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The two cousins “Al Mariam and the Grandeur Aleme Eshete”

The Grandeur Ethiopian Historian and Political Scientist  Professor Aleme Eshete

The two cousins “Al Mariam and the Grandeur Aleme Eshete”

 Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Professor Al Mariam (Alemayouhu G/Mariam) and my hero and my teacher the well known Historian and Political Scientist Dr. Aleme Eshete are cousins in blood (God bless his soul, according to what Dr. Aleme told me via phone during our conversation before he passed away in Italy),

Weighing the scholarly brain of these two distinguished scholars, one could imagine suppose to have one identical character of critique when it comes to the US-Ethio relation. Unfortunately, Al Mariam who loves everything of America, failed to understand its destructive policy in Ethiopia. I understand completely why the seductive orator Obama had impression on Al Mariam’s decision to defend and elect Obama. Many of us did hope the guy might change the world as his treacherous speech did tricked many of us (though, personally I had doubts).

But, when Al completely surrender his hope and believe on Obama during or after the election; in contrary the Greatest Ethiopian Historian and Political scientist Aleme Eshete told me and even wrote a critique (let me paraphrase it) “Be it Obama comes or goes, the nature of American Imperialism will never change. The Bankers are rulers of America. They have exception power that protects them from any accountability.  Their negative actions in Ethiopia will never stop until they see Ethiopia humiliated by the white power (including by the Arabs) as a payback for kneeled the white Colonialist Italians in Adua. He further elaborates that “many of the Ethiopian political opposition (mainly the ethnic and religious radical elements such as Protestants and Wuhabists) are the product of CIA recruitment; therefore Obama will never abandon American products in Ethiopia. Americans want “TPLF as main coordinator of all the products mentioned above as its proxy agent to stay in power as long as it serves its interest unlimited.” Said Aleme.  Boy! Wasn’t he right!

Obama or his predecessors before him have always followed undetected sophisticated negative anti Ethiopia policy. It is not new that American Policy through its powerful spy branch of Government, the so called “CIA”, always support, armed, encouraged, financed and sheltered assassins and outright robbers like the present Ethiopian gangsters in power.

Al mariam in his recent weekly commentary came through my email, his title reading “ Shame on me for being proud of President Obama” triggered my memory of my very close friend and exceptional hero Dr. Aleme Eshete’s brilliant mind with his his critique relating “America and Ethiopia”.

This is how:- Dr. Al Mariam in the above title of his critique to Obama or himself said:-
 “After all, politicians and members of the world’s oldest profession share one thing in common.  They are shameless. I can’t help shaming shameless politicians. The question for me is not whether to shame or not to shame a politician but whether I should be ashamed of myself for being proud of a shameless politician.”
He said, had confidence on Obama and helped to be elected– because, 

“The year was 2007. The politician was a young, charismatically magnetic and silver tongued politician named Barack Obama running for the presidency of the United States. I liked the man for his values and achievements.”…..

“I was proud of President Barack Obama because I believed that he believed in the rule of law as the bulwark of liberty. I have this wacky and dogmatic conviction that government officials, leaders, institutions and anyone exercising power should be constrained by a “supreme law” of the land and held strictly accountable for their actions and omissions while in office. That supreme law protects citizens from arbitrary deprivation of life, liberty and property by those in power.  To explain it in my own metaphor, the constitution (or the supreme rule of law of the land) is fundamentally the people’s iron chain leash on the “government dog”. The shorter the leash, the better and safer it is for the dog’s masters.

And so on and so on….. He went on detailed of reasons why he had confidential on Obama’s system of rule in America. What made Al to feel a shame of him-self after defending Obama all these years, was, the expected character of the US policy on Ethiopia.

Here is Al:-  On September 25, 2014, President Obama met with a “delegation” of the ruling regime in Ethiopia in N.Y. City for a bilateral meeting. What he said at that meeting dam near caused me emeses (a more polite medical term I prefer to use to describe the urgency I felt to expel the contents of my stomach after listening to that clip). He said, …[S]some of the bright spots and progress that we’re seeing in Africa, I think there’s no better example than what has been happening in Ethiopia — one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.” Al Mariam, generalized what Obam said in short  “… it turns out that Ethiopia may be one of the best in the world — one of the largest contributors of peacekeeping… [and have] … one of the most effective fighting forces” in conflict regions. Is one’s “effective fighting force” (Obama said).
Al, precisely and adequately argued Obama’s premature evaluation of the Ethiopian economy growth and ignorance.

