Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Note from the Editor:--
The following commentary written by Dr.G Bekele regarding OLF and Ginbot 7 is very important to read. Having said that, though it is his right to support whoever he think better for the country to lead,  we also  have some reservation regarding his unfair commentary about Engineer Hailu using the word “Surrender” while  he at the same time urging people to support UDJ (who are also the sum total of liars and narrow nationalists like that of UDJ the anti Amhara fellow” Merera Gudina” –check his comments about Abay Gidib what he has to say on VOA and prove me if I am wrong)  the same party that participate in the corrupt election, the same party that refuse to boycott when Hailu’s party boycott to participate in the debate for disputing the unfair allocation of airtime to the opposition by the ruling junta TPLF, while the UDJ jumped in and participate the first and the second debate while still Hailu and his party boycott the debate. Not only that, after the fraud election UDJ did not do different actions/steps of struggle than what the Engineer Hailu’s party to react the fradulant outcome of the election – to shock us more, they put their coward tail between their legs and shy from organizing a public demonstration and protest went to their life. The same thing happened in Tigray lead by Seye who is a member of the UDJ and Gebru of Arena.  So we see of no different than any of the opposition that of the author is urging people to support. After all the harsh word “surrender” is unfair to begin with. Many have lied “Elias Kifle, Dawit Kebede and Kinfu Assefa of that EFM and Abbe Belew of Addis demts radio ... (responsible media for the Kinijit to be ruined lead by Bertukan and Berhanu) and failed to show us the money the Engineer got from TPLF that they said. Though I am disappointed by the Engineer for quietly went to his life after he saw a corrupt election, I simply disputed with those who accused him of surrendering and money corruption issue. They all failed miserably! So let us be fair when we labeled one from the other. I can talk all day long about the party that the Dr. is urging people to support- for now- I respect his opinion and let us move on and deal with these common enemy coming against Ethiopia. The article is too long- but take your time and read it, I believe it is very important. Editor -  www.ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com
“……Yes,when the Addis Ababa students marching against Eritrean independence and our people got battered by the regime, Ato Andrargachew was a senior official in the EPRDF, and in fact a Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa too, without any office experience and merits. Dr Berhanu also was the mentor and close confident of Bereket Simon and Tamerat Layne, the then crook Prime Minster of Ethiopia. Furthermore, Ato Andargachew’s father who is now in prison was in the Transitional Government Parliament, his sister was married to one of the most influential person who also was the Defence Minister Ato Tefera Walewa, in EPRDF; his brother-in-law also was an Attorney General of the transitional government who was persecuting the likes of the late Professor Asrat. With all these power and connections did they manage to influence the regime, the opposition, the public or anything at all? They were used and then thrown out like garbage.

Hence it is exactly the same thing they are trying again. Therefore, they must be reminded in strong terms to refrain from making the same mistake again and from robbing the public. They never managed to influence their old friends the TPLF and they will not influence OLF, ONLF and other Liberation Fronts as well except being their PR Men, Women and Free Advocates. G7 guys must be told not to be an instrument of Ethiopia’s destruction after they refused to work with pan-Ethiopian organisation while restlessly dancing with OLF and ONLF….” Read more ...


My Fellow Ethiopians, there was an easy solution called ETH-UNI-TY for Ethiopia’s problems and survival, but does a genuine will exist with Ethiopian Opposition Politicians? Honestly, I doubt it. I think it was Thomas Aquinas who once observed that, “There is nothing like your own shit to make you realize how much you stink”. But in Ginbot 7 leaders’ case, I don’t think they have the human and or even animal’s sense of smelling their own shit. Oh shit, they indeed really stink! Everyone’s silence when it comes to the opposition leaders behaviours meant let the devil we know better come and seize power. Does anyone really call that fair and good for Ethiopia and Ethiopians? And what has changed in the past 20 years because of our divided struggle except allowing the TPLF/EPRDF to escalate corruption, widen our own division, increase injustices, let loose killer diseases, maker terrible hunger worse, instil terror, commit the slaughtering of our innocent citizens, witness the destruction of the country’s many infrastructures, allow sales of fertile lands, displacements of our poor citizens and above all, sit and watch the most and worst kind of treason of all, ever committed upon Mother Ethiopia in her long and unparalleled history.
Hence it is really stupid to always fool ourselves by always falsely and insincerely praising one another, daily sweet-talking things and exaggerating our chances of winning, boasting about our strength and non-existing power, falsely and fraudulently claiming the so-called unparalleled and un-challenged progress of the opposition parties but rather grabs the truth and holds up to the public to see all in their smocked fragile glasses and or magnifying mirrors. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about the self-appointed and so-called political leader’s acts and this means that it is exactly as necessary to blame them when they commit treason and do wrong things, as to praise them when they do right as well. Any other attitude and wrong or biased belief in an Ethiopian citizen is both sinful and servile. Because I strongly believe that anyone who really and truly cares for Mother Ethiopia and her poor and oppressed people has a national duty to repudiate this wickedness and also stupidity.

My appeal is not to appease or please the public or the opposition parties of all colours but the honesty of telling the whole truth like it is without pulling punches. And all because, as Goethe once rightly remarked, “none are more hopelessly oppressed than those who falsely believe they are free”. I hope you are not the foolish kind of Ethiopians who falsely believes you are free and that your country would be safe in the Ginbot 7, the OLF, the ONLF and the few other silly anti-Ethiopia’s blood-socked hands. My beloved countrymen and women, today’s Politics and Patriotism removed from the common man have put our country’s future democracy at risk, adding to growing disillusionments with democracy itself. Hence if we fail to correct all these wickedness and errors and are not united soon, democracy will not have a chance in Ethiopia.

Therefore, the question is, why has our long political struggle gone so horribly awry and wrong all the time? This is not at all the fly-by-night, spur-of-the moment decision. It has always been discussed, agreed, considered, planned, squared-up, teed-off and anticipated for years. But now, it is all falling apart even before the great day that Ethiopians of all ages dreamt off.  Hence I don’t think that is a healthy development for widely based and progressive political forces. These slump further confirm that there are some opposition parties that are not growing in memberships and in the process, in strength. As the wise Andrew Jackson said too, “one man with courage makes majority”. Can you? Look back the legacies of Atse Menelik, Yohannes, Tewodros and Alula. Winston Churchill once said, “The nation had the lion's heart, I had the luck to give the roar”. Some of our leaders had the individuality enough and courage enough to stand by their own strong convictions too? Furthermore, they have inspired millions of Ethiopians worldwide to love, adore, worship their country and history. But what does that say to you all also when some others fled into exile and yet lecture us that they can defeat EPRDF from afar? We must get rid of such pretenders, betrayers and traitors. If not us Ethiopians, who? If not now, when? These are not the kind of leaders Ethiopia deserves. Oh no, I am crying no more. No, no!

“Be wise. Believe not what you hear in Meeting Halls or at Conferences but
half of what you are able to see with your own eyes in Ethiopian opposition politics”
As Churchill’s mordant remark once said, “In politics, one should never commit suicide as one might live to regret it”. They did and certainly should regret it. The way they started was quite wrong and stored up a lot of trouble for the future. “That was a cruel deception”. Yes, the public understandably concluded that G7 is fake, irrelevant and incompetent hence could not run a whelk stall let alone make a difference in Ethiopian politics. G7 therefore need fire in their belly not just words in their big mouths. What has happened to Dr Birhanu? He has become, in the words that an exasperated late British politician Anthony Eden who once said about US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles “a bull that carries his own China Shop around with him”. His lies, damned lies, boastings and flirting with Liberation Fronts and Shabia all fed up of witnessing these webs of deceits, deceptions and betrayals? Are we ever self-deceived? If so, how and why do we become so? How is it that, as some theorists have it, we can also lie to ourselves and persuade ourselves too? And where does the road lead us all too, if we follow G7ites ideology? What can we expect two, five, or ten long years from now too, if we continue divided like these some flirting with anti-Ethiopian organisations? If we have more of the same leaders where will we be too? It’s time for good leadership hence someone must show the way. Someone out there in our community must see what is really happening and lead us to sanity.

