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“Amartitin Nema Miti’ song of the Oromo Liberation Front- equivalent to the Nazi term “unter-mensch”

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“Amartitin Nema Miti’ song of the Oromo Liberation Front- equivalent to the Nazi term “unter-mensch
By Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)
 I can tell you with confidence; I have successfully turned the ethno-centric table “upside down” which many political fools were sitting around it comfortably since the start of the “Oromiya kenga” Oromo students’ movement. Now, I have seen some educated elements who were reserved to say what is right, are now started to talk the language I urged them to use for many years after their many years silence. To say at least, that is a good sign of start to divorce from their opportunistic nature. As usual I like to thank also those of you for sending me emails and phone calls. Especially thanks to those from Addis Ababa and other cities in Ethiopia. It is encouraging spirit to hear many of you from Ethiopia are happy with my opinions.

Until the atrocity of the Amhara society halt, until the criminals who are and were involved in the ethnic cleansing of the Amhara population in Ethiopia are hunted and forced to stand trial to face justice, I will not stop talking about this Amhara issue unless all Ethiopians involve in solving this problem as “a priority issue” similarly as many Ethiopians “including many Amhara” are now sympathizing with the “Oromiya Kenga” issue. If you hear the “educated illiterate” telling you that talking about Amhara atrocity or to advocate and organize Amhara society to defend itself from additional atrocity yet to come in the future is considered as “ETHNO CENTRIC tendency”- They are either the criminals  themselves or they are members of the ‘ignorant opposition group’ unaware the politics of the day. And therefore, do not listen to their ignorance.

On my last weekly commentary on my weblog “Ethiopian Semay” in the title I wrote “The Emergence of the Tigre and Oromo Hegemony”, I promised my readers to tell the sad story of the atrocity and ethnic cleansing of the defenseless Amhara peasants carried by the “Oromo Liberation Front/s” guerrilla army and its cadres occurred (still occurring) in Ethiopia to publish it for this week (which I will present a bit part of it today). Unfortunately, this article is not in Amhraic, but in English.

As you know, we Ethiopians have our own written language “Amharic”- which is our national language; unfortunately, I am writing this article in English not in Amharic to help open the eye of the young Oromo generation, who are intentionally misguided and made to be illiterate (by OLF leaders) from reading and writing Amharic language, to let them know, the organization they support is politically to a great degree corrupt and criminal entity.

 Let me start my commentary quoting an Oromo fellow who described OLF group/s precisely for what they are as quoted below;-

“Unlike significant number of Oromo’s imagination, substantial media archives, public discourses and critical assessment about its nature and practice tell us beyond reasonable doubt that OLF is sadly little more than a collection of unrefined and less realistic political narrative, disjoined and pseudo liberators but hatred and vengeance against Amhara.” (Biraanu Gammachu - March 4, 2014)

Indeed,  …beyond reasonable doubt that OLF is sadly little more than a collection of unrefined and less realistic political narrative, disjoined and pseudo liberators but hatred and vengeance against Amhara. No other description can describe OLF than what our brother Biraanu Gammachu’s precise description nature of OLF.

We are already familiar to why the Amhara poor peasant was a target of a various hateful individuals and political organizations in Ethiopia since the start of the student movement. Some friends and compatriots are not happy with me for confronting the “major defect” of the student movement of the 1960- 1974 of their understanding towards the Amhara society. Their belief of the then still is viciously harming the Amhara peasants as we speak at this time by different hateful groups. The then members of the student movement, majority of them are currently leading the Ethiopian politics or they are still active as members of the current political organizations/government. That is where the fountain for the present Amhara agony is projecting from.    

 leaders of the OLF and TPLF are part of the previous student movement. Therefore, the misguided belief they had at the time towards Amhara is still active without any correction. Standstill seeing such elements not secede from that of the 60’s womb inquietudes my soul. “writings” of those so called “enlightened/radical” student leaders of that era towards Amhara mass is extremely destructive. 

Before I bring you my argument, I need to make one point clear. My own declaration is that majority leaders of the students of that era were not anti Ethiopia. Their political ideology they followed was Marxism, which is worldwide ideology of the time. There is wrong to flock with such ideology with world of that era, which was the mare ultimatum. No question, they were undoubtedly mature of their time (of course some are still dynamic with a stimulating knowledge). But, some of their maturity is now in question. I can definitely forgive those who did correct their thinking on time. But, I can’t forgive those who still practicing such defected belief they are currently implementing with vengeance, hate and destructive teachings against the Amhara society they hold it with them from that era. 

