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Response to the Racist’s Bell

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Response to the Racist’s Bell


Getachew Reda

(Editor Ethiopian Semay) 1/1/11

My apology still for not using the Amharic font on this article. As I told you earlier, I am experiencing a serious of problem with my PC when using the Geez (Ethiopian fonts). I have emailed editors/inventors of the Geez font soft ware (to many of them), but no response from the developers. As long as these different fonts are controlled and owned by individuals, they will still control our ancestor’s invention to use it any time the ego of their mood changes to assist or not to assist for any reason of theirs. Now, till someone come to the rescue to assist me why these fonts are not working properly, unfortunately, I will still use foreign fonts to communicate with you the option left freely given to the world to use it.

Last week, you might have read the Amharic article posted under the title “ የመጨረሻዉ ወል” posted on ECADEF (Website managed by anti Tigrayan hate group along with its PalTalk forum called Ethiopian Current Affairs) by unknown person or group (actually it is my belief that the paper is been posted by the website operators themselves). The paper is accusing to all of us Tigrayans indiscriminately “as people with interest to in salve the rest of the Ethiopian people”. The paper claimed sent as proclamation by the rest of the Ethiopian people addressed to us. Here reads what I copied and paste the exact phrase as the following:-

የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ግሞ መላዉ የትግራይ ሕዝብ ግልጽ ጥያቄ ያቀርባል:

ትግሬዎች በሙለ አላማችሁ ሀብቱንም፣ ስልጣኑንም ተቆጣጥራችሁ፣ ሌላዉን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ አስራችሁ፣ ቀጥቅጣችሁ፣ አኮላሽታችሁ ዘርማንዘሩን ቀሚስ አስለብሳችሁ የወጥ ቤት ሰራተኛ፣ የናንተ ተገዢ ሆኖ እንዲኖር ነው ወይስ ከሌላዉ ህዝብ እኩል በነጻነትና በእኩልነት መኖር ነዉ?”And the paper concluded by saying “የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ግልጽ መልስ ይፈልጋል

My response to the paper could have been better responded if it was in Amharic. Unfortunately, I can only say in the following response for now. First of all, as I said above the paper have no name or authorization of group or individual. Therefore, the responsibility will fall on the same racist website and Pal Talk ECADEF and Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum administrators.

I have said over and over that majority of the Tigrayan population went through different periods of clash against TPLF. Unfortunately, at the end, the people remained with no other option and therefore, power unfortunately was laid to TPLF gangsters of the area with no contestant to it. Power can be dangerous if it is controlled at the hand of jungle men who speaks modern languages. When power was controlled by few and one group, there is no option except to fall under the slavery of TPLF elite manipulation until the people themselves or someone liberated them from the abuse they too are experiencing equally with the rest of the country.

Society as we know with no other powerful option to choose is always vulnerable for manipulation, exploitation and abuse by one repressive agent where finally community will be forced or brainwashed to support his very first abuser. It is unfortunate in this case that the Tigrayan society particularly the farmers (peasant) are the backbone of the organization throughout TPLF’s brutal hegemony. The peasants were the sources of its shelter and ground for recruit its battle tested fighters. This hard truth as it may, the peasant organization or community who still support the tyrant of Woyane Tigray elite or system can’t be counted as representatives of the organization, therefore shouldn’t be vulnerable by any group or individual for attack or ethnic cleansing as the paper seemed to rung its “last Bell” against uneducated population of Tigray mothers, fathers and our sisters with their small children in the village who knew nothing about right or wrong in politics but to only follow order from the TPLF brutal and corrupted judges, administrators and its cadres.

One individual in in response to my earlier paper “To All Ethiopian Website Owners” by the name “Debela” saying “They (Tigrayans) have to show for all Ethiopians if they are not TPLF supporters, but if they don’t want to do that they all are the enemy of Ethiopians. I think it is crystal clear for you. Please don’t repeat the hate story again and again; that is not the problem of Ethiopians from other regions; as you know it is a poison that came from TPLF and TIGRE supporters….”

