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Tecola Hagos Shifting Alliances from Sebagadis Clan to Shum Tembien Clan


Tecola Hagos Shifting Alliances from Sebagadis Clan to Shum Tembien Clan
Tecola Hagos is now in a full swing attacking the Amhara after EAUP leader Eng.Hailu Shawel reignited the struggle back again to its feet labeling him as “mehal safari”. As many of you are by now familiar with his rude mouth and his infantile brain viciously attacking the Pan Ethiopian leaders and patriots as a rabid Dog. You should conclude by now, the man has no sense to execute normal thoughts let alone as a normal professor of philosophy would have reflected.
The fellow is a superfluous. He is feudal, he is racist, he is dull and ignorant of any knowledge of Ethiopian politics, before or even from the time he served the Sibagadis Clan (Sebhat, Syoum……and to the self appointed Attorney for Eritrean in Ethiopia Mr. Meles Zenawi as his personal advisor up to until his present time of shifting his alliance from serving the Sibagadis Clan to the Clan of Shum Tembian Mircha -Mr.Siye Abraha (Siele Abrah), seemed to be hostile all his life against Ethiopian Emperors in particular to the Showan Emperors and still to the same ethnic” (1)Amhara and their children” and “ (2) the Emperors slaves and their children” . He hated them not what he here and there wrote in his hotchpotch political analysis about what he called them “Mehal Safari”, but for taking over power from his ancestors, as himself is “related to the warlords of Tembien, to the Sibagadis Clan, to Tabotus descendants, to Michael of Wollo…..” which he constantly until this current days writes and speaks about the “Mehal Sefari” for competing over power from his feudal ancestors, after Yohannes (his related family through the ShumTembien Miracha as Siye is his blood and bone relative) since Menlik came to power as similar propaganda of that TPLF.
The guy feudal as he is, he is currently engaging in the same manner he followed for years attacking patriots and Pan Ethiopian citizens and scholars like Dr.Mankelkilot Haileselassie who is a scholar at heart and labeled him as MEHAL SEFARI, while he called me also “craze” in his premature /hotchpotch racist commentary under the title “Part Three: Lacrimosa for Ethiopia Hailu Shawel’s Posse By Tecola W. Hagos, November 27, 20. I like to warn this retarded silly to halt where he needed to be before messing with me. It will be a great disaster to his political career if he has one. Until then, I will give him some times to breath and relax to reestablish his normal conscious if he is interested to regain it, if he ever had one. I had been challenging and challenged by so many ethno and feudal elements like him. All failed, some came back and realize how right I was to fight them. Tecola is now shifting with his new Clan to serve them which will be also great embarrassment to his conscious. This man is a standard a classic fool who will not change, no matter what!
Tecola addressed in his comment saying “In a blog, Dr. Mankelkilot Haile Selassie made some wild allegations about my role in the Ethiopian Government in 1991 to 1993. Those who inch their way on narrow ledge of Ethiopian politics ought to refrain from stating as fact rumors and their wild imaginations, for the very hot air they spew will push them into the abyss. In fact it is tragic at his age and experience that Mankelkilot should be throwing such wild allegations about my role in Ethiopia’s complex political life.”
The “blog”, he is referring is my blog. In his article Tecola is foolishly and prematurely intimidating Dr.Mankelkilot and others for his role helping and abiding the leaders of a most dangerous anti Ethiopian mercenary organization called “TPLF”.
Who is this fool trying to intimidate after he done what he did to Ethiopia serving the Sibagadis Clan? (Not to mention what he wished and proposed Ethiopa be ruled by!) – Who is trying to intimidate? Is in him the first person who runs to TPLF to support them in order to topple “what Tecola calls Mengistu Hailemariam” –MEHAL SEFARi (the son of a slave) in order the power of the son of slaves to be shifted to the cleanest monarchs of Tigray and their sons?
This man is not by any means an ordinary person. He is a scholar and with knowledge of International law and a professor Philosophy. He was helping TPLF before they got into power (he admitted in his book). He aught to know better who TPLF was and who he was running to Addis to advice. He was part of the TG (Transitional Governemnt which was the base of all the constitutions and power base as the source gate to fool and hpnotize the entire country. He doesn’t TPLF? He doesn’t know Meles Zenawi? He doesn’t knew Isayas? He doesn’t knew their vision and program as a scholar before he joined to run to Addis as advisor to the Sibagadis Clan??!???!!!?