If I made myself clear up to this point; I want you to read a paper of the then student movement what they wrote about the Amhara society and I will take you straight to the OLF crime and its ideology still buttressing their belief on such paper read below. 

    “The supremacy of the Amhara nationality, its seizure of power and oppression of other nationalities has caused many things. The oppression perpetrated by the Amhara who has assumed power as a judge, as a ruler, as a Neftegna and as a leader of Christian church and the it’s oppression of other peoples or nationalities and its expropriation of their lands has created a very big and deep hatred. Amharanness (AMHARANET) has become a symbol of hatred among the oppressed people or nationalities/nations. The prevalent culture of the ruling group is considered as the culture of the Amharas. In the eyes of the oppressed people or nations/nationalities, the Amhara masses speak the language of the enemy or the oppressor. Since the Amahara masses usually side with the oppressor and exploiter Amharas, the Amhara masses are also hated by the oppressed masses of other nations/nationalities. The Amhara masses can only be on good terms with the oppressed classes of oppressed nations/nationalities, only when they shade or throw away their chauvinistic sentiment and forge close relationship with the oppressed peoples or nations/nationalities and struggle alongside them". TATEK, No.1, 1974

(The Question of Nations/Nationalities, page 19, name of author was not given and the text is written in Amharic). TATEK was the theoretical Organ of the World Wide Association of Ethiopian Students with the office of the Editorial Board based in Stockholm, Sweden. Translation from the Amharic into English is Dr. Assefa Negash who is a Psychiatrist. Dr Assefa Negash lives in Amsteram, Holland.)  

Here follows another fragment from another issue of TATEK

"Today there is really oppression of nations/nationalities in Ethiopia. In fact we believe that this issue of national oppression is very urgent and a very urgent matter. The ruling class would like to cover up or obfuscate or underplay this problem. And it does not want this issue to be raised up at all. This is because in Ethiopia the national oppression that is being perpetrated upon non Amharas is so unbridled and so great that even the slightest spark can cause a big fire and upheaval". TATEK, September February 1973 issue) in its issue entitled "The Question of Nations/Nationalities", page 2 3. Written by Nigat Amde in Amharic language.

(Nigat Made was the pen name of Negede Gobeze, the person who is identified with the MAESON political organization being one of its leaders). The translation from the Amharic text to English is Dr. Assefa Negash

The above quote was taken from Dr. Assefa Negash’s paper “REFLECTIONS ON AAPO & ETHNIC NATIONALISMS IN ETHIOPIA”.

If you carefully read the following assertion that says;- Since the Amahara masses usually side with the oppressor and exploiter Amharas, the Amhara masses are also hated by the oppressed masses of other nations/nationalities. The Amhara masses can only be on good terms with the oppressed classes of oppressed nations/nationalities, only when they shade or throw away their chauvinistic sentiment and forge close relationship with the oppressed peoples or nations/nationalities and struggle alongside them". TATEK, No.1, 1974 

On this term is what the OLF and TPLF policy of hate towards the “Amhara mass” is principled. I can’t make you understand beyond the above presented “clear evidence” why these two criminal organizations are viciously participating in the atrocity and ethnic cleansing of the “Amhara mass”.  The Amhara population is labeled as “chauvinist”. It is labeled as “collaborator” with the “oppressor” and “exploiter”, the Amhara masses is accused for speaking his/her own language “Amharic” and seen as criminal for speaking Amharic. Based on the account of these radical students ‘the Amhara mass’ is seen as population without any “language of its own”. Amharic language is seen not as the language of the Amhara society, but a language of the so called “oppressor and exploiters”. Therefore Amhara society for speaking their own language was condemned by those radical students. And their language was interpreted “the language of the enemy”.

Is it clear now for you all, why the Amhara mass is now a victim of vengeance by those so called ‘Oromo Liberation Front/s’ and by the ‘Tigray People Liberation Front’ ? Anomaly, because, the Amhara peasant was labeled as a subhuman society with ‘no language of his/her own’, a chauvinist, and condemned to be seen and treated as an enemy and oppressor; which lead the OLF criminals to believe Amhara as “subhuman society”. Thus, leads me to bring you back to the topic “Amartitin Nema Miti’ which is the song of the Oromo Liberation Front- equivalent to the Nazi term “unter-mensch.

