Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Eritrean Journalist’s prescription to the Issue of the Ethiopian and Eritrean People

The unfortunate and the long ordeal of Eritrea and Ethiopia issues that still lingering without any viable solution to the problem that started since the invasion of Ethiopian territory by colonialist Italia in the18th Century is still a hot issue even after the so called “Eritrean Independent” asserted by conspiracy, and force. We have been told over and over by the two (EPLF/TPLF) Imperialist/Arab puppets, that if their Europeanized/ civilized pasta eater Eritrea is separated from “the bare footed, Gojjo living and Injjera eater feudalistic Ethiopia”,-“peace, prosperity and friendly atmosphere will prevail in both countries”. Eritrea is now registered as an independent country for the last 18 years. With in those years, Eritrea or Ethiopia never had no peace, no friendly atmosphere. What witnessed in 18 years of Eritrean and Ethiopian relation was “a savage war and bitter animosity” towards each other. It is now crystal clear what was been promised by the two liberation fronts namely EPLF (Eritrea) and TPLF of Tigray (Ethiopia) is contrary to what they lied publicly.
As the consequence of their lie, the safety, freedom and national survival of the two people is threaten from inside and outside threats. As the result of bad and abusive leaders of both Eritreans and Ethiopians, for the last 18 years people on both sides of the border are forced to immigrate all over the world living in exile as slave, in some cases worst than the life of a slave. In short, demoralized, dehumanized, unsecured and frightened new generation is emerging
(in case of Ethiopia , please visit, or to listen the audio posted ob both of these patriotic Ethiopian websites, who grabbed the news broadcasted from the German Amharic radio regarding a new round of the 12, 000 Amhara peasants’ ethnic cleansing, suffering from forced deportation, currently sleeping sheltered in one of the school buildings in Addis Ababa with no food and water , children starved to death and the government of TPLF who is perpetrated the ethnic cleansing seemed to be happy seeing its mission on action. Thanks both websites for posting the audio when others ignored the news while their media busy publicizing mediocre individual opposition leader’s publicity. Indeed sad!!!!! )
The two liberation fronts (EPLF and TPLF) as you know are fascistic in nature and communistic in ideology and gave us homicidal regimes of Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea and Meles Zenawi of Tigray /Ethiopia. Both parties taught the young and misinformed society, a destructive false words and analogies in the diagnosis of our country’s ills. “The use of false words and analogies such as “colonized”, “Cushitic” and “Semitic” to describe relations among Ethiopians precipitated us into denying our common history and shared identity, and like all falsehoods, led us down the path of self-destruction.” (Ethiopian Register- Editorial Feb/1998) The two brothers and sisters of Tigray (Ethiopia) and Eritrean people are disoriented and ill informed by these despotic, racist liberation front leaders and their cadres for many years to mobilize and recruit them to the game of killing and hate. No rational mind can deny the shared history, the oneness, the blood relation, the intermarriage and interaction carried ever sine history registered it. Unfortunately, we now know how lies and distortions of the so called liberation fronts of both sides of the land (TPLF and EPLF) brought a destructive end of the two people. After witnessing the separation and hate perpetrated by the two irresponsible thugs, many concluded that if people of both sides followed such a destructive trend for the few coming years without changing a new rout, and a new thinking,-“worst poverty, hunger, war, exile, and conflict” could take place and that could breed a chaotic and anarchic society like that of a neighboring Somalia. What is the solution and prescription to stop such continues distraction and conflict of both sides of the people? Well, many people came with different ideas and solution of their own. Some say Con-Federation, some thinking of Federation, some say total unification of both people can only deliver final peace and prosperity to the warring sides. Few months back, there was a conference held in San Jose, California where I live regarding this issue hosted by Ethiopians, where Ethiopians and Eritrean guest speaker like that of a genuine, humble , outgoing personality and a distinguished scholar Prof. Dr. Tesfatsion Medhanie from University of Bremen, German. After such conference ,the connive TPLF also did carried a similar Ethio/Eritrean conference, right after we carried ours down here in San Jose (U.S.A), aimed to hijack and destroy the wholly mission we started. The sabotage kind of conference was taken place in Shire (Endasilassie- Tigray). The participants came from Eritrean opposition {so called Eritrean Opposition Aligns- TPLF stooges/TPLF’s propaganda department. One will be wonder why I labeled some personalities among them as such have my own reason. - All you need to do is listen to their interviews and press papers- one will find them talking or defending how TPLF is developing Ethiopia/Tigray, how TPLF is a Democratic regime or how Kinjit is the collection of chauvinist Amhara, anti Eritrea or how Kinijit/opposition is NefteNnga…..etc, etc-}.
