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Slave Trade in Tens of Thousands of Ethiopians Branded as “ Falasha” “Black Jews” Smuggled out of Ethiopia was the Direct Rape of Our Dignity Recorded in History Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Slave Trade in Tens of Thousands of Ethiopians Branded as “ Falasha” “Black Jews” Smuggled out of Ethiopia was the Direct Rape of  Our Dignity Recorded in History
 Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Today this morning, I just visited Ze-Habesha website a topic caught my attention with the headline reading “How a village left behind by Jews in Ethiopia became a top tourist draw”. I said what? “a village left behind by Jews in Ethiopia!”And I asked, what happened? Became a top Tourist attraction! I said “Okay!” and read the article. It was nasty and irritating.

Many of you have been hoodwinked believing that there is Black Jew or called Felasha race immigrated to Ethiopia before 2500 years from a country called Israel. You have to laugh at this foolish theory created by some religious schmuck historians who worshiped the superiority of white skin/Israel above Ethiopian race.

If there were black population lived in Israel some 2500 years ago, there never was a trace of any black Jew remained in the land of Israel until these slave trade of the Felasha came to exist in 1991.If true, these Felasha ancestors could have made Millions of Black skin Jew population –looking just like them  “like Ethiopians’  future!!!”

Let me repeat this again! To make the story laughable, let alone Millions of black Felasha population be seen as inhabitants of Israel occupied a specific place or a space just like the other “white’ skin inhabitants of Israel, there never was a trace of a single family or even individual Felasha lived in Israel as the descendants of the so called Felasha breed of the “2500” years ago.

If so, how this fabrication of lies came to be believed as real? As I have told you all in my interview of August 2014 posted on my weblog or on you-tube hosted by Assimba Pal Talk. It is been the work of Noe-colonialist subversion campaign which went on for thousands of years to hoodwink the Oritawiyan/ Old Testament religion believers/Felasha with the collaboration through a native proxy/Banda “religious authorities” or “Religious subversion” The Israelis did not want a gigantic military aggression to get these segment of Ethiopian society to make believe they are Israelite Jew. The religious authority in Axum during the Saba kingdom already gave their permission of to sell the citizenship of these segments linking their mercenary theory with Queen Sheba as Felasha of Israel.

It was made written as true story. From there the people felt it was true. The people think to be Israelite was super human being than to be called Ethiopians or any other citizenship. Jesus was born in Israel and therefore they think they too will have special status in the world (but now to their shame,  we know they are mistreated as slaves).

Such subversion/destabilization was also developed by some ignorant racists who thought these tribes were immigrants from Israel not of Ethiopian Origin. Even the arts, the potteries were tugged as Isralite/Felasha arts not of the Ethiopian arts. Check the following photo how they still believe these work of art are not Ethiopians ‘but Israelites (Felasha art). Have you see any none Ethiopian arts in this photo that looks foreigners or Israelite arts? The subversion of the native banda/ Telalakiwoch/ mercenaries are still working hard to introduce our arts as foreign/Israeli’s arts. I got this photo posted on Ze-Habesha website obtained from “THE TIMES OF ISRAEL”
 Surprisingly such theory that this population was Israelite, not Ethiopians of Africa origin. This subversion propaganda was accepted by the Felasha themselves (read my email with a Felasha lady posted few years back- there you will see how they believe they came from Israel 2500 years ago not originated from Africa/Ethiopia).Can anyone in his/her normal mind tug these mothers as Israelite or even have the future and skin color of Israelite?  What happened to our educated sectors to let such invasion go freely  unchallenged ?
As I mentioned this in several occasions, Ethiopia had and still has many enemies for variety reasons of their own agenda. In order to destroy or kneel down Ethiopia, the enemies tried many ways. One was direct declaration of war (occurred many times). All open aggression failed to control Ethiopia since the Axumite era (undeniably of the wars of-course were devastating), Ethiopia managed to survive.

The enemies started another new system to destroy Ethiopia and kneel down its peoples’ dignity. Ethiopian dignity which of course was difficult for the intruders to capture easily than the open war itself (the Ethiopian dignity was the hardest quality to be easily subdue by the enemies). To do that, they came out with the following steps.