Did Tecola ever read the visions and commitments to Ethiopa by these clans? Was ever Tecola heard or concerns about the well being of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by this criminal organization? He said “yes” in his book. He had great hope and faith on these criminals before they captured power (seized power by intimidating, toting guns, torturing elders by fire,). He is what professor Negussay Ayele asking many TPLF ignorant, at time connive and “Sibagadis Clan Advocates” like that of Tecola Hagos asking about Meles who Tecola was a personal Advisor
“…… large during his sojourn as EPLF-Eritrean mercenary/shifta? Were there positive writings, verbal pronouncements, agendas and programs with respect to Ethiopia qua Ethiopia in the 1970.s and 1980.s in the Meles/TPLF repertoire? One searches in vain for positive expressions
concerning Ethiopia in the political canons of PM Meles Z. and his TPLF. The reason is as plain as it is easy to apprehend.. By definition, the political education and political culture of EPLF and TPLF was categorically anti-Ethiopia from the get-go. Throughout their sojourn in the bushes, the capos and foot soldiers of patron EPLF and protégé TPLF enunciated nothing positive and
nothing redeeming about Ethiopia. Their mantra at home and abroad was
bashing and thrashing Ethiopia, its people, its history and anything
Ethiopian. The very name Ethiopia was anathema to them and became a buzzword for any and everything evil, demonic or reprehensible. Therefore, its demise was a sine qua non for the .liberation. And the future security of EPLF/Eritrea and TPLF/Tigrai. Since 1975 PM Meles and his fellow shiftas or armed rebels in the TPLF were organized, armed and poised to destroy Ethiopia or at least ensure Tigrai/Eritrean dominance for as long as possible. A subtext of this cabal also called for crushing Amhara political power in the country…….” On the Identity of PM Meles Zenawi And His TPLF Regime In Ethiopia (Negussay Ayele)
Indeed this was what TPLF’s agenda and nature of these clans was. Crashing Amhara. This was exactly why Tecola was also saying “we are strong, we can bottle them up in their own area” read the following what he has to say-
“These (Mahal Sefaris) are a group of individuals easily identifiable coming mostly
from one small area in central Ethiopia along with opportunists from other parts of
Ethiopia. They are our greatest obstacles to us all from achieving political and
economic advancement. We are far more powerful and numerous than the mehal
safaris. We can excise them from power, or bottle them up in their own area of
kingdom and see to it that they do not any more use us to promote their hold on
economic and political power in Ethiopia 2.”
Tecola Hagos, “Paradigm of Poverty and Humanism: Understanding Ethiopian
Modernity”, July 24, 2003 Washington DC, USA.
The above agitation of bottle them up in their own area of kingdom” is similar as what brother Girma Bekele compared Tecola Hagos’s with that of the similar threat of the EPLF foot soldier the most poisonous fellow Joradn Gebremedhin what he has also to say about the Showa Amhara (what Tecola calls them Sons of slaves and Jordan and Elni Gebray of EPLF calls them “Aeidug” (Donkeys). Similarly what the TPLF foot soldier Memhir Gebrekidan Desta calls the Show Amhara “Ankoberite” similar to those EPLF cadres. Here is Jordan similar to Tecola Hagos threatening and explain their future Ethiopia by saying
History answers this in the negative. The Ankoberite insanity will be tempered by the solidarity of the oppressed masses in New Ethiopia and the working unity of New Ethiopia and independent Eritrea 1.”Jordan Gebre-Medhin, “On the 1993 Referendum in Eritrea”, Ethiopian Review, April 1993. (Jordan was believed to be a contributor to Ethiopian Commentator edited and managed by few Tigrayans like Dr.Hailemariam Abebe producer of Dejen Radio).
Now, their similarity is explained well by brother Girma Bekele whom Tecola Hagos called him the Derg Chuwawa. In fact Ato Girma Bekele never new what Derg is and never was in Ethiopia when Derg was reigning. Tecola simply attacks any one who think has an Amhara name from Showa/Ankoberite (the land and country of Emperor Menlik). Here is what Ato Girma explained the similarity of Tecola and that of the EPLF activist and what their view meant.
“.The first quotation is from EPLF activist (Eritrean national) and one time Editor of
Ethiopian Commentator, a magazine devoted to Amhara bashing. His solution to the
“Ankoberite insanity” was the solidarity of EPLF/TPLF to eliminate the Shewan-
Amhara. By “New Ethiopia” he meant the ethnically divided and fractured county,
according to EPLF/TPLF political program, whereas “independent Eritrea” remains a
unified country where there is no room for ethnic or linguistic division. Tecola Hagos,
the subject of this article, picks up where Jordan left off and prescribes “The Final
Solution” to the Shoan-Amhara problem. The targets of both individuals are Menelik,
Shoan Amharas, by extension King Sahle-Selassie, Emperors Tewodros, Haile Selassie
and the ethnic group they are allegedly identified with.” Ethnocentrism Masqueraded as “Intellectual Inquiry” (By Girma Bekele).