, and some refugees (from Shimeliba shelter camp) and also some Tigrayans from TPLF members and the sympathizers. The conference took place in Tigray was coordinated by TPLF Tigray “State”, and its cadres to hijack our mission. Its mission is clearly understood, and it was designed to destroy and exploit the good mission that is trying to bring both people together (You all know that TPLF thuggish leaders- never wanted the unity of both people) in the harmonious way possible. Surprising also, our mission is not only copied by TPLF government of Meles, but also by EPLF government of Isayas Afewerki. The EPLF government is going to hold its own similar conference For August 15, 2009 in Oakland California. The guest panelists are Ato Elias Kifle from Ethiopian Review {the host described him as: Addis Abeba born”while stated others nothing of such specification of which city or country they were born}, Prof. Dr. Ahmed I. Samatar (Macalester College) (Somalian) and Dr. Lako Tongun (Pitzer College) (Sudanese) and Dr. Dr. Awet T. Weldemichael (Eritrean).
Each is trying to hijack our mission to their destructive roll. We know that, two of these liberation fronts (TPLF/EPLF) can’t be a solution for the problem, since they are the source and the double breeder of the problem. The source can’t be the solution for the problem, unless both obeyed “miraculously” to the people’s will and give back what they snatched from the people. The people already said “enough is enough!” Eighteen years is a long year for the two parties to show a significant change in both sides of the people. Unfortunately, these are junkies from the jungle that uses gun to implement governance issue. Therefore two of them can’t be conceder serious sectors to bring a notable and worthy reconciliation of the two people. It clear by now that these thuggish leaders survival stick with conflict of both people, not unity of the people. We have seen sides of the TPLF and EPLF cadres, how they are now agitated and felt nervousness after the genuine Ethiopians and Eritreans scholars and ordinary citizens of both sides of the people started to reshape and bring a new rout to the Ethio/Eritrean relation. As you recall Isyas Afewerki called the San Jose Ethio/Eritrea conference “positive” but, he also called us “TPLF cadres” (what a ridiculous fellow!). No matter how these two thuggish parties tried to talk about Eritrean and Ethiopian friendship, we do not think any of the two jungle tyrants (EPLF and TPLF) will bring a solution to the poor people as these fronts are the primary cause of their misery and abuse. In a single phrase “they have been in power for 18 years, where every facilitation (money, personnel, power, diplomacy, media,) is on their possession where none of it implemented for a positive construction of the two people. Instead, they used it for destruction and war. And therefore failed! And failed miserably! Therefore, simply “are not credible to bring these two abused society together as one brother and sisters”! Hence, let us search other Eritreans idea and new rout that they think is the way out. To those who were been following the Eritrean issues closely all these years to bring solution to the problem, I am sure, you might have few genuine Eritrean scholars that you know who came out with effective prescription to solve the dilemma of the Eritrean Ethiopian issue. Among them, today, I will bring you a young Eritrean journalist Mr. Milkias Mehreteab once a Lawyer, Judge, President of Eritrean Independent Journalists Union in Eritrea-now in exile and disappointed by the EPLF government calling itself PFDJ. I currently read Mikias’s articles here and there in and I am hoping to interview him live in the future regarding his view of the Eritrean Ethiopian relation and his prescription and how he sees the present effort of conferences that is going on by TPLF and EPLF regarding Ethio/Eritrean reconciliation. Till then, I will bring you his view regarding Ethio/Eritrea relation from his interview back in November 2002 with the English paper “Ethiopian Mirror” based in Los Angeles. Milkiest Mehreteab was the editor and publisher of the Kestedamena (Tigringa paper) in Eritrea before he fled to exile. Milkias was born in Asmara and learn his elementary and high school in Addis Ababa. In 1991, he returned to Asmara/Eritrea attended Asmara University Law School and earned LLB. After his graduation, he worked as magistrate, assistant judge and attorney in Karen and Asmara. After he launched his Kestedamena in 1998, he also was elected as president of the Eritrean Independent Journalists Union in 1999. He won different awards for excellence journalism from different world wide organization along with the Ethiopian Independent Journalist Ato Kifle Mulat. His interview with Ethiopian Mirror then in 2002 follows and read the interview for your file , since his view and prescription regarding the two people is an excellent solution which all mature people of the two side need to take it seriously if one wants to see a stable peace and prosperity in the area. Here is the interview. EThiopian Mirror-, what is your suggestion to bring the brotherly Eritrean and Ethiopian people together? Mihreteab, - Very good and important question. My suggestion and I think the solution is the final unity of