Each of them has different stages to pass through. I am not going through detail, since I have elaborated in detail during my interview posted on Ethiopian Semay blog (Ggetachew Reda August Interview). Though to made believe the Felasha were Israelite not Ethiopians of Africans went through the four process of subversion, the second step which is “Destabilization” was the process the subversers focused to manipulate the mind of these ethnic group. It was the thinking; it was the religious ideology that the subverser used as a tactic to persuade the mind of these elements to reach where they are now. After the change of power took place in Ethiopia, the subverser took advantage of the 1991 “crisis” and the Imperialists power (Israei Mosad/US/CIA)moved in with a large cargo plane and took the Felasha to Israel with permission and collaboration of the new mercenaries /native banda namely TPLF.

From 1977 on words new modern slave trade flourished in Africa. Many Africans including Ethiopians started to be recruited as a maid to Arabs and also Felashas traded for money and transferred to Israel as Israelite native citizens.

Here is how the situation is eloquently explained by the late Professor Aleme Eshete;

However with Sudan of Nimeiry (1969-1985) and Ethiopia (1991-2001) as American proxy-colonies, “main stream” media feeds the so called “international community” with disinformation regarding the slave trade in tens of thousands of Ethiopians branded “Falasha” “black Jews”, whatever their religion and provenance smuggled out of Ethiopia through the Sudan to Israel, and from 1991 to this day directly from Ethiopia to Israel. The definition of Falasha has gradually been expanding to cover more and more all Ethiopian Amharic speakers, mainly Orthodox Christians, living in the Ethiopian highlands, who constitute the majority of the 60 million Ethiopians. The slave trade in Ethiopian so called “Falasha” has therefore intensified at an alarming rate. The total so far exported to Israel under American Congress and Presidential orders and pressure, and through the supervision of the CIA-Mossad and international Zionism, is approaching 100,000. As the Intifada intensifies, as Israel needs more and more settlers in the West Bank and Gaza, more and more fodder, the slave trade in Ethiopians will redouble its rhythm and there will be no point crying when the slave trade reaches the millions depopulating further, and eradicating the ancient peoples of Ethiopia.

It is high time to stop the ignominious slave trade! If before the 1948 creation of Israel in Palestine, Ethiopia was considered by imperialism (mainly British) as one of the possible settlement sites to serve accommodate persecuted Jews in Europe, survivors of the Nazi holocaust, now it seems the reverse is coming true: Israel is becoming home to Ethiopian slaves who are brought to settle in the West Bank and Gaza, war zone “settlements” in Palestine, occupied by the Israeli army.”

 Who are the Falasha.? That the Falasha are Agaw Ethiopians in bones and blood is accepted by all scholars. “…sulla loro origine etnica agaw non puo cader dubbio” writes perhaps the gretest Italian Ethiopicist Carlo Conti Rossini. (“Appunti di Storia e letteratura Falascia.”). “Seraient-ils donc d’autre race que leur compatriotes chretiens? Loin de là! Ni par le physique, ni par le costume, ils ne se distinguent de la masse des autochtones , detail qui…dement toute hypothèse qui leur preterait une origine juive. “ wrote Jean Doresse (La Vie quotidienne des Ethiopiens au XVII et XVIII siècles .) Finally Professor Ullendorf of the School of Oriental Studiis (London” concludes: “A dispassionate appraisal of the ethnic and religious position of the Falashas places them squarely in the main-stream of Ethiopian life.”.( E.Ullendorf, “Ethiopia and the Bible” –London, 1968; R.Pankhurst,:The Falashas in their Christian Ethiopian setting” – in African Affairs, 1992 –91)) 

 The Falasha are an integral part of ancient Ethiopia belonging historically to the Agaw tribe. Ethiopian Falasha Agaw are referred to, in the context of Ethiopian Christianity, as Oritawi”, that is believers in the Old Testament, the monumental book of the Jews written in Hebrew, the basis of ancient Judaism, succeeded by Christianity and the New Testament. The ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church, perhaps more than other Christian Churches, consider the Old Testament and the New Testament. complementary and not contradictory. The Ethiopian Old Testament is written in the ancient Ethiopian language Ge’ez - the only literature the Falasha are acquainted with. The Kushitic Agaw inhabited since very ancient per-Christian times the entire central part of Ethiopia between the Beja of northern Eritrea and the Abbai or Blue Nile. The Falasha – now largely Amharic speaking since the Gondarine period (17th century)) - are descendants of the ancient Agaw who have nothing at all to do with Israel, but whom the Zionists call “Black Jews” - entitled to the so called “law of return” “to the promised land”. Ask them how, when and where and by what other “miracle”- they have no answer but lies. Given that to-day the technology exists, how about an anthropometric measurement or examination of DNA , to show the world if the Falasha indeed belong to the Jewish race, that they are descendants of Abraham and Moses. Why bother, when , in proxy-colonies, with a superpower backing, accountability is superfluous.

