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Empire Hegemony the trade mark of the Tigrian People Liberation Front By Getcahew Reda (Editor Ethio Semay)

Empire Hegemony  the trade mark of the Tigrian People Liberation Front

By Getcahew Reda (Editor Ethio Semay)

First of all, My Condolences to all parties who died in Gonder during the conflict between the Tigrayan Empire troops and the Amhara mass (Welkait and other residences of Gonder localities).
Since this commentary might distribute through Face book, I am involuntarily righting this commentary in English than using the Amharic (our national language) due to specific reason. Therefore due to this reason, I ask my apology to all my readers for not writing this specific commentary in Amaharic.

I am also grateful and like to thanks those of you expressed and shared your excitement on phone via different messages sent to me.
Two different messages send to me. One from Haramaya (highly educated individual-no need to expose the name) from Ethiopia;

“ተስፋ ባጣንባት ምድር/ ሀገር ሆነን ባጋጣሚ ያንተን ብሎግ በማግኘት ኢትጵያዬን ፈጣሪ ፈጽሞ እንዳልተዋት እና አሁንም ጥቂት ሃቀኛ ልጆች እንዳሏት ባንተ ጹሁፎች ለመረዳት ችያለሁ። ፈጣሪዬን አመሰግናለሁ። ረጅም እድሜና ጤና ላንተና ለብሎግህ እየተመኘሁ አደራ አደራ አደራ ከእውነት እንዳታፈገፍግውስጤ ያለውን ስሜት ለመግለጽ ቢከብደኝም ተስፋችንን ስላለመለምክ ላመሰግንህ እወዳለሁ። ኑርልን ፈጣሪ ካንተ ጋር ይሁን”

 The other phone call is from the Diaspora, who is a close friend of mine, Called me on Friday, and said:-

 “Congratulations Getcahew! Your lonely voice and struggle for all those long years urging the Amhara to rise up and defend itself has resulted in an amazing result now in Gonder. You were been insulted right and left for standing for the Amhara people, but your strength and your position of argument was right and the people spoke. What a man you are. I am proud of you!”
And many more.  Thanks all.

Though many people knew who I am by now, those in Ethiopia reading me might not have clear picture of me. Let me introduce myself who I am by ethnic and the language I spoke. I am a Tigrayan by blood and speak Tigringa, born, grew, lived half of my age in Tigray.  I am the author of የትግራይ ብሔረተኞች በአማራ ላይ ያላቸው ጥላቻ ከምን የመነጨ ነው?” (ጥናታዊ ጽሑፍ ).

Many people might surprised which their already did for years by my bold opposition to the nature of the TPLF lead Tigrayan hegemony in Ethiopia. I have to boldly tell my Tigrayan people to condemn the brutality and hegemony of TPLF in Welkait and other areas against Amhara and other areas is immoral and criminal. My argument and my position was right and you can see what I was predicting will happen. Now, it is obvious the problem is standing firm in front of our face and in front of every ones face. Shame to all those who insulted me when I argued and urged the Amhara people to stand up for itself and need to defend his dignity which was dehumanized by left right extremists.

Above all shame on the Amhara elites who betrayed the Amhara society!!!!!!!!!!!! They were flirting with all kind of anti Amhara organizations and politicians, with all their stupidity telling us “There is no tribe called Amhara.”Well, here is Amhara in Gonder. You can see him chasing the criminal TPLF like a dog running away from the angry Amhara society twigging its tail under its leg. Lord have mercy! 

I saw the humiliation of the criminal TPLF before I die. It is the greatest happiness I have felt in years as this week. Now, I do not care if I die after this. I was waiting for the Amhara to hear me and did hear me “quick too! Now, the coward TPLF started to run away and its cadres started tantrum all over their media like a baby. Getachew Reda who was the guerrilla fighter boy of the TPLF became “EPRDF’s” spokes person and caught by surprise and had nothing to say but foaming with what we Tigrayans said “GAI GAI/Halewelew” (መንተባተብ) Yes, Time is nup!  What goes around comes around.  No lion stays line for ever. It will be dragged down by the next lion online.”ለሁሉም ጊዜ አለው” ጠቢቡ ሰለሞን። 

Now, the Empire and the moron TPLF Monarchs and dukes are now shaking by the Welkaite jolt abruptly occurred in Gonder beyond its control and imagination.

