Monday, August 20, 2012

Our condolences to Obama! Your puppet Meles Zenawi is Dead!

በሚቀጥለው ሰሞን

ለፋሺስት የሚያለቅሱ የፋሺስት አልቃሾች እና አልቃሽ ያጡ የፋሺስት ጉዳተኞች!

በሚል ርዕስ ያዘጋጀሁትን እናነባለን። ተከታተሉ። አሁን የተለጠፈው ጽሑፍም አንዳንድ እርማት ተደርጐበታል አንብቡ።
Our condolences to "Obama!" Your puppet Meles Zenawi is Dead!
(Ethiopian Semay) Getachew Reda


The Pro Eritrean Fascist Leader of TPLF Meles Zenawi is Dead by the Grace of God! The Pathetic Obama of America is now praising Meles was brilliant puppet and he is crying for losing his puppet. Now that the puppet of the Arabs and the West is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His masters are crying for him, until they replace another disgraced puppet. What a shameful world we are in?

Let us give our condolences to Obama and the rest of the Saudi slave masters and their similar barbaric Gurus, now, that they lost their puppet who sold Ethiopia to them in a variety ways. The colonialists and slave masters are now desperately looking for another one. Let us also give our sorrow to the Eritrean askari who landlocked Ethiopia on behalf of Eritrea, still in power inside Ethiopia calling themselves Ethiopians- but, in practice "Eritrean Representatives. Eritreans too Get your handkerchief, your attorney in Ethiopia is gone forever! We heard you are crying all over Pal talks, too bad!

                To all the colonialists;- US, China, Arabs....
Do not fight with the God of Ethiopia who is the boss of all you the colonialists and barbaric Arab savages who are still salving Ethiopian Christians in the Middle East with the knowledge and permission of Meles Zenawi's fascist party TPLF". You the Arab Islamo fascists too the God of Ethiopia is also working against you in the form Arab Stream, you need to free our people from your slave houses. you were and still you are slaving and raping our Ethiopian young women, arresting and torturing our priests in Saudi Arabai, as if they are your animals. For your punishment, God already took your best puppet forever. He is gone for good! You too will be next to be jufged by God. He is looking at you from his window from the Ethiopian sky down to the planet earth.

Just wait-, you didn’t see yet. Few days ago, God took the TPLF’s (the top Orthodox priest who kicked/chased away student demonstrators while they were sheltered inside church. As the result many students butchered by the Agazee army. ) “Patriarch Paulos” has died and now Meles Zenawi is dead last night (two top TPLF died at once). And now, the miracle of God of Ethiopia is still going to continue with his heavy punishing hand! Who will be the next Colonialist Puppet with the agenda of Fascistic ethnic Federalism? Let us see and wait, so that Obama and his likes all over the globe will call his next puppet ‘The bright of Africa” again to open the window of exploitation for them. (The usual Imperialist slogan when it comes to Africa as if we never had bright Africans ever before. On their eye Isays Afewerki was also called the bright young breed of Africa to only see him the most corrupt and tyrant murdered Africa saw in its recent history).

The toothless opposition failed to fight the fascists in power. But, God is doing the fight for them. Just keep pray to the God of Ethiopia-he will take them all one by one to judge them with his wisdom for crimes they did to humanity. Will dictators learn that there is stronger God than those Gods on earth repressing us? No, not at all. Power and greed are the toughest addiction of all!

Meles Zenawi- you were racist, fascist, murderer, liar (when you lie- you never had no limit or fear of God. When you lied, you lied with comfort. You were a comfortable liar Ethiopia never saw in her history) and a crook the kind of mafiosi, divisive, Amhara hater and disgraced one too. Your hand was wet with human blood.

Did you know what you and your TPLF did to my beloved childhood friend/s/ like UQnazgi Beyene (one of the few top TPLF brilliant fighter and amazing debator, orator and briliant student) and many, many families and friends? Uqbazgi left his kids with their mother when he left to fight. But, your fascist organization murdered him for challenging the fascist wing of TPLF leadership. Now, people are sorry for these thugs when they died by god- I ask why? Meles Zenawi you never had respect to justice. You simply were an outlaw who followed the jungle law as Human Rights watch record witnessed. Now, you saw the justice from God.

