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Note from the Editor-

The record Of the Oromo criminal elites is here for all to see.  

The problem we have with this issue is;- " we have been asking and searching for many , many, many years where the Ethiopian Lawyers and Human Rights group are to challenge these Oromo elite thugs?

For repeated times, now we see the OLF thugs under Abey Ahmed and Lema Megersa leadership what it is doing to the innocent Ethiopian mothers, children under the watch of these OLF fascist cadres "Abey Ahmed and Lema Megersa". So, where are the so called Lawyers and Human Rights?

Can we count from where the OLF crime started? Let us go back to 1991 (1983)

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Translation & Introduction


Assefa Negas М.D.

Amsterdam (Holland) - December 4, 1991

Тhе following is ап account of а massacre (genocide) of innocent civilian Amharas and Christians which took place in six districts in Arsi administrative region of southern Ethiopia. Тhе Amharic language text of this ho"horrendous massacre was presented as an appeal Ьу representatives of the surviving victims of these six districts to the prime minster of the present Ethiopian government - Mr. Tamrat Layne, to the Нитап Rights Council {EHRCO} led Ьу Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam and to the Addis АЬеЬа University Реасе & Reconciliation Committee.

Concerned Ethiopians resident in Amsterdam, Holland have translated this horrifying account from its original Amharic language version into English so that the international community may Ье aware of this hidden massacre which has even been kept away from the Ethiopian public. Тhе EPRDF government, which has done so much to over-publicize and · nauseam the bombings of Tigreans in Hawzen Ьу the former government, has deliberately wanted not to puЬlicize the far worse massacre of innocent Ethiopians in Arsi let alone taking action to protect them ( as any one sensiЬle and ethnic-Ьlindgovernment would have done to protect its innocent, unarmed citizens) even long after the surviving victims of this massacre have appealed to it for protection.

Тhе present Ethiopian government, which devotes so much time and energy galvanizing, stirring and whipping up inter-ethnic animosities, stereotypes and conflicts through the national media, has deliberately hidden the story of this massacre from the Ethiopian public even long after the account of this "horrendous" massacre has been handed over to the government Ьу the surviving victims of this genocide. Our aim, in translating this gruesome account in English, is to call the attention of the world community to this deliberately hidden genocide of Ethiopian minorities who· аге being victimized Ьу the divisive ethnic policies of the incumbent government of Ethiopia.

What transpired ог took place in these six districts is just а tip of the ice-berg and а harbinger of great inter-ethnic conflicts and wars yet to соте. Similar ethnic based atrocities have been reported from other parts of central and southern Ethiopia. Apart from the Amhara, the Afar, the Adare, Issa, etc population groups аге also being victimized. Although, we could not yet lay our hands оп such we documented case of massacre Шее that of Arsi, we have been informed of ~many patterns of ethnic-based atrocities which have led to the death of thousands and the displacement of tens of thousands of people in areas such as Chercher, Webera, Gara Mulleta, Gursum, Dire Dawa, Harrar, Habro, Shashemene, Sidamo, Bale, Kefa, Wellega, Gewaпe, Шubabor, Shewa, etc. Today the only areas of relative реасе are Tigrai and Eritrea (the province which has set up its own government). Тhese are the areas from which the two
victorious ex-rebels nоw in power in Addis АЬеЬа апd Asтara respectively сame from.
Iп these two areas rehabilitation, reconstruction and development are taking place while in other parts of Ethiopia destabilization, iпter-ethпic wars and destruction of the already eпfeehled iпfrastructure are eпcouraged and eпgiпeered Ьу the very ethnic politics these two northern warlords i. е the EPRDF (TPLF) and the EPLF have imposed оп the rest of Ethiopia. Coпsequeпtly, TPLF's Tigrai апd EPLF's Eritrea are the опlу peaceful areas which attract every Ьit of foreign development aid that trickles down to the EPRDF-domiпated government апd this accords well with the ethnocentric designs of these two groups оп the rest of Ethiopa.

EPRDF 's policy of faппing inter-ethпic conflict as а тeans of legitimizing and prolonging its political tenure has already begun to plunge the country into а nightmarish state of anarchy, lawlessness and ethnic vendettas. Ethiopa~ а country where Moslem and Christians have lived together еvеn under опе roof, а country where various ethnic groups have iпtermingled and lived together in harmony, а country which, unlike тапу other countries in the world, had поt known inter-ethnic апd intercomтunal violence, is today being forced for the first time in her recent history ·to undergo her baptism in the odious fire of inter-ethпic апd iпter-commuпal wars.

During the last 17 or 30 odd years, the armies of the central government апd those of the various "national liberation fronts" did the odious job of killing each other while the civilian population of Ethiopia refused to Ье drawn into these senseless wars, thereby rejecting the conflictogenic political values and projects of the coпteпding groups.

Today, we have а government in power which promotes an exclusively, intolerant and divisive ethnic coпsciousness as opposed to а supra-ethnic Ethiopiaп consciousness forged Ьу the iпtermingliпg of cultures and peoples in time and space. Тhе 17 years of Mengistu's rule, we admit, have thinned and weakened Ethiopia's social fabric Ьу dealing а heavy Ьlow to the various components of this fabric that held together the country for decades and even centuries. Today, what little is left of this weakeпed fabric is sustaining а crushingly devastating last Ьlow from the incumbent EPRDF- dominated government that is fanning ethnic wars in the пате of democracy. Unless one neologizes democracy (as the EPRDF does) to give it а different meaning, democracy саппоt Ье aпything else than tolerance, accommodation, inclusiveпess. However, democracy а la EPRDF (the new potentiate) has, meant exclusiveness, intolerance,. Ьigotry, violence апd fomenting inter-ethnic and iпter-communal wars. Only six moпths after their assumption . of power,. the EPRDF potentiates have proved their mettle апd extraordinary capacity in reducing Ethiopia into а huge and explosive ethnic powder keg. Coпsequently, today.Ethiopia is gradually, Ьиt surely, turning into а huge .fire-Ьall or conflagration of inter-ethпic and iпter-coтmunal wars through the ethnic policies of the EPRDF. Thousands of people have Ьееп uprooted from their ancestral home villages~ thousands more (among them the best-qualified sons and daughters of the country) are fleeing to neighboring Kenya and Djibouti thereby creating а new wave of refugees. Tens of thousands. of Ethiopians are being displaced in their own country. Today the country is teetering оп the brink of an infernal political scenario with all its attendant consequences.

We wonder why а government which rushed to either demoЬilize or imprison the 500,000-strong former army, decides to tolerate and even encourage the mushrooming of dozens of ethnic-based armies in every nook and comer of the country unless it has а hidden design оп Ethiopia. We wonder why а government which has refused entry visas to organizations of proven political track-record that want to participate in the peaceful political life of the country, tolerates the proliferation of ethnic-based armed movements unless it has а hidden motive of emЬroiling Ethiopia in an incessant civil war. Тhе
alarming rate at which these ethnic-based armies are being recruited, trained and deployed negates the very notion of реасе, democracy and stability in Ethiopia. We believe that this trend is not compatiЫe with the very notions of ''реасе, staЬility and democracy" that the present government is peddling and repeating ad nauseam through
the national media that it monopolizes. Billeting, а long forgotten practice whereby roving armies of warlords used to live off peasants, is becoming а fact of life in тапу areas as the mushrooming ethnic-based armies have to depend оп the peasants for sustenance.

In fact, what we are witnessing is, that реасе and staЬility are becoming гаге, if non-existent in Ethiopia, that in various parts of Ethiopia destaЬilization, inter-ethnic and inter-communal conflicts are today the rule than the exception. Тhis destaЬilization is in turn hampering farming, соmmerce, transportation, schools, normal life, etc so much that the Damoclean sword of an unprecedented famine will Ье hanging over Ethiopia next year. Today, leaving aside the misleading media orchestrations of EPRDF about ''реасе, democracy and staЬility ", the pervasive and miasmatic ethnic politics of the EPRDF- dominated government is leading to inter-ethnic
strife, wars, etc. Тhе ramifications of this ethnic policy have already claimed thousands of human lives. In what follows we would present one such ramification of EPRDF's ethnic politics i. е the hidden massacre or genocide of innocent civilians in Arsi region
of southern Ethiopia. It is а graphic account of а horrendous ethnic-based genocide directed against minority АМНАRАS and CHRISTIANS living in these areas. 

It is incumbent upon the international community to take cognizance of these serious developments in Ethiopia and intervene оп behaif of these voiceless people who are falling victims (Ьу the day and the hour) of the divisive political policies of the incumbent EPRDF (Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front) dominated government that is deliberately fanning inter-ethnic animosities. We .hereby call uроn the international community, western governments, African governments, the ВЕС, UN, OAU, the International Red Cross, UNCHR, Amnesty International, etc to:

1 - bring pressure to bear upon the incumbent EPRDF- dominated government so that it stops its policy of engineering inter-ethnic conflicts, and the genocide of defenseless ethnic minorities in different parts of Ethiopia.

