe areas in Africa). Ethiopia was made weaken from the beginning of the 13 century, all the way to the 16 century by different conflicts. The worst was the “War of Grang”. Jihadist  Ahmed Grang and the Gala pastoralist saw such open door and moved into the large territory of the country robbing, raping, burning, murdering mobbing, genitalia mutilation  and terrorizing the entire population of Ethiopia mercilessly with a brutal invasion. 

These new different Gala tribe settlers found a very fertile lands, rivers, lakes and forests for their grazing. All those lands were Ethiopians. Amharas. Gamo and plenty of  other groups . What does Assebot monastery (Assebot Gedam) tells you? It was build before the Gala pastoralist came to those areas. That is why all kind of enemies currently trying to burn that monastery and other ancient monasteries and artifacts to destroy such evidence in order to fit their fabrication as true. Not to mention that the Emperor Dawit magnificent pentagonal castle found last year (2014) in the vicinity of Addis Ababa city easily datable to the XV (15 Century). This evidence disproved the secessionists claim Addis Ababa city and its vicinity was Oromo owned territory. Please watch this video in your own eyes 

Remember what you are hearing all over VOA/German Amharic radio and all over the pathetic opposition media misinforming you “falsely” through the current OPDO/OLF  elites claiming  Addis Ababa was Oromo lands from ancient!?! This is besides the several ancient churches curved from caves by Abraha Atsbeha of Axumit kings of Axum still evidence found in many Oromo claimed areas. The Gala pastoralists were never the first settlers of those mentioned lands claimed currently by the Oromo as Oromo killil falsely before the 16 Century.   

They controlled the vast lands and weakened and dehumanized indigenous population left over from the Grang invasion. They learn how to settle down from their victims; learning farming, family values and even new moral ethics through religion and indigenous culture which was instrumental in calming down their brutal and jungle behavior to help them interacting with other different ethnic population. Since then, they started to live and grabbed all the lands, forest, rivers, lakes and grazing areas. 

Then followed second aggression of land grab from others in 1991 lead by OLF and TPLF claiming they are from the pure Gala generation which now called Oromo. The current Oromo speaking are not the pure Gala who were not mixed with others when the invaded Ethiopia center lands. The present Oromo are just Oromo speaking mixed ethnic society with all kind of Ethiopian ethnic blood. That is the fact!!!!! Check all the OLF leaders genesis- many of them are half or ¾ cast or 5 or 6 type of mixed blood born from different Ethiopian population.  

 Since the 16 century and in the 1991 the motive of these new maps made and remade by the Oromo elite is no democracy or justice “crap”, but “economic greed”. The 16 century invasion of Oromo by the pastoralists the then called Gala is not different than the 1991 with the same motive “economic greed”.  The Oromo and TPLF elites designing new maps to give unjustifiably to the Oromo population and to the Tigre population is to intensify conflict in the country:- first to subjugate and starved the Amhara population (read their motto of why they went to the jungle as a guerilla fighters) and gradually the surrounding other ethnic population. 

The latest design could have not been possible by themselves, unless, they got the green light by the West as the narrow nationalist lawyer by the name Tsegaye R.Ararssa admitted on his “Ethiopia Experiment with federalism Part 2) which I called “Ethiopia experiment with Fascism”

This is now a new phase of refreshing the design of fascism using the Marxist ideology of “ethnic federalism/self determination. The Oromo are now made to believe the illegitimate map design by the two thuggish groups (TPLF/OLF) belongs to the Oromo. Funny! Is not it? Let us see why the Oromo have no legitimate right to control all the lands seen in the present new maps of “Ethnic federal maps” designed by TPLF/OLF which Tsegaye G Ararissa admitted even structuring the so called “Federal seats”  “ ……is not transparently done……..they were a result of behind the scene negotiations”. 

 We know from all sources, even from the fascist map advocators themselves like Tsegay A Ararrissa told us  “One can characterize all these parties as forces of the periphery that captured the center and had to forge the new modes of relating to one another in a new yet-to-be-reconstructed state” Here, clearly is the evidence who controlled and designed the present map. It was designed by “forces of periphery” in other words mainly by the Oromo. 

To begin with, the so called “periphery groups” never had large or equal share as the Oromo and Tigre. These is how looks like the talk of Tsegaye’s “peripheral groups” seizing power when the center is collapsed”/

The scenario that leaves us shock to why the Oromo elite are still lying and still wants to protect the land seized through barbaric invasion in the 16 Century by the Gala pastoralists resulted in the assimilation of the Gala people with the indigenous different people of Ethiopia. It is shocking to me to forge a new map curved out of Ethiopia as if such map was there before in history! and Oromo vast lands (almost half of the Ethiopian territory curved illegally by force of gun by the Oromo and TPLF elites to benefit the Oromo) never been seen or never had such map in the world before (not even by the Italian fascist design). 