Ginbot 7’s ex-EPRDF also all other parties in Ethiopia  and flirting folks are tried and examined for many long years and now seen by many to be out of date and out of touch hence have sunk into a torpid, immemorial and gloom. Hence it is not in the Ethiopian National Interest to support these Phony Cyber Militants who are only after our pockets hereafter, unless one wants to spend time in meeting halls as a pass-time and to clab his/her hands when G7 money mongers and power hungry sods bark like dogs that saw the hyenas. My fellow Ethiopians, there never been in our history a more important time to talk than now about the problems and future of our country. But talking alone has never been enough to bring down dictators at all. This deception by G7 and their likes disheartened us horribly, but we all have to bear the truth as best as we can to stand up and be counted not only against the regime but also against the bloody traitors and failures in our midst. For God sake, there are thousands of unspoiled and good leaders.

Having said all that, the big problem with the not too genuine Dr Birhanu who has become the hopeless captive of his position in Ginbot 7 and the handsome perks he receives from the few trusting fools lacked moral courage to return to Ethiopia as Birtukan Mideksa did years ago, has now become a Sick Traitor 1st, African American 2nd, a Voodoo Economist 3rd, Liberation Fronts Agent 4th, a Shabia Sympathiser 5th, an Ethiopian Fake Politician 6th”, a liar 7th. Walk up folks! By the way too, is Elon Samson the publisher of “The Five Irremediable Mistakes of Ginbot 7” that sounded as “The Five Web of Lies and False Propagandas of Ginbot 7” was always as stupid as that or he really was making a special effort to sound intelligent than the rest of us Ethiopians?

Why change his name from Birhanu, Ephrem or Andargachew to that pen name Elon Samson too? He also used another pen name called “Solac” on some Blogs too, declaring that he has dedicated his entire holiday to defend Ginbot 7. Hmmm. It may be the usual spin by the G7 leadership under multiple pen names because they have woken up to realize that the public have lost their interest and trust on them for they failed to produce results and moreover too, for their teaming up with anti-Ethiopia groups like OLF & ONLF. Even if that was the genuine case, what else can they do to keep themselves too relevant for the struggle? The facts are speaking for themselves about G7. Well, brain isn’t everything always in their case but utter lies and money grabbing. In fact, in his case it is nothing really? His mind is so open, so open that ideas, insults and weird dreams simply pass through it. Therefore, I kindly advice the so-called Solac or Elon Samson, not to let his mind wander, because it’s far too small to be let out on its own on the Internet. Any way, I don’t think he was that fool, but what’s my opinion compared to thousands?

 But as one once remarked, he may look like an idiot and wrote like an idiot, but I didn’t let that fool me at all because he was really and truly is an idiot to tell us that Ginbot 7 was the perfect movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. He must have heard the old saying; “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth”. It is sad but true. Hitler once said too, if you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. But positive message devoid of truth is flavourless pap and only desired by small babies, Elon Samson? And if at first you don’t deceive, lie and lie again but know that a lie will come back to haunt you and you will pay the highest price for it. Therefore, all forms of G7’s distorted thinking boasting, and false promises must be corrected for their own good. As Dr Henry Kissinger once said too, it is not a matter of what is true that counts too, but a matter of what is perceived to be true. But if you are going to lie for a living, lie for yourself and your friends not to fool the public in the facts they know well. Because as Abraham Lincoln rightly said, “you can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”. True too?

Some G7 supporters seem to have been political rottweilers for few years too? Though their teeth are not as sharp as when they were guard dogs and foot soldiers for their leaders, their instinct remain lethal. Oddly enough, they too still dream of grabbing power soon by lecturing the Diasporas alone. They always had an inferiority complex in comparison with other parties about leadership experiences. It is also alleged that men in their mid-50s and 60s, i.e. “Ye-Korea Zemecha” generation now mainly lead G7. It is not my custom to mock others ailments, but anyone who listened and read their political arguments can imagine the dripping scorn they would bring to the revelation. In their case, a pain in the arse is peculiarly very appropriate. This critique is not personal but about Ethiopia’s future, about the majority, and about choosing selfless democratic leaders for our country so that the oppressed Ethiopian people are liberated from the worst dictatorship rule that shattered our economy, slaughtered our people, looted our wealth, divided our poor nation and destroyed the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters.

The only realistic way to behave these days is to be honest and upfront. Yes, it is nice to see some honest politicians, loyal and unspoiled citizens, patriotic and selfless individuals who are born to be good and loyal leaders, modernity in political parties and movements. It is high time to help UDJP/MEDREK in Ethiopia and not Ginbot 7. Brethren, we ourselves are to blame for receiving Dr Birhanu and Ato Andargachew with our open arms to deceive ourselves again and again forgetting what Lidetu Kihdetu did to us some years ago. Didn’t Engineer Hailu betray us all too, when he surrendered to EPRDF and later failed to win a single seat? Frankly speaking, the trusting majority of Ethiopian people seemed incapable of grasping our disguised enemies in our midst and their devious agendas, hidden tactics and concept of time. We are an impatient people; but our enemies are not. Without being too offensive to G7 supporters too, they are of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn from past mistakes and guard themselves against these known common dangers, pretenders and power hungry individuals like Dr Birhanu, Ato Andargachew and their colleagues known as multiple-faced opportunists who would sell their country for few dollars and pounds. But for some fools, who have been using, below-the-belt tactics and politically correct language that never hurt them, the paradise of other fools turns into the purgatory of fools’ successors.
Moreover too, believe it or not, one thing is certain. Dr Birhanu and Ato Andargachew did not behave like patriotic, brave loyal men of politics at all who hopes to win a big battle on behalf of the poor, the oppressed and terrorised majority of the Ethiopian people. They all are shameless, pathetic and gullible fools to me who really needs some advices and medication. Dr Birhanu is motivated by pure greed with no good desire and genuine thoughts to his obligation as a citizen of Ethiopia. As a result, though he seems to be in pure self-pity, but completely disgraced and destroyed himself. This critique holds no torch for Dr Birhanu Nega, those other bad individuals and website editors who flirt with the enemies of freedom, justice, democracy, Ethiopia and Ethiopian unity. Having gone through the hundreds of reliable emails I have received from all corners of the world for sometime and some opposition sources, activists, and also having weighed the facts very carefully, I decided that the enormity of the evidences I was provided with by these reliable sources and its importance warranted me with confidence to expose Dr Birhanu Nega & Co. The Ethiopian Opposition Politics seems to have gone from bad to worse.

