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The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre Fascist Gangs Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre Fascist Gangs

Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

August 17/2016

Part 1 (Oromo Hegemony)

Part 2 (Tigre Hegemony)

Part 3 (Advice to the Amhara community)

On this ‘part 1’ we will only deal with the Oromo Hegemony. On Part 2, we will see the Tigre Hegemony. On Part 3- what Amhara need to follow at this moment. 

By now, many people already knew my opposition against the Oromo and Tigre hegemony in Ethiopia, particularly the act of territorial and cultural hegemony lead by the two fascist gang groups (OLF/TPLF) which started clearly into an open hegemony since 1991. Until this time, as we speak largest chunk of Ethiopia territory is controlled by Oromo and Tigre population with the permission and collaboration of the CIA and other foreign collaborators  using the Tigre military might as a vehicle managed to control fertile territories of Ethiopia. This is fact; we need to comprehend it as it is!

A close friend of mine emailed me last few weeks ago with advice “to cool down my hot view” for a moment at this time where Oromo and Amhara are joining in a friendly atmosphere against Weyane. I understand her emotions. But, there is one thing she or many of you out there lack the understanding of who the Oromo and who the Tigre are since 1991 (1983) and the “un-Ethiopianist” character they passed and reflected to the world openly for 25 years. Regardless, I warn my fellow citizens, they tempt to not heed my advice. Unfortunately, they found me right and proved them wrong after years of flirting with false beauty.

The Oromo and Tigre elites have worked for over 40 years to destroy Ethiopia, its culture, languages, flag and its dignity. They accused the previous governments as Amhara regimes repressed the two ethnic groups. Therefore, they think they are victims - yet their representatives or ethnic group run the governments they accused as Amhara.  Since 17 century onwards, history experts told us that there never was an Amhara regime as the OLF or TPLF lied to their community or to the world. Majority of the rulers were either they are Oromo or half breed Oromo or Tigre. 

When I mentioned the word Gangs, to describe the nature of TPLF/OLF/, some people might have hard time to understand my description to them as Gangs. This is because many people think the term ‘Gang’ usually is used to describe “Drug dealers” only; Gangs can be organized around race or ethnic group, money making activities, or territory. To do that, the Gangs usually claim a particular area of town which they call their “turf.” They spend much of their time fighting rival gangs to keep them out of this territory. This is exactly what happened between OLF and TPLF that ignited the conflict since 1991 until this time. 

Therefore, I want my readers to understand that Gangs can be organized around race or ethnic group. It is this description of gangsterizim why I called these two groups as ‘criminal gangs’ organized around race/ethnic/religion using political stage as a cover-up to control government power and territorial hegemony by subjugate/defeat/crush other Ethiopian citizens.

Gangsters wear particular items, styles, brands, or colors of clothing. The OLF and TPLF followers and worshipers too wear/decorates themselves with their particular flags, colors and clothing. If you take for example inside the OLF groups (include the other Oromo organizations including Merera’s and so on)- there are more than four or so different flags, colors they reflect to show their differences with the other Oromo groups. Last month Merera Gudina came to USA to give speech to his Oromo communities in Minnesota. Check his necktie that he was wearing. It was not of the Ethiopian color flag decorated his necktie; it is the other extremist color of the Oromo flag. 

By the way, speaking about Merera Gudina , many took him a serious Pan Ethiopianist. No, he is one of the tricky narrow Oromo nationalist. 
Look what he gave a speech in Minnesota this month;
He said:

Over the last quarter century, Oromo activists have grown matured politically. I have also outgrown my views. All of us have transcended our limitations. We find ourselves in the same boat in the rising tide of Oromo nationalism. Today, Oromo nationalism a rising boat that is able to accommodate all of us. Without going to details many Oromos including Gadaa (Tesfaye) Gebreab have started to write about Merera’s way. It is with this new spirit that I am addressing OSA as a Keynote speaker twenty two years later..."  said Merera Gudina


You know now, what The Saabia Gila/slave/ Tesfaye Gebrab way of writing. Even Merera calls Tesfaye Gebreab who we call "wanted criminal" who initiated the ethnic cleansing of Amhara by Oromo called “as Oromo/Gada”. Now, you know how Merera Gudina is thinking about your country.