Only the ignorant cry for him. Hitler have still people crying for him, similarly he too has so many toy look alike cults  cried hysterically for him. What a shame! Where were these cults when our families and friends and Ethiopian citizens were murdered and tortured with no justice by TPLF thungs and its leaders? Are those not human as well like Meles that these TPLF puppets crying hysterically on their Pal Talk with no shame at all. Cults do not care about victims. Do they?

The Amharic word- CHEWA- is when you cry to victims of doctors and torturers not for repressive dictator a blood on his hand! These idiots want to talk about CHEWANET? Do not you guys laugh and amazed when these bandits who never have heart for Meles's victims now talking about CHEWANET and Ethiopiawinet and kind heart? Oh! Their kind heart just popped up! These cults never understood how we the TPLF's victims' family and friends felt when they were killed, disappeared, kidnapped and humiliated our loved once and lands and property taken by the savage TPLF village tyrants calling themselves (Kifli Hizbi, Bayto, Kirbit, KUWADERE, Halewa Sewra.... acting worst than the communist and fascist cadres and assassin each of them acting as if they are of their own Government)

Meles Zenawi- God also will ask you the following question:=

First of all, why did you say "NO!" to those who asked you to open a neutral court to see if you and your TPLF guerrilla army abused elders, kids, women and youth in the jungle? What could be your response? Are you going to tell God, your army didn't abuse or torture elders with a fire or shot to death while asleep after tortured? Did you ever murdered or ordered Amhara speaking captives (60 of them) by poison? You can't deny it happened. If so why? How about the following Mr. Meles?

1)   ጉራፈርዳ ወደ ምሥራቅ ጐጃምነት ለውጣችሁታል እና አማራዎች/ ጐጃሜዎች  አገራችሁ አይደለምና ወደ አገራችሁ ወደ ጐጃም ውጡ! ያልካትን -

2) ሰንደቃላማችንን በማንኳሰስ  ጨርቅ፤ የታሪክ ጸሓፊዎቻችንን “አዝማሪዎች” ያልካቸውን፤

3) ከኤርትራ የተባረሩት ኢትዮጵያዊያንን “የተስፋይ ወልደስላሴ” ሰላዮችና “የኤርትራ ሕዝብ እና ንብረት ለመውረር ደምበር ተሻግረው የመጡ ወንጀለኞች ናቸው” ያልከውን እግዚአብሔር ስለሚጠይቅህ፤ እሰማይ ላይ “ተጠያቂ እንጂ ጠያቂ ስላልሆነክ” ለመልሱ ተዘጋጅ። የሰው ደም መጥፎ ነው። ይጮሃል!! ከሲኦል ፍርድ ይማርህ!!

4)God will ask you-  የሚከተለው ልቅሶ ታስታውሳለህ? ይኼው “
     5) How about the killing of Professor Asrat Woldeyes, Assefa Maru, journalist Tesfaye ? How about the false imprisonment of Dr.Taye and so many of them?

 How would you response to the following pain of tortured of an elderly who is from Tigrayan by your own  comrade? God will read you the following and get ready to response. Read the Amharic translation from Tigringa interview conducted by me.