What is Empire? What is hegemony?
Hegemony has different definitions, let us agree with one description. It is imposing dominance over other states. An Empire, on the other hand, does not rest with merely imposing its dominance over other states - it annexes them to its own territory in order to form a territoriality large polity. These descriptions can describe to currently two well organized criminal organizations in Ethiopia “TPLF and OLF”. Their ambition is that of Empire and hegemony. Their mission is rule as Empire and hegemonic rulers if not to disintegrate from Ethiopia, in case, if, their ambition of control did not meet their goal of Empire and hegemony in Ethiopia.  

As I have explained the details of the history of the Oromo hegemony lead by OLF and the Tigrayan Empire and hegemony of Tigrayans lead by TPLF in Ethiopia since 1991, both organizations involved in the killing and deportation of the Amhara society in all localities they controlled. Both are enemies clashing to control and conquer the vast territory of Ethiopia and that of the Amhara localities.  Both these criminal organizations grabbed/annexed unbelievably very large, indeed very vast fertile lands from neighboring localities. As the result of it, both are now the richest and largest regional state in Ethiopia.

OLF is now out of power after notoriously humiliated and kicked out from the State power in Ethiopia (in 1991-1992). The only powerful criminal sitting as Empire controlling the government power is TPLF.

But, do not forget that OLF is not dead. It still functions inside OPDO and even now with kissing lip to lip with Ginbot 7 in Asmara. You need not to forget what I posted in 2014 for you to read on my weblog that a friend email me circulated on Face-books what OPDO cadres had produced a memo on their meeting during the erection of the provocative “Annole martyrs monument”. Local cadres were called on a series of meetings spearheaded by prominent TPLF and OPDO officials about the Annole monument and the Amhara society living in Arsi. The minutes of the meetings were communicated to a confidential element/s via trusted friends, both Amhara and oromos, who are members of the OPDO.

At the meetings, it was revealed that:

''The OPDO-TPLF policy against shewa Amharas residing in Arusi might go further than expulsion. If the shewa Amhara finances inside and outside the country succeed in evolving the nations in another civil war, the result will not be the victory of shewa Amhara chauvinism, but the annihilation of the Amhara race in oromia.” “……… the Arusi population is becoming impatient because so little had been done to clear the remaining Amharas out.  All Amharas in Arusi plus a million from the surrounding areas of greater ''oromia'' are to be removed into a designated areas, primarily Bure,Gojjam. In the mean time, Amharas are to be reduced to total subservience by impersonal brutality, methodical cruelty.”

The confidant said, that the Shewa Amharas of Arusi are long used to being deferent to discrimination, persecution, and pogrom. Encouraged by party cadres and the renewed provocative Annole rhetoric, ever since the erection of the monument, pent-up anti-Amhara fantasies have been unleashed in violence worse than anything experienced before in Arusi and ''oromia'' in general. Said the correspondent party.

So, not to forget that Amhara society is been and still is the central target of these brutal criminals. So, therefore, the Gonder revolt is the start not the end to dignify themselves and hit back what it hit them back for 25 years.

Every bird in the Ethiopian sky and every human being on Ethiopian earth knows, that, the Amhara is the target and the central enemy of these both criminal organizations. As the result of the hegemony and suzerainty relationship of TPLF against the Welkait Amhara society who never was part of Tigray in history record, now is starting threatening atmosphere looming against the TPLF Empire after situation began creeping slowly started 25 years ago. It is now getting nasty against the Tigrayan Empire. This is going bad as I already many years back predicted and argued that such clash will inevitably occur in Welkait, because of the annexation of the Welkaite territory by TPLF lead TIgrayans. Now, it is happening boldly.

With the exception of handful Tigrayns such as me, many of Tigrayans including the learned Tigrayan elites are proponent of the Amhara Welkait demand and complaints.

One might ask why? Here is my good friend and my hero Dr. Assefa Negash from Holland educating al of us why ethnocentric is so nast to society's peace and development on earth.

