Friday, August 26, 2016

Note to Ethiopian Semay readers- Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Note to Ethiopian Semay readers

Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

Dear compatriots of the Ethiopian Semay Blog readers

I have been getting several emails from my readers inquiring looking for my current post of the weekly commentary which due and should have been posted on Ethiopian Semay and website. Unfortunately, I will take a time off in the coming weeks from posting my weekly commentary for personal reason. If time allows I will sacrifice myself dedicate to write part 2 of

The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre Fascist Gangs.

By the way, the more the toothless and bias Diaspora opposition media scared to post my hot issues for the last many years who themselves are not better than the TPLF bias media; surprisingly, my readers are growing by the day regardless the bias and the ignorant opposition media put restriction and conspiracy on my freedom of expression to struggle for my people and expose the enemies of Ethiopia.

 I like to give you a sample report for numbers of visitors on Ethiopian Semay.

Page views today
 In few hours 548

Page views yesterday

Page views last month 11,729

This numbers are greater than the opposition leaders convey at any conference or public-hall meetings. In a public hall meeting, perhaps the highest number of participants is 200, 150, 50, 25…. So, when compared to many of the town-hall meeting called by political leaders or groups, it is encouraging and better by far.

I like to give special thanks to my regular readers and some websites willing to post my commentaries to educate the ill-informed society about who the enemies are and how to struggle the enemies to keep the sovereignty and dignity of the beautiful, the dignified grandeur Ethiopia.
 Many tried in the past "the toothless opposition media", the literate fools/ so called educated 'elites' and the "TPLF cults and their media" tried many ways and tricks to shut me up for many years, they failed miserably. The more they restricted my view on their media; their own ignorance constantly gets highlighted by the day. All my arguments and my positions in the struggle are been tried to pushed aside or undermined by these ignorant sectors for many years. At the end, all my arguments came true before I die. They did not even apologize for their ignorance. Surprisingly, Still they act and write as if they were not against my arguments when the public rise-up exactly what I was predicting and advice to just do that. 

I have been insulted and dehumanized, labeled by the toothless opposition elements as TPLF cadre, attacking me by my ethnicity. Some friends advised me to brush it off or ignore it and not to even publicize it. I say to them, Please, give me a break! I do not think some of these friends understand the depth of ignorance it is looming in the thinking of our society. I can forgive some ignorant adults who lack the natural wisdom, but I can’t forgive to those with higher education and pops always on media and mislead the community by attacking me by my ethnicity or calling me as TPLF cadre and so on. Yes, I forgave some of them after they apologized their ignorance to me what they wrote against me on the media via email after delay of many years. But, I can’t forgive those who are still in the dark.

Here is why.
Plato said:

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” (Plato)

So, therefore, I am trying to drag my adversaries out of the dark they are hiding for the fear of the truth.  
I have been attacked on media by TPLF cults and opposition cults for standing up for the Amhara society for many years argued, wrote books, interviews. At the end, few of us with my friends came out victor. I am seeing my fruit of my lonely struggle after the long and really frustrating years. The shameless opposition elites and their media are now trying to act and hide their previous stupidity after the Amhara society caught them with surprise which stood up for its right to exist. In a lightning speed, the Amhara rose up unexpected.  The Lion’s roar sent its intimidating voice and sends a shivering sensation at TPLF and also to its adversaries in the opposition. In other words it put all of them in their place! Indeed what a great society!

 Yes, It is encouraging to see them talking and supporting about the Amhara revolt and rebellion; even the TPLF x- military Generals and ministers are writing about the growing abuse, complaints and rebellion of the society;  so the opposition is not separate than those mediocre reformists in general. But, they need to apologize openly to the Amhara people including to me and few of my compatriots for insulting us when we advice and oriented the sleeping giant to wake up from its sleep to fight back the brutal killings, ethnic cleansing and repression perpetrated by the OLF and TPLF gangs who are responsible for its misery.  We can’t brush this part aside. It is been the hand and collaboration of the opposition and their media, that the OLF and TPLF, got this far, in the dehumanization of the Amhara people. Yes, the abuse and silence was too long; indeed it is been long heart wrenching and sad years.

To make clear to those new readers who never were my regular readers- I like to inform you that there are many elements in the opposition including inside the Ginbot 7 leaders who openly insulted the Amhara society, Ethiopia and its flag and its sovereignty in front of the Eritreans at their festival. There were evn individuals working for ESAT media who openly preach during their interview not to bring a person with an Amhara name at future political or governmental position at the leadership position; except a name with Hagos, Merera, Meto or other none Amhara ethnic. I can’t forgive these elements inside opposition! some of them preached and argue to honor Shaabiya flag and the criminal anti Amhara OLF's flag on Ethiopian public demonstrations. You have seen this on their media posted constantly as we speak. Go search their archive 'Ethio media and others' of the so called opposition media who got a complimentary praise as "pan Ethiopian websites" by the 'literate elites'You will even see enemies of different fascist flags and their leaders interview with respect, you will see their flag honored mixed with Ethiopian flag if you visit now as we speak Ze_habesha website, you will see the Shaabiya, OLF flags mixed with the Ethiopian flag posted it now as we speak.Clear?! They recognize the destruction of Ethiopia. They are part of the brainwash tools. I have been talking about this topic several time in the past and we will do so more in the future. Very important issue. They are feeding you with a snake poison inside to kill your  Ethiopian spirit and dignity.

Regardless we forgive them or not, we the few genuine activists and writers shall overcome with the growing restriction of freedom, “wegenawinet, budinawinet”, distortion, tyranny and bias of the opposition media. At the end of the day, I and few of my compatriots will be the victor as we always proved them wrong and our freedom will prevail. See you next time on my weekly commentaries.
We shall overcome!
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)