Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Call for all Tigrayans!

A Call for all Tigrayans!

Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)           

The current Saudi Arabia AlQaida/Wuhabi orchestrated government conspiracy to carry Ethnic cleansing against Ethiopians (the perpetrators used questioner “Are you Ethiopia or Habesh?”) in Saudi Arabia cities should alarm Tigrayans who are Supporters of TPLF government how far their thuggish group in Ethiopia calling itself “Ethiopian Government” is keeping its mouth low for fear to the Saudi Petro Dollar Wuabi kingdom for not to temper its relation, so to keep the Arab Petro Dollar pumped to their personal banks who are stashing it all over the Worlds Banks in return to the vast agricultural lands given to the Wuhabi Saudi Tycoons in Ethiopia.

The recent brutal ethnic cleansing operation by the AlQaida/Wuhabi Saudi Police and citizens against Ethiopian youth, pregnant women and children is well orchestrated by the Wuhabia connected to the issue of the Islamic Movement in Ethiopia. You and the other lunatic  foreign media analysis can describe it as economy issue/immigrant illegal activities/ illegal immigration issue/Saudi citizens economic frustration issue… whatever your explanation would be; nothing could be further from the truth that this operation is Ethnic cleansing carried by the Wuhabi/AlQaeda religious fervors under the name of cleaning illegal immigrants. Arabs  hate Ethiopians regardless we have some brainwashed Ethiopian Muslims who speak, act, walk, behave and dressed like Arabs- they too are dehumanized with the rest. That is a walk up call for those Arab pretenders as well.

 You can see this photo how the Wuahbi/AlQaida are holding poor Ethiopian immigrants as if they captured Lions and Tigers. Do not they look like the Afghanistan or Pakistan or Somali or of the Nigeria Boko Haram  AlQaeda groups ready to slaughter the neck of a human being?  Any other explanation for such brutal attack is nothing but AlQaeda mission.  If this is not Wuhabi orchestrated work- what will be?  

 You can see with your own eyes and ears how far the thuggish TPLF group in power is hand and glove with the Wuahabist kingdom of Saudi Arabia and went far, to the extent, Mr. Ahmed Salaham a fellow who is a spokes person of the TPLF Embassy in Saudi serving as a counselor of the department on labor division “denying the claim of the victims, saying ‘there was adequate visitation, water, electric city, toilet /latrine facility, enough food and no one dies” (VOA Amharic Tuesday  November-12/2013

This TPLF little puppy dog waging his tail to defend his masters even questioned the victims’ claim confronting the VOA reporter Adanech Fissihaye “how could someone sustain life without eating for 4 days?” He  openly accused the victims as “liars”.  I doubt if this man is not Wuahbi insider himself, I do not know what else he could be.

These nerd and his his likes are little puppy dogs who are sent to do the crime seen to lie on behalf of the big TPLF Dogs and for  the Saudi Alqaeda police. The big Dogs like Adhanom and Tsegay Berhe and the like who are the Wstern and Arab servants and apologies are behind the screen pushing these puppy dogs to do the job of lying for them. The Eritrean Adhanom is busy talking rescuing the Kenya Ethnic cleansing criminals from going to ICU, while he is sitting his ass in Sheraton Hotel drinking Coffee telephoning the Saudi Wuhabists to act as he is defending Ethiopians.

Tigrayans, it is time for you to rise up as the Eritreans are rising up against their lord Isayas Afewerki.  Tigrayans is been comfortably sleeping for a long time without exposing the crime of TPLF as Eritreans are writing it in books and public speeches.   You the Tigrayan TPLF supporters have a long way to catch up Eritreans where they are now. The blame is now coming to you direct or indirect accused by many Ethiopians.   Tigrayans as I always keep arguing are primary responsible for TPLF mess. Eritreans woke very, very late, but still better than you the TPLF supporters who are worshiping murderers and helping them to sustain for this long. I know why! You are been primary beneficiary from the looting (to use TPLF’s correct slogan “Ethiopia as a booty won in battle) (to check what took place during the looting from 1991-1994/5- to benefit Tigrayans and future Tigray. I urge all those who disagree with me to read “The Pillage of Ethiopia by Eritreans and Tigrayan surrogate” Authored by Dr. Assefa Negash. We can’t have this SHIFINFIN game anymore. We have to openly talk as it is! Enough is enough! Rise up or else you are accountable for the mess!

 Some asks why not majority of the Ethiopian people can’t able to topple TPLF, why Tigrayans? The answer is simple to such argument.

