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My Email Exchange with Professor Messay Kebede Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

My Email Exchange with Professor Messay Kebede
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
Professor Messay Kebede
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
All email addresses of my correspondence with different individual shown below is deleted for private issues. 

Getachew Reda wrote; February, 18/2016

Dear Professor Messay Kebede;

Greetings again, I received your incomprehensible and short reply to my questions; you have distorted some terms that are not mine. I have stated that yesterday to you and to brother Dr. Wondimu Mekonnen briefly. Regardless your refusal and distortion, here I am sir again asking you to respond to some of my questions if you are still willing to elaborate to me and to the Ethiopian people which you felt shy to elaborate yourself to us of the subject you  responded to some ETHNIKO groups you were lately flirting with (politically that is);-

 you said;- 

“For my part, it is in the name of democracy that I argue that ethnic politics must be recognized.”  
(The highlighting marks are mine.) Dear Sir, in your existing school of thoughts, please, describe yourself the relation between democracy and ethnic politics. When you said ethnic politics must be recognized, in what way you want Ethiopians to recognize the so called ‘ethnic politics’ in Ethiopia? We all understand the danger of “ethnic politics”; sure not to exacerbate the existing conflict in Ethiopia- would you please kindly tell me the different application of the ethnic politics of yours from that of TPLF/OLF/ONLF and the rest? This question was from my earlier message to you, and still, I am asking you to tell us your “method of recognizing ethnic politics” apart from the rest of the groups’ agenda and belief mentioned above. 

If you have ever read Dr. Worku Abera’s “The Perils of Ethnic Federalism” (part 1 &2)  and  Dr.Tesfaye Demmellash  “Unity Give thoughts and strategy a chance” you will understand there why people are now becoming very, very suspicious of you sir!

You said;-

“…. I still don't understand how people read the article as an attempt to target the Amhara instead of seeing it as a wakeup call to a sleeping giant.”

You might not understand your article, but people understand your wakeup call message (both sides of the aisle). It is clear, as clear as the early morning fountain water- sir!-  At least, the group who call themselves “Amhara” understood you this time, very,very well. You might not understand it- but we are worried, your intention seemed to facilitate the final liquidation of Ethiopia (in fact when you urge ethnic politics must be recognized- it will clearly facilitate the final liquidation of the Amhara also) by urging “Ethnic Politics a Must Recognize”; unless you in detail elaborate to us what is that you wanted to declare or the kind of ethnic politics a must to be recognized you wanted to be recognized in our country;-  firmly stay with my conclusion stated above). 

Sir, Ethiopian elites brought us to the present stage of sorrow and distraction without our desire and knowledge- with the devastating experience, ethnic cleansing, exodus of immigration and slavery as maid or sold and transferred as different race belong to another country (namely to Israel) we encounter for the last 23 years, we have all legitimate suspicious to still scare to what might have happen to our people- by same players of the past or people like you with popping from now where, will facilitate our final liquidation as people and country conspire with fascists, communists and secessionists.

 Agree to disagree ‘ it is now your turn’ sir!  Your recommendation “self-rule and national integration” is not clear what exactly you are talking about. Your “self –rule” need more detail on it. 

At the end, I will leave you sir, with the ‘quote’ of my beloved Professor Aleme Eshete 

I have been told by a well informed person close to the OLF that the CIA has informed the OLF to prepare itself to take power. We have already said that the trip of Meles to Germany a few weeks ago , may have had had precisely that agenda to finalize: If that happens and the OLF seats on the throne of Ethiopia that will be the end of Ethiopia as a nation. The OLF in power will be entrusted to finalize the complete destruction of Ethiopia, that is, whatever will remain of the present genocide through imperialism and the TPLF proxy. And Meles and his thugs could go away fat and free, in spite of all the lives they have shot out and the milliards they have robbed.

 As for the OLF successor, we have been saying and repeating for years its own self-declared mission, against the banda who pretended that the OLF was not an anti-Ethiopia , and “No Ethiopia” puppet engineered by imperialism. Further the OLF has always been a non-existant organization manipulated entirely by the CIA or its European counterparts, mainly German.

 As such the OLF is not even capable to serve in proxy colonialism. The end of TPLF rule and the passage to the OLF will therefore signify the end of proxy colonialism and the beginning of direct rule by American imperialism through the CIA or Pentagon .Therefore my compatriot , my country man, my sister, if you want to save your life, the life of your children, the life of your wife, your husband, your mother and father , if you want to save the motherland , it is now or never!