The Most Ridiculous Confession of  Dr Birhanu Nega To Undermine His Ethiopian-ness

Dr Birhanu Nega who is the self-appointed Ginbot 7 Warlord’s hilarious performance at the recent Arlington, Virginia, USA Political Meeting on 10 July 2011 was one of the greatest pieces of political theatre I have ever witnessed for many long years. I would even class him as one of the great political crooks of this generation for perfectly performing a political acrobat and exposing himself as a weak, ill-advised fool, a self-made politician who was disloyal to his oppressed people and a treacherious man of the worst kind of this generation. He was and is a narcissistic sociopath, psycopat and political prostitute who regularly seeks the appeasement of genocidal dictators, their western appeasers and Liberation Fronts of all kinds, not uncommon behaviour by this hoddam Ethiopian politician who has always been a flirt and a one-man-band leader since his days at Kestedemena and also of the Kinijit party admittedly. It is unfortunate that a man with such a talent should have lost his moral compass when he marched along OLF and ONLF’s darkest ethnic and sescesionist pathways to the extent of and or short of almost blatantly denying his Ethiopian-ness and also deliberately failing to give straight answers and or clear explanations about Ethiopia, its many diverse tribes, cultures and our colourful traditions. Dr Birhanu is a no-good lying politician. He can lie to the Ethiopian people out of both sides of his big mouth at the same time, and even if he caught himself telling the truth, he would still continue to lie just to keep his hand in the general public’s pockets and other parties’ Cash Boxes. Yes, I say this. Choke and fall down to the ground or into a hole if you will, but know that Dr Birhanu apparently is a dangerous man who was on a secret mission for over ten years. Oh God, if Dr Birhanu weren’t born to be taller than his hair, he would have been a terrible bore
He has been a masked enemy who strives and works for the humiliation of our people and the destruction of our beloved country Ethiopia in collaboration with Shabia and Liberation Fronts like OLF, ONLF and all others who strive for the demise of our country and unity of our people. Hence no matter what G7 and Liberation Fronts say about my critique, I could not at all let this important matter go under the carpet all because, I am equally and terribly allergic to the plight of the oppressed Ethiopian people’s intelligence and integrity being insulted, ignored, cheated, terrorized, slaughtered, their human rights abused, freedom denied and the deceased martyrs of Ethiopia forgotten in an array of Pro-EPRDF bias and hates for Ethiopia and us all. Well, in theory, we have seen lots of Ethiopians are pretending like Dr Birhanu, Ato Andargachew and others that they dearly love their country; Ethiopia and they will die for her too? But in reality, you don’t see them there in the battle of the strong battalions. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is better to trust someone and be deceived by them, than to trust nobody at all”. Well, many Ethiopians including myself once trusted Dr Birhanu, Lidetu Kihdetu, Andargachew and the likes but they not only let us down badly, but also made “terrible moral errors” for betraying their own Mother country Ethiopia. I think that is the most morally indefensible reason anybody could have done against his own people and their country to only better their selfish and greedy lives in the west while their colleagues remained in Ethiopia to continue to sacrifice their own lives to liberate our oppressed people and our beloved country. I also saw that not only as an ugly and dirty stain on their own reputation if they had any, but also a disgrace on their lives hereafter.

That was one of the sad facts and activities I have witnessed in the past few years with some so-called Ethiopian websites as well. And also please look always that they all are regularly and relentlessly glamorising displaying photos and campaigning for too? Almost all of them are opportunist, power hungry, fame seeking and failed politicians who are talking parrots but not result achievers at all. Hence most knew all along that the likes of Dr Birhanu and Andargachew were Ethiopian enemies in disguise but what we could not figure out was that who really and truly were our friends around the Ethiopian websites and who are playing the radical firebrands that are really committed to democracy. Hence while those matured, experienced and very bright Ethiopian patriots are forced to stay away even from publishing their good works and are deprived of fighting at the forefront, few Ethiopian Websites fully entertain our masked enemies.  I will name & shame, also worship those who crave for future government positions in Ethiopia.

The erstwhile Doctor of “CAMP-G7” and disgraced economist no wonder has at last decided that he is no longer content with being unemployed in the west but rather be recognized as a Global Statesman, the future Prime Minister of Ethiopia and a Saint with an important message from OLF, ONLF and Shabia for his stupid listeners. Even after carefully following his recent activities and the so-called promises to topple the Meles Zenawi EPRDF regime by organising an uprising, I am still not entirely too sure what his message actually is and why and where on earth does he really came from? Above all who were and are his listeners and followers too? I am sure most of you would agree with me, although in a nation of freedom, justice, peace and democracy lovers, certain questions have to be asked. What are these traitors doing in the west? Is there not a more humane way therefore, to have these horrible Shaebian and OLF Servants be sent to the gallows or sent back to Ethiopia to prepare for the music and also apologise to the Ethiopian people? I can’t put it clearer than that. Perhaps on his next tour Dr Birhanu will unveil new versions of OLF’s and ONLF’s story and his future ambition (dismantle Ethiopia into pieces)) in all its political glory: His supporters may be wondering too, if Dr Birhanu’s interest in politics looked a very recent development and or transformed into the Abyssinian Colonizer-V-the Colonies as the OLF have been claiming for few years. And at the same time, he could be in America as Meles’s and Shabia’s Messenger to destroy genuine opposition parties and divide and weaken Ethiopians at home and abroad. Dr Birhanu seemed perfectly unaffected by all these. He is a strange kind of man whose armour of self-regard cannot be pierced, even by his own incompetence and un-genuinely. He will certainly be a ludicrous distraction for our struggle but the will of the real Ethiopian people must not be reversed or deterred at all. Understood?
As the Holy Bible says “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians-6). Perhaps to coin in a phrase, Dr Birhanu go back to your haven with your gung-ho attitude until you are tried in the same courtroom with Meles. Opportunistic behaviour may be evident in strategic alliances, in which one party uses the relationship to better their position, often like Ginbot 7 using OLF & Co; at the very expense of the Oppressed Ethiopian people and Mother Ethiopia that they intend to destroy our country of birth. Therefore, I don’t care what the armies of so-called do-gooders have to say about it but I think we have been over reluctant, too soft and too stupid for not dealing with them. They already sunk to a new low and it would appear now that these guys are going to be buried and forgotten. How degrading for them too?
Whatever the Ginbot 7 folks said, done and also touched has turned into a steaming pile of rotten poop to me. Therefore, why anyone takes this career losers, opportunists, power hungry bandas and liars seriously is absolutely beyond my level of comprehension. I do not have to dig far into my postbag to find more complaints directed at both opportunists or their movement that have been acting as a political party when they are not, but I can say that their assignment is mired in muddle. They are all mouth with no trousers who likes pretentious discussions to fill their bellies and pockets. But they will soon crumble badly as Meles would crumble in the end. Therefore, the Ethiopians people around the world must be really wise and go for the final burn. I have seen the future too, as I did in the pst and proved to be right and it smirks. A vision swarm into my head hence I say, Dr Birhanu, this Ginbot 7 (A Rotten Meat) in North America isn’t lean at all to eat it. We are fighting a war for our survival against bloodthirsty enemies within ourselves.

That gave me the courage to voice my opinion hence are not scared anymore about how I am perceived by those enemies, and so-called politically correct writers and biased websites for that matter. Who really cares too? Hence all must have been completely revoked and these false prophets be removed long ago. Dr Birhanu’s conscience is not clear and we have no evidence in fact to prove him right really. He is one of those so-called self-appointed political leaders who knowingly created all those misfortunes for the Kiniji’s systematic demise. Hence this boneless wonderman should stay at his home with his family. Furthermore, an all-inclusive Ethiopian strategy about democracy, freedom are not going to be realized by his few foolish audience or his weak colleagues. Let us put our house in order and solve our domestic problems first before we dare to criticize or demonize VOA that has of course shown utter disregard for the sufferings of our nation, and further continued to have anti-Ethiopian policy in all their reporting despite our repeated formal complaints. Dr Birhanu and Ato Andargachew were one of those dangerous wolves in sheep’s clothing who destroyed Kinijit and fled the country to form a movement. Hence theese two scroungers and traitors cannot at all be converted to Saints just because they moved back to the UK, USA and set up a radio station and a G7 Movement to do some business.