“The curse of ethnic-nationalism is that it reduces individuals and a whole population group afflicted by the pervasive hold of this ideology into unthinking hordes that loose their individuality and succumb to the whims of ethnic leaders who do the work of thinking for millions of their fanatic followers that have stopped thinking as conscious individuals with a conscience to determine right and wrong. Ethnic nationalism introduces the psychology of collective narcissism that blinds its fanatic followers from becoming aware of the social reality they live in. This was what happened to millions of Germans who were mesmerized by Nazi ideology and similar things have happened in Tigrai during the last 38 years. After 38 years of incessant ethnic indoctrination & 17 years of war against the Dergue, the TPLF seems to have succeeded in creating a Tigrean population with a homogenized thought process or group thinking where even those learned elites from Tigrai who should have known better have become blinded to the unfolding reality of an apartheid system that has polarized Ethiopian society by succumbing to the blinding ideology of Tigrayan ethnic nationalism. At this trying moment in Ethiopian history, only few Ethiopians have emerged out of the womb of Tigrai to stand for truth and to tell the truth which the majority of Tigreans do not want to admit. One of these respectable individuals who have indefatigably hold firm the banner of pan-Ethiopian nationalism and sticked his neck out to defend the truth in contemporary Ethiopia is Ato Getachew Reda of San Jose in USA.”  (Assefa Negash)
It is indeed the psychology of “collective narcissism” that blinds TPLF fanatic followers from becoming aware of the social reality they live in. At this moment, what are the majority Tigrayans sayings about the present situation on their websites, Pal Talk rooms? 

Take a look at the three examples that I will give you bellow to read how the premature and ethno-centric mind of the TPLF cults have to say about the abuse, deportation and murder of the Welkait people by the Tigrayan lead TPLF government.

1)    TPLF cult who is member of Geza Tegaru Pal Talk room by the name “Suhul”
2)    TOL Tigray Online editor by the name “Michael Suhul”(?) 
3)    UTINA (Union of Tigreans In North America)

The first name mentioned with a nickname Suhul. He is the one of the leading TPLF support committee in the Diaspora world.And he is also one of the Geza Tegaru Admin. This guy is originally from Shire Awraja/Tigray. What he is saying is the following in Geza Tegaru Pal Talk room whom friends recorded him and send it to me.

Here is what he said among his other nasty bravado against Welkait people.

 “ረሽ ጠበንጃ የለን እዩ? ብረሽ ምርሽራሽ እዩምበር” (ረሽ ጠመመንጃ የለም እንዴ በአገሩ? መደዳውን በረሽ መረሽረሽ ነው እንጂ/መፍጀት ነው እንጂ).

What this mean is as you read it in Amharic and Tigringa- saying is there no gun called Resh in the area? You just randomly shoot them with Resh. Resh is usually and old style of rifle. According to my memory (if I am correct) it is used to hunt animals. This much ethno centric minded elements can go that far.

UTINA- press release.

በጎንደር ከተማ በተፈጠረው ረብሻ በማስመልከት ከትግራይ ተወላጆች ማሕበር በሰሜን አሜሪካ የተሰጠ ወቅታዊ መግለጫ” ጁላይ 14/ 2016 / የትግራይ ተወላጆች ማሕበር በሰሜን አሜሪካ ማእከላዊ ጽ/ቤት ዋሽንግተን ዲሲ)
The press released by this group calling their masters in Tigray to consolidate the hegemony and repression of the Welkait Amhara People by their fascist organization is utterly preposterous. Its obnoxious press realease concluded by stating “ማንኛውም እንቅስቃሴ እና እርምጃ ማሕበራችን ከመንግስት ጎን መኾኑን ይገልጻል።” መንግስት እየወሰደ ያለውን እርምጃ እንዲቀጥልመንግስት እየወሰደ ያለውን እርምጃ እንዲቀጥል Do not forget, that the constitution this obnoxious group insisting to support is a replica of the “Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini’s policy implemented in Ethiopia in 1928 Et/C during the five years of occupation to Ethiopia by the Fascist Italia.

 The say “ማንኛውም እንቅስቃሴ እና እርምጃ ማሕበራችን ከመንግስት ጎን መኾኑን ይገልጻል” is not new to our ears to hear as such from this disgusting and nauseating group. Years back they did say and urged their government with the same similar word to take action “የማያዳግም እርምጃ” against the Kinijt leaders and their millions of supporters. Now, it is against the Welakit/Gonder Amhara society that their pres release urging መንግስት እየወሰደ ያለውን እርምጃ እንዲቀጥል the murder and intimidation, rape and ethnic cleansing and hegemony to continue without accountability to any ill-moral or illegal acts by the hegemonic troop of the Tigrayan people Liberation Front and its policy of hegemony against the Welkait/Amhara people. The UTINA appeal for peace and security is a deceptive appeal in order the Tigre Hegemony to sustain and grab more lands.

