Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Rotten Apple, Plus a Rotten Apple, plus a Rotten Apple---You may continue Adding Up…… ጌታቸው ረዳ (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

A Rotten Apple, Plus a Rotten Apple, plus a Rotten Apple---You may continue Adding Up……
ጌታቸው ረዳ (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
I am presenting this critique in English, to reach the young Oromo generation who don’t understand Amharic, whom they are taught by OLF/OPDO to hate Amhara and Amharic language, in a hope they understand the destructive mission their elites stored for their future.

The current news is about Dr. Abey who is elected as EPRDF (different TPLF guerrilla syndicates) chairman. Before such news came to the ear, the euphoric sensation was so high, to the extent the opposition was evolved equally with TPLF cults asking “WHO WILL BE THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER?”. It was the worst euphoria from opposition writers which I have ever anticipated to hear from such camp.

 Dr. Abey Ahmed an Oromo by ethnic, one of the elites from the OPDO organization which is an Oromo branch member of the current Ethiopian fascist’s party known as “EPRDF” (entity of TPLF Guerrilla), is now named  as Chairman/‘Prime Minister’ of these criminal entities wino himself was member of the security apparatus and military officer.

Was the aim of all these hooplas and talks all over the media by Abey or Lema to become PM or to lead the people and met the people where they want them to meet? I hope I am right, that the Oromo people or the so called Qero (who ever they are lead by) were not demanding Abey/lema to be the chairman of the criminal enterprise which in the first place are trying to remove it from their shoulder. Or was it their aim to put an Oromo speaking to such useless position where he does not have control on the security, defense, justice and economy? Whatever it is, we are waiting for the Qero and Amhara youth (let us put the Amhara youth aside- since they are not beneficiary here any ways) will see what their reaction would be against this development in the future. I believe if Abey does not confront the entire system for change with the support of all Ethiopians behind him, the nomination is nothing, but worst betrayal of the people (if at all he is the Moses as some are preaching us).

With this, I, therefore, congratulate all the Mencha Revolutionists Oromo groups (who congratulates Abey for his new post), all the ‘bigmouth opposition’ columnists who commanded us “to shut-up our mouth” from commenting about their OPDO heroes whom these groups of course in the past months were enthusiastic by Abey and his groups to bring change they were looking for.

Do not take me wrong as if I did not give the proper credit to these elements from OPDO. Of course, they did a significant damage to the TPLF’s stubborn and annoying tick tock ego of supremacy. In plain fact, they managed to force TPLF to chew the raw salt as is.  Having said, all this was possible, because the Amhara and the Oromo people begun to react against the brutality of the TPLF system. Therefore, Lema Megersa and Abey Ahmed contributed a bit pushup (energy) to the dormant and dying politics of the opposition. So,, the credit is there for their astonishing bravery to confront the ego of the ruling thugs in power controlling every movement and life of the citizens. We are citizens and we demand more, since the power abuse is extreme and we want it to be removed completely. So, the demand and the progress are not parallel yet. So we continue push and push until the tribal constitution and fascistic apartheid system is crushed and doomed. 

Therefore, to some extent, we all agree their contribution which overwhelmingly activated the dying and dormant opposition’s political activity. With all this, we also have to critically deconstruct the myth that is been going on for months and months with the hope these two gentlemen and their followers will bring the desired change that was been hallucinated by huge number of columnists and media personalities.

I can see why the Mencha group of the Oromo and the Tigrayan TPLF hard core cults of the Diaspora (who are absolutely full of shocking illiterates) congratulating Abey as the new Ethiopian Moses. But, to see some opposition elites expressing their joy for such superficial reform within the fascist party is beyond a laughable mater.

This is serious national issue. Ethiopians seemed still failed to articulately see the whole picture of this animal called TPLF. I can see if people express their joy over Abey Ahmed if he could came to power by means of cuopd’etat to change the entire animal herd. But, this fellow did not pop that way. He is elected and came to power by the same group of fascist party representatives who are all responsible for committing crime against humanity. Therefore, one should not expect much from this fellow to bring down these thugs and their system. What was the change expected when reshuffle of personals from elements within the fascist party? So why such joy? It is beyond me!
 The struggle in Ethiopia to-day is not a strugglefor political power between so called "parties". What is at stake is our survival not only as a nation but also as 80,000,000 human beings. The struggle to-day is a struggle for liberation, the liberation of our land, our nation! The oppression of which we are the victims, the massacres, the arbitrary arrests, and the insults we are receiving daily to our honor as human
beings do not represent a disconnected, incongruous series of incidents. It is one whole. It is the face and the evidence of proxy colonialism we are facing as citizens, as human beings under the brutality of the Weyane Tigray system.

