Sunday, May 11, 2014

From Ethiopian Semay mail box

From Ethiopian Semay mail box

Before we continue to our main topic- Next week, I will present two topics

“Avoiding national flag and its effect by the opposition In Ethiopia”

…..The danger is real the enemy is at the door !

A lack of respect for the things once sacred- the Ethiopian flag! Is now taken as a model of DEMOCRACY and CIVILAZTION avoided it intentionally by the so called opposition such as UDJ, Islamic movement/Dimsachin yisema, Semayawi party….holding yellow or Blue or white or black or red rags when they conduct a public protest instead of the Ethiopian national flag………” 

The other one is 

ሰሞኑን ይህንን አስገራሚ አድርባይ ትችት ከአሲምባ ድረገጽ ርዕሰ አንቀጽ የተነበበው አንብቡ፡ አንዲህ ይላል።

የሰሞኑን የተማሪዎች እንቅስቃሴ የኦሮሞዎች ብቻ ችግርና ጥያቄ፤ ጥያቄአቸውም  የጎጠኝነት መርዝ የተቀላቀለበት አንደሆነ ለማስመሰል ወያኔና መሰሎቹ ከፍተኛ ጥረት እያደረጉ መሆኑን እየታዘብን ነው።”  አሲምባ ለማስተባበል የሞከረው መርዘኛ የተማሪዎቹ የጐጠኞች መርዝ ግን በቪድዮ ስለተቀረጸ፤ በቪ ኦ ኤ ቃለ መጠይቅ ስለተደመጠ፤ በአድርባይ ተቃዋሚዎች የተፈለገው ቢሸረብም፤ ጣፋጭ ሽቶ ቢለቀለቅበትም ሃቁ “ከጐጠኝነት መርዝ” አልተቀላቀለም ማለት ከቶ አይቻልም። በሚቀጥለው ሰሞን ይህ እና የመሳሰሉት በትችት ይቀርባሉ።(ጌታቸው ረዳ)

We will discuss these and other issues next week.
Getachew Reda

Note- from the Editor:-

Before taking you to the ‘Ethiopian Semay email folder’- Though, some EPRP website owners and individuals told me in person via telephone they felt offended “that my advice to the Amhara Society to organize itself from being a victim of all evils is ethno-centric”, and declined to post my earlier article which advises the Amhara society to defend and organized themselves at the same time alerting their elites to teach their people to be aware what is looming against them:-   This time the EPRP press came-out what I was advising the Amhara society all along. I like to appreciate the EPRP leaders for coming out openly with such important message.

I also like to alert my readers from this moment onwards- I have stopped sending  my articles to  Ze-Habesha , Ethiolion, ( I have boycotted them for good reason). Therefore, you will not read my articles on those mentioned websites, unless themselves copy and paste my article to post it on their site as they do it to others. You will find me here on my web –the beautiful “Ethiopian Semay”. If there are some webistes posting my article, you will see their address here when I post new commentaries.

Let me quote the EPRP press- which is very important. I like you to read its entire message- very important.   

"The EPRP calls on the Amhara people and pan Ethiopian forces to defend themselves and condemns vigorously the ethnic cleansing, hatred and killings directed (and being prepared) against the Amhara people.’’

Good job!! Now, let me take you my commentaries form Ethiopian Semay folder.

I am receiving dozens of furious emails to explain the dissatisfaction of the confused, naive, ignorant and opportunist opposition inside and outside the country in regard to the ongoing situation taking place in Ethiopia. 

I have also received several emails regarding the future fate of the UDJ organization. In particular about that well known extreme opportunist Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw on his usual opportunistic behavior.

I will post one of the following comments sent to my Ethiopian Semay email folder, which I thought it is worth reading and provocative ideas that could have alert (if they have the adult brain) the naïve opposition who are jumping like a kid here and there promoting the propaganda of the anti Amhara and anti Ethiopia groups, as their usual stupidity.  

I am not going to comment this time, which I decided to restrain myself, sit back and laugh with anger for a while, how those unscrupulous opposition media and their so called “activists”  are still playing a fool,  this time again,  repeating its usual “Takbir-!Alah Wuakbar!” kind of slogan which used it in the past for its political ingredient with its opportunistic character to serve the crooks of OLF.  

It is amazing how the opposition media and their activists are so subservient adding and blending a sweet aroma of fragrance to the slogan of the anti Ethiopia groups such as to the OLF/OPDO//TPLF/ and to the EPLF mercenaries noisy propaganda in the current situation happening in Ethiopia by the so called Oromo students who claimed Menlik status to be destroyed. 