 Remember Tigray was only 65,900 square Kilometer according to the colander of 1971 Ethiopian Calendar Note that I picked it from my house when I left Ethiopia. I still have it. Now, the current Tigray territory is this much vast.
This is the exact definition of Empire Hegemony.
Regardless by accident and luck the Tigrayans got in to power in Ethiopia, Tigrayans are now exploiting the nation’s wealth acting as enemy and colonial troops. They need to understand that no state has ever had a long term monopoly on power. Tigrayns are completely blinded by ethno-centric ideology what they call it “Tigrawayinet”
Here is the second example. The so called TOL website editor (Tigrai Online)published a dangerous editorial paper saying;-

 “The day the patience of the people of Tigrai runs out, they will take matters into their own hands and things will turn really ugly. That is what our enemies are wishing and salivating for.”  

It is expected from this premature fascist glorifier young-man who claimed he is the great, great, grandson of the King maker Suhul Michael of Tigray/Naider, whom in his inaugural opening of his website told us that

Hello every one, my name is Suhulmikael Abai. I am named after my great great grand father, Ras Suhulmikael Isqias. I was born in Central Tigrai in the outskirts of the town of Adwa. I grew up in a small village; I finished my primary schooling in Adwa. I am former TPLF fighter. I finished my high school and college In Ontario Canada.

I decided to create this web site from the bottom less love for the people of Tigrai and as a continuation of my armed struggle to free our people from the dreaded jaws of chauvinist rule in Ethiopia. I believe there was very organized and coordinated campaign to destroy our culture, language, history, and identity by the chauvinists. For the past 90 years they were in power they twisted the facts to give themselves legitimacy. They created false history about themselves and about us to make them look, they are the founders of Ethiopia. At the same time the ridiculed our culture and history to make us look we were no body.

At last we defeated and humiliated them and we made them kneel down and kiss the ground in peace, however they are still trying to reverse the time to the old dreaded days and rob us the fruits of our struggle.

That is why I created this web site to restore our history, to love ourselves, to appreciate our culture, our language, to work hard and smart to build our economy and to look for word for a better future. 

Zelalemawi zikri niswatna!!!
Long live the people of Tigrai!!


Now, this young man still suffering with a mind that only see the little horizon near him is asking his lords to murder more and squash and silent the Welkait people in order to continue the hegemony as his ancestor did to the Eperor Eyoas of Gonder in the 17th.

His great, great grandfather Ras Michael Suhul was notoriously suffering by power greed. He went to Gonder and hung the Monarch Eyoas
placed himslef in the throne. 

Later, “Ras Mikael then appointed the next two emperors: Yohannes II, who proved to be a nonentity and was quickly gotten rid of; then Tekle Haymanot II. Despite his power over the throne, the populace rebelled; Ras Mikael responded with a reign of terror over Gondar (1770), but failed to control the countryside where the armies of Fasil, Goshu of Amhara, and Wand Bewossen of Begemder allied to fight him. The parties met south of Teda in the Three battles of Sarbakusa; Ras Mikael was defeated and surrendered to Wand Bewossen on 4 June 1771. Wand Bewossen imprisoned Mikael Sehul for a year, then either sent him back to Tigray to live out his last years as governor of that province, or Ras Mikael voluntarily retired to that province.”

Now, what is this young man who is the Editor of Tigray online saying? This is what he saying.

“The day the patience of the people of Tigrai runs out, they will take matters into their own hands and things will turn really ugly. That is what our enemies are wishing and salivating for.” 
I am not expecting such fellow who insisted the present Tigrayn lords to follow the policy of his Feudal ancestor’s rule of tyranny, murder, repression and misery to rest the power only on the hand of the few lords and oligarchs (which is what we are witnessing now). I am urging other Tigrayns to ask their lords to withdraw from the annexed area of Welkait and give back the properties and lands taken from the native. 

The Imperialist hegemony of Weyane Tigray need to be stopped before it destroys Ethiopia once for all. Tigrayans need to open their eyes, where this nation of ours is heading; Sebhat Negga told you- “we broke the Amhara and the Orthodox Christian on its spine” (shame on the Axumites to reward this anti Orthodox Christian fellow with a “Degree of Honor” given to him in the center of Christianity in Axum from Axum University this month) TPLF by its foundation is hate group. It was founded by hate. It program clearly published that “Amhara Biher” need to be disturbed, its peace be upset with no rest. (read የወያኔ ገበና ማሕደር- ደራሲ ጌታቸው ረዳ). 