That is why at this point of time all those with a grain of nationalism expressing views in defense of Ethiopian sovereignty and independence are programmed to be eliminated, arrested or chased out of the country to live in exile in millions, in the U.S and in Europe. Whatever nationalist political parties and civil society organizations that may form inside the country or outside are infiltrated through and through by the CIA and agents of the banda regime, or by organizations like the EPRP which are full time engaged in the business of infiltration and destruction of Ethiopian institutions. (We have already expressed our views on the subject at length in our papers in EEDN sometime ago.

Further individuals groomed and sent from the States who pose as allied parties etc are engaged in the same destructive mission. No wonder therefore, that CUD has been victim to such devastating infiltration on so many sides.” 


The following corespondents’ email addresses are deleted for private reason

-----Original Message-----
From: Wondimu Mekonnen Sent: Wed, Feb 17, 2016 4:06 am
Subject: Re: Selam
Dear brother Getachew Reda,
Never mind about referring to me as "Dr" - that is not my title. Just call me either brother Wondimu or simply Wondimu, as I know if it is said in an affectionate way, I am happy. Everybody calls me Wondimu, Wondimye and one lovely friend of mine, Dr Araya Amsale even calls me Wondimisha, just like my other siblings.

You are right, I thought Prof. Messay was addressing Prof. Getatchew and was a bit jumpy. I have apologized for that. As I said, I never comment on his writing as it is too philosophical and even if Prof. Messay becomes very kind and explains it, I would not understand - it is philosophical and I am and I am less sophisticated. I am just a boring accountant, getting on with life and saying what I felt about my country in black and white without complicating it.

I know your contributions, brother Getachew and I appreciate for everything you are doing. Woyyane would do anything to silence you and brother Gebremedhin Araya. 
Oh God! I can't stand tribalists in whatever shape or sizes they come.
God save Ethiopia

On 17 February 2016 at 11:29, <> wrote:
Dear brother Dr.Wondimu;

First of all greetings. It is been a long time since I did not talk to you after the unfortunate grief day you encountered on your family's death. Nice to hear your voice again. Having said this, I thank you for your comment written below regarding my exchange with Professor Messay and me Getachew Reda. Perhaps you mistook me for Professor Getachew Haile or someone with similar name. I am not a professor.
 Though, I do not want and was never of my intention to be called with any extra name other than my given name, I felt the same way you felt even before you emailed us to express your disappointment. We are Ethiopians with cool headed society love to respect each other; but not anymore. The entire culture is subverted by the New World Order- especially during the era of TPLF.  The educated elites are the first victims/ except few left who respect anyone regardless their equal or not.

 Professor Messay could have called me the way the public calls me; that is-  Dr.Getachew Reda, Mr/Ato Getachew Reda, Patriot Getachew Reda, Arbenga Getachew Reda, Author Getachew Reda.....those are title given to me by my beloved Ethiopians for dedicating my life for the cause of the Ethiopian people. My sacrifice and dedication is tremendous. I have so many enemies around me as Ethiopia is surrounded by multiple enemies. As a Tigrayan, I have never regret for giving my life to my people/to the Ethiopians (that is), when many Tigrayans including my own brothers and many of my families fought alongside of TPLF. Many of the Tigrayan elites betrayed Ethiopian and enjoyed luxurious life accumulating wealth and education;- obtained from corruption, robbery, injustice and murder. 

My name and my title speak for itself. I have never fall for money or title or for fame.  I am honored by so many honored highly caliber Ethiopian scholars as you my brother!. I have engaged most of my adult life in the political arena with many educated individuals; professors, Doctors, Authors, poets, journalists, Lawyers and political leaders; including the top TPLF leaders  "Meles Zenawi, Sebhat Nega, Aregawi Berhe, and others..." My dedication to my people in this struggle got me to write 5 books/some Tigringa version. All dealing about TPLF/one about Derg. I produced one paper (call it research paper) unique to the Ethiopians including to the Tigrayans themselves-  titled "
የትግራይ ብሔረተኞች በአማራ ላይ ያላቸው ጥላቻ ከምን የመነጨ ነው?” . That is my title and honor of my life and my struggle.

Brother Dr. Wondimu, I thank you for your sympathy and for correctly asking Professor Messay to why he came out with his short response to the very significant questioners I asked him to enlighten me based on his own writings and beliefs.  Professor Messay is not unique with such behavior; there are many of his likes all over. 