Let us examine his statement and advice when the fellow asserted confidentially saying “I think it is crystal clear for you. Please don’t repeat the hate story again and again; that is not the problem of Ethiopians from other regions; as you know it is a poison that came from TPLF and TIGRE supporters….”

Can you buy this fellow’s false confidence of assurance when he said “hate is not the problem of Ethiopians from other regions (but of Tigrayans)”? He meant to tell us there was no hate against Amhara or carried religious or ethnic cleansing /murder/atrocity/deportation in the Eastern, Southern part of Ethiopia? Is this fellow out of his mind? Can’t he at least hear the audio posted here on Ethiopian Semay web log located to the right side of the page on the Audio Video section?, He meant to tell us he didn’t read “Be Aend Zer Lay YaneTaTere Tiqat” included in my book (Yidres LegoTeNgaw Memhir) occurred on the other side of Ethiopia? How can one accused Tigrayans alone are responsible for hate, or conclude there is no hate problem with others but only with Tigrayans? He meant to tell us there are no hate group who are OLF puppets and ONLF cults who hate Ethiopian people (Ethiopia) and Tigray society? Was not in the Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum Pal Talk that was openly telling other Ethiopians not to marry or not to have any relation with any Tigrayans or with anyone who have relation with Tigrayan blood?

Read his other phrase when he said “.., they (Tigrayans) have to show for all Ethiopians if they are not TPLF supporters, but if they don’t want to do that they all are the enemy of Ethiopians.”

This is exactly where people have to be careful when they concluded Tigrayans as ENEMIES because they didn’t say they are not TPLF supporters.” The fellow is sitting in his comfortable Diaspora APT, far from the TPLF gun and harassment while telling the Tigrayan peasants to declare anti TPLF declaration in the remote village where Debela is nowhere to be found to defend them from TPLF brutal torture. So, for luck of defense if the Tigrayan peasants kept silent, in this case if they are taken as enemies, or as the last bell of the ECADEF is calling to conclude all Tigrayans either they support or not support as enemies you “can imagine, what these groups and individuals will do to us”? If they take us as enemy because majority of Tigrayans didn’t come out and condemned TPLF then their action could extend as far as ethnic cleansing or killing or treating any brutal and savage treatment that as any “enemy” is treated?

If one concluded majority of Tigrayans as “enemy” of Ethiopia then, we have a problem here at hand. People have to study further why the peasants are supporting TPLF or didn’t say that they are not TPLF supporters. Even though I understand the frustration from these “last warning givers/bell wringers”, they should not conclude the peasant or all of us that including me labeled us as “people with desire to in salve Ethiopian people as maid” That is pathetic!

Let me take you now back to the writer of the “ the last bell” How can the caller concluded “Tigrewoch Bemulu” ““ትግሬዎች በሙለ አላማችሁ ሀብቱንም፣ ስልጣኑንም ተቆጣጥራችሁ፣ ሌላዉን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ አስራችሁ፣ ቀጥቅጣችሁ፣ አኮላሽታችሁ ዘርማንዘሩን ቀሚስ አስለብሳችሁ የወጥ ቤት ሰራተኛ፣ የናንተ ተገዢ ሆኖ እንዲኖር ነው…” Do I or others deserve such commentary or question? What made him think all of us Tigrayans was our plan to enslave the Ethiopians as our maid? Who the hell are these groups to label me in such situation? Who gave them the right to address a last call to All Tigrayans in the name of “Ethiopia” holding the entire society as enemy or labeling the entire community with a desire to make Ethiopians as the Slave of Tigrayans? This is the most dangerous signal one should avoid not to make things worse. If the OLF claimed as it always did that the majority of the Oromo people support OLF, we can’t claim or conclude the Oromo population as ENEMY OF ETHIOPIA. We only reach that point when the enemy is armed and killing the nation as it was in the case of Ethio-Eritrea war or only if the supporters are from the educated classes or urban duelers who knows what is good and bad in the political world (we have to separate the educated classes from the peasant majority and the urban class and the Diaspora community). Even that, the majority of that Eritrean population was temporarily enemy until finally themselves understood how wrong such animosity and political agitation brought to their worst destruction where the society is currently stand in a dead end road.