So, I ask and challenge all OLF rightwing fascist elites to explained to me why they want to curve a new map and a new country called “Oromiya” illegally and deport and murdered Amhara population who were member of the indigenous population of those lands?  History knows that such land was taken away by a form of hegemonic from indigenous Ethiopian people of that time, which the Gala pastoralist snatched away a huge territory of fertile lands, forests, lakes and rivers by a brutal and savagery invasion. 

The Gala pastoralists in the 16 century devastated the entire indigenous people of Ethio
pia when they came from the far edge border of Ethiopia moving to the center and north, east and West subjugated the entire Ethiopian people in to a serf (CHISENGA) (gabaro/Gebar) all the way to Tigray. This is not a movie. This is real. All the way to Tigray, Gonder, Gojam , even tried to grab lands as far as  Eritrea!  Let us the chronological invasion of the Gala pastoralists which made you to believe the current Ethiopian Oromo areas is theirs and not nobodies’. 

 530-1538 Galla cross the Shebelle and conquest starts with Bale whose inhabitants are believed to have been the present Sidama. Gamu Gofa was conquered soon later. While the Borona settled in Bale and adjacent lands (when they are the present day) the other major Gala branch the Baryatuma- Mecha and Tulama- continued north and east.

1538-46: Dawaro which extended and covered most of present day Harar was attacked by the Galla. Galla started to collect tribute.

1544-1547- The first expedition of Emperor Gelawdewos accompanied by the Muslim army of the sultanate of Hadya against the Galla invaders on the Awash.

1555-1562; Galla territorial occupation begins. Gallas were no more conducting simply raiding expeditions. The Galla s conquered and settled permanently to administer the conquered regions and conquered people transformed into Gebaro, or serfs.

(1551-1567) successor of Ahmed Grang has been fighting the first Galla invasion of Harar city and its surroundings. It was indeed Emir who had built the historic Harar wall that surrounds the city to defend it against Galla invasion.

In 1559 the army of Emir of Harar was defeated. Although, Harar city was effectively protected, all the surrounding Harar-Chercher mountains where lived the Adere, the Worji, the Maya and a number of other probably speaking ethnic groups boarding on Yefat. Where all conquered by the Galla, depriving Harar not only of its most fertile agricultural lends but also of its freedom of movement and trade with the outside world through the Gulf of Aden coast. The era of glory of Harar was over.

1572-73 Harar was attacked by a huge mass of Oromo troops and Imam Mohamed Gasa had to evacuate Harar and move his capital to Aussa. The same Imam was killed by the Oromo in November 1583.

1570’s 1580’s: Galla conquest of Shoa- Shoa largely inhabited by Amharic speaking Christians was the heart of the empire and common residence of the Emperors at Debreberhan, Tegulet, Etc… Shoa was occupied by the Mecha and Tulama Gallas.

1570’s-1580;s: Oromo conquest Amhara- Angot the home and origin of the ruling dynasty. Amhara which was burnt and destroyed by Gragn a few decades earlier (Because Grang came with a massive of rifle, never seen in Ethiopian history for the first time/if there was rifles, perhaps few arms in the hand of the king/s. That is how he managed in a shortest period controlled the vast territory of the country through the new war machine of the era given to him from the Ethiopian enemy the Turks.) was now completely devastated by the Galla s in spite of the resistance of the imperial army. (በቅንፍ ውስጥ ያለው ከደራሲው የተጨመረ)

While —- was invaded and settled by Wollo. Angot in the North-east was invaded and settled by the Yejou, Gallas. Amhara thus destroyed and burnt down and its population transformed as Gebaro of Galla, the era therefore marks the end of the Amhara, because now, they have been transformed into serfs of the Oromos. Since then Amhara and Angot as so many peoples of ancient Ethiopia have disappeared from the map of Ethiopia.

That is also why we have been arguing for some years now that the Amhara people separated by the Beshilo from Begemdire and bordering with the Angot in the north and extending up to MENZ and Waaqa in the south do not exist and have not existed since the Wollol Oromo invasion of the Amharas in the 1570’s and 1580- And hence there is no sense in talking about Amhara oppressor people or “Nation”

1610: Raya –Azebo (this is in Tigray) occupation of the lowlands at the foot of Enderta from where they will fight in vain for century to advance north and occupy Tigray, south and north of Mereb Melash (Eritrea)

What is a Gabaro? Mohamed Hassan, a Muslim, Oromo scholar (the Oromo, of Ethiopia: A history 1570-1860, published New York, 1990, p.63, 64) gives us perhaps the most unambiguous definition of the institution of Gebaro introduced by the Oromo conquerors:

“The term gabaro describes the obligatory relation between the conquerors and the conquered. The vanquished still owners of their plot of land became serfs or clients of the pastoral Oromo, who now demanded service and tribute from them. The Oromo term for the conquered people was “gebaro” (“those who serve”).