What does “Amartitin Nema Miti’ mean? Here is what my good friend Dr.Assefa Negash is telling us what it means and the story followed after such song;

“Amartitin Nema Miti’ translates into “the Amhara is not a human being or the Amhara is a sub-human creature”. This is a nauseatingly offensive expression, with a very strong negative valence. This expression conveys the same message as the Nazi term unter-mensch (a German word meaning sub-human) that resulted in the process that precipitated the rounding up of six million Jews who were gassed in a gruesome manner. The Germans depicted as unter-mensch not only the Jews but also the Slavs and Gypsies. OLF’s description of the Amaras as sub-human not only echoes the Nazi depiction of Jews as sub-humans but also parallels the Hutu description of Tutsis as cockroaches.” (Why Have the Amaras Once Again Become Victims of Ethnic Cleansing by TPLF? By Assefa Negash, M.D.  18th of April 2012  OLF’s Depiction of the Amaras as Sub-human Creatures ) Remember this is the paper what Ethiomedia editor Mr. Abraha Belay refused to post it on his media. Those of you who wants to read the response from Ato Abraha belay to Dr.Assefa- please read my last week commentary “the Emergence of the Tigre and Oromo Hegemony”

Now, you know from our hero, the Ethiopian uniquely scholar Dr.Assefa Negash translation of the Oromo word ‘Amartitin Nema Miti’ means. What followed after this OLF song?

According to Dr.Assefa the dehumanizing song of the OLF “Ya jeru jererti, Ya jeru jererti, Amartitin Namma Mitti” -  (Ya jeru jererti” = which does not convey any message, the main message contained in the sentence “Amartitin Nema Miti’, which translates into “the Amhara is not a human being or the Amhara is a sub-human creature”. Therefore, Amhara  was depicted as sub-human creatures at the height of the 1991-1992 ethnic cleansing of Amaras which OLF perpetrated in areas that have been carved out as “Oromia region”.

Dr.Assefa Negash argues, the ethnic cleansing of Amaras was carried out by OLF with the full knowledge, support and encouragement of the minority TPLF regime. Amartitin Nema Miti’ was the dehumanizing song of the OLF cadres which were repeated ad nauseam before they went on their killing spree that targeted innocent Amara peasants in the ethnic enclosure of so-called Oromia region. What followed was the atrocity of the “Amhara mass”- in other words ethnic cleansing took place!

Amharas living outside the so-called Amara region, such as Arsi, Hararghe, Bale, Wellega, Illubabor, etc have been subjected to the systematic ethnic cleansing as the unfolding tragedy of Amharas currently in the Bench Maji areas attest. In the year 2000 alone, more than 13000 Amaras were uprooted from Gidda Kiremu in eastern Wellega after the OPDO forces with full knowledge and encouragement of the TPLF regime targeted Amaras.

Dr.Assefa details his argument with the following report;
I will hereafter reproduce extensively what EHRCO published in its 34th Report on the 18th of September 2000 regarding the ethnic cleansing that took place in Eastern Wellega.
EHRCO has ascertained that the following violations have been committed against the peasants:
a). Eight persons have been illegally killed.
b). An unknown number of others have been shot and wounded
c). Wives and daughters of the peasants have been raped
d).Thousands of peasants have been beaten, detained, their houses and properties burnt down and/or looted, and they themselves driven out.

Details of the Violations Against the Peasants
In March 2000, local officials illegally detained an unknown number of peasants in Gida Kiramo and other weredas allegedly for destroying the forest. The peasants are still in detention

On 21 June 2000, the same officials mobilized their Oromo supporters and ordered, “Amhara peasants should leave the area”. Then assisted by the militia and police they went out on a public demonstration carrying placards with the slogan “Amhara go to your country”, caused churches and peasants’ houses to be set on fire, properties to be looted, flour mills to be destroyed, peasants’ livestock to be either slaughtered or looted.

On 16 June 2000, they caused St. Gabriel’s church to be set on fire and its property looted.

