Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Colonel from Hell By Getachew Reda (Ethio Semay)

The Colonel from Hell
Getachew Reda (Ethio Semay)
Rumors say, the present sitting monarch in Ethiopia an army officer Colonel Abiy Ahmed Ali is suffering psychologically due to his unhealthy family secret unrevealed to the public. Some even revealed his real name and his real father’s name different than what is officially registered. If true, then, this cabal must bear undiagnosed psychological illness which I can see it from his different facial behavior accompanied by a sudden aggression, anger, arrogance and irritability in public.

This behavior and similar history was also reflected by the x military leader Mengistu Hailemarim. Military officers with such defect are dangerous when they become leaders of a country.  Therefore, Ethiopian people are now paying the price for having such a defected child with an explosive behavior.  As we speak, Ethiopia is raising a grown man acting as a child in the palace declared himself as King/Prime Minister/. It is to be remembered not far long, that this narcissist flamboyant child declared a threat of war against his peaceful opponents when he holds public meeting (example- ባልደራስ ምናምን በሚሉት ላይ ግልጽ ጦርነት እናውጃለን!”). And what he vowed in public, he did it in practice twice. Now, he arrested the peaceful opposition leaders of the Balderas political party and also a peaceful politician Yilikal Getnet and others cruelly, exploiting the murder of an ethnocentric Oromo singer where Balderas executive leaders and its members have nothing to do with the murder or any related disturbance in Addis Ababa.  Of course this defected man might stay in power through the barrel of a gun, but slowly, but surely one day he will face the wrath of justice for his involvement and for his self confessed terrorist act in the past and in the present.

Following his oratorical skill with a flexible facial and lack of confidence accompanied by denial and anger, indeed, few of us expected this fellow to be a man with power hunger, a brutal blucher against the Amhara people. As clever and shroud criminal as he is, he did his butchering crime indirect by unleashing the notorious blood thirsty Oromo Interhamuwe group called “KERO”. 

Shockingly and oddly, this crime is still carried with the government agents facilitation. These Oromo Interhamuwe thugs are spearing all over the country even in the capital city ‘’ in full blow, controlling the life of the citizens by committing religious and  ethnic cleansing. 

This is an indication that the criminal gangs in power are incompetent to lead the country: hence therefore, we demand the removal of this flamboyant narcissist boy from the office and apprehended his power back to the people and tried in court for his multiple crimes he committed for the last 18 years (in particular from 2018-2020). 

Many people tend to forget who these individuals controlling the current government are.  In fact, these are natural criminals who should face justice for their previous and current crime.  This Colonel from hell who is actively controlling the State House is a product of part and parcel of the defunct Weyane Tigray, OLF and EPLF. Of course, undeniably, many of them committed mass murder, corruption and different criminal acts. This system is characterized by rampant human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. Can we expect from such criminals Ethiopia to see a day light?
Can Ethiopia expect a flower of rose from a ruthless colonel from hell?
Getachew Reda (Ethio Semay)