Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Berhanus Neggas, the Lenchos, the Negeos and the Jawars, the Ararsas, The Eskels and The Gabisas….the Assefa Jeletas……..

The Berhanus Neggas, the Lenchos, the Negeos and the Jawars, the Ararsas, The Eskels and The Gabisas….the Assefa Jeletas……..

Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Dear Ethiopian Semay readers. I am getting many emails from my readers asking why I am not upgrading them with the ongoing political issue in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. My apology! I have been missing two weeks from you for variety personal reasons. No worries, I am watching what is going on. What you see in the Diaspora opposition movement, particularly the elites you already familiar to your political life are nothing new, but collection of the different groups of the old and the new bully scavengers ready to eat you alive. These are dangerous predators ready to trick you again. These groups are known to hustle the premature baby minds of the most Diaspora community.

These are traditional politicians ready to hunt you down. They are human political hyenas. At this stage Ethiopian Semay editor is advising you not to trust any of those traditional politicians at this stage. A new movement of leadership or people disinterested who do not have old score to settle should take the lead.

You know these groups were involved in conspiracy to destroy Ethiopia or have been evolved in crime/ genocide/ and mercenary mission in the destruction of Ethiopia or ethnic politics and so on….. None of them apologize to their crime. In fact some of them if not all of them say, they need to establish new government to see who did what. This is not genuine response. This is a truly criminal behavior. We know they were been involved in a destructive politics and physical crime. They too know their crime. They only condemned TPLF for any past or present crime. How about them? Do not we want to hear their records too if they come to rule us again?  Men of truth do not wait till a new court is established. It is for their soul and God and the respect of human race and the religion they follow to tell the truth and apologize for their crime in public not in court of law. People will forgive them when they do such. In fact people will trust them for the future. But, they are hiding themselves in their own shell of lie. This is why I advice you to reject them!!!!!

 Not only they are hiding in their lie, but they have the bully gut to come and lead you again. That is how much bully they are. These elements are becoming and will soon becoming hostages of their own misconception (if you hear Jawar Mohammed, Eskle Gabisa, Tsegaye Ararsa and so on…….) these are good examples of nihilist and destructive elements.  Yes, many of them are becoming and will become hostages of their own misconception. Those people will lead you to disaster. 

They became where they are today “the spokes persons of their own groups”. And when there is violent, they are going to escalate it in the wrong way. Instead of diffusing the tension of ethnic (you have seen this in London conference of the OLF/Oromo groups/ or this week from the most defeated, nihilist and an  CONSTITUTIONAL “illiterate” lawyer whose name known as Tsegaye Arasew from Australia who flatly denied his “Ethiopian identity and makeup’, and argued the flag of Ethiopia belongs for Tigre and Amhara only not an Oromo flag), in order to remain credible with  their ethnic groups, they have to keep appealing with such slogans and extreme positions. That is why those politicians are now trying to rape the mind of the Oromo society with no limit of shame to satisfy for their own power hunger. 

Thos politicians are violent aannd truly defeated. For example the Lenchos, the Negeos and the Jawars, the Ararsa, The Eskels and The Gabisas….the Assefa Jeletas and similar others are violent individuals and preach violent and participated in violent organizations. Those politicians to cast to violent none of them are been killed. They are still around. 

Despite the violence in Ethiopia, those traditional politicians are still around and now they are trying to govern the country in the name of coalition. Who died in the violent or the battle carried in the past or in the present to disintegratate Oromo people from Ethiopia? Not Lencho or Negeo or Assefa Jaleta … but the poor Oromo peasants’ children and fighters in the jungle. 

That is why I am telling you, they became who they are today as the spokesmen of their ethnic group not by elections or vote, but In order to remain credible with their own ethnic group they have to keep appealing with slogans and extremist positions. They are dangerous scavengers.
This week, for your file, I will comment on the above shown poster posted by the nihilist groups, whom some of the groups were involved in the genocidal crime and politics in Ethiopia. Now, they are coming back to you as new rebirth. In fact these groups are nothing but refurbish mind of the old establishment as I explained it above. The components are still there regardless they are refurbishing to sound new. 

For example, check on this above poster how these subversive groups are using the Amhara slogan to highlight the Oromo case in that poster? But, you will not see in their tricky and “WEgentEnGa/partisan” advertisement posted the same slogan from oromo addressed to the Amhara.  Nothing! Can you show me here on that poster? No where you can see it. They might try in their Hilton hotel gathering tomorrow to cover their shame after they read my commentary, but for now, nothing is seen on their poster/public advertisement/. 

Why it occurred like this? It is clear the Amhara is still counted as the punching ball as they wish and as a vehicle to use and highlight the Oroom issue. This is sickening and that is what it is. It got to stop. It is not going to continue such dirty game further anymore!!!! 

I have already bred the Amhara youngsters from years of my writings how to stand against these nihilist groups and they will expose your dirty games. Game is over once for all!

I have told you over and over the old establishment in this Diaspora particularly Ginbot 7 is a bunch of mercenary elments. Be aware again. You have to learn not to be fooled again. These political scavengers are not only looking for the silly Washingtonians as their common prey, but also compete with their similar predators and criminal organizations for power. 

Sadly, all these elements are direct version of TPLF agenda (in fact some of them were servants for TPLF and some were partners and some were the establishers of the presnt TPLF ethnic Federalism). If tyou see carefully the message why they use to post on their poster “the Amhara slogan addressed for Oormo poster” you will understand who is nusing this and what it meant.

The issue is there is nothing addressed by Oromo protesters to the Amhara on that poster.  Can you show me if it is there any where? Why it is intentionally advertized like this one way only? You know it why and you might guess who the players of this game and their intention!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you? 

All Amhara society should reject these nihilism groups immediately. They are anti Amhara from inside and their outside. To begin with many of them were involved in criminal and genocidal politics. Therefore, these clans of hyenas are here again for the second time around your carcass. They are gathering year in and year out not to save you from dying and genocide; but they are there around your carcass to take scraps and left over of your carcasses from TPLF. They are not politicians in the real sense, but jackals, vultures and hyenas of the old establishment. Thanks Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)