Monday, August 18, 2014

Getachew Reda will be on Pal Talk

       Getachew Reda will be on Pal Talk

 Amara Union Moresh Information Center presents the man of remarkable courage, patriotism, and exceptional love for his country, as well as incredible bravery, the true Ethiopia’s son, Ato Getachew Reda this coming Saturday, August 23, 2014. The program begins at 1:00 PM Eastern (19:00 Hrs. European) time. He will be discussing his recent articles and many other issues pertaining to Ethiopia, Ethiopians, & the diaspora’s as a whole.

The magnificent people on earth the Amaras once again will rise up in unison to defend themselves from the fascist TPLF Tigre Weyanes, Ethiopia’s colonizers like they did against fascist Italy during the invasion of Ethiopia together with, and by uniting their Ethiopian brethren! It’s simply a matter of time. Mark your calendar & don’t miss it.


Amara Union Moresh Information Center opens every Sundays beginning at 6:00AM Eastern (1200 Hrs. European) Time & Closes at 8:00 PM Eastern (0200 Hrs. European) Time. The program begins usually at 1:00 PM Eastern (1900 Hrs. European) Time - Come & Join Us. See you Saturday.

Always remember, the work goes on & the dream shall never die!