Let alone labeling the entire Tigrayans as enemies (which we heard it every night day in day out in the Ethiopian Current Affairs Pal Talk), even if one labeled the supporters of Tigrayans as enemies, no doubt, the repressive agent within can take advantage of it to manipulate the peasants and the Wishy-washy middle class and urban duelers using such irresponsible call to stay in power. The TPF elite love such and prey for such hate group to increase their hate propaganda openly so that TPL leaders can manipulate it to their usage. Remember, TPLF fabricated the paper spread all over the Addis street and institutions that read “Tigre Wede Mekele EQa wede Qebele” (regardless the ignorant Engineer Gizachew of UDJ/Medrek apologize the Tigrayan population in Mekelle to manipulate the agitated society of Tigray for political usage- or regardless the premature Bertukan Mediksa apologize to the Tigrayans manipulated by her opportunist advisors ) ; that was exactly what it (TPLF) needs when the TPLF elite in power are running out of any tactic to stay in power.

It is my position as you all know that Tigrayans failed to challenge TPLF policy after it came to power destroying the fabric of the Ethiopian brotherly and sisterly oneness, sympathy and love that was there forever (regardless TPLF elites such as Sebhat Nega lied to the world that we Ethiopians never known to each other). As Ethiopians Tigrayans should have hold TPLF accountable after it landlocked Ethiopia. Unfortunately it is the educated Tigrayans failed on their own community from teaching and leading the Tigrayans to challenge this mercenary group who is using our name to fulfill its ugly mission of destroying and selling Ethiopia. But, one also no need to apologize the Tigrayans if no hate was said or aimed at Tigrayans or one should not call or react with hate regardless Tigrayans reflect hate against any group- because hate only reproduce hate. The group in power (TPLF) currently need such hate groups’ propaganda to replace its lost tactics as its fuel to manipulate the peasants especially the Wushi Washi group of the Middle class Tigryans inside the country and the majority ill-informed Tigrayan Diaspora (with the exception of the hardcore TPLF cults and its spy net work agents acting as immigrants inside the Diaspora Community).

Dealing with the racist websites and their Pal Talks:-

Because of hearing so much garbage and hate in those websites and their Pal Talk media—especially the Pal Talk calling itself “Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum” (some said operated by some Red Terror participants) I lost interest to visit such hate group (religious or political) Pal Talks or some of their hate group websites such as ECADEF,…for so many reasons. But I do rarely, when I need something to collect information to my upcoming book, I irregularly visited them to read or listen to what they have to say. What I heard many times by these individuals who run the Pal Talk (Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum) is the same word over and over. For example the lady calling herself under the nickname MUYAYE MISIKIR (one of the main Admin of the forum) said “Never trust any Tigrayans” no matter what they said to convince us that they are Ethiopians or no matter how many times they say they are anti TPLF “Tigre is always going to be nothing else but Tigre” (Tigre Tigre NNEW).”

This lady at one time last week she said “For me “Tigre is Tigre. If the Tigre is racist why can’t I be a racist as well?” asked the forum. Imagine, these are mentally savage individuals who wanted to be racist if someone racist is acting as a racist. And these elements are on media with no body censored them. They can create havoc in the nation; they can cause to occur atrocity and ethnic cleansing as they are reflecting it day in day out on such open forum if they are allowed to use such forum to air hate.

Not only here, but also racist visitors and members of that forum many times heard saying “Tigre is 5 million” we are “75 Million, we can humiliate them…” These are dangerous racists who can’t be given excuse in the name of “I don’t blame them because they are frustrated! TPLF abused their family! TPLF abused Ethiopia!” there is no reason for the fascist German to carry atrocity against the Jew because they were frustrated by the economic manipulation of the Jew.