Many of the Oromo and Tigre (OLF/TPLF) followers lyrics glorify violence. These organizations already involved in murder (ethnic cleansing) and territorial hegemony with no question to argue. Therefore, these two are criminals need to be tried in the International Courts for the crime they committed. Therefore, they are Border Lords who vowed to keep their hegemony for ever one accusing the other as abuser and undemocratic.

So, to come to the point, as my friend mentioned above or any of you think there is a healthy and friendship atmosphere growing between the Amhara and Oromo community because of the resent public unrest and revolt; I say to you, it is only untrue emotion not reality. One side is genuine and the other side is a fake as usual.

Why is it a fake? It is clear the Oromo are out of Ethiopian character. They have been degrading, insulting the Ethiopian dignity and its flag, its history. They argue with you, saying “whose history?” I only laugh at these fools who said “whose history?”. Lencho and his followers always raise such question. You can help it but laugh at them. You tell them “Your own history!”, Merera Gudina even acknowledge saying 

 Oromos can better claim that they are nearer to the Menilek palace at Arat kilo than those who came from Menez yesterday and Adwa today”.  

 Indeed! Tell the Oromo the Ethiopian history was ruled guided by you the Oromo since 17 century!

What we are hearing by some Oromo elites and Ethiopia literal fools telling us is, Oromo elites are changed in their thinking and grew up through the years (as Merera Gudina and the Lenchos ‘Bati/Leta’ and others lie to you all) to become Pan-Ethiopian is absolutely a lie and the greatest conspiracy ever we heard (second to the TPL’s ታላቁ ሴራ”).

If one is indeed an Ethiopian and wants to join hand to hand with other Ethiopians, There are basic criteria/rule need to be honored before discussing any political issue with any group concerning the Ethiopian political future. The very first thing is to honor Ethiopia as a sovereign country and its flag regardless who rules or messed up the country. There is no reason for any one person or group to vilify the dignity of the country or its national flag.

OLF/TPLF/ONLF have violated those rules openly and disgustingly trashed its flag, its national language, its dignity and sovereignty of the Ethiopian people. They made the entire Oromo youth illiterate and hold them in enclave from communicating with the rest of Ethiopian citizens. They have no clue how to speak the national language ‘Amharic’ and have hard time getting employment in any Ethiopian cities or towns unless, the lucky ones who mange to speak it. It is true for others also. The Border Lords are to be blame for such crime against the life of the Oromo youth. Indeed it is a sad situation seeing these youngsters speaking Oromo language only to communicate other Ethiopian citizens. 

Therefore, one has no business to join and create fake unity or trust with group/groups opposed those major/iconic assets of the country intentionally set to break human communication.

No question, the Oromo and the Tigre and the “Adere” people (even the Muslims) are the beneficiary groups who got plenty of opportunity and territorial hegemony for the last 25 years during the Tigre administration era. We have to agree with this fact. If you do not believe these groups exploited the country in many ways, by controlling and declaring the territory they controlled declaring and arguing belongs to no other citizens but only to the Oromo and Tigre; then the problem is not mine, but your problem to deal with facts. They told you yesterday, and telling you now and for the future, the land already under the control of Oromo “kilil/Apartheid territory’ belongs only to the Oromo.

This week, you might have heard or read the press released by the Eritrean/Isayas stooges namely Ginbot 7 and ODF (the new name for OLF) that has no detail agreements to show us with what principle their agreement is based in. Of course there are many fools and literate fools (Dr Zeros/Os) suffering with inability to understand the basic knowledge of “Human Rights” congratulated these gangs for forging unity among them to liberate Ethiopia from Weyane tyranny or colonization.