ከዚያ በሚቀጥለዉ ቀን ወደ አስርቤት ወስደዉ ከሌሎች ጋር ቀላቀሉን። ስንቀላቀል ወደ 40 አስከ 50 አስረኞች እዛዉ ቆዩን። ስትመለከታቸዉ በጣም የሚያስደነግጡ ፍጡራን፡ ገላቸዉ ያለቀ፤አጥንት ብቻ የቀሩ፤ ቆዳቸዉ ተጣብቋል።የደከመ ዓይናቸዉ ሲንከባለል እናያለን። ጸጉራቸዉ አልቋል።በንዴት በብስጭት እና በጸሃይ ብርሃን እጦት ተቃጥሏል።ቆዳቸዉ ወደ ቢጫነት ተለዉጧል።በምርመራ ግርፋት እና በእሳት ሰዉነታቸዉ ተቃጥሎቁስለዉተገሸላልጠዋል።ለማየት በጣም የሚያስፈራ እና የሚያስደነግጥ ተርዒት ነበር ያየነዉ። አነዚህ አስረኞች፤መነሳት መቆም አይችሉም።እንደምናችሁ እንኳን ደህና መጣችሁ ሲሉን መናገር አቅቷቸዉድምፃቸዉበጣም እጅግ በጣምሎሆሳሳ” “ቀጭን ድምጽብቻ እንደምን ብለዉ ለመናገር ይሞክራሉ።እኛ ደነገጥን። እኛም እንደነሱ የምንሆን አልመሰለንምየምን ተአምርነዉ እያየነዉ ያለን ብለን የምንናገረዉ ነገር ጨንቆናል።በብረቱ ድንጋጤ ተዉጠናል።አነሱም በዛ ቀጭን ድምጻቸዉአቤት- አግዚኦ! እናንተም ወደ እዚህ ሲኦል መጣችሁ? ብለዉ ስለኛ አዘኑ ታጋዮቹ መጡ እናአንድ ክንድ የምታክልበክንዳቸዉ ለክተዉ/ “አንተ የምትተኛበት ቦታ እዚህ ነዉ፤ ያንተም እዚቹ ነች እያሉ የምንተኛባት ስፍራ አስታዉቀዉ ለክተዉ ሰጡን። መተኛት የምትችለዉ እነሱ ለክተዉ በሰጡህ የምኝታ ስፍራ ነዉ። እዛችዉ ሲኦል ያየሁባት የዳስ አስር ቤት 6 ወር ታስሬ አለሁ።

ጥያቄ፡-  ሰዉነታቸዉ በግርፋት እና በጸሃይ እጦት የተሰቃዩት ሁኔታቸዉን ስታዩ በጣም ያስደነግጣል ያሉዋቸዉ እነኚህ እዛዉ አስር-ቤት ያገኛችሗቸዉ ሰዎች የዕድሜ ክልል ምን ያህል ነዉ?

አቶ ገዛኢ፡-  ህጻናትም አሉ! ህጻን፤ ሽማግሌ የሚባል ነገር አይለዩም። ሲያስሩ እና ሲገረፉ ማን ምን አይሉም። በጣም አረመኔዎች ናቸዉ። ከሚገረምህ ነገር ተይዘዉ ተደብድበዉ ብዙ ጊዜ ጸሃይ ስለማይሞቁ አእምሮአቸዉ ስተዉያበዱ” የዓዲ ዳዕሮ፤የዓዲ አዉዓላ እና ከሌሎች ስፍራዎች የተያዙ አእምሮአቸዉ ስተዉ ያበዱ ወጣት ተማሪዎች ነበሩ።

ጥያቄ፡- በድብደባዉ ምክንያት ነዉ አእምሮአቸዉ የሳቱት?

አቶ ገዛኢ ረዳ፡- በድብደባ እና ምንም ባለሰሩበት ነገር እየተለጠፈባቸዉ ለብዙ ጌዜ አስረዉ መላወሻ ስላሳጧቸዉ በጭንቅ በሃሳብ በብስጭት ኣእምሮአቸዉ ሳቱ።ያለቅሳሉ! ራሳቸዉ ስተዉም የማይሆን ነገር ሲዘላብዱ፤ሲናገሩ ትሰማቸዋለህ።

ጥያቄ፡-  ወደ አስር ቤቱ ከተወረወሩ በሗላ እርስዎንስ ምን አደረጉዎት።

በማግስቱ ጥዋትተነስብለዉ ወስደዉ አጠገብ ካለዉ አንድ ዛፍ ሰር አስረዉ ከዛፉ ጋር አጣብቀዉ አሰሩኝ። በዙሪያየ የእንጨት ማገዶ ከመሩብኝ።
ጥያቄ፡- እርስዎኑን እንዲያቃጥሉዎት ነዉ?

አቶ ገዛኢ፦ አዎ! እኔን ለማቃጠል። ቀጭን እንጨት እና የሚቀጣጠል ሳር ዙርያየ ደርድረዉበታል። ሊያቃጥለኝ የቆመዉ መርማሪየ ሰዉየ እጁን ዘርግቶ በመለካትአንድ ክንድከለካ በሗላ እኔን ከዛፉ ጋር የፍጢኝ አስሮ ማገዶዉን በዙርያየ ከምሮ የፍጥኝ እንደታሰርኩ ከዛፉ ዙርያኩምትር” ብየ እንድቀመጥ አዘዘኝ። በአንድ ክንድ ርቀት በዙርያየ የተከመረዉ ሳር እና ቀጫጭን እንጨት በሳር አቀጣጥሎ እሳት ለኰሰበት። እንጨቱ መጀመሪያ ጭስ ማዉጣት ጀመረ፤ ሳሩም መቀጣጠል ጀመረ ጭሱ አፈነኝ። ጭሱ ሲያፍነኝ ማስተንፈስ አልቻለኩም ጨነቀኝ። ጥልቅ ባሕር ዉሃ ዉስጥ ጠልቀህ ተዉጠህ መዉጫ እናዳጣ ሰዉ ነዉ ትንፋሽ አጥሮኝ የተሰማኝ። ጭሱ በዙርያየ እንደ ጉም እየተልመለመለ ሲነሳ መርማሪየ  አሳቱ ይበልጥ እንዲቀጣጠል ቆሞ ይቆጣጠራል ፤እኔኑም ያየኛል። ጭሱ ወደ እኔ እየገፋ እየበራታብኝአፈነኝ ሲያፍነኝ መሳል፤ማስተንፈስ አልቻልኩም። በጣሙን ጨነቀኝ። ነፋሱ በርትቶ ጭሱን ካስወገደዉ በሗላ፡-እንጨቱ እየተቀጣጠለ ወደ አሳት ተቀይሮ መንደድ ጀመረ። ነፋሱ ነበልባሉን በሁሉም አቅጣጫ ወደ እኔ ዙርያየ ይገፋዉ ስለነበር ገላየን መለበለብ ጀመረዉ። እጄ የፍጥኝ ታሰሬአለሁ። አግሬ እጄም መላወስ ስለማልችል፤ ወላፈኑ አሰቃየኝ። ሙቀቱ የቃጠለዉ ወላፈን ነብሰ ስጋየን አሰቃያት። ከጎን እና ከሗላ እየለበለበኝ ካለዉ ወላፈን ለመሸሽ እግሬን ወደ ፊት ለመዘርጋት ብሞክር ወደ ባሰ እሳት ይጠጋል። የማደርገዉ ጨነቀኝ። እጄ የፍጥኝ በጥብቅ ስለታሰረ፤ ያለሁትቁጭብየ አግሮቼንኩምትርአድርጌ ነዉና ወደ ግራ ስል ወደ ቀኝ ወደ ሗሊት ማምለጫ የለኝም። ወደ ሗላየ እንዳላፈገፍግም ከዛፉ ጋር የፍጢኝ ተጣብቄ እንዳልንቀሳቀስ ታስሬአለሁ።ወዴትልግባ!ወዲያዉኑ ሰዉነቴ ቆዳየ በመላ አካላቴቱት.. ቱት.. ቱት.. ብሎ ዉሃ ከረጢት ቋጥሮ አበጠ።

ጥያቄ፡-  ገላዎ ዋሃ ቋጥሮ ነዉ?

አቶ ገዛኢ ረዳ፡-  አዎ! መላ አካላቴ እሳቱ ስለለበለበኝ ሰዉነቴ ዉሃ ቋጠረ። ወዲያዉኑ እንደተሰበረ እንስራ!!!!” ብሎ የቋጠረዉ ዉሃ ፈሰሰ!

