Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My question to the Ethiopian Political Elites including to Eskender Negga and others ጌታቸው ረዳ (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

My question to the Ethiopian Political Elites including to Eskender Negga and others
ጌታቸው ረዳ (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

I wrote this commentary In English not that I wanted it or perfect on it, but to reach the vast readers of the Diaspora youth who can’t read Amharic.  Let me bring you straight to the question “which one of the following agenda is currently the burning issue- “stopping Genocide of the Amhara people or demanding Democracy?” Of course for asking and challenging the elites like Eskender and others at this moment will surely triggered a loud cry (reaction) by some of the “Diaspora selected political gang groups” (many of them are of course emotionally driven and petty bourgeoisie Amhara class who lost passion for their own Amhara). Such expected roaring reaction from those sectors is not new for me; we have experienced during the era of the Bertukan Mediksa lead group when touring USA.

So, I need to make it clear to all my readers. As many of you know me by now who I am; I am not of such nature pupating elites or shy to be critique against popular elites who failed to focus burning issues by echoing to struggle for Democracy.  ‘Democracy” itself is intrinsically fragile political system- in fact its durability is not guaranteed- it can be taken away by any gang/any coup…..It can also be dangerous vehicle for dictators (We have seen this when Hitler came to power- it was through election and democracy). Therefore, the neatly organized Diaspora political gangs who are habitually busy shaping “elite images” than echoing the cry and pain of the Ethiopian Amhara ethnic population, who are going through similar Holocaust as the Jew by Hitler have failed the Amhara population time after time, still going through same habit by going along with the elites who failed to address burning issues of the country. 

As I have told you many times also, I advocate for these elites lately released from prison- they are good Ethiopians, but they have contributed the prolonging of the Amhara sufferings by ignoring their suffering only focusing on one issue “Democracy”. Many of them who are involved in such agenda are unfortunately also reporters/journalists. The Diaspora media after their arrest was focusing only on them not on the ethnic cleansing the Amhara were going through all those years (this is because they are their associates). The political leaders in side Ethiopia were also busy fighting and busy focusing and advocating on individual arrests while the Amhara peasants by thousands of them were repeatedly flooded the capital city looking for someone to demonstrate on their behalf. Let alone to demonstrate on their behalf, they can’t even find a place to be sheltered. Because, there was no effective coordination to focus on their suffering to end it in order to challenge the system.

 The Muslims focus on their leaders, the media focus on their associates, the bloggers focus on their associates, the political leaders focused on fighting at each other etc…etc..while the Amhara  were/ and still are left to be eaten by the cowardly scavengers of the wild Human Hyenas all over the country.

Now let me comeback and ask Eskender Negga on his three demands which entirely ignored vital and timely issue of the AMHARA ethnic cleansing going inside the country. Your demand is of course “Democracy”. Therefore, in order to bring Democracy you demanded to meet three preconditions.

And these are

(     “ (1) All political prisoners, including G7's Andargachew Tsige and Mesfin Abebe of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) should be released without preconditions.

2) The State of Emergency should be lifted. All those arrested under the State of Emergency Law should be released without any preconditions.

3) An all-inclusive negotiation should be initiated by the government. In this all-inclusive conference, groups charged as "terrorist" should be included.

I believe, like most people, the new government of Dr. Abiy Ahmed will head for not cosmetic but radical changes in the country. If they choose the cosmetic path, the people's struggle for democracy and justice will return even much more consolidated than before. And those of us former prisoners will once again be in front line to demand for the reign of democracy and justice, Eskinder concluded. (posted at Ethiomedia May 9/2018).”)

I am ashamed to hear from you from such a brilliant fellow who could have demand better than these demands. You chose the demand of Andargachew and secessionist OLF prisoner as a precondition to talk with the government to bring a change ( If that is the goal) , instead of demanding to stop “immediately” the ethnic cleansing of infants, mothers, elders and young Amhara ethnic from Oromo, Benshangul which is still active. I am shocked from a person who is deemed to be a brilliant journalist trading the Amhara ethnic issue by two individuals who of course were involved in human abuse and accused by Ethiopian Human Right institution based in Europe (see my recent articles I wrote about Andaragachew Tsuge in response to Ms. Meskkerem Abera).

It is of course the right thing to be an advocacy for anyone to be released and seek a fair court process to see if defendants were involved in human crime or whatever the charge could be. But, leaving the most burning issue of thousands of thousands of Amhara society facing genocide out of your three demands is beyond me to believe what has happened.

Is it a bad lack of the Amhara people or what is causing for such vivid abandonment by the Ethiopian elites? The Amhara deportee from Benshangul and Oromo areas are at present be a spectacular to the great show of Democracy. We have to realize that might is democracy and this is equivalent to mighty be always right. The democracy internationally hailed by Imperialists who are not what they preach themselves are in the front campaigning democracy for Ethiopia. Oddly also, some of our opposition guerrilla leaders were preaching such (Democracy) to the public, while they were worst abusive elements themselves when they seized power and gun (Ginbot 7 lead by Andargachew, and OLF lead by all kind of criminals). The whole thing talking about democracy in Ethiopia by our elites as my observation helps me to see, it is a big tragedy-comedy show whose end and implication have been a disaster. 

We have seen criminals who were involved in ethnic cleansing and human/power abuse hailed as freedom fighters and human right defenders to hide their crime. As long as popular elites disregard the crime perpetrated by their elite friends and trying to shape their ugly image as Freedom Fighters, human right defenders, the show of democracy preached by our elites has not ended; it has only began. Therefore, the consequences are grave and far reaching.

    My special Note to All Amhara Associations;

As you all well aware that all campaign are now orchestrated to focus on releasing Andaragcahew Tsige and OLF elements. This campaign was well orchestrated none but by Amhara elite ethnic themselves (some of them just released from TPLF prison). Their motive seemed to only focus on the mentioned prisoners as their priority goal, and not strangely on their own ethnic Amhara who are facing massacre, burning and looting perpetuated by agents of Provisional Governments and secessionist clandestine agents.  As you are well aware also the displace d Amhara have no one to support them financially as other displaced ethnic groups were getting attention in the past. I therefore, ask all Amhara organizations where ever you are located ask you the following appeal to carry on behalf of the people of Amhara.

1)     Appeal to the humanitarian conscience of the international community to stop the going on genocide of mainly against Christian Amhara.

2)  Ask the UNHCR to send a mission to all these regions in order to identify the hundreds and thousands internally displaced Amhara, who are hiding in the wilderness, often surrounded by hostile gunmen, and dying unassisted.

I know we are few, at the end we shall overcome!  The petty bourgeoisie Amhara class who betrayed their own ethnic is becoming more hostile to the agenda of rescuing the abused Amhara peasants than the perpetrators.

The Amhara will prevail!
Indeed we shall overcome!
 ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)