Let me quote another Oromo historian Mohamed Hassen;-

“The Oromo adopted the gebbaro en maasse, giving them clan genealogy, (the Metcha used the term ilma gossa (son of the gossa= tribe or clan), marrying their women and…. (there were times) when the rights of the gabaro were trampled upon, their women and children sold into slavery by their Oromo masters (and have there were several cases of Gabbaro rebellion….)” ይላል የኦነጉ የታሪክ ምሁር መሐመድ ሐሰን እንኳ ሳይቀር እውነቱን ሊሸሽገው አልቻለም።

በመጨረሻ ፕሮፌሰር አለሜ እሸቴ ስለ ኦሮሞዎችም ሆነ ስለ ትግሬ ወይንም አማራ ተብሎ የሚጠራ ሕዝብ ማንነት የሚከተለው እንዲህ ሲሉ በታሪክ ምሁርነታቸው ማወቅ ያለብንን እቅጩን እንዲህ ይነግሩናል።

Our present knowledge of the history of the peoples of Ethiopia – of the Tigrai, of the Amhara, of the Oromo etc. do not allow single separated linear developments of the peoples of Ethiopia but of the Ethiopian nation made up of cultures, languages and values ever pulling each other. We do not know in history any original Amhara language, religion or culture. The so called Amhara have inherited all from the Axumites – language, script, religion culture etc. and have carried over the Axumite culture as an Ethiopian , language, religion …The Amhara have never existed as a tribe but are the result of the evolution since Geez Axumite times of the linguistic transformation of the Kushitic Agaw into Semitic , as well as the amalgamation of the cultures and languages of other peoples of Ethiopia since Axumite times.

There is also no such tribe, culture, language or religion called Oromo but an amalgamation of several Ethiopian peoples who have been absorbed during the Galla conquest , from the 16th century to the middle of the 19th century or the rise of Tewodros, during which process the original Galla have been ethiopianised -their culture, language and religion being transformed . Linguistically, the Galla may even have been transformed during the long process and contact with Ethiopian Kushitic peoples, into Kushitic , according to Professor Andrezejewski of the London School of Oriental Studies.(The Position of the Galla in the Cushitic language group” published in Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol.9, 1964. See also my paper, Galla Kushitic?”

በሰነዱ የተመለከትነው ጉዳይ ኦሮሞዎች ከነበሩበት ከአንድ ከጫፍ ደቡባዊ ኢትዮጵያ ክፍል በመነሣት አሁን ኦሮሞዎች የሰፈሩባቸውን ክፍለሀገሮች በሙሉ (ትግራይን ጨምሮ) እንደ ሰደድ እሳት በፍጥነት በማዳረስ ያዙት። ከነሱ በፊት ሰፍረውበት የነበሩን የተለያዩ ቋንቋ ተናጋሪ ኢትዮጵያውያን ገበሬዎች ከቦታ ወደ ቦታ ለግጦሽ ፍለጋ የሚዘዋወሩ ከብት አርቢ የኦሮሞ ጦረኞች ወረሩት። ቀደምት ኗሪዎችንም ገባር አደረጓቸው። ቋንቋቸውም ከጊዜ በኋላም ተዋልደው ልጅ ልጆቻቸው ኦሮምኛ ተናጋሪዎች ሆኑ። በአንጻሩም ወራሪዎቹ ወደ አማራ አገር እና ትግራይ አካባቢ ሄደው ሲሰፍሩም እንደዚያው የልጅ ልጆቻቸው የአካባቢው (አማርኛ እና ትግሬ) ቋንቋ እንዲናገሩ ተውጠው ቀርተዋል። (the above source is my own book-“Yeweyane Gebena Mahider” Author yours truly Getachew Reda 
This is what the real story is behind the invasion of the Gala people in Ethiopia.
Which lead up to now, to the Emergence of Oromo and Tigre hegemony.  This is what Mr.Tsegaye need to understand before talking the TPLF/OLF Fascist constitution as if we care and as if it is legal and democratic. My Response to Tsegaye will continue to the Fascist constitution he is defending, analyzing, praising and fantasizing for. 

 Next, we will see how OLF involved in mass killing and crime which still OLF leaders need to be charged in the international courts for ethnic cleansing crime. Stay tune. Thank you. Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay) getachre@aol.com