Dr Birhanu and Ato Andargachew may have roared like The Lion of Judah in America, Australia, Canda and Europe may also be planning to roaring in Asia and Africa too, for money. They may have looked furious, macho, daredevil and have shouted and bounced up and down like Mohammed Ali who was the Greatest Heavy Weight Boxer of our generation. Their arms may have flapped in agitation and then in contempt too. They may have shown pretending of their anger and feelings of sufferings from genuine outrage about our oppressed citizens. Their hands may have swooped around and scornfully slapped their head too. Don’t cry yet! The Doctor in particular, may have wiped imaginary sweat from his dark brows, bald head and then pointing at his supporters in the way you might if you were saying, “That is the father of my child if one was a woman or that was my uncle if you were a man”. These could be a richly satisfying depiction of real emotion, which is sadly lacking honesty. Therefore please know that those dramas by Dr Birhanu, Andargachew and the OLF are fake and system of cheating the public. What a pity that this Doctor Money Man isn’t a Prime Minister and Andargachew Amtataw isn’t the Minister of Interior of Ethiopia. By now, Ethiopia would have been auctioned and sold.

To speak the truth and to die for one’s country Ethiopia means to live forever. Period!

Shame, such individuals are in our midst and he is seen as a loyal leader too, by some trusting fools and his stupid friends. Dr Berhanu Nega who is regarded as the Sarah Palin of the Tea Party’s Naked Gladiator of Ethiopia after he became Mayor of Addis Ababa by default but he didn’t serve the public as a Mayor even for a single day yet, wants to become the leader of Mother Ethiopia but we all know that he had no chance at all to achieve that. Never, because the Ethiopian people are not that stupid to trust Dr Birhanu & Co; as leaders. Good gracious me, I may have been a strong critic of Meles, but here is a Doctor who needs a Doctor or should I say, be immersed by a Holy Water and or Ethiopian Tsebel without further delays so that he lives to witness the demise of EPRDF and liberation of Ethiopia. Otherwise, I dare to say to his silly and poor followers who are classified as morons; Dr Birhanu Nega cannot lead his family Kiosk let alone a big country like Ethiopia. How can there be a Big Ethiopia too, if my own blood Oromos (though very few in numbers) wants an Oromia State inside Ethiopia all because they were angry with some of our past leaders whoever they may have been? That cannot be a good reason at all

As I am a descendant of many famous Oromo Ethiopian Patriots like Geresu Duki, Dejazmach Kebede Bizunesh and many other famouse martyrs, I could proudly list if needed, including the founders of the Mechana Tulema Organisation, who relentlessly fought and defeated the Italian invaders in the 1930s at a famous place labelled as Tinishua Maychew around Wolmera, Holeta, Addis-Alem and Meta in Shoa, I am obliged by blood and flesh to continue to save and protect Ethiopia from any destruction and all the bloody bandas masquerading around Political Parties, Movements and Liberation Fronts. Yes, I honestly believe that we all are much better and more productive as a one nation Ethiopia than been broken into pieces of dozens of odd states and nationalities only to become very weak, very poor and powerless in everything under the sun.

I prefer to live and die, as an Ethiopian than an Oromo, Amhara, Tigre and or other. I really and truly mean it and also believe that would be a good legacy left behind for the future generation as well. Why be divided and be at loggerheads with each other, be poor and powerless as a divided nation when we could solve our differences by calmly sitting around the table? I have no apology for making this statement too, but does Dr Birhanu & Co; feel the same? If most of you say yes, and you believe him and his colleagues for anything, you too need good psychiatrists or the powerful Tsebel. Yes, I would not at all accept the destruction of Ethiopia. Dr. Berhanu Nega said he is planning to trigger Tunisia-style revolution against Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. We are doing everything we can to spark a North Africa style revolt in Ethiopia, the army wants democracy just like other Ethiopians and the army does not want at all to be held responsible for crimes against many civilians. According to Dr Birhanu, it will not take long for democracy to thrive in Ethiopia and he hopes to return back to Ethiopia by 2012 Easter Holiday. Hope he does not come with another excuse or crap slogans as usual, why he would not be able to return back to Ethiopia as he announced. He really seemed to have been completely detached from reality since he left Ethiopia. I am glad he has a Zero influence in Ethiopian Politics. Yes, zero indeed. Hence in my humble opinion, he really and truly deserves to be called Dr Mamo Qillo hereafter for all utter these lies, childish propagandas and this wishful thinking to fool the general public.

We all know that TPLF’s honeymoon days are numbered (my wishful thinking too) but don’t give us too much lies Dr Birhanu to force us to be too emotional only to empty our pockets for your G7 Bank Accounts. After you sold your books and collected millions from the trusting fools, it is time to say enough is enough and retire with your millions with your false prophet friends in fraudulent activities in the oppressed and that of Mother Ethiopia’s good names. I don’t even think many people have heard of the movement Ginbot 7 there in Ethiopia at all. Hence the three masked Ginbot 7 three Musketeers: Dr Birhanu Nega the Boastful, Ato Andargachew Tsige the Amtataw Beketema and the urban Nerd Ato Ephrem Madebo are busy plotting on how to make more money for themselves by using some trusting fools, our enemy the Eritrean Government, anti-Ethiopia Liberation Fronts like the OLF, the ONLF and other anti-Ethiopia groups. Very sad!

How can they join horns with groups that call Ethiopia their coloniser and refused to admit that they were born, bred in Ethiopia and they are all Ethiopians like us? There was only one reason and one reason only. That is, they all just wanted to jump into the worst Liberation Fronts’ Wagons to have a stake or positions in the future Ethiopian government if the Liberation Fronts defeated the regime through armed struggle that they couldn’t in the past 20 long years. This reminded of a funny joke. A mentally disturbed man went to his Doctor and said to him, Doctor; I think I am a dog. The Doctor was very shocked to hear that, but calmly replied to him saying oh no, you are not a dog sir, but a real human being. The mad man strongly insisted, repeated his claim and refused to accept that and kept on claiming he was indeed a big dog. After a long argument, the Doctor asked him, when really he started having that kind of weird feeling and he thought that he was a big dog? The sick man then replied in short sentence saying when he was a puppy. The shocked Doctor burst into laughing hysterically and realized that the man was fully insane. Similarly too, the wicked and devious G7 folks must have realized too recently, that their sickening tribalism to destabilize and destroy Mother Ethiopia with few of their anti-Ethiopian enemies was in their nature. What a worthless phoney economist he has become really? What a power hungry man that Andargachew is too? Hence, have balls to criticise them at least if you lot are afraid to tell them to shut up, stop their selfish activities to these failed, opportunistic and sick betrayers. All because Diaspora oppositions are out of touch with the Ethiopian population back home and their sufferings. Yes, there is no phrase that describes Ethiopian self-appointed opposition leaders better than “out of touch with average Ethiopians”. Dr Birhanu and friends seem to believe firmly that Ethiopia is waiting for their remote-controlled salvation. God knows that we need strong opposition in Ethiopia. But hate, disdain and ignorant ranting do not bring democracy nor build a country. Dr. Birhanu & co; has no vision whatsoever except barking mad and have no viable alternatives at all for the challenges facing our country Ethiopia today except the known, false Ginbot 7 slogans, Qerertos, Shilelas, and Fukeras at meeting halls and during interviews. Plotting a revolution from his safe haven in America and also Andargachew’s is like believing pigs can fly too, or as the Bible said a Camel can pass through the hole of a needle?