See (On September 25, 2014, President Obama met with a “delegation” of the ruling regime in Ethiopia in N.Y. City for a bilateral meeting.) (Read also Al Mariam’s reaction the entire article posted all over the so called “free media” (?) /opposition media)
Having said all this Al seemed to forget the nature of the American policy towards Ethiopia in history. Al might be misguided by the silver tongue, well read, scholar and brilliant Obama when it comes about the internal issue. What Al seemed to forget is the nature of the American Imperialism guided under the CIA towards Ethiopia since 1991 and prior years.\ American politicians who operate the global system are not fool. Americans know the system in Ethiopia is guided by assassins and outright robbers who came to power empty hand from the jungle of Tigray and sent their children abroad to very expensive schools robbing the nation’s wealth while citizens are sold as sex slaves and maids to the barbaric Arabs.

of all, the gangsters in power are notorious criminals who should have been locked in jail for all sorts of crimes they committed against the country. But, American policy guided by CIA is behind the power of these thugs to protect them from any global or internal hurdles/challenges. Embassies, particularly the American and British Embassies in Ethiopia are involved directly in the Ethiopian politics guiding it as their own. (Remember the 1997 Election)

Ethiopia is not only under neo colonialist arm, but it is directly colonized. The nation is now breeding many half casted children from all over the globe. It is Chinas, Arabs, and Indians! Prostitution is widely operated, stripped girls are all over, and drug and porn are all over the country. Gay and their bars are openly operating. Kids are raped by gays inside NGO camps. CIA knows this social crisis which introduced after the takeover of power by these thugs called TPLF (EPRDF). Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic brotherhood is been cultivated intentionally by TPLF since 1991 in order to destroy Orthodox Christianity in Ethiopia. The religious conflict is now beyond control. 

The radical Islamic brotherhood (Wuhabists) in Ethiopia were allowed to build Mosque right in front of the gate of Orthodox churches. The Muslim Brotherhood were allowed and bale  to preach, confused and distort Ethiopian history and its establishment to the Ethiopian young Muslims in the Islamic sectors, Medresas, TV and radio and Pal Talks. Some were even able to infiltrate the political parties and their media or protest the ethnic nationalist system in the cover of “Democracy” to advance their religious nationalism.

 The ethnic conflict which targeted Amhara society since 1991 until now is openly and actively operated under the guidance of the present thuggish groups in power. Over 2 million Amhara disappeared (the thugs in power already acknowledged in their parliament). Unknown numerous population of Amhara are maimed and killed. The Amhara rural peasants and town residents are evicted by millions of them  from Gura Ferda, Gambela  and Oromo areas by thugs who are supported and guided by the “Interhamwe Group” called TPLF, (present government of Ethiopia/EPRDF), and separatist groups like OLF, ONLF (both supported, financed and armed by the brutal Eritrean gang leader Isayas Afewerki and the Arabs). Of course also supported by the Americans. Many of the leaders of the mentioned organization and their 

supporters live in America and of course in Europe.
All these crisis is well known by the American officials. The question is “do they care?” No, not at all. It is their policy to see Ethiopia going down; its culture, dignity and sovereignty be destroy by TPLF thugs and some secessionist Liberation Fronts allowed to operate their recruitment activities ( their offices opened all over the States) in America,  organized, supported and even provided a warm shelter and employment  by American government.

 These notorious criminal armed guerrilla organizations demanding secession from Ethiopia preaching Interhamwe living in America as refugees brandishing their big knives on their air or tackling it to their waists.  Some of these criminals are leaders of an armed group who are supported by Eritrean gangs and Arabs still engaging in the business of secessionist wars and killing businesses to bring chaos to the Ethiopian society.

Some Congress members or x- Ambassadors or x-CIA officials or American officials still council them or do went to their ritual ceremony of their Liberation Front Festivals and delivered anti Ethiopia speeches or distort history of Ethiopia.  
Why did America support TPLF who is in power ruling Ethiopia and its adversaries Ginbot7/OLF/ONLF and the rest? Can a decent global leader support two adversaries at the same time unless there is a hidden agenda to destroy Ethiopia? Here is what the great Aleme Eshete who is completely different scholar from his cousin Al Mariam when it comes to expose the nature of the CIA lead America towards Ethiopia.

