Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Three Booby Traps:-Bluffing, Lying and Defaming

The Three Booby Traps:-Bluffing, Lying and Defaming;- (The favored tools of the Diaspora Opposition) By Getachew Reda Here, we are at a very crucial time where we can easily see how long we were been sitting collectively with elements who wear a face mask of true human beings with a gross Misrepresentation of themselves and others. Read the following writer that I will quote for you to read and weigh how deep such bogus elements are leaning too far in the direction of deficiency to rich its objective. I will quote. “TPLF unleashed Hailu Shawel, Bedru Adem and other minions on us. ‘Sterile insect technique’ was unleashed in a spectacular manner. It was dramatic. The ultimate betrayal! The giant turned out to be a dwarf. It was meant to demoralize us, break our back, and send us to a hellhole of depression. Bullies underestimate their victims. ‘Never again’ was the Diaspora’s reply. They forgot we have risen beyond personalities. Hailu and company were discarded and went back home with their tail between their legs. As the Ethiopian people have persevered under the constant onslaught of Woyane [TPLF] terror, feudal impersonators did not fool the Diaspora.” Yilma Bekele (Hailu Shawel: The ultimate betrayal posted on EMF). When you examine the accuracy of such information; it will lead you to ask a full of load of questions back to this home grown “Biologist” who simply have no evidence to proof for us the ‘Sterile insect technique’ he is talking about at his self made “Booby Trap house of manufacturing lying, bluffing and defaming”. My readers can go on and mince each of his sentence above quoted and how much bluffing, distortion and lying is getting out of hand of in the Diaspora opposition comp regarding the current politics going on in Ethiopia. How any one, let alone this scientist who can manufacture a lie, and exaggerations in his self built ‘sterile insect technique Laboratory “, even a silly (Mamo Kilu) can think smarter than such cheap method of combating politics. What a disaster! Yilam Bekele is not the only fellow who is simply wondering in a bogus world manufacturing such ridiculous circulations of lie and empty bluffs, there are some few of his likes, who lies to themselves as “Yilma the Lion” is inflated with phony stories as if “discarded Hailu and Bedru Adem back to Ethiopia with their tail between their legs”/ while, Yilam Bekele is fighting with a Sward as Zeray Deres did hand to hand with the TPLF generals in the central city of Addis Abeba in front of all the Ethiopian people witnessing. YEis Aba! (Yila Y eTigray sew- when they see a hero like Yilam). Wey gud! Even the poor fellow “Ambassador Imru” had the nerve to disrespect the AEUP leader by joining himself with “the group liars” who are seriously involved in the business of manufacturing lies and distortions and exaggerations’’. The Ambassador with no shame, expecting Engineer Hailu Shaul to fight TPLF on behalf of him, a man of relatively the same age as him, while the Ambassador is kicking an easy life, getting a free medical treatment, delicious meals, enjoying the rest of his few years refreshing his breath chewing flavored gums after dinner, most of all; thinking clearly everyday free from TPLF security harassments. While the Engineer is going traveling all over the hills, mountains of the remotest lands of the country talking and organizing farmers how to stand for their right under the government security and cadre pressures. The Ambassador could have done the same, instead of being a war analyst from far from the battle zone with a harsh critique against those challenging the tyrant system back home. How in the world such elderly gentle man with the same age like him (with all kind of health problem) can do the job for him while a man of such diplomatic knowledge and huge governmental experience chose to stay in the Diaspora chewing flavored gum and raining hell of condemnation like a horse’s ass joining such groups after keeping his dignity for years living in the Diaspora with repeatedly? Yes, it is easy to be critique living in London, Washington, Atlanta and Chicago, Canada, Texas……but, it is hard to go back to the center of the battle back home and move with dignity where the real battle and the real sward is waving at your face from the enemy and be there where the constant onslaught is going on in person. Now, we know why the”‘Sterile insect technique’ story tellers do not have the gut to walk to the land where, there is a constant onslaught by woyane terror while the unfairly accused Hailu and Bedru who Yilma distortedly described them as “going home, with their tail between their legs”, have the gut to walk and face the harassment and onslaught face to face better than Yilma or Ambassador Imru and their distorted groups and their biased media.. Whose living far thousands of thousands of miles from the battle zone? Every honest reader knows the answer. How much will the latest booby trap sellers will keep selling their product of lies and distortions to cover their shame? Well, it is the matter of time. It requires skill how to manufacture and sell “story”. It is a tough mental and physical process after all. It is a fiction! Unfortunately, many people love fiction than real. Right? Toy products, fiction books, bogus story telling products, bogus diamonds….are the fastest sold product on this earth. Sadly, that is how the world goes for now! /-/ Getachew Reda Please also visit