Monday, May 21, 2018

G7 Supporter Dagnache Teshome is touring a weird planet (ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian Semay)

G7 Supporter Dagnache Teshome is touring a weird planet
(ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian Semay)
I cannot describe exactly this man’s strange appearance on you tube, but surely there is something strange phenomenon going on with this guy. Lately, he came up with a strange appearance on you tub carrying a big rock on his spinal neck with a hysteric emotion accusing the leaders of the different Amhara organization by name “Tekele Yeshaw, Dr.Aregaheng, Mesfin Tamrat, Muluken, Neguse Adam, Ayale…(I never heard some of the names mentioned here) for not donating money for the deported Amhara. It seemed he have no clue that some of those organizations were supporting Amhara deportees and families (Even myself was asked to donate and did in the past where Dagnachew was not involved), he did not know that when MEHAD members were taken away from their home and their families (kids and wives) were financially in trouble, they supported them through different channels. Let those leaders respond to him better than I do- 

But what shocked me here in his weird appearance is his accusation “በአማራ ላይ ግፍ የምትሰሩት እናንተ የአማራ መሪዎች ነን የምትሉ ናችሁ”  (እኛ የአማራ መሪዎች ነን-- በማለት ‘እኛ’ የሚለው ቃል ቢጠቀመም- ውንጀላው በነዚህ መሪዎች ላይ ነው)። What does Dagnachew Teshome want these Amhara leaders to do, more than they organizing community that DanGachew Teshome refused to do it in the past,  I know he said he is Amhara by ethnic, but does he really know the AMHARIC TERM “ግፍ” means?
This people were with their people, whereas he was busy supporting the Isyas Afewerki puppet which is accused for causing torture and murder its fighters registered its crime by Ethiopian human Rights Organization based in Europe, an organization named Ginbot 7. He was  a hard core supporter for years and still vowed to support G& as we speak recorded on his You Tube video when these people are communicating with their people closely updating Dagnachew himself with fresh news? Really…! where was he all those years? He was supporting Ginbot 7 leaders and organizations not organizing the Amhara people or Amhara youth! Why was not he organized the Amhara youth (if he had the interest about organizing the Amhara) in the past before these leaders came to the leadership organizing of the Amhara? Dagnachew preferred to stand up for Ginbot 7 (Isayas puppet) when they stand up to defend their own people. The core question he needed to tell us is why was he shy to be Amhara leader himself than to disrespect and accused them with such strange term “ግፈኞች”? 

In the past, this fellow even accused me on websites as Weyane working who is been working against opposition leaders for many years(of course his respected oppositions which I opposed are Shaabiya puppet- Ginbot 7/ OLF/ODF/ its allied organizations). I just simply laughed at him as he cant distinguished who is Weyane and who is not. As he his likes are numerous of them in the Diaspora jabbering with such ignorance labeling us as such when I challenged and exposed their crime and their mercenary records.

 I do not give him a valid attention for such hysteric fellow, but, why this guy is accusing these Amhara leaders as በአማራ ላይ ግፍ የምትሰሩት እናንተ የአማራ መሪዎች ነን የምትሉ ናችሁ” is beyond me to comprehend such blatant accusation. What else do they have to do beyond calling the failed and the ignorant Amhara elites who accused Moresh and the likes as “replica of TPLF”- (even I was called TPLF for defending Moresh and other Amhara organizations and other brilliant Amhara elites) whom many of the Amhara popular elites know in the community preferred to go for Andargachew’s “BS” cry hall meeting (which I already wrote it with evidence before-which I was a witness)? 

He belittled them, saying they can’t notably gather more than 300 people during their convention. This man is laughable indeed! The ignorant racist in Face book and Palatals are able to attract 30,000 visitors in one day more than Abey Ahmed or Dangachew Teshome or Tamagn Beyene or me can’t attract visitors like those of the face book racists- whom some are literally psychosis. Looking at many of his You Tube messages, he seemed to be abnormally hysterical. To me, he sounds like he is touring a weird planet. I do not know what it is going on, but it looks strange to me. Sorry, some of you might not like my reaction- but it is there for anyone to see.
He even called Dr. Aregahegn  Mr. Aregahegn. Dagnachew to call Dr Aregaheng as Dr. Aregaheng should be medical doctorate title not any other PhD holder for Dagnachew to call him doctor. According to this strange fellow Dr Getachew Haile, Dr.Fikre Tollosa, Dr.Abeba Fekade, Dr. Yaqob Hailenmariam, Getachew Reda……are all not qualified to be called with such title as long as they are not medical doctors!!! Wow, this is why said he must have been touring a weird planet.

They always call the public to join them or ask them a question if they have to ask or suggest, unfortunately, they refuse to join or be at the convention when those Amhara organizations are calling citizens to come and ask or listen to their message. What else one can do than to make a public call?

I will give you example. Before 5 years or so there was a convention that Moresh organized on which it made an urgent call for the public to address the Amhara urgent issues here in the area where I live. Tamagne Beyene and Abebe Gelaw were in this area as well for the Sport festival, instead of coming and talking to the organizers and ask them an apology that they can’t be there for specific urgent own/public reasons, they crossed the Amhara (Moresh) convention and directly went to their Andargachew ‘cry hall’ meeting which was intentionally or (I have no idea why) rented the same hotel, and rented next convention hall and also held public meeting the same day and same hour!! That is why at the time I wrote a critique “Is Andaragachew Bigger than the Amhara population?”

 The Amhara were in trouble that month. But, no one give attention to the Amhara cry. They gave attention to Andargachew and came with a slogan “እኔም አንዳርጋቸው ጽጌ ነኝ!” not እኔም አማራ ነኝ” No one was worried at that moment, because, the moment looks calm, the calm that settled after all hopes have died. The elites were crying for journalists and Shaabiya puppet elements arrests more than the large Amhara facing ethnic cleansing! 

Dear elites! you can give all the money you want to the deportees, it is not permanent solution, it is temporary. The Amahar needs to be organize, taught and know its enemies and the hurdle it is facing! Abey is not going to solve Amhara problem. He sounds to me a replica of “Obama- the Orator” and flipped later to be the worst liar ever!

ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)
  Watch his message click the following Dagnachew Teshome.    
A tough message to all Amhara Organizations claiming they struggle for Amhara People in Ethiopia