the two but one people. I conceder the so called independence as an artificial one just as in the East and West Germany’s and North and South Yemen and other places where division was created forcefully from outside forces under the gun. Historically, Eritrea is more Ethiopian than say Sidama or Gamogfa is. Adulis (Eritrea) was the cradle of the Abyssinian civilization along with Axum and Gondar (Ethiopia). There is absolutely no difference between the different Ethiopian and Eritrean Nationalities. For example, the Tigre in the lowlands speak a language known as Tigre which is directly descended from Ge’ez, the Blen came from Agew Meder and Lasta. Most of the highlanders came from Tigray and Amhara highlands. The Gurages trace their ancestries from a place known as Gura in Akale Guzai, the name Begemeder comes from the name Beja Meder (The Beja tribe are in the border of Eritrea and Sudan). Honestly speaking the commonalities between the two peoples are much higher than say two tribes in one country such as India. It is true the past regimes have been cruel and dictatorial and have exploited the grievances of the local people to create a wedge between a various people in order to dived and rule comfortably. The past regimes, especially the Dergue massacred countless Eritreans, but it has to be remembered the Dergue killed more Ethiopians than Eritreans. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians youth were killed and the Dergue’s killing machine was not discriminatory. The Dergue destroyed equally the Amharas, Aderes, Gurages, Oromos, Tigrayans etc…It is true also the Haileselassie Regime violated the Federation imposed by the UN and many crimes were committed by Haileselassie and the Dergue regimes. How ever this should not be the sole reason for a total scission. Now, formerly bitter enemy people and states such as Germany, France, Britain, Denmark, and Portugal….etc... are uniting. All over the world, the motto is unity because it is the way to prosperity and even survival. Look at the US. 50 big states with annual income and GDP greater than many so called independent countries but are united under one flag and government. Look where it took them. The US is now the leader of the world in almost every aspect imagine, Eritrea and Ethiopia united with vast amounts of resources and manpower how beautiful it could be for all concerned. Sadly, first the current Ethiopian Government made a big mistake in letting Isayas usurp the Eritrean people’s aspiration for his personal use. My greatest opposition to the current is that it didn’t take into consideration the wishes and history of many Eritreans who paid dearly for the existence and independence of Ethiopia. The EPRDF regime literally destroyed the great history of Eritrean patriots such as Zerai Deres, Abraham Deboch, Belay HaileAb Megos Asgedom, Bahta Hagos and thousands of others. I want to emphasize that for example it is only in Eritrea people that name their daughters “Ethiopia” and still now you can see many people bearing that name. During the deportation the Ethiopian government deported inhumanely many Ethiopian of Eritrean dissent who lived in Ethiopia for generations. It expelled children of Aman Andoms’, Zerai Deres’ and Dej Abera Hailus’, who were patriotic Ethiopians lived and died for Ethiopa. I strongly oppose both EPRDF in Ethiopia and the PFDJ in Eritrea for twisting history for their own cause. I oppose more the EPRDF in Ethiopia, because it literally denied its Ethiopianes and handed over a country and its people to a brutal dictator without giving any consideration to the people on both sides. Whether we like it or not the unity of these two brothers is coming and as the currently State Department held conferences regarding confederation in Florida suggests even the International Community is coming to its senses and is realizing its mistakes. So, I suggest to the Ethiopian government currently in power not to deny to people who advocate for unity of both countries instead of torturing and harassing people who have such ideas, it should entertain possibly embrace them because both the EPRDF and PFDJ cannot for ever suppress people’s aspiration and will. I pray to see such a day. I think both governments in Addis and in Asmara are almost the same in their structure, attitude towards the opposition and dissent, free press, etc. Until recently both were hardliners Marxist Leninist groups. So, they have no stomach for other ideas and viewpoints, that are why many people are arrested, tortured disappeared from both Ethiopia and Eritrea. The over all solution is when people are given the chance to elect and remove their government representatives and leaders as they deem necessary. In other words leaders should start being civil servants not the other way round. During the last decade till now, Eritreans and Ethiopians been led by groups literally came from the bushes and captured the capital city (the power base). The people of both countries were never really given a chance to express themselves. They are under the gun for sometimes but you cannot go on like that forever and the results have been disastrous so far.” Milkias MehreteAb (Eritrean Journalist interview excerpt from Ethiopian Mirror based in Los Angeles, from the November 2002 publication page 8)//-/