As Dr.Assefa stated it above, collective ethno-centric madness does not limited only to the TPLF cults alone. I am really disturbed by their attitude. Even the so called respected Tigrayan opposition elements are also affected by narrowness. It is a dangerous sickness of psych.  You will blame me if I do not give you evidence (which some of you will ask me to do so). Asrat Abraham . For example, Abraham wrote;

"መኢአድ በብሄር ወይም በክልል የተደራጁ ኃይሎች ላይ ያለው አመለካከት እጅግ የተዛባ፤ ወግ አጥባቂ እና ነባራዊውን እውነት ያላገናዘበ የሚባል ዓይነት ነው። ከዚህ አንፃር ካየነው ለአንድነት የብሄርንና የጎሳን ልዩነት በቅጡ ከማያውቅ ወይም ሊያውቅ ከማይፈልግ ፓርቲ ጋር መዋሀዱ የሚፈይድለት ነገር ያለ አይመስለኝም። " አስራት አብርሃም - የውህደቱ ቁማርተኞች  


Not only that, he has some nasty phrases that he used in his interview with ETSAT TV to the Amhara “የምኒሊክ ሥርዓት ናፋቂዎች” As Tecola Hagos describe the Amhara in his comparative narration “Yohannes versus Menlik” describing the Showa Amhara as“መሃል ሰፋሪ”


I can give you some other popular Tigrayans in the opposition camps that have similar ethno-centric tendency still struggling with it between coming out or staying in it. It is empirical that Tigrayans need to wake up before we get engulfed by the fire TPLF created it. 

Currently as we speak, the Gonderian Welkait Amhara society is in revolt against the Tigrayn Empire rule. The Welkait people had spoke in plain language saying “enough is enough”. They are fed up and had enough of the brutal Imperialistic repression and hegemonic nature of the Tigrayan leaders against them. 

Yes, they had enough of it! Their land, their language, their wives, children- taken, violated, raped, murdered, taken, and disappeared and humiliated since the foundation of the TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front) by the brutal Tigrayan Imperial Troops of the TPLF.  

You all have to understand the record straight.

The Amhara people were not the first time to be murdered, or their church burned by Tigrayan rulers. History told us so, that,  emperor Yohannes did it after Alula miserably failed to quash the powerful Gojam Amhara fighters lead by Emperor Teklehaimanot in “Mutera” mountain in Gojam where Teklehaimanot himself fortified with his troops.

You all remember the following poem made to Emperor Yohannes after his army looted the Gojam peasants-even destroy the village churches, raping women, looting…:

በላይኛው ጌታ በባልንጀራዎ
በቅዱስ ሚካል በጋሻ ዣግሬዎ
በጽላተ ሙሴ በነጭ አበዛዎ
ጎጃምን ይማሩት ፈሪም አንለዎ
(ገጽ 504-505 ዮሃንስና የኢትዮጵያ አንድነት)

Now for all to see, history is repeating itself in a similar fashion, that, TPLF which followed the feudal glory of the Tigray feudal lords’ “policy and manner” with a similar method of coercion, hegemony, abusing and intimidating the Amhara people. In fact this time is worst than what Yohannes’s army executed in Gojam and elsewhere. The different is, this time; the scale of abuse reaches in different form of crime to the extent grew in to “ethnic cleansing, deportation, mass murder, robbing and hegemony of the Amhara people by the Tigrayans lead by Emperor Weyane.’
The bull is saying here I am coming!!!!!!  awake from the abuse and started to chase the coward, the hypocrite Weyane Tigray. Its spies and stooges are now running away from defeat in Gonder, their tails between their legs.  
Lord Have mercy!
በማተቡ የጸና አማራ ያሸንፍል! I will like to say so long with this beautiful song (my favorite and song of the year from Ethiopian Semay) as a congratulations gift to all Amhara fighters and the Amhara struggle supporters.Be patient and have splended time to see this amazing style and skilled full orchestrating of music.

 Alula G/Amlack -Mateben -(Official Music Video)-New Ethiopian Music 2016

Getachew Reda- Editor Ethio Semay