Others were dehumanized worst than some few Tigrayan victims of TPLF. TPLF is a government which Ethiopians of non Tigrayan origin rightly consider as an occupation force. Tigrayans do not conceder TPLF as occupational force (with the exception of few).  Why majority can’t toppled TPLF why only Tigrayans? Many reasons. Some of it is the following-:

 Ethiopian people except Tigraysns are disarmed. Tigrayans are armed to their teeth at this moment. If they want, they can arrest the few Eritrean Ethiopian Tigrayans and their puppets and give us peace. (Which I believe Army coup d’état will be the only way in Ethiopia to topple the Tigrayan armed gangs. Mark my word- do not forget my prediction! ) Its  defense national army over 3 t0 500,000 thousand armed personals (with their family 2  Million people) are made to perish systematically or openly and replaced by Tigrayan guerrilla army. 38,000 Ethiopians were thrown out from Eritrea with a permission and cooperation of Meles Zenawi/TPLF and made dumped on the street of Addis like a waste. We know from the evidence, Tigrayans were highly beneficiary Through “Structural Adjustment Program” and made strong economically, spiritually and morally. You are capable to stop this thuggish group in power by gun or by economic power. Nothing can do the job currently better than you the armed Tigrayan group inside the Army or inside the bureaucracy who are armed legally . Gun is mighty!

 Let me finish my reasons:- the so called “SAP” project targeted Amhara ethnic and others as well who refused to cooperate with TPLF mission of hegemony. This project mainly fired or layoff Amhara ethnic intellectuals from their work and replaced them by Tigrayans (including few Gurage or Ormo ethnic were and others were victims as well ) who were running universities, colleges, Army training Centers, Civil and justice Departments, institutions, health, cooperation, bank and Airline, Hotels, transportations, IRS offices (import and Export), ELPA, Coffee and Sugar Corporation, Industries and Agriculture, Water supply and Sewage Authority, Trade, commerce, distribution and the entire defense …etc..Etc… were given to Tigrayan intellectuals and including to the thousands and thousands of its guerrilla fighters as well.

Majority Ethiopians are made emasculated intentionally through the Structural Adjustment Program to benefit Tigray and Tigrayans. Religion and ethnic conflict  (TPLF fostered radical Saudi Wuhabi followers in Ethiopia intentionally – Abu Haider and his likes was fostered and still fostered and actively engaged his subversive mission through Pal Talk communicated from inside Ethiopia  with the Diaspora Wuhabi Ethiopian Muslim community, allowed  by TPLF government in Addis Abeba) in order to kill the nation’s unity to easily subjugate the people of Ethiopia under their mercy similar to  the barbaric Arabs are capturing poor Ethiopians under their brutal arm seen on the above photo. 

This is why Ethiopians of none Tigray origin still as we speak see TPLF group as ‘occupiers’. The SAP was designed by CIA and implemented by TPLF after counseling its masters in the World Bank controlled and supervised by Americans and Mossads (who bought the Felasha and shipped them to Israel in broad day light. While the Mossad also openly shot civilian Ethiopian Airline while flying on the air from Lebanon warning TPLF to shut its mouth. And it did as told. Ethiopia’s humiliation is many).

Therefore, majority Tigrayan elites went with such subversive act of TPLF, Mossad & CIA in Ethiopia and still continue now openly  by the Arabs.

As we all know, TPLF claimed to represent Tigray and its name indicates is to Liberate Tigrayans from Ethiopia (even after 22 years still there). Tigrayans might have face repression here and there after 22 years which is inevitable and expected from thuggish group. But not deportation as the Amhara are facing. Some young Tigrayans such as a fellow by the name Abraha Desta living in Tigray teaching at Mekele University urged recently not to oppose or blame the Islamo Fascist Jawar of OLF or the anti Amhara EPLF agent Tesfaye GebreAb. The dilemma or the question is-,  what could  have Abraha Desta’s reaction could have been if Tesfaye Gebreab’s book “YeBurQa Zimita” was urging the ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans by the Oromo as he was urging Oromo to be armed fully and clean the Amhara population from the Oromo lands?

The present abuse by the Wuhabi Saudi government did not pop up from nowhere. The Arabs knew there is no Haileselassie or Mengistu type nationalist government who can order the Americans to be out rash from Asmara /Kangew in 48 hours or the lion the African icon; Haileselassie who was feared in the world Arena equally with the Super powers. The Arabs knew the present thuggish group were their beggars who knew them well, when they were begging them money, office and Passports and provided them women for their sexual hungers when they were Guerrilla fighters roaming all over the Arab countries. They know them all by their names!

These thugs have no national pride as an Ethiopians. They are thieves supported by Ethno nationalists. That is why Arabs are now abusing our people openly knowing no nationalist government who can embarked on them like a lion to the farting womanizer Wuhabist Arabs any time they start to disrespect Ethiopian citizens!