The Egyptian and Tunisian revolution didn’t come from any opposition parties but it came from the people. That was a baseless boasting from a man who had no balls to return to Ethiopia with his political colleague Birtuksn Mideksa years ago to continue fighting in Ethiopia but promised to bring change in Ethiopia with his Remote Commander/Control from America in a year then two years and then years time. He dreams of the date of his triumphal entry into Addis (Easter 2012) by Seregella Feres, and he foolishly imagines millions everywhere in the streets of Addis Ababa waving palm leaves, fresh Zembaba and Qetema with tears of delight running down their chicks witnessing the coming of Birhanu the Messiah. He knows well that a revolution is not a catwalk or running a marathon and that was why too he wants to stay away from the fire until others are killed, the dust settled and Ethiopian sky turns to blue. Let’s not also forget that this same man was in EPRP, Kestedamena, Kinijit and also was a close friend of Bereket Simon and further was the best friend and advisor of Meles Zenawi as well, for more than ten years. And his friend, Ato Andargachew the Amtataw Arada was an advocate of TPLF regime for years too. Sad!

The Holy Bible said, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots.
Then, may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil”. Jeremiah 13:23

These self-appointed politicians have communication skills of the Arada kinds indeed but none of them really seemed to have good strategies nor any organisation skills to the extent of destroying Kinijit and run away from the struggle from within our country. This so-called Doctor is a daydreamer but the sad thing about it is that he wants the poor to die for him so that he would then fly to Ethiopia like Andargachew Tsige did when Woyane seized power, to some how take a big job in Addis Town Hall. He was freely serving the Tigrai Community before that to be awarded that job from which he was sacked when found abusing his power and allegedly stealing taxpayers’ monies relying on his sister’s husband Tefera Walwa the then Minister who was a Cab Driver like him and his sister. Amazingly too, Andargachew did the same thing when he thought Kinijit would win the 2005 General Election too, but terribly failed without success?

Yes, when the Addis Ababa students marching against Eritrean independence and our people got battered by the regime, Ato Andrargachew was a senior official in the EPRDF, and in fact a Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa too, without any office experience and merits. Dr Berhanu also was the mentor and close confident of Bereket Simon and Tamerat Layne, the then crook Prime Minster of Ethiopia. Furthermore, Ato Andargachew’s father who is now in prison was in the Transitional Government Parliament, his sister was married to one of the most influential person who also was the Defence Minister Ato Tefera Walewa, in EPRDF; his brother-in-law also was an Attorney General of the transitional government who was persecuting the likes of the late Professor Asrat. With all these power and connections did they manage to influence the regime, the opposition, the public or anything at all? They were used and then thrown out like garbage.

Hence it is exactly the same thing they are trying again. Therefore, they must be reminded in strong terms to refrain from making the same mistake again and from robbing the public. They never managed to influence their old friends the TPLF and they will not influence OLF, ONLF and other Liberation Fronts as well except being their PR Men, Women and Free Advocates. G7 guys must be told not to be an instrument of Ethiopia’s destruction after they refused to work with pan-Ethiopian organisation while restlessly dancing with OLF and ONLF. Ask yourself too fellow Ethiopians, why G7 folks found it very difficult to work with the many pan-Ethiopian organisation and all others including Medrek where their old mates are nowadays. G7 has not been seen as pan-Ethiopian force anyway, as its natural partners not to annoy Issayas and OLF and ONLF. Even UDJP wasn't spared from their malicious propagandas too? Bloody fools! Therefore, he has no choice or plans now and until his lucky day comes, he would go around the globe, collect his own wages and his unemployed friends’ salaries. These guys are one of the stupidest Ethiopian politicians that we ever had in our history. They are all swindling innocent Ethiopians hard-earned monies. They are obsessed with people’s money and personal fame. All they are doing is drink alcohol and munch raw meat for free and tell the gullible audience that they are plotting a revolution to overthrow the EPRDF regime. So, how stupid can you all be really dear readers, to trust these dangerous cowboys and proved untrustworthy opportunists of our time?

I am sure that these multiple-faced con-merchants and betrayers does not achieve anything except empty the pockets of the immature and gullible Diaspora who only appreciates their eloquence in words and not producing results to prove their promises. How can one be so really stupid to listen to these talkative individuals year after year and really fail to question their motives and lack of any results? It was like throwing your hard-earned monies into the ocean. What a Buffoon Doctor  & Co; has been too, for talking and plotting for a big revolution without followers and sufficient finance, unless otherwise, they foolishly and blindly relied on some Shoe-shiners in Addis Ababa to sacrifice their innocent lives for them. These con-merchants who long passed their sale-by-dates but blatantly refused to give any chances for the young generation to lead the struggle as Professor Getachew Begashaw rightly proposed at Arlington to lead by example, instead of wondering around the glob using peoples monies just to blubber, say zeraf zeraf and beg for more monies to enrich themselves and their friends-in-treasons? Dr Birhanu Nega whom hereafter should be called an Eritrean, OLF, an ONLF Double Agent, has consumed too many burgers, kitfo and whisky hence he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Dr Birhanu Nega is a selfish person relentlessly searching for a readymade power through short-cut methods using others like OLF & ONLF. He has proved himself not to be a person to be trusted. He claimed to have written a book while he was incarcerated in Qaliti prison in which he said he was committed to a peaceful struggle and now changed his believe into an armed kind of struggle in collaboration with OLF and ONLF promising poor Ethiopians in Diaspora that he can overthrow the EPRDF within six months only to collect millions of dollars from the trusting Diaspora fools but still dancing and drinking Whisky in big towns with Ethiopian enemies. Dr Berhanu and Ato Andargachew, were also the ones who accompanied TPLF to power, took part in partitioning of the Ethiopian society under imaginary ethnic boundaries, dismantled the national institutions like the army, trade-unions, and pan-Ethiopian institutions, wrote pamphlets why the Amharas need to organise along the “ethnic” line. Their interest is only power and that was why they changed their ideas like seasons all the time hence they do not at all remember what they have said yesterday and would say the opposite tomorrow for more monies. They deviously fooled and destroyed many democratic political parties at home & also in Diasporas.

And how come many people failed to learn lessons from the other sick betrayer whom I labelled in my old article “Lidetu Kihdetu” and “Kihdetu Afyalew” and later too, Engineer Hailu’s failed signing for the devil? What a joke by Dr Birhanu & Co; making money from the gullible Diaspora by advocating violence just so that he can try one more time to grab power by the blood of the poor Ethiopian youths that foolishly thinks he is an honest man after all what he has done to Kestedemena, also Kinijit and his colleagues in Kinijit and elsewhere. He really loves to listen to himself on TVs, Audio recordings and Radios as well, with their sad moronic friends and supporters who love to only hear his boring jiggery, pokerry, fake slogans, gossips, irrelevant innuendos and the bashing of Meles Zenawi and his cronies. Is there any political party Dr Birhanu Nega, Ato Andargachew Tsige and all their foot soldiers haven’t tried? Would they be good for us with their blood-socked backgrounds and association with the OLF too? I doubt it.