At one time on his critical paper respond to Professor Levin (an American scholar who is well known researcher on Ethiopian history) wrote the following;
I Accuse the CIA! He further elaborated his dismay of the Ethiopian scholars saying

  At the risk of being politically incorrect and making powerful enemies, at the risk of violating the general silence in academia, in the West, and in Ethiopia, I will speak of the CIA.  I will bring the CIA to the Dock for all the crimes it has committed and I will seek justice. Silence, which scholars, including our Ethiopian “intellectuals” and “scholars” have chosen, (Have you ever heard them talking about the CIA? It has become almost my monopoly!): It is taboo! They are silent.  When they do not engage in out-right sleaze and defamation of anti-imperialist nationalists, in disinformation and creating confusion. Although it is common knowledge that the U.S as the only super-power in the world, is, as all world powers have done in history, engaged in the construction of a universal empire, Pax Americana, to defend its economic interests, the term imperialism, which means just, that remains a taboo in academia. The CIA is the instrument of Pax Americana!”

The grandeur historian Aleme continued quoting Frances Stauner
Disposing of a huge public budget of several milliards plus the donations by private corporations and foundations, running its own cover business, etc. the CIA is, as Frances Stauner Saunders puts it, “ruthlessly interventionist, frighteningly unaccountable instrument of American Cold War Power “, a rogue elephant, crashing through the scrubland of international politics.”

Indeed, this is what we saw last week during the meeting between Obama and the “TPLF puppet” calling himself Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalenge of Ethiopia intervening in the Ethiopian affairs, Obama knowingly upgrading and appreciating this thuggish group to the standard as if they are concerned Ethiopian leaders.

Americans knew these thugs are funded by the Americans. And these thugs are spending the money as they wish without no moral ground or accountability. Because, for Americans there is no such rule off Moral issue as long as their puppets played by the game the CIA provided them to follow as a guide line. (put these sectors and elements in mind- Harmon Cohen,…..Paul Heinz and the Embassy in Addis ….).

What kind of moral consideration are we talking here when Americans assess governments?  I remember Dr.Aleme Eshete asked me a few years before he died, to send him two books, which I did.  The two books called “Game of Nations, published in 1973 where CIA rules of the game are recounted and “The Real Spy World” two of them authored by Copland.  Here is what the author of those books who was a senior CIA operator assigned in Eritrea and Egypt Mr. M. Copland had to say about Moral Consideration as criteria to judge governments:

“We spent a lot of time trying to identify what the moral background of a national leader's actions really was (as opposed to what the nation's politicians, religious leaders, and newspapers said it was) and we let it go at that. We didn't label it 'good' or 'bad.'  Such thinking was not allowed in the game. We had no Baddies and Goodies in our Game, only a lot of players each of whom were trying to win according to what constituted 'winning' by his own lights. These were all the rules we needed 'you can't win at anything - war, business, poker, or even love - unless you maintain a game attitude. Not surprisingly, every time I publicly extol the virtues of the "game player attitude" I incur the wrath of some moralist who accuses me of advocating shallowness and heartlessness“ Copland Wrote.

Dr.Aleme Eshete asked based on the above Copland explanation of moral or labeling good and bad leaders in the eye of the CIA;

“Don’t you see Isayas and Meles in these CIA games?” asked Dr Aleme. This is exactly what Professor Al Mariam failed to see the nature of the American Policy lead by Obama regardless the white house officials or the President talk sweet about how the people of Ethiopia deserve justice or Democracy or rule of law in Ethiopia when anytime changed by protestors. The present TPLF Prime Minister Hailemariam Desaleng is nothing beyond being a puppet to the gangs of TPLF who are guiding his way behind the screen. And in return the gangs behind him are also controlled, guided and counseled by CIA agents or American Embassy officials.

There are no criteria of moral consideration or good or bad leader in the eye of the CIA as long as they are able to control the thugs behind the screen.

The CIA “Seed planting Operation” headed by Richard Copland and his friend Richard Siwelen which started in 1969 in Eritrea with the then Selfi NeTsanet leader, the lunatic Isayas Afewerki in KanGew Station in Asmara was obvious intervention of America in the Ethiopian affairs. Followed the intervention in 1991 that brought TPLF to power orchestrated in the London Conference…etc..etc

After CIA infiltrate the Eritrean issue, the successfully infiltrated the Labor Unions in Ethiopia.  CIA’s African American Labour Center (AALC), infiltrated into the Ethiopian Confederation of Labor.  According to the source I read from Dr.Aleme, (several labour leaders were been recruited mainly from the Northern Ethiopia later from the Oromo and from the Harare and the Southern Ethiopia) following the creation of the AALC in 1964 Dr. Seyum Gebre Egziabher, head of the Department of Public Administration, who was linked to the training of labour leaders, had immediately recruited the following University graduating students  Feseha Tseyon Tekie  of Eritrea,  Mesfin Gebre Mikael, of Tigrai Gebre Selassie Gebre Mariam, of Tigrai, Tesfa Gebre Mariam, of Wollo.  The group had infiltrated into the Ethiopian Confederation of Labor.  As labour leaders culminating in heavy conflict later with the Derg and Meison.

