Sunday, February 2, 2014

Amhara the victim of Tigrayan politics (Getachew Rda)


 Amhara the victim of Tigrayan politics

Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)

Amhara victims of Ethnic Cleansing evicted from Guraferdaof on TPLF ethnic policy

Here under this document, I like all Ethiopians to compare yourself to judge what the so called ‘equal’ development and transformation implemented in Tigrayans and Amhara zones.  The unequal, unjust and discriminative development is here shown on this document for you to judge.

I do not want to go further to detail more than the film which speaks itself. Check those four documented films to see how Tigrayans are beneficiary under TPLF more than any one of the Ethiopian ethnic zones.

See how the Amhara society are evicted from many Ethiopian corners felt sad, hopeless, desperate, unsecured, their children evicted from school they were attending and thrown out to the street.

The photo shown  in the video “Tigray:10 folds development compared to other regions part 1” under “Amhara’ are evicted Amhara from Gura Ferda and other areas children and women sheltered in the AEUP office (Hailu Shaul lead party) in Addis Ababa.

While in the same video, Tigrayans are having a good time enjoying their century of joy with the expense of others. Please check these four documents to compare my claim and argument if right or wrong.

The First one is development in Gonder, Wollo and Shewa /Debrebirhan narrated by TPLF cadre who used to live in Canada, by training a pharmacist currently living in Ethiopia serving his masters the TPLF using his Ben/Ethiopia first website (Benyma Kebede).  Here on that video  you will see Amhara youth exploited their free labor as the North Korea or as Isyas’s Eritrea youth are mercilessly exploited, videoed for government propaganda purposes. TPLF government can’t pay these youth for their labor while spending millions of Dollars in Addis for the corrupt African union leaders having good time prostituting with young girls in Addis Abeba.


Ethiopia: The New Gondar


Tigrean women Operating Tractors


TPLF crimes on Amhara people, video Part 2; Amhara Youth Solidarity

The fourth  video document assessment is development in Tigray by Dr Getachew Begashaw an economist by profession.


Tigray:10 folds development compared to other regions part 1

Seeing this document, my argument that Tigrayans are beneficiary and TPLF is racist and discriminatory group which I did argued for the lat 21 years proved me right, that I was on the mark.


Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay) Author of (1) ይድረስ ለጎጠኛው መምህር፤ (2)ደቂቀ እስጢፋኖስ፤(3)የወያኔ ገበና ማህደር፤ (4) ሓይካማ (ትግርኛ)