It is not for no reason why we were hearing the Western powers and some CIA and anti Ethiopia elements like Yamamoto telling us they are closely watching the election of the new Prime Minister of TPLF government. Why these coordinators of the proxy-colonialists would worry who comes who goes to power, when such personality is openly with no shame defending TPLF’s criminality against humanity in the Congress?

The Question is will Lema or Abey reverse or have the interest to reverse decision of the American proxy-colony Ethiopia, which was condemned to become for the first time in its millenniums long history a land locked state with no outlet to the Red Sea? Or will Abey or his followers that the ‘Weyane CIA’ agenda that was ratified by his organization (OPDO) the so called “peace and reconciliation charter of the 1991 (Weyane Constitution) which is the principal cause for the present problem in the life of the Ethiopians?
The answer is no!

Lema and his followers has made it clear posted on ‘You-Tube’ that the Weyane Constitution of 1991 known as ‘tribal constitution’ is by far the best and preferable constitution to the demand of the Oromo people. And no intention to reverse or abandoned it in the future. Here is where I want you to landed and examine what I called it <“the real deal”>.

Lema and Abey can talk all they want about nicety of the Ethiopian culture and unity. That is a part of the deal; not whole. What is whole deal and (real deal)? It is to reverse the tribal constitution of the 1991 which OPDO is part.

Why do I want every political organization to abandoned and condemned the Weyane Constitution of 1991? 

 Here is why!

Let me quote my beloved teacher and friend Dr.Aleme Eshete (peace be up on him!)

<< “…..Thus the communal wars of self-aggrandizement with each "tribe" or "sub-tribe" engaged  in the demarcation of new "official borders" in preparation for the legalized self determination up to independence has
caused   involving massacres of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians has followed to this date. These wars have particularly been bloody in the south and south east between Galla-Somali, Galla-Afar, Somali-Afar,Galla-Adere, Galla-Sidama- Galla-Guraghe, Galla-Nilo-Saharan, Galla-Tigrai,
Afar-Eritrea, Afar-Tigrai, Irob-Tigrai, Irob-Eritrea,  etc’>> (Aleme-Eshete/PhD)
TPLF-CIA tribalization of Ethiopian history and
politics opens the Pandora box which has never stopped burning to this date. Abey and Lema knows this; such carnage and deportation of Oromo and Somalia, Amhara and so on…occurred few months while both are in power. The deportees are still there for a naked eye to see it. So will Abey stand for what I called it “the real deal” –to bring the agenda of reversing the cause of conflict, which is the constitution itself?

Since TPLF/OLF/OPDO..introduced ethnic politics,  there are no Ethiopians in Ethiopia, only "tribal" citizens with the tight of self determination up to secession. You and I know that under the participation OPDO the TPLF puppet Oromo organization, the most explosive ethnic-cleansing we have witnessed after the proclamation of the tribal dismemberment was in Arsi and in Harar. Ogaden where Somalis from the Republic of Somalia had come to take power was one of the bloodiest regions under Woyane. 

In all of these regions Amharic speakers have been lynched and killed en-mass, Orthodox Churches burnt together with priests, monuments depicting important dates in Ethiopian history were demolished and desecrated. Amharic speakers in particular but in general speakers of languages other than that of the "Kelel" were told to leave and go back to "their country". These crimes was done by OPDO/TPLF/OLF/IOLF (Aleme)

Hence, therefore, the ongoing ethnic cleansing and the killings, expropriations and deportation of tens of thousands of Ethiopian citizens in the so called ‘Ormiya’ territory which the OPDO claim Oromo native land part of Oromiya not Ethiopian !!

So, with all this unsettled issue, can we trust OPDO lead by Abey or Lema? Can these gentlemen be trusted to reverse or fight to reverse the CIA proxy colonial tribal constitution at the end of the day? I leave that question to answer those who called us to shut-up our mouth while they praise Lema and Abey as their Moses. We say Amen to that, but can you answer this question for us?

Until there lacks a group or leader forcefully or legally reverse the Weyane Constitution, be it Abey came or Abubaker or Fatima elevated to the PM position under the current fascist system and as long as they hold the constitution as their vanguard constitution and swear solemnly affirm their faithfulness to the 1991 TPLF/OLF constitution,,,,,, then, they are nothing, but rotten apple. A Rotten Apple, plus a rotten apple, plus a rotten apple---you may continue adding up more rotten apples—will Never Produce a Good Healthy Apple!

ጌታቸው ረዳ (Editor Ethiopian Semay)