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Preaching for Reform not Revolt is the obstacle for radical change in Ethiopia By Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Preaching for Reform not Revolt is the obstacle for radical change in Ethiopia
By Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
The Turtle Opposition
TPLF-Land grabbing, the typical character Fascism.  The ten bullets representing 10 Awraja. The two new Awraja added from Wollo and Gonder. Posted Ethiopian Semay
Imaging TPLF
Here we are, the election is over. The election is stolen as predicted. The question now is “what next?”. As I have told my readers several times for many years now, the opposition as we seen them during the last election, the present opposition leaders are also not better than the previous leadership in its strategy and in its final goal.

Both were looking for a Democratic election under nasty brutal gangs in power who are not better than the barbaric ISIS. Looking for peaceful election by itself is not a bad move. The problem with such journey lacks when to stop demanding it.

The opposition voluntary agreed to abide under the TPLF constitution and election rules not once, but tried for 24 years. They will still continue for indefinite period until an expected abrupt revolution of the mass occurred to halt the turtle opposition from being partner and game player of the brutal fascist gangs in power.

Many people still failed to understand that the opposition is a team player with the fascists in power knowingly (some) and unknowingly (some).  I have told my readers and audiences during my different interviews and commentaries, that the opposition in Ethiopia is interested only in “reforming the system peacefully”, but not ready to work in a clandestine activities (posting posters, graffiti,….) in order to alert the mass to upraise against the TPLF/EPRDF fascistic system in order to topple it from power which is choking the breath of the nation for over 24 years.

I understand the Tigrayan gangs currently in power in Ethiopia are armed with pistols and guns. They are nothing, but gun totting jungle gangs. And they are everywhere in every corner of the street, hotels, at work places and airports terrorizing the opposition leaders and members following them everywhere they move. That is what the character and behavior of Fascism is all about.  Because of it, the opposition numbered with thousands of them are in jail and brutally tortured, and by hundreds murdered; with no one accountable for such heinous crimes.

The Tigrayan Gestapo gangs have no limit when and where to stop terrorizing citizens.  Even after they got released from prison, they are not restrained from terrorizing the opposition (see the sad and upsetting news about the Oromo Congress party executive member Ato Bekle Gerba what they did to him after his release from prison last week). Thus, every terror and intimidation is applied against the opposition to humiliate them.

If so, they might as well conduct their activities clandestinely as well if they are not free from intimidation and torture. That is why, I said, they have failed to also conduct their activities for seeking changes by using clandestine activities in towns and villages (as I mentioned it above, also as the Muslims DimTsachin Yisema in Addis conducted superbly and coordinately). Dumb you do , dumb you don’t!

They do not have to shoot and kill. What they should have done before or after the election was what the aggressive students of the 70s did in towns and villages;-that is “Alert the mass to up-rise!” any moment! . Even, in this election, the Tigrayan armed gangs “Federal Police and Security Spies” will definitely murder, torture, arrest the leaders and some opposition members if they dare declare the election as a stolen election. We have seen this in the last election.
But, my observation is that, some few members might make a noise, but will not go to the end regardless their bitter and legitimate complaints. 

They will not call for the mass to rise up for the downfall of the Gestapo regime in power. Because, to call for revolt is not on their agenda to bring a regime change through mass revolt if the so called peaceful election is stolen which it will definitely/ already saw signs. 

 Revolt, is not their primary agenda. It is not one of their demands. They preached over and over “Peaceful election”. They have told and preach the mass “only peaceful election is what they follow, nothing else! The public is oriented as such. Therefore is hard to bring a revolt, once population is oriented for 24 years as such to be dormant.

 We Ethiopians as brave as we are in the jungle when armed, sadly, to the contrary, they are pathetically cowards in towns and cities (with the exception youth of the 70’s)  if they live surrounded under the gun totting Gestapo regime such as the current regime . So, to conclude my commentary, the opposition will not lead or call the mass to rise up. They will instead go back to the parliament if they get the chance, or blessed the Gestapo gangs as Lidetu Ayalew (SosteNgaw Menged) did last time and go on to their business as usual complaining and whinnying preaching the mass to follow “peaceful and sham election” again.

Therefore, looking for reform not revolt is the obstacle for not seeing radical change in Ethiopia. But, do not also believe Ginbot 7 or ArbeNoch will free or encounter TPLF. They are prisoners in Eritrea themselves as I am well informed about them than you all. Even, if they became a victor as active fighters,  in the future, so far Ginbot 7 political agenda and disrespect to Ethiopia territories and history is not better that of the OLF/TPLF/ONLF. 

Eritrea! forget it! Where is the OLF General Gelchu and Colonel Hailu Gonfa? The pathetic Shaabiya puppet ESAT journalist Mesay Mekonne told you- “they are not allowed or willing to give no interview or information on their condition-. They told him “come ask us after two months! Hello! Hello! No answer it is two months now.

We know from Senay the Eritrean/Ethiopian journalist that they are under house arrest. That is why Berhanu Negga, Neamin Zeleke or any of the smart Hotel Guerrila fighters do not have the gut to go to Eritrea to lead the force they said they lead. So, do not trust Ginbot 7 joke of the century to freed you either. Only internal revolt freed you from the Gestapo abuse.

This is what my face book readers in Ethiopia need to hear me and understand me. No one, but you the mass, the youth inside Ethiopia can liberate yourself. The oppositions’ agenda is reform not revolt. Because, they are trying to inform the Gestapo gangs ‘reform is inevitable, but it will happen with peaceful means’. 

The Gestapo from Tigray loves the opposition motto, knowing it will intimidate them with its gun totting gangs by stealing the election as it did over and over in the past; the turtle opposition also loves to continue only by winning and complaining condemning any revolt or up rise against Fascist regime who is responsible for the ethnic cleansing and disappearance of over 5 million Amhara population in Ethiopia.

 “No justice, no peace!” is not the motto of the opposition leaders in Ethiopia! The opposition is full with “Flirty turtle” like the Kinijit Chamiso or the “walking turtle” like the rest of the opposition who love walking with their toes like the turtle for 24 years preaching slow reform, not revolt.
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)