This is one of the barrier we the ordinary citizens trying to break such arrogance attitude once for all before the coming and growing new educated generation follows their footstep again to repeat the cycle over and over.  In fact I have seen few young elites (reporters, political pundits and so on...) reflecting similar character of the old feudalistic elite of our era. 

 I will try one more time again to ask him to elaborate those questions forwarded to him so that there will no be confusion in the future. You see, we are ordinary citizens expecting for highly educated elements like him to feed us the right education and philosophy.
We are no more Derg or Haileselassie era society- we are internet born society- free to knock any educated peoples' door through emails and internet media. The good thing is, there is no guard at this moment to protect us the citizens from seeing or asking or challenging Professor Messay's office or his likes elites which could have been hard to reach or ask if he/they could have been living by now in Ethiopia/Derg or King era. 

There is no more "Profeseru Sira Yizewal Nege Temeles".  This is a free world with a free media open to all citizens. Email goes straight like or not with no guard to protect it.  I am glad we are here. If it was in Ethiopia- it could have been hard for me to even to see his face and knock his office for the reason his office  guard will be the first barrier turning me back from seeing him. That is what he is reacting like; "EKUYAH FELIG" is the motto of the sorry Ass (really excuse my word) elites of ours! 

Let us enjoy this freedom. Thanks brother Dr.Wondimu as always you a genuine human being. Thanks for this free media, we are free at last! We can talk to Professors and Doctors and Lawyers with no guard to turn us back. My questions forwarded to him are very clear. He just does not want to answer them. That is fine if could have said "no comment'. Unfortunately, he tried to fabricate some terms that I have never asked him to define to me. Look, he can’t even differentiate the different terms between "Amhara elites" and "elites" . He is intentionally fabricating a term never asked as if I asked him to define me the term "elites". He even insinuated by using such fabricating term as if I am ignorant who does not know the definition of elites. 

Look, the way he stated it; 

"Some of your questions rewrite history; others ask me to define my terms, even though terms like "elite" are common terms."
My question to him clearly indicates the questions below shown in  # 2, 3, and 4 He is simply trying to undermine me as if I do not understand the term elites meant. He can spin all he wants; the distortion is his not mine. This is a typical our elites character when they get challenged by ordinary citizens below them.

Best Regard
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopiabn Semay)
-----Original Message-----
From: Wondimu Mekonnen To: Messay Kebede
Cc: Editor/s Sent: Wed, Feb 17, 2016 1:25 am
Subject: Re: Selam
Dear Prof Messay.
I have never ever commented on your write ups to this day although I knew you from your days in AAU. This short comment of yours prompted me to say something.
Prof Geatechew politely addressed you "Dear Prof. Messay". However, you simply started by addressing him as "Dear Getatchew". Where is courtesy?
Oh, by the way, just like the Dergue used to admire you for. Your way of teaching scientific communism (in Amharic) the tribslists have started elevating you to the sainthood because you have just composed for  them the music they were gagging for to hear. Congratulations.

On 16 Feb 2016 18:16, "Messay Kebede"  wrote:

Dear Getachew:

I thank you for your comments. However, when I read them with the intention of replying, I could not understand your questions. I don't know what to say. Some of your questions rewrite history; others ask me to define my terms, even though terms like "elite" are common terms. If we engage in his kind of discussions, we will both be wasting our time. Let us agree to disagree. 

From Getachew Reda On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 4:46 PM, <> wrote:

Dear Professor Mesay;

How are you?

I did not get so much free time to read what is posted on the internet these last two weeks or so and still, the time to read and visit the media is not favorable time for me for variety personal reasons loading one after the other. Having said, I like to use this short period of free time that I get today to ask you the following questions to answer me based on your previous and latest writings. Though, I like to respond when I get convenience time about the commentary you wrote regarding the Oromo which caused so much hallucination to the mind of the Oromo Fascists and their mercenaries who are not Oromo by ethnic; anti then, for now, I like to ask you the following questions to answer me if you can which you wrote them on two different commentaries yourself saying (one is from last year/ the other is I think posted this week):
The portion shown below with a yellow background is your commentary. On those comments- you mentioned terminology like Amhara elites, marginalization, and hegemony of Amhara elite on Tigray. And you believed on it. To show that you believed on your assertion- you used the word “understandably”.

(1) If so, would you please kindly elaborate for me how Tigray was marginalized?

(2) Can you kindly elaborate for me what Amhara elite meant?

(3) And who were they and what position of government were they be posted; and were they leading the state when they (if they) marginalize Tigray and hegemony-zing Tigray?

(4) When you said hegemony of Amhara elite- in what term or usage or definition are you using it? Are you referring to land grab, culture…what is that?
(5);- the following is yours;-  “We know when the turning point occurred: it was in the 60s and early 70s when a majority of Ethiopian educated elites turned against their own legacy and cultural identity through…”  when said against their own; are you including your self there to or what do you meant “their”; why was it you do not want to use the word “our” instead of “their”
“While the marginalization of Tigrayunder previous regimes by the hegemony of Amhara elite has understandably created resentment, the espousal of ethnonationalism and secessionism to the point of making Ethiopia landlocked directly contradicted the historic vocation of Tigray.
We know when the turning point occurred: it was in the 60s and early 70s when a majority of Ethiopian educated elites turned against their own legacy and cultural identity through the instigation of the ideology of Marxism–Leninism. In one of my books, I describe the derailment as a “cultural dislocation,” one of its impacts being the measurement of revolutionary zeal by how far one is ready to deconstruct Ethiopia. ……...
When you add resentment against Amhara elite to the revolutionary zeal, you have a combination liable to produce estranged groups, the prototype of which is the late MelesZenawi.”

(2)Here on your very recent commentary I saw hastily, you said;

Unless we remove the TPLF and replace it by a democratic system, which, in turn, requires unity, whatever we want is unachievable.” 

( 5 ) what kind of unity are you referring here? The self rule you just referred that many Oromo Fascists made hallucinated?
(6) What do you mean self rule, can you please go detail with this. This is where the decisive point of my focus, and if you can please make clear yourself with this description.  

(7) When you said “self-rule and national integration” if what you are referring “self rule” is like the OLF/TPLF/ ethnic federalism which we already saw the result for the last 24 years; that will not produce integration or whatever the elites like you are describing. If there is another kind of “self-rule” please enlighten me what is that you guys called “self rule”.

(8) What is “self”? Is it Oromo to Oromo’s , Tigre to Tigre’s or what exactly is that “self-rule”?

(9) Does this “self” allow “others” also to rule/administrate? If “self” is describing to a given “ethnic” and “others” given to other “Ethiopian ethnics”- please elaborate their “integration” or disintegration in relation to the so called SELF-RULE.
Getachew Reda

-----Original Message-----
From: Messay Kebede
To: Tesfaye Gebreab
Sent: Thu, Feb 11, 2016 10:10 am
Subject: Re: Selam
Dear Tedla:

I don't want to start a polemic with you. But I don't understand why you characterize my piece as "political correct." Nor do I see why you think I have "surrendered" on Ethiopian unity. We don't disagree on the issue of unity but on the type of unity. So presented, we can have a meaningful debate. But if you think I am not for unity, despite my previous article expressly tilted "Unity Overrides Everything," then you block the debate. My article is inspired by realism and moderation, as well as by a strong commitment to Ethiopia. I don't see  how you can maintain that centralized unity is the only form of unity. I say unity can take many forms. This is where our difference lies.

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 12:50 PM, Messay Kebede  wrote:

Dear Tesfaye:

I thank you for your comments. I read them with great interest and enjoyed them. However, I must say that you give to my article too much credit and importance. Moreover, the original article, "Unity Overrides Everything," carries the message that the path of unity, peace, and democracy is two-ways street. It works if all meet in the middle. The problem is not Oromo demands; it lies in the extremist positions coming from all sides. Unity for me is precisely this convergence, this coming together instead of one pole absorbing everything. My firm belief is that the demand for a centralizing unity will either wreck Ethiopia or result in another, perhaps even more terrible, dictatorial rule. Right now I am the object of a campaign from extremist groups. It is comforting to hear the views of moderate and reasonable people, who are for me those who really love Ethiopia. Thanks for being one such people. 

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 1:09 AM, Tesfaye Gebreab wrote:

Please read the attached doc.

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:19 AM
, Teshome M Borago wrote:

Dear Prof. Messay,
Thanks for your brief short response to my concern. Yes we do agree on most parts and i truly admire your courage to put yourself in the shoes of other sides and all positions. But you did not address our disagreement.

Yes, oromo people have the right to struggle for their own community interests as "oromo first" (like Jawar mohammed says).... as long as they also support democracy for all and function under the ethiopia umbrella. We do agree on this common sense concept.

