Sunday, July 22, 2018

The pathetic Ethiopian opposition parties should have thanks Abey Ahmed not dishonor him (ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian seamy)

The pathetic Ethiopian opposition parties should have thanks Abey Ahmed not dishonor him
(ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian seamy)

We the few commentators have the right to criticize Abey Ahmed, not the pathetic failed toothless opposition followers or leaders who were in the business of lying and murdering citizens. That is the bitter truth- take it or leave it. I said, you have no right, because you were lying all these years. You have been given 27 years with nothing fruitful achievement, but fattening your belly touring from restaurant to restaurant, touring from country to country numbing your little puppets all over the world.  I now you the puppets and the cults are going to tantrum like a child on your usual barking, but, you know if you do, you are  barking at the wrong tree. Your ass was fattening for 27 years lying that you never achieved, now you can’t give him time to organize himself?  We gave you 27 years. Do you understand? Common!

 The main problem I have with Dr.Abey so far is with our sea port issue and the Ethio-Eritrea government relation issue regarding the Algiers agreement. Though, I have other concerns need to be carried by Abey’s government, those issues I have in mind are not urgent seeing the circumstances he is dealing.

What I have a problem is with some pathetic, failed, destructive, mediocre opposition leaders and their stone- head puppets they are throwing against Abey.  At first showing some suspicious nature is good to be suspicious. But, now when it comes to know Abey- we have seen things allowed to say and demonstrate that were difficult in the past few months before Abey came to power. Many positive steps are taken. Ethiopianism is at the center of its helm and honorably crowned in its place. Political prisoners are able to freely expose their pain. Now, the Ethiopians and the world are openly oriented the how the scary criminality of the Fascist Tigrayan government nature against citizens looks like. All this are positive steps.

Unfortunately, there are some mediocre and toothless oppositions who we know them in the past who they were miserably failed to challenge and humiliate the fascist Tigrayan government system throughout their foundation (leaving their crime aside for now) are now with no shame disgustingly attacking Dr.Abey. God have mercy!

Many of that opposition as we all now were and still are liars, toothless dogs for many years doing nothing, but empty bravado. Now, Abey came from nowhere and freed them from the humiliation sea they were swimming for 27 years. Instead of thanks him, they start to be smart and tried to completely discredited him. That is not fair.

 Some of them are opposing him extremely unfairly, because they are afraid that their business of collecting money from their "violent" and stone-head puppets scared it might dry once for all and their lively hood of lying and relaxing going from State to State restaurants or from country to country tour perhaps be taken away from them forever if they do not go agaisnt against Abey. 

Sure, they are addicted to lying and tour from country to country gathering their little puppets clubbing their hand for them. These toothless dogs and liars need to get out of the lying business and go to Ethiopia and do what they say they will do. The door is open now for political leaders who were fattening their Ass sitting in the Diaspora all their life. It is time to go back to Ethiopia and payback the people they were lying for years (specially you the Ginbot 7, EPRP, and the numerous secessionist criminals need to shut up your mouth and move in to Ethiopia -some of these gulags were surely  involved in killing and murdering generation of youth under the pretext of liberation front or ‘Fano Tesemara’ or “ፋኖ ግባ ፋኖ ግባ ወደ ደን እንደ ቼ ጉቬራ እንደ ሆቺ ሚን’!! and Ormia first motto.).

secessionists, Ginbot 7 and EPRP need to put up or shut up! You need to thanks Abey for taking you out from years of humiliation. Specially, Ginbot 7 needs to shut its mouth.  Advice your leadership Berhanu Negga and his group of liars who are in the leadership go to Addis Ababa and thanks Abey for freeing you from humiliation. Ginbot 7 is really lucky. This man came from sky and covered their humiliation that was open for all of us how they were lying and doing nothing sitting in Asmara sipping coffee. You Berhanu Negga and your other liar leadership were lying for years sitting in Asmara doing nothing but writing nasty paper against Amhara ( by Efrem Madebo).  You are now lucky, a man called Abey Ahmed came from nowhere and released your secretariat Andargachew Tsige and freed you all from great humiliation.

That pathetic Andaragchew instead of going to Asmara to kiss Isayas Afewerki, he should have adviced Berhanu Negga and his liar groups leave the Diaspora ASAP and go to Addis to thanks Abey for freeing Ginbot 7 from years and years of its humiliation.
Also, both the handful EPRP cults and Ginbot 7 puppets need to tell their leaders to go to Ethiopia and payback what they did to our people. The time is “put up or shut up!”. No more touring from state to state from country to country restaurant! Stop your usual BS. The game for lying is over for now. If you find something big concerning, I do not mind you guys screaming at him, but for now, you kneed to kiss his feet for freeing you from the humiliation. You can ask or demand some reasonable issues, but, do not humiliate this guy as if you were the elements brought this change. No, you did nothing to bring a change- some of you were collaborating and denying the Amhara people were not abused or eaten by the nasty human animals.. You should thank him for freeing you from the humiliation you were in. I do not like liars. Period! shut up or put up! Change when the time changes reasonably, okay!!?
(Editorial -Ethiopian Semay)