Dr Birhanu is an educated individual and he realizes that he has to be more practical. He does not always chant populist slogans he has been making since they formed Ginbot 7 years ago, to no avail. Dr Birhanu Nega is an Ethiopian Economist who also calls himself a very Seasoned Politician who could easily speak or mumble without notes for few minutes, and whom they all recognised. on the media outlets and with a megaphone in his hand can be irresistible and the handful of all the curious passers-by had swelled to a throng by the time he had finished a rodomontade which excoriated EPRDF for neglecting his country or our country Ethiopia. It was the usual mixture of braggadocio and grandiloquence we have come to expect from a so-called politician who was born on the edge but probably found it too comfortable to be a politician to climb the ladder to become a leader of our country at any cost and without the relevant and necessary merit as several of the seeming vast army of psephologists and political academics. He is an incurable self-publicist, they howl and cannot be taken seriously, especially after his antics in Kinijit when his was at loggerheads with Engineer Hailu, Lidetu Kihdetu and other senior Kinijit members and his behind the scene flirtings with EPRDF and western Embassies. But it would be foolish to write him off or dismiss him as a political force, because all chicken make good Soup or Tiru Shorba if not a delicious Doro Wot. Dr Birhanu Nega could have led his Kestedemena party and have stayed the country to continue with the struggle like Birtukan & Co; did but as all witnessed before and after 2005, no statue of his would ever have been built and remained vandal-proof for more than a week. He should have retired as a politician after the debacle in Ethiopia all because his big ego for power has let him down many times over. He was a remarkably divisive figure among Kinijit members, a constant Lord of Manor. It was and still is his nature. Dr Birhanu have taken the votes of the support of few Ethiopians at home and the Diasporas for granted, a very cosy state of his affairs, but his winning the Mayorship position would have we guessed, changed all that and really and truly put a cat amongst all the pigeons. Unfortunatelly, he and his we know it all colleagues screwed it up and gave the regime the biggest gift of killing innocent demonstrators and destrying Kinijit that won the general election in 2005. And then, as nothing had happened too, some left the country to fool the Diasporas while others made deals with the devil like Ayele Chamiso, Lidetu Kihdetu, Engineer Hailu and the TPLF Dissidents who were killers and traitors for dozens of years. And yet, we seemed to have given the same failures and traitors more chances and after chances instead of giving the better ones and the young generation a go at it.  All what we have been doing also was criticise the regime while not many of us questioning about our own so-called leaders. What a shame?

Dr Birhanu is one of the good orators in his circle and not long ago too, was an EPRP member that he betrayed, an anti-TPLF Ethnic Federal System sympathiser before he deviously formed a Kestedemena Party only to join Kinijit during which he also equaly flirted with EPRDF and put Kinijit in a big mess. He was thrown into prison with other innocent colleagues where he said he published a useless book filtered with innuendos that in fact was written by others in Africa and the west and published somewhere in Africa. Thereafter, he fled the country for good and to formed Ginbot 7 as a result of which he became instrumental for EPRDF to put his families and friends and many other innocent individuals who were thrown into TPLF prisons to the extent of being accused as terrorists who should be imprisoned for life and or death penality. Although he and his bad colleagues like the multiple-faced Andargachew Tsige took so much money from the public, they could not show any single gain over the Ethiopian regime let alone secure the victory they all repeatedly promised at their hundreds of political meetings around the globe. It would be similar to those fund monies stolen from Kinijit in America. And now, they strive to work with the likes of OLF, ONLF and other separatist ethnic groups who are no different at all from the TPLF/EPRDF they kept on demonising and without assurance that they were willing to renew their liegency or accept their Ethiopian-ness without seeking for an independence like Eritrea did. Sadly too, they both managed to fool few trusting fools to date. Most of G7 admirers are not genuine democratic and patriotic Ethiopians at all, as I have noticed on Discussion Forums and around websites but those who indirectly support OLF, ONLF and all the other bad anti-Ethiopia forces. They all wanted to help OLF to seize power at any cost as long as they all are given future government posts. Therefore, what does Dr Brihanu & Co; really and truly bring apart from an entertainment to the people they lectured to fool? What have they really brought to those who helped them in the past and were affiliated with him in the past, singing his praises?

Is he a reliable and responsible person judging from his past records and political connections with EPRDF? Not a reliable person at all. He follows Hugo Chavez’s ideology and says to us all, I have human sharp tongue and selfish political reasons to remain in front of the opposition struggle and the candidacy, stronger than ever to rule Ethiopia even when he knows his G7 was not and still is not a political party. Yes, he wants to remain Ginbot 7’s undisputed leader until say, 2031 if EPRDF says 40 years rule would be enough for them. And then, he may rule Ethiopia for 25 years and retire when he reaches 101 years old. I would not wish to see that. Oh no, we need to get rid of these opportunists, selfish and exhausted old politicians and replace them with young and vibrant leaders. My computer is on the fast blink. That should read “Can’t Stand” these two men anymore, after they and especially that Birhanu run out of words to describe the nature and history of Ethiopian Nationalities and Different Cultures to just please and appease the likes of OLF at the recent Arlington, USA Ginbot 7, OLF & Dr Getachew Begashaw meeting. What a Comedy and Tragedy performance by Dr Birhanu? Was Dr Getachew fully realistic too? 

The meeting that took place there and recently in London were an odd mixture. The history lecture that the two-faced and weirdo Andargachew Tsige made on VOA and others was like “Enaten Yageba Hulu Abate New. Dr Birhanu is clearly unhinged, but somewhat intelligent. He would be a formidable opponent in future Parliament, until people recognise that he is mad as a hatter, fame-seeking and power hungry individual and untrustworthy person as well. He seems to have realized most Ethiopian democrats are sick of his boring trumpet blowing, pomposity and bombast, boasting and broken promises. Yes, the man’s a good orator but with absolutely no principle to speak of the truth whatsoever. He would do a disservice to the future Ethiopian parliament to suggest such a man would serve well in a system that would vastly be more sophisticated politically and then a simple talking shop where great oratory speeches although not uncommon are backed by some good political substances. Dr Birhanu will inevitably by as absentee in a parliament that will inevitably not suit his firebrand style and simply won’t give him the opportunity to exercise his condemnations in the fashion he so often chooses. The future Democratic Ethiopian Parliament wouldn’t be as I would like to think, a Soap Opera nor would be a Political Reality Television Show at all but it would be a Seat of Governance with a massive quantity and quality of real power over all The Ethiopian people’s everyday lives. But what G7 folks think is just a Speaker not a doer in politics is required. Hence the talking parrots like Birhanu and Andargachew could be their running partners to show they are not alone at all.

I have had a truly wonderful journey in politics and the weakest and divided struggle I have witnessed. I believe one of the big issues is to make politics accessible and stop pretending that one has to talk like over-stuffed dummy like Dr Birhanu Nega and his likes without bringing any results. But I am as tough as any man who is not afraid of talking my mind and exposing wrongdoers. I may look and talk sweet if and when necessary too, but can be firm also when I smell rotten fish and see wolves in sheep’s skins. Truth must be told always but for so-called Ethiopian politicians not many of them remained loyal to their political parties, as we have witnessed with the likes of Dr Birhanu Nega, Ato Andargachew Tsige and many like them around opposition camps. They have not been loyal to their mother country Ethiopia as well. These so-called politicians most of whom never at all studied politics nor held higher positions in any government in their country, have always changed their colours to suit their selfish purposes.

Ginbot 7 is purposely formed only to provide a platform for the two/three power hungry leaders and promote Liberation Fronts like OLF that can be regarded as the final nail on Ethiopia’s coffin. Hence let’s not forget that the heart of the struggle is in Ethiopia not in the USA, Europe or elsewhere. Wake up and smell the rotten fish around G7 and OLF devious activities too, before it would be too late? All the razzmatazz and sad dramas in the Diaspora are about Dr Birhanu, Ato Andargachew and their OLF and ONLF odd friends is about seeking power and the braking up of Ethiopia not liberating Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Many people also say that Dr Birhanu Nega is a dangerous flirt who cannot hesitate to sell Ethiopia to her enemies if he gets stake in it and or anything out of it. He has fully erased any emotional attachment that any other Ethiopian would have for Ethiopia if he negotiated the demise of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with our other enemies like Shabia and home-grown so-called Liberation Fronts who strive to divide Ethiopians for not good things but much worse than what TPLF/EPRDF did. Dr Berhanu and his traitorous friend Ato Andargachew sitting with liberators and agreeing to their terms of carving Ethiopia and cutting her into pieces in the hope of them getting rewards in future is equal to that of Ibrahim Sultan who they say, tried hard to sell Assab many years ago in Ethiopian history.
I do not have a problem with those political groups but equally I do not believe that Liberation Fronts that do not have Ethiopia at heart really and truly want genuine discussion with those who believe in one-nation Ethiopia all because it would be a counter productive to their own politics and their independence plans they have been fighting for years. Hence they want only to discuss terms of total submission with wIshy-washy groups like this Ginbot 7 or anyone who gives in and accept OLF’s weird demands. Therefore, never and ever accept the false reasoning these dismantle Mother Ethiopia. I have heard and read some grievances by different Ethiopian tribes, but the Ethiopian history was not that bad. Ethiopia was a one nation proud country until 1991 and still is too? Hence don’t believe Andargachew’s rehetoric that we cannot unite as one.