The front public relation officers of spreading such propaganda are Neamin Zeleke/ G7 and Lencho Bati/ ODF/ Remember in one of my commentaries that I wrote after I saw the silliness and delusion of some “literate fools” during the so called “Vision for Ethiopia” conference prepared by ESAT; I wrote;

‘The project is to control the mind of the people with Big lies.  Isays is a wise man indeed as his proxy agents “Kassa Kebde” – Dawit W/giorgis and Zemain Zeleke, Efrem Madebo told us. He is building his house on the rock (using proxy agents to build for him). At the same time, the foolish Ethiopians are building their house on the sand. Indeed! Yes, as the bible told us

"A wise man .... built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.  But.... a foolish man.... built his house on sand.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash".  Matthew 7:24 – 27

When you see Neamin Zeleke at the podium/floor, seeing his action, his rolling eyes acting as a scary tyrant in the room, his silliness, his silly arrogance when he defend the Eritrea sovereignty and its criminal leader/s, one will conclude the fellow is completely strange and ignorant in the knowledge field of Eritrea/leaders and their records.

Indeed the “Big Lie” has now come again over and over; this time, what the Nazi Germans calls it ‘große Lüge’. We know those of us closely following the OLF and other Oromo organizations what they saying and teaching for years (even Merera Gudina’s tricky propaganda) is to trick Ethiopians in to believing that Oromo has the right to hold their fabricated flag and discard the nation’s flag, national language and the right to control the large territories seized since 1991 as owner and principal chief/Land Lord refusing to share the wealth of those territories with other Ethiopian citizens.

This ‘big lie’ is based on “Democracy, justice, equality and freedom”. The German Nazi Joseph Goebbels said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”True. We have seen this when OLF and TPLF repeatedly lie that OLF or TPLF are struggling to furnish the Ethiopian citizens with “Democracy, justice, equality and freedom”> and who was the accused ethnic group denied those rights mentioned above, that OLF/TPLF told you responsible group? ‘The Amhara/NefteNGa’. 

No one believe such was “ big lie”. But, unfortunately people followed their propaganda and for many years since the HU student era until very recently people took such lie as ‘true’ and started to vilify the Amhara society as Neftenga. As the result of the big lie, ethnic cleansing was carried on against the Amhara peasants, teachers, business people and poor mothers and elders all over the Oromo and Somali remote villages and cities and towns.

Still, the big lie is coming for rebirth to claim exactly what the Oromo people control now and more for the future (as some claim- including to control Addis Ababa- to name it officially ‘Finfine’ if not already named), its flag, Latin language with ethnic Federalism system. “what Lencho Bati and Neamin are distorting your brain during their radio interview is “big Lie”. Replacing the name “Ethnic Federalism; to “Democratic Federalism” to bring peace, justice, Freedom, equality.

One might argue with me “Democratic Federalism is different from Ethnic Federalism. The fact is the OLF wants the territory held by Oromo should be Oromo the sole owner no other Ethiopian citizen, but “Oromo people ‘only.

How about language and self governance issue?  The Education? The justice department, the police and security apparatus? They will tell you “to restate/retain the present administration as it is, but, removing any Tigre, Gurage or Amhara... judges, police, Doctors, Mayors, governors, district chiefs… (Even though there are no such except Oromo only at present time). The group right will be primary ruler of the Oromo area that I detailed last year which will inevitably contravene the individual/ citizen’s right. This is what ODF or the rest of all Oromo organization calls it Democratic Federalism.

This is the big lie that both those gangs are trying to hoodwink you using the name ‘Democratic Federalism’. If you follow Lencho Leta on Australia Amharic /SBC or in any other program of his interview- the language he used is “Kezih Finkich Anilim/ከዚህ ፍንክች አንልም”.

Take Dr Nuru Dedefo’s interview with Ze- Ethiopia Amharic online interview posted on media; there you will see the ODF’s goal and mission and policy. He told us, the Oromo people need to be given opportunity for secession if they wanted to or self governance.  Ask these gangs what they meant by “Self Governance; you will get the exact answer from them “ETHNIC FEDERALISM” is what they call it SELF GOVERNANCE. What TPLF exactly administrating currently is the OLF’s agenda of self governance-*ethnic-Federalism*

So the ‘big lie ‘the Amhara’ was the abuser of the Oromo was accepted by many including by many Hodam Amhara themselves. This eventually became as true. As they say, “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’ So what was the consequence of such big lie in 1991 which still ODF/OLF is still vowed to implement even after Weyane is removed? Their answer is ‘APARTHEID ETHNIC SELF GOVERNANCE’ the only way bring to the Oromo people justice , freedom and equality.