What is going to follow after the last bell that these hate group are proclaimed against us is the question? I don’t have to wait and dream what their action will be (if they could). That means, if they can, they will kill all of us in general Tigrayans as their hate Pal talks inside the Ethiopian Current Affairs are day in day out wishing. We have to condemn all kind of racist elements from Tiger ,Oromo, Amhara, Islam or Christian extremists using institutions and media to escalate hate against population and community. I am also shocked by some popular Ethiopian historians, singers, journalists, political and civic leaders…conducting interview with that racist Pal Talk. All those who honored such Pal Talk as decent media need their name exposed to the Ethiopian population inside and outside the country that they too are collaborators of such racist Pal Talks. This is what I am going to do next time. Any one as an Ethiopian who gave interview to such Pal Talk or do any collaboration as the ESAT TV has done so many times with these racist Pal Talk Admins, their name will be listed and shown to my readers on Ethiopian Semay weekly. I need some people to help me and report me on this mission. Tigray haters must be condemned not honored.

Hate Inside Tigaru Pal Talks

You can hear the same racist insults or chauvinistic &narrow nationalistic attitude also from some Tigraru talking hate against Amhara on the most narrowly Tigray focused issue Pal Talk media called “Geza Tegaru”. One can understand by visiting that Pal Talk how TPLF manipulated the brain of the majority Diaspora Tigrayans to only focus about Tigray by infiltrating its cadres and TPLF x-fighters assigned by TPLF propaganda and department of spy camouflaged themselves as members of the Tigray Diaspora immigrants discussing in that Pal Talk. As you might aware the handful Tigrayan Pal Talks (2) are crowded by TPLF musicians, spies and x-TPLF fighters, colonels, high and lower rank members of the dead squad participants and economy and development coordinators (focus and assigned only for Tigray region).

Generally speaking, when it comes to hold accountability for all the failures and unpleasant ethnic conflicts perpetrated by TPLF organization, I hold accountable the educated Tigrayan classes for the unpleasant relation and situation we are in primarily. It is been said by so many and I also been said over and over for many years so much how the Tigrayn educated elites failed to create a comfortable situation with others on behalf of their community. But, having said that, still, such hate groups do not have the right to call Ethiopians to rise against us because TPLF did what it did. Leave the Tigray peasant alone. The peasant that included my own sisters and also many brothers and uncles ….in the village who are suffering under the slavery and TPLF’s bureaucratic farmers’ structure willy-nilly supporting TPLF knows nothing about politics. Majority Tigrayans are peasants, if they are majority who support TPLF among Tigrayans, it is the peasants. If so, then how do we influence their attention towards Ethiopianism politics away from the local and ethnocentric politics should be the question, not how can we kill all Tigrayans or how can we call last call of bell against all Tigrayans, or accusing us all as if we have a desire to in salve Ethiopians.

Having said the above also, I am not completely relieving Tigrayans from the responsibility to challenge TPLF’s policy. There are hard core TPLF, there are mild supporters, there are middle way supporters, there are hidden and unhidden Tigray population against TPLF’s policy and crime and there are also manipulated community who simply believe they are there with TPLF just to see Tigray villages and cities facilitated with basic things like electric, water, school, health build from their own expense to their own Tigrayan community (though these groups are collected of the worst narrow nationalists, worshippers of TPLF and easy to be manipulated by TPLF manifesto and circulated papers and propaganda works from the headquarters of the organization). So, all in all, these are the different groups of Tigrayans who we think are “supporters” of TPLF. So, how do you address to those different groups?