On 17 June 2000, the army was brought and encamped in the area. The victimized peasants hoped for the protection of this army. Unfortunately, the army – either because it neglected its responsibility or because its mission was such – collaborated with the victimizers and ignored the burning down and looting of three churches, houses of many peasants, and the confiscation of the peasants’ livestock.

On 17 June 2000, council members and officials of Abidengero Wereda gathered armed persons and declared, “All Amhara should return to your country. They then ordered the peasants to get ready to return“. 

The next day, a large number of armed people came to the wereda and drove the women and children to a nearby forest. When the Amhara peasants protested saying, “While we (the men) are here, you should not take the women and children anywhere”, the armed people opened fire. The houses of Amhara peasants in the wereda were set on fire, their household properties and livestock were looted, and the peasants ran away for their lives, families were separated; women and children were left without any shelter.
On 25 June 2000 at about 1 in the afternoon, an organized group of individuals in Gida Kiramo Wereda, Gudina Jiregna peasant association, at a place called Chabsu, looted the properties of Amhara peasants, set their houses on fire, and killed three people”.

As the extensive text above, which I quoted from EHRCO’s 34th report, shows the Amaras have been subjected to untold indignities on account of their ethnicity. Some sources put the number of Amaras killed could be in the hundreds while between as many as 16000 Amaras have been driven out of Eastern Wellega and sent to Gojjam across the Abbay river for a forced resettlement in malaria and other vector-borne-diseases infested lowland region. 

In this inhospitable place, each day children and elders were dying unable to resist diseases. The cause of the displacement of these Amaras was politicized ethnicity that denied existence right to the Amara minorities settled there since the 1940’s. Even international human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch were not willing to go there and report these gross human rights violations as the human rights violation concerned the Amara ethnic group that represented a once “politically dominant oppressor” group. The negative valence attached to the identity of Amaras as once “oppressive rulers”, “politically dominant group” etc of Ethiopia has prevented international human rights organizations from highlighting the plight of the Amaras in a manner that is commensurate with the suffering of these people.”  Dr.Assefa Nehash M.D (why have the Amhara once again become victims of ethnic cleansing by TPLF? 18th of April 2012)

The above crime does not even mentioned what took place in Bedeno, Hirna and other many Oromo localities crime by OLF against the Amhara people.

To conclude my commentary with the argument of Dr.Assefa Negah’s view, why have the Amhara once again the victim of ethnic cleansing? Why did Amhara elites and the Am,hara youth failed to defend the “Amhara mass” when such incredible crime is committed openly for the last 24 years on them? 

Here is why;- 

Gradually but surely, the Amara youth has been desensitized to the demonization to which Amaras were subjected as epithets loaded with a negative valence were attached to the identity of Amaras through the use of words such as Neftegna. This insidious propaganda barrage to which the Amara youth has been subjected and of which it became a convenient vehicle, has reduced the Amara youth, particularly the educated elite to the point of accepting the negatively-charged epithets that have been hurled at the Amara people. The cumulative effect of this insidious process of Amara demonization has reached a point where the very Amara victims have come to accept the negative attributes that have been laced with their ethnic identity. Today, this very Amara elite and the youth of the current generation has accepted the fact that Amaras are to blame for all the ills that have befallen Ethiopia and is altogether resigned to the idea of defending itself against such waves of demonization and criminalization. This is the typical proverbial case of the psychological process that we call internalization.” (Assefa Negash M.D) 

With all these enormous crime committed by OLF leaders and their armed militia against Amhara people, shockingly some of those criminals are still living in Europe and USA without facing any justice to their crime. To my surprise, they still talk similar crime and teachings of hate to the young Oromo generation in the Diaspora to follow the same rout and struggle what the corrupt criminal organization and visionless OLF leaders traveled. The following ill informed and brainwashed kids are the product of the corrupt and visionless OLF elites teaching. This is exactly why I accused OLF as “backward, corrupt and incredibly hatful and ignorant”. 

I am sure some OLF leaders might regret (if at all they have rational mind to regret) for misguiding these young minds in such incredible ignorance. Watch the following video and judge it yourself. You can hear it here on the following video similar to the song of the OLF “Amartitin Nema Miti’ which is the song of the Oromo Liberation Front- equivalent to the Nazi term “unter-mensch still reflected and repeated in the mind of the Diaspora Oromo youth who are completely unaware of the doctrine they are indoctrinated.  

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Thanks for reading my commentary.
 Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)