 The consequence was ‘ethnic cleansing’ and will again inevitably occur after even post Weyane as long as Oromo organizations and elites keep pursuing “self governance/Group rights first before citizen’s right in the territories they hegemonize illegally-since-1991”.

The unity of Ginbot and ODF is nothing but as my teacher, my hero and a friend Dr. Aleme Eshete precisely put it;
A Rotten Apple, Plus a Rotten Apple, Plus a Rotten Apple ---You May Continue Adding Up - Will Never Produce a Good Healthy Apple!”

 The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre Fascist Mafia Groups using ethnic card to destroy Ethiopia and its sovereign right to exist with its proud flag must be challenged by Pan Ethiopian groups until your last breath.

The Oromo already declared vowed in many of their interviews and papers and declarations to implement and retain the current ethnic Apartheid Federalism even after TPLF removed from power.


What is being fed constantly to the Oromo community brain is ‘big lie’. Big lie has hosts to accommodate it. These hosts are what the psychologists call themCognitive Dissonance’. This crowd is the most dangerous crowd to bring tyrant individuals to power. One psychologist writer said:



‘in short, Hitler would never have been able to implement his tyranny without the help of the cognitive dissonance crowd. After all, what kind of sane people would have embraced being a Brown Shirt or let their kids belong to such a ridiculous group such as the Hitler Youth Movement.”



It became true that OLF followers and TPLF followers are same hosts of the ‘big lie and are becoming Cognitive Dissonance’ group. It is truly a curse to follow apartheid/ Ethnic Federalism.



 The curse of ethnic nationalism, as Dr Assefa Negash from Holland explained;

“The curse of ethnic-nationalism is that it reduces individuals and a whole population group afflicted by the pervasive hold of this ideology into unthinking hordes that loose their individuality and succumb to the whims of ethnic leaders who do the work of thinking for millions of their fanatic followers that have stopped thinking as conscious individuals with a conscience to determine right and wrong.

Ethnic nationalism introduces the psychology of collective narcissism that blinds its fanatic followers from becoming aware of the social reality they live in. This was what happened to millions of Germans who were mesmerized by Nazi ideology and similar things have happened in Tigrai during the last 38 years. After 38 years of incessant ethnic indoctrination & 17 years of war against the Dergue, the TPLF seems to have succeeded in creating a Tigrean population with a homogenized thought process.” {Assef Negash}

As Dr Assefa said it precisely the Oromo also are similar as the Tigraysn groups whose thinking is not wiser than the ethnic nationalist Tigray. The Oromo population are suffering from the psychology of ‘group thinking’ where even those learned elites from Tigrai (Assefa Negash) or learned Oromo elites (Getachew Reda) who should have known better have become blinded to the unfolding reality of an apartheid system that has polarized Ethiopian society by succumbing to the blinding ideology of Oromia ethnic nationalism. This is exactly the narrow nationalist Merera Gudina said last week in Minnesota  

Oromos reclaiming of their ancestral land was historic in the sense that it marked the end of the Neftegnasystem a great leap forward in our people’s march for freedom.”

Merera’s claim, ancestral land claimed by Oromo as we see it now is hegemony of worst kind, caused thousands if not millions of none Oromo citizen particular targeting Amhara was what the Oromo elites consider such crime and territorial and unjustified hegemony as “a great leap forward in our people’s march for freedom.”

My advice is that in no circumstance “Apartheid ethnic Federalism/Kilil should not be accepted or accepted in any political compromise by any circumstances. Unless dealt politically, if necessary by force of arm in order to sustain the nation’s sovereignty, flag, and the national language that sustain the 90 million people help communicate in market and social life for thousands of years, ‘The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre Fascist Mafia Groups’ will never rest until they see Ethiopia destroyed or made the entire nation under the hegemony of the Oromo and Tigre, which they succeeded some portion of their agenda.

My dearest readers;
Your country Ethiopia is not only under the threat of Weyane Tigraym but also under the Oromo elites who are the most vicious, dangerous, reckless, irresponsible, arrogant, greedy, and corrupt and liars full of hate with an agenda to dismantle Ethiopia as proxy agents to fulfill what the Italians dreamed to design for Ethiopia.  
 Getachew Reda
(Editor Ethiopian Semay)