Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Response to Aiga website

Response to Aiga Contributor (By Getachew Reda – Editor Www.Ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com) 03/08/10 This Article was sent to the Adua racist (Isayas Atsbaha) Editor of Aigaforum.com as response to the article he wrote and posted it on http://www.aigaforum.com/ in the name of “Aiga Contributor). As we all knew the fellow he have no gut to post any article that doesn’t fit his master’s goal. Therefore, here I have posted my response for readers to read how far the Meles Zenawi servants can go to show their commitment to one man “Meles Zenawi “at any cost- including by fabricating false accusations. As you know false accusation and name calling and killing and torturing citizens fabricated falsie evidences and witnessed to cover their crime is a known a culture of TPLF throughout its history. Here Aiga is repeating it over and over without any stoppage regardless many ridiculed the guy.)
Dear Aiga Editor:
I hope that this website serves to all and allow my view to be posted, so that we can reach readers with our concern that false accusations posted on this website (Aigaforum.com) are simply unfair. Especially, many of us believe that this website is serving the TPLF bosses and its systems and its propaganda dissemination of deliberately false information, by a government with the intention of influencing the policies or opinions of those who receive it. Therefore, we ask Aiga editor to post this response prepared by me Getachew Reda not in the name of any guest or conference organizer. This opinion represents mine alone. Here follows my opinion as a response to the Aiga Contributor who posted an article under the title “A who is who from the dysfunctional opposition to EPRDF are coming together in San Jose California (Aiga Contributor, 03/08/10).
Dera Aiga Contributor:
I read your misinformation that reached the lowest of the low regarding what you wrote about the guests and organizers of (its second term) Ethiopian Eritrean Friendship Conference that will be held on March 12,13 and 14, 2010 at Masonic Center in San Jose, California. The aim of the conference is not as misinformed yourself and your readers. The aim of the conference is a genuine public mission to bring together Ethiopian and Eritrean scholars and academicians from around the world to discuss ways and means of healing past conflicts that reached its worst stage due to your organization namely “TPLF” and its former comrade in arms “EPLF” dictatorial regimes and their racist propaganda and to building future relations between Ethiopian and Eritrean people. First of all, I like to tell you are welcome to criticize any of us in any way or shape you want. You are welcome to bring your debate and arguments at any time you wish to. But, you can’t come up with your delusion of making fabrications about the organizers or the guests without any evidence. If such mission of bringing people to people together discomfort you just because your TPLF is not calling the conference, then that is not ours but your problem. Dear Mr.Aiga Contributor: You can’t expect TPLF to be the monopoly of everything. If you do, too bad, it is not going to happen. You just have to deal with the real world that TPLF is only entitled top call and organize a conference (what ever it wishes to address) only for you and your likes, not for all the people in the world. We refused to be lead by your organization; therefore all you need to learn is deal with the status co. I am not hear going to deal what role of your organization “TPLF” played in ruining the relation between Ethiopian and the Eritrean people by letting the Tigrayan youths and the Ethiopian properties and sovereignty used by EPLF/Shaabiya without any restriction due to TPLF leadership conspiracy or lack of ability of governance. We already discussed about it for years which at last you became the enemy of ours (Shaabiya) after your leaders forced by our voices of complaints and realities. Remember, you or your likes with your leadership (Meles and Co) were calling us all kind of names (as your mind is currently tuned wrongly by your leaders to call us all names to our guests and organizers as “EPPF and Kefang”) when EPLF was torturing ,arresting and forcing and deporting Ethiopians /Tigrayans. (Do we need to bring an evidence for his?!). Therefore we are not EPLF recruits or EPPF or Kefang groups as your imagination thinks we are. We understand that your aim is misinformation/propaganda because TPLF is not calling the conference. Misinforming is dangerous and ugly character tool to misinform population. But misinforming the public as you did is the lowest of all low. When you're looking for information on the no-editorial-control Internet world, it is easy for people to be manipulated by connives. We all know that. I invite you to come face to face with us and expose yourself and tell us in front of the audience if we are EPPPF/Kefang or EPLF based on your unfounded and unfair allegation. If you are genuine and concerned fellow, it is expected from you to come to the meeting and tell us who you are and why you think the Eritreans who you are accusing them of “broken Heart because of Badime” have no right to join Ethiopians to bring solution for the current problem created by your leadership. Is it hard to tell who you are, instead of calling yourself “”Aiga Contributor”. I really do not care to know who you are- if you are genuine, come to me in person and I will allow you a stage to pin point who are the EPPF and Kefang you are accusing!
It is indeed sad! Your misinformation/propaganda is not commented from imagination alone, but it is a deliberate misinformation. Untrue story or fabricated accusation. You can argue your points without fabricating information explain why you do not like the conference instead of lying. You are entitle to call similar conference as your party bosses are executing it in Shire and elsewhere with the Eritrean alliances that through the “Hiruy Tedlas’” and similar personalities that your bosses trust to resuscitate the Ethio-Eritrean relation. Why crying so much with such conference, when your beloved TPLF bosses are freely doing it in the land where all the “uncorrupted Eritrean personalities and genuine fighters” are available and ready to resuscitate the way TPLF wants it to be?
You could have wish a good wish and appreciated those of us who tried our best (putting aside our tensions aside) to bring smooth understandings between the communities that are ravage and made apart by TPLF propagandists and EPLF propagandists and their media papers, cartoons, singers………) . It is indeed an evil intention of you to come up with such false fabrications to whatever suits you for particular purposes. You can trust TPLF, it is your right, but do not expect TPLF to monopolize every conferences in the world. There is no one here from the conference organizer or the guests that are as you ridiculously accused “masquerading behind “Wedi - Afom”. Your slogan of song sang during the Badime War – “AYBELNAN DO” has nothing to do here as you want to use it here as if we are preparing a conference to create a war between the people. There is no a war going on. If the meeting is going to face challenge- yes, that is why we want to open the conference for people to air their anger and frustrations be it against your TPLF bosses or EPLF bosses or any one.
We are not at war if that is what you are thinking, do not come up there. You are not going to get what you wish. What I am asking you is to come up face to me (instead of writing behind the screen) and introduce yourself to me and I will give you a stage to bring your evidence that the conference is run by EPPF and kefang or if there is any masquerading of Wedi Afom. You also asked Saleh what he saw from us “the Terekem”. I could have give your right name for using your unethical usage of name upon those Ethiopians-but, I can only invite you to come up to me and introduce yourself that that you are there to speak to me and to the audience to expose “your accusations and degrading insults” that you wrote falsely against the guests and the organizers. If you have a genuine concern that is what you have to do. Leave the insults and misinforming alone and come up to the stage and challenge the truth if you have the evidence that we are EPPF or Kefang or Isayas Afewerki’s heartbroken followers. Or that came from one Golden Homogeneous race – (we are Terikem- who came from all over the country and different language speaking Ethiopians and Eritreans!).Does that hurt you? Sad indeed!
You can challenge us, we are expecting you or anyone to come and challenge the mission of the conference, but do not fabricate lies for propaganda purpose. It is not wise; it is not Ethiopiawinet or good Tigrawayinet attitude. Do not use the people for organizational purposes. People are different and leadership is too different sectors.
What makes you believe TPLF is the only sector to the Eritrean solution? If it was the solution, there could have not seen worst disastrous relation and human distractions ever under the TPLF than any one in history when it comes to Ethiopia and Eritrean relation. You can deny as TPLF bosses made you to follow their lie but, the fact speaks for itself. Good luck. Getachew Reda http://www.ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com/