Foreign agents like Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsige, OLF, ONLF eagerly want the 1993 like false referendum that separated Eritrea. First they tried as the so-called AFD that myserably failed in humiliation in 2006 and now the same dead idea is in the process to be recycled as another kind of bloody AFD which I now predict to fall on its head and sword again. Ginbot 7 folks refused to join genuine political parties or uniting Ethiopians everywhere but have been acting like poisoned dogs running to Eritrea to lick Isais’s blood-socked boots ignoring that Isais slaughtered thousands of our people and very many gallant soldiers. All this was against Ethiopian people’s interest. And when that too failed on its head, Dr Birhanu & Co; started acting as an Agent or PR for the OLF, ONLF and God knows who else, as they are restless to defeat the regime before the 2012 Easter? Bloody fools!? These must really be the devious works of the west that is now behind the G7. Good God, the way Dr berhanu Nega explained about Ethiopian diversity and about Ethiopian-ness at Arlington, USA was indeed a political suicide that would be in the anals of humanity for many years to come. I wondered how much he was paid by OLF?
Therefore, it does not really and truly bother Dr Birhanu, Andargachew; and their likes at all whether Ethiopia stays together or gets divided into small fiefdoms like street markets as long as they enrich themselves. So, what result would really be achieved by discussion with people like him who is no longer a representative of and or aspiration of many oppressed Ethiopians back home? Hence I hope, Ethiopians with their right minds will have the good sense to finally put an end to these men’s political prostitution careers and support the young generation in Ethiopia who are bravely struggling with empty pockets against our enemies. Hence we don’t want these opportunit gold-diggers, who do not have any shred of concern for their oppressed people and their country. Mind you too, if these two individuals were still a good and strong political force to be reckoned with, why have they really left their Kestedemena Party and Kinijit Coalition or did not join any other Ethiopian Democratic Political Party to work as a team rather than forming a powerless movement and join unproductive groups stuffed by individuals who are community rejects? And why chose to group with anti-Ethiopia sesetionists who are already labelled as terrorists by the Ethiopian regime systematically, not to allow them to enter into the country to engage in opposition politics? Was that a good tactic really? Why flirt with the Shabia too, knowing Shabia also had its hatred and different devious plans against our mother land?

Dr Birhanu is on the run, desperately hunting down a constituency which will help him be elected for higher government position in future government on his novelty and art of speech values only. If he fails in this too, he will probably try for a Town Hall Councillor in Sebeta or join EPRDF as a Voodoo Economist to work for his nasty old friend Bereket Simon. Any way, thank you Dr Birhanu & Co; for not listening and taking oppressed Ethiopians seriously back home, but know that we are listening to you lot and that we will not forget your words. Thank you, the great leader Dr Birhanu Nega for exposing yourself at Arlington in 2011 too? The trials are still on and will continue till we manage to wipeout those false prophets & devious bandas like them.

As for my Ethiopian people, the time to push the Ethiopian agenda for the new century was yesterday. The time to plan for this was the day before. We Ethiopians are far behind, because of bad government, bad leaders, western appeasers and wrong advices but with a lot of hard work, patriotic struggle and help we can get from real democratic foreign governments, perhaps we can catch up. For now, we mourn for those who lost their lives and those who were injured by the brutal Meles Zenawi’s harsh treatments. We mourn, as well, for our country in this time of national trauma but now are the crucial time for all Ethiopians to stand up as one and denounce such Ethiopia destroyers like the bloody Birhanus, Andargachews and the Liberation Fronts. Dr Birhanu Nega is a man who made a deal with every devil and became an embodiment of evil to destroy Ethiopia to suit his selfish purposes. Yes, Dr Birhanu’s flirting with the Liberation fronts: self serving separatists, power mongers and the divided ethnic peddlers like the OLF that are slowing down the democratic struggle, and also tap-dancing with Shabia: the bad Ethiopian enemies with an old and silly ideology of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” though they had slaughtered thousands of our innocent people, created odyssey of terror, walked on our martyrs and people’s blood & finally entered into world’s sea of mud to steal our wealth was bad and treasonous indeed. Hence how on earth a pro-Ethiopian Movement sleep in Shabia’s ugly bed?

Hence I am duty bound to expose abuse of trust by the likes of Ginbot 7 traitors and their likes. What can one do too? Just bite your lips and laugh? The OLF and the ONLF are exploiting Dr Birhanu and Ato Andargachew’s bad reputation to get wider political support to try to hasten EPRDF’s demise and achieve their goal of secession amidst the many chaotic internal conflicts and violence amongst the rest of the hundreds and or the so so-called democratic opposition parties around. As we all know OLF and ONLF have never been seen waving Ethiopian flags but their own flags as a protest against EPRDF and Ethiopian-ness. They still refer to us Ethiopians as Abyssinian colonisers and their goal is no different than that of the Shaebia. The likes of ONLF and OLF, are carbon copies of the ruling party in power. They went back in 1991 to set up the transitional government, the banned pan-Ethiopian political parties from taking part in the transitional government, drafted the controversial constitution and declared that Ethiopia’s over 3,000 years ills have been resolved with the endorsement of Nations and Nationalities Rights and the so-called self-determinations. They intentionally refused to even speak and or write in Aamharic: the National Language of Ethiopia while happy using other foreign languages that clearly testifies their treacherous mentality and hate for Ethiopia. And yet, the likes of Birhanu and Andargachew found it useful and patriotic to unite with the enemy of their enemy forgetting these same secessionist groups were part & parcel of the EPRDF regime at the very beginning.

The G7 power hungry opportunists like Dr Birhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige in particular should not rob us, waste their own energy and time trying to form a Coalition with groups who have denied being Ethiopians that they were and still are. Yes, the divided OLF, ONLF and the dead Kestedemena kids on the block are back with the same charming but the totally ridiculous Cowboys like Dr Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsige, Ephrem Madebo and their likes to try to recreate the failed 1991 kind of Transitional Government all because they really and truly have ideological differences with the TPLF/EPRDF ruling party, but all because of the power and all the privileges they have lost during the past 20 years and more, after they have been kicked out of the EPRDF for being foolish. But in my opinion and as a patriotic Ethiopian from an Oromo Tribe and others too, any Ethiopian who feels strongly about the well being and also survival of Ethiopia as a nation of diverse ethnicities should not at all flirt with those who denied their identity, nationality and degraded their unparalleled history. Well, anyone can have interpersonal communication and debate even with ones enemies. But locking horns to pretend of handling Ethiopia’s political affairs loyally and wisely is totally unacceptable at all. And for God’s sake too, how can one trust OLF that has been broken into three divisions lately too? Or was it that G7’s political prostitutes have been used by OLF, to be given a new lease of life for their own survival? No matter what, OLF must first accept their Ethiopian-ness to deal or fight with the rest of the Ethiopian people for a one nation Ethiopia not demand an Oromia or other State like few Eritreans did, now regretted & are suffering. Otherwise, let them continue to dream with the G7.