ጥያቄ፡-  በስመ አብ ወልድ ወመንፈስ ቅዱስ”! …ከዚያ  በሗላስ?

አቶ ገዛኢ፡- ከዚያ በሗላ፤ዕረፍት!” አሉኝ። አምላክ ዕረፍት አይስጣቸዉና! ያሰሩኝን ፈቱልኝ። ሲፈቱኝ ወደ መሬት ተንጋለልሁ እና ተዘረጋሁ። ሰዉነቴ ወደ መዛል ሲልተነስ!” አሉኝ። አእምሮየ የት እንዳለሁ አይታወቀኝም -ነገር ግን ትንሽ ትንሽ ይታወቀኛል። ተነስ ብሎ እንደገና ሳሩን በእሳት አቀጣጥሎ መሬት ላይ ተዘርግቼ እንዳለሁየተቀጣጠለዉ የሳር እሳትእንደ ቀጤማ በላየ ላይ ወርዉሮ በትኖ በመነስነስ እፊቴ ላይ ረጨብኝ።

ጥያቄ፡- ወይ ጉድ! ወይ ጉድ! በስመ አብ! በስመ አብ! ምን ተአምራት ነዉ!? እሺ ይቀጥሉ።

አቶ ገዛኢ ረዳ፡-  በሗላ -አሳቱን ገላየ ላይ ሲበትነዉ፡ከስቃይ ሰመመንባንኜእናንተ ሰዎች ከእኔ የምትፈልጉት ነገር ምንድ ነዉ? ለምን አትገድሉኝም ከዚህ ሁሉ? አልኳቸዉ።እኔ እናንተን በጠላትነት የተነሳሁበት ቀን የለም፡ እኔ ደርግን ነዉ የተቃወምኩት እንጂ ወያኔን አልተቃወምኩኝም።ወንጀል አለህ የምትሉት ካለ አምጡልኝ፤ በወንጀሌ ልቀጣ፡ ካልሆነ ግን አታሰቃዩኝ ብየ ብማጠናቸዉ ሊሰሙኝ አልፈለጉም።መጀመሪያ እሳቱን ለኩሰዉ ሲለበልቡኝ ነጭ ጭስ እየተምዘገዘገ ወደ እላይቦለልማለት ሲጀምር ገና አይቸዉአቤት! አቤት! ቅዱስ ሚካኤል! ሳልሞት በምድር በሕይወቴ እያለሁገሃነመ እሳትአሳየኸኝ!? ማረኝ አምላኬ ብየ ጸሎት ሳደርስመርማሪዎቼ *ከት-ከት* ብለዉ *ሳቁብኝ*ምንድ ነዉ የምትለዉ?” ብለዉ ተሳለቁብኝ። *ቅዱስ ሚካኤል ፍርድህን ላክልኝ፤ምሕረቱን ላክልኝ* ነዉ ብየ ጸሎት እያደረስኩ ያለሁኝ ስላቸዉ፦ እንደ ገናከት-ከትብለዉ ተሳሳቁብኝ።ቧልጪት መሳይ ሁለት የድንጋይ ኮረት ከመሬት ለቅመዉ” *ኮረቶቹን እርስ በእርስ እያጋጩ፤ቅዱስ ሚካኤልህን በዚህ የድንጋይ ብልጭታ ይታያሃል?” በማለት ተሳለቁብኝ።ከዚያ-የእሳት ስቃይ ምርመራ  አስወጥተዉ-ወደ-ቦታየ-ወሰዱኝ።

TPLF cult members who love Meles- do you guys ever felt sorry for those abused by your TPLF? Who is responsible for such cruelty? Why did you hide these thugs not to be prosecuted? Why you only open court to prosecute Derg torturers while you let TPLF fascist torturers still unaccountable? Get ready for God!!!!!!! TPLF cults feel sorry for your death, I ask them back- why did not they feel sorry for those who got murdered by you and your power/ by TPLF monsters?

Ethiopian Semay (Editor Getachew Reda) getachre@aol.cpom