One may suggest instead that Israel needs the “Falasha because it needs more settlers for the “Jewish” settlements in the West Bank and Gaza territories conquered and occupied since the 1967 war, creating millions of Palestinian refugees (added to those created in 1948 following the creation of Israel), living ever since in neighboring refugee camps Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, etc. as well as in refugee camps in Palestine itself, refused by Israel the right to return to their homes. Israel may also need the Falasha as cheap manual labor , and perhaps also fodder troops to face the unending Palestinian Intifada and Arab wars. (see last paragraph). That is also why the Falasha issue may be considered, in a way, as a function of the Israeli-Palestinian war and the thorny Israeli “settlement” and Palestinian refugee issue, increasing and decreasing with war and peace..

However that may be, in the meantime. while admitting that Ethiopian ministers and ambassadors included also the Falasha (:U.S.A. Today May 16, 2000), a propaganda campaign of Falasha persecution in Ethiopia had been fabricated to the address of American Zionists who had consumed it without questioning. I had attended in Tel Aviv, by surprise, one such Falasha propaganda session where the Ethiopian speaker, one of those CIA-Mossad recruited Mafiosi “Falasha” smuggling ring leader, who had taken up an Israeli name, was addressing American Zionists to whom he was telling the most outrageous lies. That is why in reality, the Falasha smuggling out of Ethiopia, as we have said before, represented a proper slave trade, by other names.

Emperor Haile Selassie had systematically and consistently refused to let any Falasha out of Ethiopia inviting the Zionists to come to Ethiopia and help the Falsahas as well as the rest of the Ethiopians out of under development, through educational and health programs; through the development of water and electricity supply; through the development of roads, home-based artisanal industries etc.. That is how ORT started its program in Ethiopia. That is also how the program of Falasha smuggling started only after the fall and death of Haile Selassie in 1974, when Ethiopia began to lose her sovereignty as a Soviet-American proxy colony. Starting on a small scale, between 1977-1982, the smuggling operation of the Falashas reached a massive scale in 1983-85. Steven Kaplan had estimated in 1999 that a total of 55,000 “Falashas” have been smuggled out since 1977, mostly through the Sudan- However the figure has shot up since then. There were said to be until May 2000 an estimated 74000 “Falasha” in Israel.(U.S.A. today, May16,2000) To that should be added the 14% who are said to have died during the long trek to the Sudan.(Ahmed Karadawi, “The Smuggling of the Ethiopian Falasha to Israel through Sudan” in African Affairs (1991), 90: Ahmed Karadawi has been Assistant Commissioner for Refugees in Khartoum, Sudan, and had completed a Ph.D. thesis at Oxford on “Refugee Policy in the Sudan 1967-1984). 

Among the 74,000 “Falasha”, even Israelis now admit more and more to find Christians with the cross on their forehead (as I have myself observed when I was in Israel in the 1980’s.) and even Muslims!. That is why figures regarding the number of Falasha in Ethiopia are as Karadawi said “notoriously inconsistent”, because the identification of “Jewishness” is notoriously arbitrary!

May God of Ethiopia rest your soul in heaven my dearest teacher Dr.Aleme Eshete.

How long are Ethiopins to allow their dignity to be raped by neocolonialists and their collaborator/
native bandas? Will you the Felasha wakeup and asserted your dignity of Ethiopiawinet and Africawinet than calling yourself natives Jewish?  Religion is another thing; race is another matter. Free yourself from the self chained atmosphere and declare your Africaness and Ethiopiawintet. It is shocking to see, sick and disable elderly Ethiopian mothers and fathers shoved in to a cargo plane and shipped to Israel. It is the most sorrow and despicable act ever heard in African history.

You have been hoodwinked by some schmuck native mercenaries and foreign powers for so long to suffer into this despicable Identify Crisis. After you saw all the discrimination you are experiencing in supposed to be your ancestor’s country Israel (what a shame!)It is time to think back what went wrong and who subverted you to this betrayal.

Note:- if anyone wants to quote or use this document that I presented- please use “Editor Ethiopian Semay” as your reference to show your reference source to assure its accuracy.

Ethiopia will prevail!
Getcahew Reda (Editor- Ethiopian Semay) getachre@aol.com