Is it by calling atrocity against all of them? \Or is it by addressing the crime that TPLF is committing against the Ethiopian people of current and future generation? I think it should be the last one as an option. But when addressing the issue, it should not blame all Tigrayans as collaborators of these blood thirsty gangsters of Weyane Tigray. Because all Tigrayans are not collaborators of Weyane Tigray, but majority are supporters or sympathizers of Weyane (for different reasons). It is true also, many Tigrayans that hate TPLF or abused by TPLF than the group who hate Tigrayans (ECADEF website owners and Ethiopian Current Affairs Democratic Forum Pal Talk operators). If someone with the expertise of Statistic is interested to do a new study with different questioners why Tigrayans are not willing to come out openly to condemn TPLF, that will be a great help to how to coup with such existing difficult problem.

The better way to bring Tigrayans to our position is to show them we too are well organized and well civilized in politics and well armed as well to combat the gangsters of Weyane Tigray. Until we failed to show our intimidating force to TPLF army or politically organized, united and ready to give our life to the cause, Tigrayans or anyone who support TPLF or silently hiding themselves from condemning TPLF (even if they hate TPLF), none will come out as long as we stayed weak, vulnerable and repeat the same racist attitude what the TPLF racists wanted us to react. We need to avoid from getting in to the gate of hell they planned for us to get in. If we do act racists like them, then that is what they planned for us to get in to their plan called “QoReTa” so that we all die with them and Ethiopia will be vulnerable to all enemies.

From my own perspective, even though we are few in number as Tigrayans we have challenged TPLF better for longest time than those who simply came yesterday from their Addis Ababa school or from their hidden mother womb in the middle of the night and shout against TPLF by condemning all of us as “Tigre is Tigre”. We are all Tigrayans , but we can’t and we are not all the same. All Amhara, Oromo, Gurage… are not the same also. They have conflicts among them, there are also cowards and heroes among them, there are also HODAMoch among them. All oppositions are not also the same people or the same thinkers. So, do not associate me with TPLF die hard supporters as if I too want the Ethiopian population to be my maid and my slave or my prey. That is where the paper who called in his last proclamation addressed to us in his warning in the name of Ethiopian people failed to distinguished between me and the rest, between the peasant who knows nothing about tricky politics of TPLF and between the diehard TPLF supporters and the irresponsible educated Tigrayans who failed to alert the entire Ethiopian community and fight in the front with the rest of the other Ethiopians against TPLF destructive policy. Look what the Arena party is doing! They came with the same policy Amendment 39 and yet still talking about Ethiopia’s unity as fragile accusing of Meles zenawi’s policy while they too are not far distance from his policy.

I know the hesitant and opportunist Tigrayan educated elements who simply writes philosophic and astronomic books from their mansion in the Diaspora might not like me because, I questioned them where they were during all these years in the midst of havoc when Ethiopians and Tigrayans are executed by TPLF and EPLF conspiracy left and right. I remember, when I lead a protest in Oakland with handful other Ethiopians,- - many Tigrayans as well many Educated Ethiopians were going in to the auditorium paying money to listen Seyoum Mesfin (TPLF’s Foreign Minister) 13 years back. At that time, I was the only Tigrayan, few Amhara and Oromo and others as well. The educated Tigrayans and ordinary Tigrayans (women and men some are my acquaint and old friends) were in a happy mood eating HIMBASHA and drinking Water facing towards us just from the front gate of the auditorium to show the handful demonstrators who are thirsty and hungry standing on the hottest day of the year sweating shouting slogans against TPLF and its criminal policy. At the time, those Tigrayans were not alone but also the rest of the Ethiopians betrayed us at the time when we need numbers and ideas to confront to the TPLF criminals visiting us to fool the society calcimining “they were there to take ideas how to improve Ethiopia’s foreign policy and malty party system and governance”. It was the darkest time that I simply felt frustrated and hapless and anger inside me when I saw all sort of Ethiopians lined up at front gate of the auditorium paying money to listen to one of the known Amhara hater, the TPLF founder “Seyoum Mesfin”. I have a bad memory of anger inside me still when I recall that moment to this current time. We were few in number about 10 standing in front of those lined up outside waiting to enter the auditorium to listen to Seyoum talking garbage lined up there as sheep looking towards us folding their arms on their chest watching us with wonder as if they were watching aliens from the sky.