Finally, I say this. As you all know well, I did political tap-dancing on Meles and the heads of all our enemies on the Internet than the Legendary Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on speed did in Hollywood. I even did political moon walking on Meles’s head and his supporters many times over and also on useless opposition political parties and their leaders like Michael Jackson danced on stage when he sang “Billy Jean” without being paid millions. I have produced more strong articles and critiques against the regime, his cronies and the opposition than anyone or so-called journalists that are acting like sick cult followers. I mean to say of course I did my bits strongly and courageously in a style for the struggle as a patriotic Ethiopian that made those website hate me. Surely, that was a lot for a one very couregeous man. Unfortunately, everyone on some websites looked uncomfortable because I guess; I outsmarted their idols on patriotism and politics or race. My only problem was and is I could not or will not stop myself from fighting for my beloved country Emiye Ethiopia & Ethiopians. Brothers and sisters, as Franccois Fenelon once said, “I love my country better than my family: but I love humanity better than my country”. The mystic of bond of Ethiopian brotherhood makes all men and women one. In the process, I believe that “discussing and publishing critiques and articles are an exchange of knowledge. But in my case, not many websites were willing to post my articles for the public to make comments on or indorse it. Hence, I will carry on wholeheartedly loving those who would be my patriotic Ethiopian friends as much as those who have been and remain at heart, my enemies.

Furthermore, like the Mississippi River and for the sake of the oppressed people of Ethiopia and mother Ethiopia too, I will continue to roll on forever until my last days after which I will end up in my grave. Yes, I will fight for my beloved country Ethiopia for all of us and or die for it. Period!



  Dr Give Me Money      Amtataw Andargachew 

Dr Do-little or Zzivago says, if you give me $500.00, I will overthrow Meles Zenawi in a year and that was over three years ago. Now, he says by next Easter. Then, with the help of my OLF, ONLF and all other Liberation Front soldiers, I will be your next Prime Minister to allow OLF be free from being a colony of Ethiopia to freely build State of Oromia to become an independent country like Eritrea within Ethiopia and make other Ethiopians to have 3 meals a day as Meles said years ago, including Tigrian Tihlo, Oromo Chechebsa, Harar Qurt Sega and Gurage Kitfo, Tela and Tej. Trust me my foolish brethren, as you have witnessed what I did and achieved when I was in Kinijit in Ethiopia, I was and still am a miracle worker when I talk, boast and but not when I try to work. Yes, I really can produce many more miracles if you keep on giving me monies. Also watch my lips and never underestimate the determination of a Foreign Agent too? Good God, Our destiny seems to be too far to reach if we continue to be lead by such idiots and opportunists but if we listen to one another and become much wiser, we can bring it a bit closer.

I used to trust Dr Birhanu Nega and Ato Andargachew Tsige to tell us the whole truth
I also published supporting articles when they and their friends and families went to the booth
But since then, I have seen all the unsatisfactory payoffs everywhere I heard and look
For God’s sake, who do you trust these days, when everyone at G7, are traitors and crook?

PS Please forward: this article to your friends and families to alert them for action against some devious and good-for-nothing Diaspora Movements and Liberation Fronts if you really care for your country Ethiopia and the sufferings of its citizens in the hands of the EPRDF regime. As I investigated & was informed from different reliable sources, none of these Diaspora Movements and Liberation Fronts have followers or are given the full mandate to represent virtually no one there in Ethiopia and even here in the Diasporas. Ginbot 7 tried to do it alone but wasn’t making headways and or they found it an uphill thing to achieve anything. Now G7 has suddenly jumped on the bandwaggons of the OLF, ONLF and AFFP just to get power for themselves. Does anyone think that was good for Ethiopia and Ethiopians? They are all bunch of vagabonds, ruthless and shameless creatures who are selfishly after our hard-earned monies. Hence my genuine advice to fellow Ethiopians is to support UDJP or MEDREK and all other genuine Democratic Parties in Ethiopia to bring change and to shorten the suffering of our very oppressed and starving nation.
Otherwise, you would continue to reading irrelevant articles and press releases on all websites that are doing secret businesses with such evil individuals, listen to all the interviews given to Radios, TV’s, pay to listen to all meeting hall rhetoric filled with fukeras, shilelas, promises and also pal talk chiqichiq for another 20 years to no avail and then you will all wake up to see the Broken Republic of Ethiopia. Good gracious me, what has become of this generation? Wake up! 

Yes, the way the Diaspora politics have been, it would continue to be a journey that none of us could reach. Do you really care to see Ethiopia liberated & also leave some good legacy behind for the next generation? I beg you all not to be fooled by the likes of Birhanu and Andargachew.

In my long time observation and investigation too, not many people really and truly cares about Ethiopia and oppressed Ethiopians. Sad too? And now, please click the following link to hear to laugh if not cry, what Dr Birhanu muttered to trigger me to write this. Shame on him and his audience who failed to question his pretentious and devious speeches. True Ethiopians must challenge and expose these Achberbari and devious TPLF, EPLF, OLF, ONLF and the Western saboteur’s hired messengers or mercenaries. Period! If after listening to Dr Birhanu you agreed with him, please make sure you too, need to be immersed in a good Tsebel. All these leaders are not really fighting the regime with arms but empty slogans from their comfortable western homes. How come all their leaders decided to live and give military type orders from their save haven in the west too? They are all bloody idiots, reckless and ruthless liars and con-merchants.


The Ethiopian leaders become selfish & dictators because the people do not challenge them and hold them accountable, but instead people are worshiping the leaders, to the extent of spreading unfounded lies for those self-appointed and opportunist untrustworthy leaders like G7 leaders.

unfounded lies for those self-appointed and opportunist untrustworthy leaders like G7 leaders.

Enezih Yetnant Wodajoch, Yezare Yewushet Telatoch Nachew. Ayi Simntegnaw Shih?

Can Anyone Tell Us About This Picture As Well?…Where, How and What For Too?

Wochegud, Leboch Sikefafelu Enji, Siserqu Ayitalum Teblowal Ayidel? Neqa Belu Abo?


Would you like to listen to Dr Birhanu Nega’s speech at Arlington, USA to laugh or cry? This speech was what really drove me to emotionally write this article with speed. I am angry.

Dr Birhanu is a Habitual and Pathological Liar. Click Below & Watch One of His Lies

Ask yourselves too, if he lies now, what do you think he would do if he is given power?

These are questions you should seriously ask, when deciding about our future leaders!

In 2005, he confessed that he hated Oromos. In 2011, he loves Oromos. What a u-turn?

Listen to Ato Andargachew Tsige’s new philosophy against Ethiopian unity.

He now says that talking about Ethiopian Unity is an offensive thing. Mind you, these two

so-called leaders were preaching about Ethiopian unity when they were both in Kinijit and

also at the same time, Andargachew was writing only about Amharas. This wicked man was with the racist TPLF: Ethiopian enemies and worked hard in the falsification of Ethiopian history too.

Visit EMF, ECADF, Addis Voice, Abugida, Ethio Guardian, Ethiomedia and read how strongly G7’s Ephrem Madebo lectured us about the necesity of working as a team with Liberation Fronts that he was refrained to call them Ethiopians. What really went wrong with some websites too? Would they be willing to post this opposing critiqe for the public too? Hmmm. Waite and see!



Genuine comments from Ethiopians & friends of Ethiopia are very much appreciated at: