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My Email to Obang Meto/ ECRRJ to Address My Reaction to Hamrawit Tesfaye’s Speech Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

My Email to Obang Meto/ ECRRJ to Address My Reaction to Hamrawit Tesfaye’s Speech
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
Getachew Reda Editor Ethiopian Semay
This email was sent to Hamrawit Tesfaye (the daughter of Dr.Tesfay Debesay- EPRP Leader), my reaction to her ECRRJ conference speech. The letter was sent on March 3/2016 as you can see the eopy of my email below attached. Regardless I waited to hear from them, my inquiry to hear response to my inquiry was ignored. So I do decide to bring to the public’s attention so people will not be deluded by her speech.
Frankly speaking, I am currently seized by a busy life that does not allow me time to come to the media as much as I am interested; but, I found this important to react, seeing a young and educated and daughter of a brilliant political leader being confused with her “new observation and position” (her words) on Amhara (Gojam/Gonder) and its music to clear to her and her audiences as well. Here, therefore, I want to share my reaction with my followers/readers. My email reads as the following below;-
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From: getachre
To: obang
Sent: Fri, Mar 4, 2016 1:51 pm
Subject: Re: ECRRJ - Hamrawit Tesfa's Speech
From Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)


Thanks for forwarding me this document.

Having said this, could you please forward Hamrawit's email to me? I have some questions to ask her in regard to her speech. I am simply not comfortable about some of her comments. Though, her intention is commendable, her presentation seemed to be out of line. I have no idea what she wanted to address when she was talking about Gojam and Gonder as if the Gojames or Gonderes/Amharas said only Gonder and Gojam is the only  "Ethiopia". Where did she hear it was Gojam and Gonder the only Ethiopia? Who is she accusing of said such? I just want her to tell me who said and where and where did her reference sourced/obtained from? And in regard to the  Amharic music she is talking about is shocking again to me hearing her accusing again the Amhara songs/music as "totalitarian" against all other ethnic music in Ethiopia. Amharic music was not published or made to be popular by government or any system or any group or any art groups. It was not by selection from any ruling body or group it became loved and popular.

Its natural melody is so attractive, no word could express the power it process inside lighteners soul.  And its dance is too attractive. It is obvious that when Amharic music is heard by audiences its power can penetrate any mind, including to those who hate Amhara and Amharic music/it might even have the power to penetrate and numb the mind of birds, tigers and other animals as well. Its power punch can penetrate that deep. I Hope she clarify it to me why she is willing to accuse Amharic music and the Amhara society as if they overwhelmed others’ or their music overwhelmed other ethnic music not to be heard intentionally.

She seemed to fall in to the unfounded and negative propaganda of some groups familiar to many of us, she seemed to be confused easily and misguiding her message and her audience also.

Mr. Obang can I ask you please to pass my questions to her the following inquiries?

When she said "we have to talk to "them"- who are the “them”? I know she mentioned Gumuz and Gambela or others or Kefa - but who are the "WE"? I need her to clear it to me who alienated who and who are the "WE" responsible to talk to "THEM" or advice to talk to the "THEM"?

What would her Welega girlfriend she was talking about, think about the Gojam and Gonder Amhara at this time? What is Hamrawit's intake and understanding about those mentioned Gojam and Gonder at this moment during TPLF era she accused the Gojam and Gonder as if they said "they are the only people called "ETHIOPIAN?

In the middle of my absence from the media, I could not help, but to send this email to the media after Hamrawit or Mr.Obang's organization (ECRRJ) ignored from responding to my inquiry sent on March 3, 20016 -  I advice all Ethiopian politicians or educated sectors and their ignorant followers not to use the Amhara or Amharic music as your punching bug anytime your nonsense unity failed to come together or when unity is wanted to be formed.

