Friday, January 14, 2011

TPLF the Cosa Nostra (MAFIA) of Tigray

ይድረስ ለጎጠኛው መምህር (አማርኛ) $25.00 እና ሓይካማ ( ትግርኛ) $15.00 መጽሐፌን ለመግዛት ዕድሉን ያላገኛችሁ ካላችሁ በሚከተለው አድራሻ ደውላችሁ ማግኘት ትችላላችሁ Telephone (408) 561 4836 (Getachew Reda P.O.Box 2219 San Jose, CA 95109)\ TPLF the Cosa Nostra (MAFIA) of Tigray 1/14/11 By Getachew Reda Ethiopian Semay

Did you visit today? The Meles Zenawi propaganda crew calling itself “” based here in San Jose, have posted a clip of picture showing some dozen of people in Addis Ababa (perhaps visitors from the Diaspora) sitting in a round table enjoying “Beer Draft” somewhere in the reserved hotels only for the special class and the servants of the Cosa Nostra system in the corrupted TPLF manipulated market system as a sign of progress, where neocolonial Ethiopia of TPLF era where colonialists and foreign land grabbers are legally allowed to seize Ethiopian vast lands for 90 years in the name of investment in a form of "contract", in a country where few snatch and collect the wealth through power, gun/intimidation, ethnic and political affiliation are now trying to show a clip of Beer Draft drinkers depicted as symbol of wealth and progressive economy and freedom is indeed ignorance of Ethiopian life if not a sign of sickening soul. These lost soul are indeed sick to their head for telling us how Ethiopia is enjoying freedom and growing richer just because as the Derg era society used to drink Beer Draft while the horrendous red terror is throwing dead body on the door passage of the hotel where they blindly enjoying drinking their beer Draft. The Derg media used to show the same clip on magazines, how members and families of Farmers’ Associations enjoy drinking beer for the first time in Ethiopian history. Now, history is now repeating itself. Are these propagandists little kids or what?
Do you remember on the campaign trail in 2008, Obama told Joe Wurzelbacher, who became known as Joe the Plumber, that "if the economy is good for those at the bottom, it's going to be good for everyone". At the same talking, does that reality for the bottom class show good standard living in Ethiopia when the Aiga poor souls post a picture of Beer drinkers representing the poor?
Check the pictures above Ethiopian mothers, young, elders, children starved to death looking some left over from the city collected toxic garbage which the Meles Zenawi/TPLF propaganda crew hide from you and compare the picture that the Meles propaganda crew posted it on their website as if Ethiopians are getting rich which showed a handful Diaspora visitors or the system’s cadres or few fortunate who got help from the Diaspora support every month some few Dollars through Western Union for their evidence. Finally, for us to laugh at them, these lost sheep herded by Meles Zenawi’s wrote the following laughable script under the picture they posted it to show how Ethiopia is getting rich for drinking “Draft Beer” as a sign of richness! Here is what they said to us Extremist may not believe when we say there is a new Ethiopia but the world is noticing! It is their loss to miss such transformation of their beloved mother land!" Isn’t that laughable?
These chaotic TPLF, these jungle terrorists who tortured our parents, popular elders, families in massive and citizens with live fire, these Mafiosi got a nerve to call the opposition Diaspora Extremists? Please do read my previous article “Who is extremist?” posted on or just Google it “who is extremist!? I have read many lie and disinformation, but never seen or read like TPLF's. They are strange, when they lie, they simply bring to link and colide the sky with the earth as long as it serve them or cover their mission. Ethiopian should pray to be releaved soon from these Cosa Nostra of Tigray. By Getachew Reda/------Editor Ethiopian Semay