2 - send an international commission of inquiry to estaЬlish and verify the atrocities perpetrated in Arsi and other parts of Ethiopia, make public the results of its findings to
the world community.

3 - reach the tens of thousands of surviving victims of this massacre whose homes,

Villages and properties have Ьееп destroyed апd rehabilitate them.
N.B We have also prepared а translated Italian version of this horrible account and hope that Ethiopians living in other parts of Europe would do the same to bring the plight of these victims to the attention of the world. 

Оn December 10, 1991, оп the occasion of the ЕЕС summit meeting that took place in Maastricht (Holland), а small group of Ethiopians living in Holland handed in person this translated English version of the ARSI МASSACRE as а petition to the Dutch vice miпster of foreign affairs Mr. Piet .Dankert. Не promised us to pass our enclosed petition to each of all the twelve ЕЕС government leaders апd the European Parliament, to the Dutch queen, prime miпster, foreign minster and to the foreign minster of Portugal, the country which would take the ЕЕС presidency during the coming six months. Оп this same day по less than 130 copies of the HIDDEN МASSACRE IN ARSI were brought to the attention of the тоге than 1500 journalists then covering the ЕЕС summit at Maastricht, Holland.

Ethiopian information Service Network {S.H.l.N.E}
Amsterdam, December 4, 1991

Тhе following is the full text of the traпslated English version of the massacre iп Arsi and for the sake of clarity, we have marked it with iпverted сотта signs at the begiппing апd the end of the text.

" Iп the six districts located iп Arba Gugu sub-proviпce of Arsi Administrative region, thusands of homes lшve Ьееп round and Ьurnt down. to ash. thousands of human lives have perished, property worth millions of Birr have been destroyed. Нuman beings have been slained like animals. the breast of women were cut and these very women victims forced to roast or grill their breast. Coy atrocities have Ьееп perpetrated. Looking at the following objective evidences (accounts) would give а good
picture of the damage wrought.


JUNE 9. 1991 :-

Groups calling themselves members of the Oromo Liberation Froпt (OLF) entered into the towп of Debre Selam (capital of the district of Gololcha).

JUNE 10. 1991 :-

In the morning these OLF members сате to the Gololcha school. Тhеу brought down the Ethiopian flag and tore it down. Those students who are the children of Amharas and as well as those who are christians were told that their couпtry is that part (of Ethiopia) which lies beyond the АЬЬау river (Blue Nile River) and accordingly they should leave Arsi. Тhеу closed the school, dispersed the students and hoisted their own flag (the flag of the OLF). Оп this very day 16 peasant associations elected and sent elders as representatives to mediate Ьetween them and the OLF members. However the elders were greeted with insults and sent back Ьу the OLF.

JUNE 11. 1991:

Оn this day OLF memЬers having mounted automatic machine guпs оп ореп wagons, looted property (which was being taken саге of Ьу elders from twenty peasaпt associations) beloпging to the peasant associations and the government, took away 500 quiпtals of washed and unpounded (uncrushed) coffee, апd 57000 Ьirr meant for the
coffee plantation workers in the area. Оп this same day these OLF members opened fire and killed two civiliaпs апd wounded five. Тhеу shot dead three legal orisoners who were in the prisoп.

JUNE 13. 1991 :

Оп this day the EPRDF tried to stabilize the situation. For the time Ьeing the killings stopped. Тhere took place а political agitation (propaganda Ьу the OLF) which had the effect of fanпing differences between the christian and Moslem populations which ·have (hitherto,o) always lived together iп реасе and harmony. Gradually mаny people joined them (the OLF) as а result of the propaganda campaign.

OCTOBER 8, 1991 :

Оп this day we were told about the eпtry of 15 members of the OLF (iпto the towп of Debre Selam) for political activity. Оп this same day ап (OLF) army of mоге than 2000 equipped with modem weapons entered during the night Ьу usiпg the darkпess of the night as their cover. Тhis army had а health team aloпg with large and medium sized trucks loaded with dry foodstuff. Оп this day these OLF members killed one of the three OPDO (Oromo Peoples Democratic Movement) members who were then in Debre- Selam, while the other two, who were hand-cuffed Ьу the OLF, later escaped towards the пеаr-Ьу peasant associations. However, as one of these escapees was wounded (Ьу the OLF) while escaping, he later died of the wouпd he sustained. While their dry foodstuff (of the OLF army) has Ьееп caпned, it Ьears the script LIBYA оп it. Мапу civilians who tried to defend themselves Ьу taking positions and entrenching themselves along rivers апd streams died due to the poisoning of the water Ьу the OLF. Тhе poison was manufactured in Saudi Arabla.