 While denouncing the killing of some Oromo students by the TPLF thuggish police in some so called “Oromo Kilil”, have you seen any condemnation of protest that goes side by side to ridicule OLF propaganda which was openly reflected on those mentioned “Oromo areas” by the so called Oromo students as well?

Have you also seen these so called Diaspora or the opposition in the country went all the way to the UN or to the White House or BBC /or any international news agencies and bitterly angry and cry and complain and get noisy as they are now with the issue of the so called Oromo students to similarly address the ethnic cleansing of the Amhara society by the order of the so called OLF and TPLF ? 

You see, it is sad that we can’t even call them Ethiopian university students any more. They are called Oromo students.  Because, their location is now called “Oromia” and their demand is now Oromia land for the Oromo. Here, there is an opposition media “especially the Diaspora media” calling these ethno centric students as  "Ethiopian students" to sort of giving a gentle breeze to it, which the so called Oromo students do not want to be called as such;- because they wanted to calibrate themselves with the apartheid  policy. They fit themselves there and they are comfortable with it.

That is why they want themselves to call the “Oromo Students”, not “Ethiopian students protest”. They are the culprit for the criminal and thuggish TPLF and OLF politics as collaborators of their policy to destroy Ethiopia;- guided, energized, fired-up, oriented and brainwashed by both mercenaries and anti Ethiopia groups. As bright students of this DNA era, they should know better the policy of disintegration and ethnocentric politics is Nazi-ism which is encouraged planned by the New World Order leaders to destroy humanity as it is currently  going on in “Ethiopia, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Syria, Rwanda, Republic of Central Africa and in Nigeria”. All those areas have the infiltration of the Arabs and the New World Order operators.   

Now, we see why the Amhara society need to defend itself from the upcoming destruction by the OLF and TPLF,ONLF thuggish elites and their bandit collaborators.

As I repeatedly argued, that the Amhara is the only one who is not organized and supported by no one- even not by its own Amhara children who is naïve and opportunistic and demoralized elite with full of PhD holders and lawyers.

The Tigre, is organized and armed, the Oromo are organized and armed, the Somali are organized and armed, the gamble, the Afar all are organized and well armed. It is only the Amhara who is not organized abandoned by its own children, empty hand waiting to be again for the third time dehumanized and murdered and destabilized by OLF and TPLF and its similar criminal satellites.

Sadly, and oddly, its own educated elites and millions of its lousy children are abating and aiding crying for the same group who dehumanized and destabilized the Amhara peasants who are accountable for their misery and sufferings.  I have never seen such failure political struggle that is aimless, wondering around like a lost planet with no orbit of its own.

Now read the following important argument sent to  email folder.

“Jawar is busy jumping up and down thinking his Mencha agenda is going according to plan lmao
So just a few months back remember Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia were getting killed by the murderous Saudi Arabs. Just then the Oromo extremists felt the need to come out and post a video letting the Saudi's know that they were Oromos and should be left alone. So in other words, the default message was you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do with the Ethiopians, but stop killing Oromos.
One of the chants was, " we are not criminals!"
Evidence below

Then a few months before that the Egyptian murderers were busy targeting Ethiopians, and the Oromo extremists came out stating that they were not Ethiopian and that they should not be targeted. They made sure the Egyptians saw it too and it was a big sign.
Evidence below attached

* Look to the right of the picture.

So now all of a sudden we, as Ethiopians, have an obligation to come and aid these extremists? The very essence of the protests itself is premised on the idea of ethnic cleansing and propagating their genocidal agenda.

Why were they not saying anything about Oromo farmers when the foreign investors sanctioned by the TIgray government were busy taking large chunks of their so called, "Oromiya" beginning a few years back? All of a sudden the question of Addis Ababa is very crucial eh?
In their recent protest chants they were talking about Menelik II and Teddy Afro lmao which is completely irrelevant but I guess TPLF and Shabia brainwashing is effective.

Evidence below

When so called Amharas were being ethnic cleansed they never made a peep. On the contrary, they had an outlook of blaming the Amharas themselves. It was the same thing with Tigray extremists, they were blaming the Amharas farmers, out of "Oromiya!"

Evidence below

Ironically, however, the Ethiopian camp, on the other hand, came out in full force denouncing and supporting their protest despite the whole premise of their protest being anti-Ethiopian. This ladies and gentleman is one of the traits of being Ethiopian, Or for you Christians out there, loving your enemy. It is called being the bigger person, And ideally, it is exemplary because it attempts to see beyond the hate and attempts to be critical. It is the same thing the opposition has been doing towards Tigray extremists refusing to lamp them together.

However, critical understanding is essential. While taking into consideration human rights, it is also critical to check their agenda and the trajectory of their ideology.”

End of the email.

Getachew Reda (Editor- Ethiopian Semay)