According to Dr.Aleme, Following the victory of the TPLF and EPLF and the fall of the Derg in May 1991 Fesseha Tseyon Tekie who had returned to Ethiopia had told a labour leader whom he wanted to bring under the CIA that while the Emperor gave the land the construction of the Labour building near Legehar  (Lagare) in Addis Ababa was financed by the CIA.

later Fesseha Tseyon had poured money among the high clergy assembled for the election of the Patriarch to support the election of Abba Pawlos a long time resident in the United States, with little known sympathy for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and largely suspected of being a CIA agent. The Ethiopian Church is believed to have effectively suffered a lot under his leadership until today (until he died two years back).

CIA’s infiltration and manipulation of Ethiopian Civil societies and political parties is known to the few concerned Ethiopian nationalists who attentively and closely followed Ethiopian politics for many, many years.  It is not secret that some Universities in America, such as Hoover (Stanford) and Howard and few others who recruit or train foreign students for certain purposes.

The record showed, CIA recruitment program for Africa aimed at Black professional was told in the story of Prof. Kemba Maish – who taught clinical and community psychology at Howard years back. An outspoken feminist and  black rights militant was contacted through a black African colleague, by CIA personnel Department for employment. She was out raged:  she tells her colleague
        “I should mention that all of this applies to foreign students too. The CIA has a program where they recruit “nationals” – people born in a particular country –to go back to that country as a CIA agent. We should talk about the dangers here. These students need to be alerted, need to understand whose agents they are if they work with the CIA. They will not be working in the interests of their people, but working against them…The CIA has had a long history of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. By putting down just rebellions, of the people, destabilizing government, destroying organizations, planning and financing coups, and murdering leaders, the CIA has attempted to change the course of history in places like the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, Cuba, Chile, Iran, the Congo, Ghana, and Angola, just to name a few…The use of black against black …is seeking to make American imperialist policy more digestible simply because it comes in black hands instead of white…We must not become the enemies of our people……”

Given such evidence, all the Ethiopian secessionist groups and religious nationalist sectors encouraged by its proxy (TPLF) in power, American policy or its president will not change an iota from its immoral policy of praising, supporting or elevating the moral of its proxy agents who are still engaging in the business of killing, repressing and torturing Ethiopian citizens by controlling the government apparatus.

The American president /Obama/ not only is supporting the present thugs in Ethiopia controlling the government power to destroy Ethiopia- but America makes sure the future Ethiopian leaders and educated elements are subordinate to the behavior and interference of America in Ethiopia. How do they keep the present trend to continue to the future Ethiopia? Here is how.

We knew from the record that many political opposition leaders or scholars in the name of research are coming to America faculties and studying (numerous of them) since after 1997 “God knows what they teach them once they are admitted in to the faculties”.  An organization by the name “African Studies Association” in 1993 clearly warned African scholars to refrain from participation in the Central Intelligence Agency's program for research and support. Here is its press warning;-

 "The credibility and integrity of American university-based scholarship in the African studies field depend upon arrangements which ensure the independence of academic research and publication from the military and political interests of the government... The Board ... calls upon African scholars to refrain from participation in the Central Intelligence Agency's program for research and support and to oppose participation in other activities it sponsors." African Studies Association, April 28, 1990 (reaffirmed in December 1993).

Hey, does not this make you nervous and suspicious looking the record and the kind of policy America is following towards Ethiopia when the American President praised the economic development in Ethiopia headed by assassins and outright robbers of what I called them “The Tigrayan brotherhood” in power? 

This what Professor Alemayehu H/Mariam seemed to not understand who advices and guides Obama when it comes to the third world countries like Ethiopia.
Your cousin Dr.Aleme putted it and described it well who guided Obama when it comes to Ethiopia in his well said conclusion;

The time has come to recognize the CIA for what it is - an institution which in varying degrees has had, and continues to have, a largely negative effect on the process of development in the Third World.”

Or as Richard Copland putted it clearly how America Game attitude looks like when it comes judging rulers of third world countries such as Ethiopia in the following Game rules;-
“We spent a lot of time trying to identify what the moral background of a national leader's actions really was (as opposed to what the nation's politicians, religious leaders, and newspapers said it was) and we let it go at that. We didn't label it 'good' or 'bad.'  Such thinking was not allowed in the game. We had no Baddies and Goodies in our Game, only a lot of players each of whom were trying to win according to what constituted 'winning' by his own lights. These were all the rules we needed. 'you can't win at anything - war, business, poker, or even love - unless you maintain a game attitude."

Thanks. Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)