This was what the relative of the Sibagadis and Shum Tembien clan Tecola Hagos think of the Showa Amhar and the anti Ethiopian EPLF activist also had in mind. Both views were agitating to the Ethiopian people to “bottle them up in their area”. Who are these groups Tecola and Jordan preaching to be “bottled up” and surrounded and eliminate? What Tecola calls them The sons and great grand sons of the Slaves and their generations (Ye Showa /Ahiyoch/Baroch/Aiedug/)- Tecola’s code “MEHAL SEFARI”.
Tecola Hagos was trying to go around the bushes to explain to his readers last week what he meant by Mehal Sefari (which others called them “Yemahal Ager/Showa ”. Those who were not following TPLF and their cadres abroad might not have a clue what Tecola is all about. Tecola is going around bushes but he finally made it clear why he was attacking the Showa feudal Emperors. He explained it very clear as what brother Girma quoted him saying after Tecola attacked the Shoan Emperor Sahileselassie for his salve trade after 150 years of his death. Tecola has reason why he is attacking an Emperor who passed away 150 years with out mentioning an iota about his relative Emperor Yohan’s being a slave master and a feudal. Here is what Ato Girma Bekele, said in his above mentioned paper “he singled out Sahle-Selassie as the only leader who practiced slavery in the 1800?” The reason is none other than his hatred of Shoan Amhara. Tecola proves that point:
“It seems the Shoan society of that period was losing its moral grasp, and
more so the leadership more than any other group.” Tecola concludes,
“Because of Sahle Selassie’s slaving activities brought attention and risk to
Ethiopia. After the death of Yohannes IV, those secretive and conspiratorial
groups of royal household retainers mostly descendants of Sahle Selassie’s
“slaves” and domestics became the king makers, and shakers of Ethiopian
politics with devastating results for over one hundred years until they were
temporarily replaced by another breed of conspirators from the same stock of
people: Mengistu Hailemariam and group. They are now engaged in a life and
death struggle with Meles Zenawi’s version of conspiratorial group“5 .
Tecola Hagos, “Paradigm of Poverty And Humanism: Understanding Ethiopian
Modernity”, July 24, 2003 Washington DC, USA. The translation of such statement may escape a casual observer but to Amharas, particularly Shoan Amharas, it is crystal clear that all those who ruled Ethiopia after Yohannes were slaves and descendants of slaves. Therefore one can safely conclude from the foregoing statement that the pure breed of Tigayran leadership was usurped by Shoan Amhara slaves and their descendants. It passes belief that an „educated Tigrean professor“ living in the USA in the 21st century has the effrontery to speak in terms of dichotomizing fellow Ethiopians into slaves and non-slaves. Tecola’s uneducated ancestors could have been forgiven for making such archaic and derogatory remarks. What is ironic such a primitive-minded person has to masquerades as a champion of democracy and equality. Hate speech does not have to be flagged and labeled. It speaks for itself. Tecola’s condescending attitude born out of the drive to compensate for the deeply felt inferiority complex vis a vis the Shoan Amhara is very close to Meles’s assertion about the Tigrean people. For Meles Tigreans are like a gold that has been tested by fire (Werq) whereas non Tigreans are like a mere piece of
cloth (Cherque). Any one who reads Tecola’s passionate denunciation of Shoan natural
provlivity to enslave others is forced to ask the following. How come that Tecola has not
uttered a word about the institution of slavery which was an integral part of Tigrean
society of that time? How come that Tecola who is ostensibly so concerned with the
institution of slavery failed to mention about the Oromo king Aba Jiffar (Menelik’s
contemporary) of Jimma who was the greatest slave trader in the whole empire of
Ethiopia who was on the Ethiopian historical scene many decades after Sahle Selassie?
Or is the institution of slavery the exclusive trade of Amharas?” asked Ato Girma Bekele to get an answer from Tecola a clan member of the Shum Tembien Mircha and Sibagadis Clan who is currently shifting his position from serving the Sibagadis Clan to the Shum Tembien Clan inside TPLF which was really bizarre power struggle between these two powerful Clans of Tigray which started in the jungle of Tigray camouflaged liberation fighters. In his own word tecola already stated in his book (Democratization?) “The only novelty this time is the substitution of the old order by their grandsons and sons who spew radical ideologies. The duplication of the past feudal structure in the current power structure of the TPLF is so faithfully duplicated that it is absolutely incredible that the members of the TPLF are not talking about it openly.”
Now we Know, why Siye is adamant to take power from his opponent (the Sibagadis Clan) after fitting himself inside the collective fools party called UDJ. That reminded many of us from Tigray to what was going on inside the Tigray Jungle in those past years after Siye (the Shum Tembien Clan) was almost decided to create his own fighters to fight back the Sibagadis Clan who were taking large power inside TPLF. …… Brother Tecola, please! Who is fooling whom? Stay Tune.
Part Two to be continue………… Getachew Reda www,