Ethno nationalists can claim ‘Ethiopia, Ethiopia’ orally, or write internationalism or slogan of anything resemble of that. But, as long as they see the Amharic problem or the Oromo or Gambela or other repressed citizens apart from their ethnic – they are still part and parcel with the Ethno Fascist groups in principle.

Why am I calling Tigrayan TPLF followers to stop giving support to the TPLF thuggish group? Let me finalize it why. With all these national crimes committed by TPLF against Ethiopians (particularly against the Amhara Ethiopians) for the last 21 years, a good size number of Tigrayans  went along with the crime of TPLF. Last night, I visited by accident one Pal Talk room. The speaker is a lady and it was in pure Amharic (presumed Tigrayn origin as some of her accent hints), she was completely in defense of her TPLF government and ridiculed the immigrants claim regardless she was made to hear the audio record aired via VOA Amharic.

She seemed to be on denial that TPLF can’t lie when it comes to anything. Sadly, she was accusing the victim as Amharu puppets. This reminded me the Geza Tegaru Pal Talk Admin by the name “Hidiyat” (went to school in Addis Abeba – now living in New York City- some times travel to Africa for NGO related works) when she was accusing the Guraferda Amhara Deportee as “POPOP Corn! and “violators ” with her conclusion of support to the Deportation as “Big deal! So what, if they deported them!!!!!?”  (You can hear this on my weblog- Ethiopian Semay- on the audio video section posted there for the record). TPLF supporters do see human abuse by their leaders as “legitimate” as long as it is not their ethnic.

In other words, justice in definition when Tigrayan defining it - has different definition. Here is how.  The Ethiopian giant scholar Dr Assefa Negash’s research explains it briefly as the following.

“For Tigreans, any issue in which a question of justice is involved, abstract considerations of what is just or unjust play a lesser role than that of the ethnic identities of the conflicting parties or persons engaged in the particular conflict. In short the Tigrean culture, the issue of justice is not as important as the issue of the ethnic identities of the offender and the victim. In other words, the Tigrean sense of justice is a function of biological or ethno-linguistic relationship to the would-be offender and victim in a conflict.

For The Tigringa speaker, something is experienced as injustice when that injustice is perpetrated on a Tigrean by an outsider, depending on the relationship of this outsider to the would-be victim. For a Tigrean, any criminal offense that a Tigrean may commit against a non-Tigren does not constitute an injustice as long as the one committing the offense is a Tigringa speaker.  

Understanding such specific traits would help us understand why almost all Tigringa speakers, particularly the most enlightened ones in the Tigrai-Tigringa ranks, have jumped on the EPRDF band-wagon and have thrown their support behind this ethnocentric regime. That is why Tigringa speakers, with very insignificant exception, have failed to condemn the injustice EPRDF is operating on non-Tigreans.” Assefa Negash, MD –The Pillage of Ethiopia by the Eritrean and their Tigrean Surrogates (1996) the Tigrean Sense of Justice Revisited- P, 86-87).

Here we are now seeing placed Ethiopians in Wuhabi/Nazi concentration camps in Saudi openly in this century to murder them as the Jew by the Nazi in Germany! Ethiopians are humiliated many times by the Arab slave masters for the last 22 years under TPLF era (even when they were guerrilla they were selling Tigran women to the Sudanese and Arabs for sexual acts in order to kill or arrest or to kidnap their opponent living in those countries by the hand of those country’s security and spy officers. General Faruk in Sudan- during the Numeri ear and similar other corrupt security chiefs were given Eritrean or Tigrayn wives/concubines.

 This time is not individual abuse. It is ethnic cleansing approved by the Wuhabi Saudi King and his entourages lost their humanity drunken by petro dollar wealth pushing Ethiopians to the “King Abdela Concentration Camp” hack Ethiopians by bayonet knives, murdering pregnant women, gang raping young girls, starved them and refuse them, shutting down any available water and electric city, no bathrooms or toilets/latrine to be used by the concentration camp. This is beyond immigration issue. This is Alqaeda mission orchestrated by the Wuhabi regime in Saudi Arabia linked to the Ethiopian Muslim issue. Ethiopian are humiliated and placed on concentration camp intentionally to kill our people allowed by the Saudi government.

I here call, to all Tigrayan TPLF government supporters not to be a hypocrite by calling for protest in front of all the Saudi Embassies (though it is good intention and good start if at all you going to do it!) only, but you need to call your members to condemned your TPLF government and over throw it once for all! That is what all Eritreans are doing against Isayas Afewerki this days; and it crucial also and expecting  the same from you all Tigrayan TPLF supporters if you want such abuse to stop once for all from the land of Ethiopia, so dignified Ethiopian pride will again revive back from the hellish ground TPLF buried it deep. Thanks.  Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)   Google it (Ethiopian Semay)