It was a very sad memory! I shouted loud to them and asked them to join us not to join them not to pay money to listen to the enemy of Ethiopia. They shrieked a little bit from their appearance, they felt it as if heavy brick struck them, but they were adamant to listen to the enemies garbage talk. Ask me how I felt that moment when the Tigrayans were eating HiMBASHA and drinking WATER in front of us purposely to show their reaction to our protest. It was nauseating reaction, I felt anger, bitter, but, can call the last bell on them? No, I can’t. Among them, there was my best x-roommate with them as front leader enjoying his HIMBASHA looking at me with wonder and disrespect as if I came from the sky or other planet. Can now I ring the last bell on that ignorant? No, god already is paying him in front of me what he deserves. Any time he saw me, he felt shame and tried to hide himself from me though I tried to talk to him as if nothing happened. But, he finally realized TPLF was not the organization to be trusted as his wrong mood was guiding him at the time HO! HOOOO!!

So let us please respect those who challenge TPLF by separating them from those hard core TPLF cults and mild supporters and their likes. Be careful not to include all of us as TPLF is my principal point of this article. Be cautious not to say Tigre is Tigre (Tigre Tigre ke mehonu Aykerim). You should read what some Tigrayans are writing regarding Tigre Tigre nnew. Just like the other day when the racist Amhara and Tigray hater Andargachew Tsige of Ginbot 7 accused all of Tigrayans for silencing our voice from accusing TPLF system as racist. He said “we heard some Tigrayans saying TPLF is tyrant, but we never heard a single Tigrayan accusing TPLF as racists” on ESAT TV in his interview last month. What that showed you is “Tigre is Tegre regardless Getachew Reda wrote a book to expose TPLF as racist, or regardless G/Medhin Araya said TPLF is fascist and racist- Tigre is always Tigre!” We will still be seen by so many of those racists as collaborators of TPLF regardless what we did.

I have a book with over 500 pages written by a Tigyan popular radio journalist during the Derg by the name Kasahun W/Giyorgis ,- a family brought his book to read it (may be soon I will start to read it). That book according to the family who gave me the book) is basically addressing the Derg Red Terror, but its principal mission of the book was race issue (Amhara and Tigre). The book is complaining “No matter what Tigrayans do to assert their Ethiopiawinet from their heart or hate TPLF- the Amhara still will not trust us, they will still accuse us as TPLF supporters or anti Amhara or anti Ethiopia. This frustration has some credible value to it. I will give you one example out of the dozen names some opposition racists gave me via email or comments. Read the following posted on Addis Voice website forum:-

Saamu says:

September 10, 2010 at 6:25 am

You forgot to name one of the undercover Executive Committee members of the TPLF, the Ethiopian public relation distorter spy Getachew Reda! I wonder how many Ethiopian know this guy’s intention?

Getachew Reda ከየወያኔ ማህደር (ጌታቸው ረዳ) September 6/2010 If anyone reads between the line of most his comments, can understand who Getachew Reda work for!”

What does the above person and his likes accusing me as I am top TPLF executive member of the government tells you? These are elements who do not do talk politics, but hate towards any Tigrayan regardless opposition to TPLF or not. One asks what bothers the person the most to address me in such ridiculous accusation? My advice is we can only challenge TPLF by bringing more people out from TPLF compound by telling the public the crime of TPLF and the future of the nation through dialogue and public conference by calling Tigyans to discuss the issue publicly on well studied conference than to threaten their survival as human beings if they do not come out openly to ridicule TPLF.

My conclusion:-

It was unwise wringing a last bell against all of us (Tigrayans) in the name of Ethiopian people where there was not even a name or signature of Ethiopian people on the proclamation bell called የመጨረሻዉ ወል” (The last call) posted on the racist website called ECADEF. If TPLF is using the name of Tigrayans to advance its racist policy, it is equally illegal and crime to address a last call against Tigrayans in the name of “Ethiopian people”. Thanks. Getachew Reda