The subversion process to rust, dehumanize, or to accuse the Amhara society and its music as ‘totalitarian/hegemonic’ starting from the Walleling Mekonnen era until now is been an open and covert process. Some actors are trapped unknowingly without their intention like Hamrawit (the daughter of Tesfay Debesay/EPRP leader). This is not mystery. Many innocent like her are manipulated and switched their position to accuse the Amhara as hegemonic, because the pro Ethiopian nationalists or so called Annd Ethiopia group failed to challenge the subversion/propaganda of the nihilist groups that was going for years starting during the Walleling Mekonnen era which going on as we speak.

Some organization who claimed themselves inside the opposition as pro-Ethiopia organization are becoming the brainwashing machine to dehumanize and accuse Amhara and its music without restrain. They became the distributors of the enemy’s ideology. Through these mediocre organizations the ugly hate propaganda ideology against the Amhara and its music is being pumped into the “soft heads” since 1991 without being challenged or counter-balance by the basic value of Amhara contribution its patriotism towards Ethiopia.

I urge educated sectors or opposition media to stop being instrumental to the enemy propaganda in the dehumanization and accusation of the Amharic language and its music. Worst of all what made the situation worst is not the “soft heads” of the Pal Talk lampoons, it is the so called academic circles and media owners and journalists who became the most recruit-bale people who are easily becoming the instruments of the enemy. These are people who lack moral principles.

Leaving the contaminated opposition aside for now let me give you an example. When one hears the TPLF or Oromo conference or Pal Talk room, what you hear either from their ignorant leaders or their puppets is “hate propaganda aiming at the Amhara”. They are all contaminated with hate. They are hard to be treated; no matter they tried hard to get rid their hatred, you can see how hard they suffered when they tried to adjust themselves to a genuine human mind. You can clearly sense or hear their tone without their intention, some hateful tones or words or baseless victimization tones coming-out slipping from their mouth during adjustment process out of their intention (some are of course intentional).

Once one is contaminated or programmed it is a very tough glue to get rid of. To rid society of these people you need another twenty or fifteen years to educate a new generation of patriotically-minded and common people who would be acting in favor and in the interests of Ethiopia. I say this because, once the demoralization process (remember my presentation of Bezmnov’s interview with Edward Griffin, I compared to the Ethiopian situation two years back in my interview- posted on Ethiopian Semay) is completed, it is irreversible.

Therefore, I urge all educated sectors inside the opposition to stop immersing yourself in the subversion propaganda in becoming to be the instrumental to the enemy’s open and covert subversion against Amhara and its music. At last, I like to leave you until I return back to the media “hopefully soon”- read this note and music sent to me via email from my dearest friend.

“Listen to this new song & see how the Amara language far from imposing itself on others as is often alleged, embraces other cultures & blends with these cultures to create something even more richer & reflective of a new cultural mix that is pan-Ethiopian, inclusive in its rhythm & meaning. This is a fact lost on the puerile mind-set of the Walelign Mekonen & Ethiopian left generation that could not understand this dynamics which 25 years of incessant anti-Amara official government propaganda led by Tigreans could not stamp out. This is not to say that the damage done to pan-Ethiopian sentiment by the Tigrean enemy & its associates is not considerable. On the other hand look at the Tigrean language & culture, which with all the government support it has got could not be embraced by other cultural groups with all the insularity & narcissism that characterizes it.
Getcahew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
Please also read the following email from ECRRJ to listen Hamrawit’s speech.

Dear Getachew Reda,

ለመተማመን፥ እንነጋገር::
ECRRJ, Ethiopian Council for Reconciliation and Restorative Justice, was formed to create forums in which Ethiopians of all background can come together and talk to each other and frankly discuss current issues and forge a new way forward for our country. Various great voices were heard at the meeting including this impassioned speech by Hamrawit Tesfa.
The Counsel is encouraging ALL Ethiopians to step out of their comfort zone and reach out to other groups and narrow the growing gap and divide. As Ethiopians, it is our civic and citizenship responsibility to stand against division through open and honest dialogue. We again call on ALL Ethiopians to reconcile ourselves with ALL groups that may or may not look or act like us.
God bless Ethiopia and ALL Ethiopians.
Obang Metho,
SMNE Executive Director
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