But you can read the article i wrote recently on ethiomedia and ecadforum.
I feel like your articles have ignored and abandoned millions of ethnic ethiopians who:

(1) self-identify as "ethiopians first" because we don't belong to the amara,oromo, welaita, tigre etc groups because we have multiple/mixed ancestries


(2) self-identify as "ethiopians first" because we prioritize democratic approach over ethnic approach of addressing historical injustices and we reject TPLF/OLF's institutional tribalism.

Not only that, your approach might have unintended consequences of legitimizing TPLF's divide & rule policy when you separately asked "amharas to join oromos." Why not urge all ethiopians to join oromos?

From reading your writings over the years, i know you have good intentions and you deserve the benefit of doubt because you love your country. But that doesn't mean we should lose sight of our greater goal of uniting all ethiopians and achieving democracy.

This is especially personal for me (and millions of other mixed ethios) because we don't even have the practical option of identifying with one ethnicity. Some of us have mixed ethnolinguistic heritage going back generations spanning many centuries. So all this amara, oromo labels are irrational and nonsense for millions of people like me. Ethiopia is not just our nationality and citizenship but it is also our ethnicity, our gosa.

As i explained on my last article, 99% of urban non-amaras voted for the CUD in 2005 because most of them are mixed or they see themselves as ethiopians (not as belonging to whatever linguistic group their parents may trace from. )
In my old articles, i provided more examples of this using the 2007 census. In that census, all of my family and extended relatives were forced to be counted as either oromos or welayta, simply because of their fathers' names. Ironically, all of them were mixed with 3 or 4 ethnolinguistic ancestries.

Prof. Messay, In addition, if you think that we must recognize "identity politics," then we must also recognize that one of these identities is in fact the "ethnic ethiopian" which is genetically multiethnic identity. And we are the ones deliberately and systematically persecuted and marginalized under the current TPLF ethnic-federalism debacle.

Anyhow, at the end of the day, TPLF/OLF's "identity politics" can be tolerated only as a temporary & transitional structure to heal the wounds of the past, but it can NOT be applied as a permanent structure to govern our diverse country.
May God save Ethiopia
Teshome Borago

From: Messay Kebede
Dear Teshome:

Thank you for the additional explanations. For my part, it is in the name of democracy that I argue that ethnic politics must be recognized. Moreover, to admit the uprising as an Oromo movement and to invite others to join it do not marginalize any group. I singled out the Amhara because of their importance and their historical role in the creation of modern Ethiopia. My belief is that unless the Amhara play a major role in the overthrow of the regime, it would become difficult to make the case for a united Ethiopia. I still don't understand how people read the article as an attempt to target the Amhara instead of seeing it as a wakeup call to a sleeping giant.

Dear Ethiopian Semay readers;

These were the exchanges of ideas via email correspond between me and Professor Messay Kebede and him and others also regarding his belief of what he calls “Ethnic Politics a Must Recognized”. My dear beloved Ethiopians, who stood with me with endurance to defend your ancestral land “Ethiopia!!!!” from America, Chinese, European and Arab colonialism, their mercenaries and collaborates ;- Are you therefore, ready one more time to standup firm with your spine for not to accept “your last demise as a people of a proud country ?”. 

Now, is the time to reject the New World Order cooked for us through their collaborators? Enough is enough! Fascists and criminals who were involved in ethnic cleansing of the Amhara people need to be challenged for not repeating their crime all over again. Anyone who involved in such crime should not be called “Moderate organization”. There is no such organization called moderate when one is involved in ethnic cleansing crime. Those who fooled you using such hallucinating term to tripped you back to the trap, need to be rejected and challenged openly on media. In fact the so called “moderate party” are the worst conspirators who are carrying fresh poison to kill our country with their ‘Self Determination’ which is a typical racist rhetoric which will applied against individual Ethiopians or any human race outside their ethnic. 

Those media outlet owners allowing those fascists and extremists to spew their poison to the face of our people on their media are as well collaborators engaged in the aiding and abetting, need to be condemned and openly challenged. The Illuminates are working hard organizing their African/Ethiopian mercenaries urging them to engage for the final demise of the ancient people of Africa (Ethiopia) for avenge in their defeat in the battle of Adua/Gurai/Dogalee. We are now at a critical point required more endurance than ever. “We shall overcome!!!”     

Thanks and will be glad to hear your genuine feedbacks
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)