Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tecola Hagos

Tecola Hagos Advocating Ethiopia be ruled by Foreign Nationalists during the transitional Period! A shocking reveal of hidden Document many didn’t gave attention! By Getachew Reda

Recently, Tecola w.Hagos wrote a nauseating article regarding the AEUP leader Engineer Hailu Shawel, under the topic Lacrimosa for Ethiopia (By Tecola W. Hagos November 10, 2009) His article started saying “The events of the last two week in Ethiopia has been painful, but a great example of political betrayal and opportunism of the worst kind.” Today, you will learn why he felt painful in the events of the last two weeks. We will show you the hidden secret that many didn’t gave attention in his past article, reason for his current pain seeing AEUP’s decision for participating in the upcoming election. The man tried every thing what his brain can deliver to blackmail the name of Hailu Shawel and the Amhara society (in particular the “MAHAL SEFARI” the code he used for “Showa Amhara”- (located in the center of the country), the society he and his ex-bosses “TPLF” hate from their gut. The man is distorted and venomous to say the least. I might add also worst racist that never slept thinking negative about the Amhara and Menlik. As one writer described him his brain is subordinated to his heart; hence he is inconsistent, irrational, contradictory and arrogant. The writer asked his readers “What has he done thus far to help Ethiopia, besides composing numerous nauseating articles that are devoid of Ethiopian decency—bordering demagoguery?” Tecola not only hate Amhara (which many people said he was the first person to distribute over90 or some pages (I can be wrong with number of the pages) distribute to every Minister of the TPLF transitional government urging to fire the Amhara, which the paper later in shorter period recollected (“it was like encouraging ethnic cleansing against the Amhra society” said one observer): but also discriminates human being for their look and height. A typical sign of racist judges people for the color, height, weight, age, language, origin, location…..). Tecola fits the typical racist character. I will prove this with his own writing what he wrote to his ex-boss Meles Zenawi. Below is excerpted from an angry supporter of Meles Zenawi’ article in response to Tecola.
I will Quote:- (The Height of Leaders, and Effective Leadership)
“ With no iota of feeling of disgrace, and lacking any data to back up his assertions, Tecola recklessly argues that physical stature of leaders influence their quality of leadership. “In almost instants, short leaders are insecure leaders as a result of such pathological condition not only they want to prevail over their enemies but they also want to capture and hold their enemies under conditions humiliating and torturing them,” he declared. And that, according to the good doctor, the prime minister of Ethiopia, is a case in point. In order to prevent this leadership calamity, therefore, he proposed that it is incumbent upon all Ethiopians to make sure that any Ethiopian who aspires to be a leader should be at least “six feet” tall. His nonsense line of reasoning is a typical sign of intellectual bankruptcy, and the professor may be qualified to file Chapters 7 and/or 13 under the “Exceptions Clause” of the Federal Bankruptcy laws. Before I venture further into the matter, I would like to clearly state that the argument “short leaders are somehow insecure leaders” is ridiculous at best and asinine at worst. “ ( TECOLA HAGOS: A HORSE IN A DIFFERENT COLOR (Mezgebe Gebrekiristos July 2007). Not only Tecola is a racist, but also he hates Ethiopia and he wants Ethiopia to be colonized and administrated by foreign powers. Let me quite for you so that you can understand what I meant by that from an open letter written to Tecola Hagos by an Ethiopian by the name “Ewnetu Yineger”. The following is what also excerpted from Ewnetu Yineger open letter addressed to Tecola Hagos I will quote:- (“…………I will add that your brain is subordinated to your heart; hence you are inconsistent, irrational, contradictory and arrogant. Sometimes, you have the tendency to jump into the river against the tide and vise versa, without principle and character of integrity. Do you remember what you wrote in your web site a few years ago, that Ethiopians are incapable of resolving their problems, and as result, they are killing each others? Thus, as an alternative, you have suggested a “bold vision”, [As you put it] that Ethiopia to be ruled by foreign nationals, specifically, American and British academics, including Bill Gate, one of the richest people in the world, for the transition period, until the Ethiopians matured with a democratic political culture. How does your “bold vision” Correspond with your concern for the loss of “sovereignty” and Ethiopia as a “protectorate” of the U.S.?” (Open Letter to Tecola Hagos - By Ewnetu Yineger, Los Angeles September 23rd, 2008.) Ladies and Gentlemen: - You haven’t seen yet. Ewnetu Yineger was so furious at Tecola’s inconsistency and strange request to Meles Zenawi’s government for appealing the replacement of the Ethiopian Embassy chief in Washington. Bow he is accusing Hailu for being TPLF puppet and power seeker/office seeker……what not. Here this man is asking his boss/TPLF/Meles to replace the DC Ambassador of his choice. Isn’t it strange? Not only that he is asking TPLF for Ambassador replacement, but also asked Meles Zenawi/Sebhat Nega/Berket Simon to file a law suet against Al Maeiam, Mesfen Mekonnen and other associates (including U.S Senators…) to be prosecuted with criminal charges under the Ethiopian penal code for undermining the economic vital interest and sovereignty of Ethiopia”. Let me take you to Ewinetu Yineger’s letter regarding this mater. Quote:- “………..Remember also what you stated, in your book, “what is in existence at this moment in Ethiopia is the concentration of power in the hands of a tiny group of people, a government controlled and run at will by Meles Zenawi and his close associates with no meaningful accountability”, and further more you stated that “what remained in power since 1991 is an illegitimate power structure, a reestablishment of Feudalism and autocracy dressed in new symbols with the descendants of yesterdays Feudal warlords as the main actors in this sickening political tragedy”. How about now? Have you detected a paradigm shift? Or is the pendulum swinging back for reconciliation with Melese, in anticipation of a reward to heal your wounded ego, pride and ambition? You have already indicated in your letter, that you “are urging and advice the Ethiopian government to seek new initiatives”, concerning the impending Bill as well as the Eritrea issue in the U.S. Senate. Along the way, you are also pushing a new idea that the “Ethiopian Ambassador in Washington D.C. has failed in his mission to protect the sovereignty and dignity of Ethiopia”. To be exact, you are seeking the removal of the Ambassador and the sovereignty and dignity of the elite in power. Finally, you have forwarded another incredible suggestion that “AL Mariam and his associates, including Senator Feingold and Representative Payne to be prosecuted with criminal charges under the Ethiopian penal code for undermining the economic vital interest and sovereignty of Ethiopia”. This is a strange and absurd suggestion, and it seems that you are mentally unstable. I suggest you need a clinical psychiatric evaluation.- Ewnetu Yeneger” Ladies and Gentlemen:-
This the kind of knowledge and position Tecola has for the Ethiopian people, whom currently talking how Hailu Shawel is betraying the Ethiopian people. Looking at this man’s hate towards Hailu Shawel’s AEUP fear, I think, he is fear is that if AEUP come to power, then Tecola’s “bold vision” for proposing Ethiopia to be colonized by foreigners during the Transitional period might be fulfilled. Now, it is clear why this mercenary is pushing war criminals like Siye, Gebru, OLF and the rest of the Ethnos to hold power in Ethiopia by pushing away the pro Ethiopia AEUP. Now, Tecola’s Bold Vision is exposed in front of the Ethiopian people by his own KILLET (Qillet)!!! That is why I said it before on last commentary not only TPLF is fearing AEUP, but also the anti Ethiopian living in Diaspora calling themselves “opposition” are also expressing their fear that Ethiopian people will be united under the pan Ethiopian party.--//-