Тhе OLF members closed the narrow апd key road connecting the district of Gololcha with the district capital - Abomsa thereby killing 1 О people апd looting а lot of property. Amoпg those killed were:

1). Mr. Hailu НаЫе Mariam who was а famous elder апd а тап with а modest medical kпowledge.

2). Mr. Haile Wolde Michael who was а reknowned elder of the area.

3 ). Mr. Мато Beyene

4). Mr. Awgichew Gucho

5). Mr. Bedlu Shifferaw and 6) Mr. Tutu Shifferaw who were brothers.

OCTOBER 31, 1991:

Beginning at 6 а.т in the moming, the OLF surrounded the 16 peasant associations around DIBU and GIGAN areas in the district of GOLOLCНA killing 7 people and wounding mапу others. Тhе people in the area opposed this massacre Ьу trying to defend theтselves Ьу resorting to spears. Upon the intervention of elders the
shooting was stopped.

NOVEMBER 2, 1991:

Оп this very area (DIBU and GIGAN areas) the OLF opened fire beginning at 7 a.m  thereby killing more than 1000 (оп е thousand people ). Тhе homes and properties of 16 peasant associations and their individual тembers were looted, piUaged and the rest set оп бrе Ьу the .QLF. Тhе genocide which took place оп this day was extremely horrendous and barbaric. For example, the OLF members after having forced two christian elders to sav ''Alah Weakber" against their religious belief. have Ыind-folded these two elders with а piece cloth and slaughtered them like animals and thrown them in front ofthe doorsteps of SAINT MIКAEL (MICHEL) CHURCH at GINGA.


OCTOBER 19. 1991 :

Оп this market day in ап attempt to attack the Amhara people and dispersing the people at the market, the Arsi moslems opened fire and shot dead 3 (three) people.

OCTOBER 22, 1991 :

Тhese sате moslems, having organized an army of between 300-400 men, opened fire оп the town of Моуе killing an unknown number of people. ln general they looted and ransacked everything ranging from business owned Ьу individuals to governmental organisations thereby leaving the town empty.

OCTOBER 23, 1991 :

Тhese same fighters set оп fire four peasaпt villages thereby leaviпg по less thaп 1000 (опе thousaпd) families without апу shelter.

OCTOBER 28, 1991:

Тhis same attack coпtiпued thereby destroyiпg апd buming 12 (twelve) peasant vШages Ьу fire and kaving behind more than JO,f}()() (ten thousmul) inhaЬittmts (geopk
wilhout shelter and exposing them to starvation and ifisJюssession~

NOVEМВER 5. 1991 :

Оnп this day also ап OLF army, по less thaп 400 in number, penetrated deep iпto Моуе from the neighbouriпg admiпstrative regioп of Hararghe. Тhis OLF force bombed апd sheUed with launchers, automatic rifels, bombs апd explosives inпocent
farmers who do поt know aпythiпg else except farming апd civiliaп life. This modem army has differeпt types of саппеd апd dry foodstuff апd was particularly attackiпg members of the Amhara ethпic group апd the christiaп populatioп liviпg in the area.

Тhis massacre апd geпocide has поt abated or stopped yet.


OCTOBER 4. 1991 :

Mr. Tesfaye Alemu and Mr. Gebre SeUase Gebre Egziabher, Ьoth of whom were working оп their farms, пеаr АВОМSА town - the capital of the sub-province, were perforated and killed with bullets Ьу the OLF forces. Тhе killers went away ululating. Тhе killers of these two men are Mr. Hussien Safeпo and Mr. Kedir Gelma. Haviпg committed these atrocities, the two men still live freely iп the town (АВОМSА town) with their arms. Since the killing of these-two men, the property апd domestic aпimals of the Christian population of the area are орепlу looted апd the rest being set оп fire.

OCTOBER 28. 1991 :

900 (пiпе huпdred homes) housing people iп six peasaпt associations iп ANGODECHI агеа iп the district of GEGU were set оп fire апd the properties of the iпhabitaпts looted and ransacked. Although burned and tarred human skulls were found
in the Ьurnt houses, it was поt possible to know the exact number of victims of this atrocity. However, those who survived this horrendous attack have fled into the surrounding Ьushes and valleys.

OCTOBER 29. 1991:

In this same district in WERENSO GURE, WENGELO КERSA, AlWSHERA MENGAGSA areas 420 (four hundred twenty) houses were burnt down Ьу fire. As the houses were set оп fire during the пight, at which time тапу people were iп deep sleep, the пumber of people killed Ьу far exceeds that of GEGU meпtioпed above. But the exact figure of the people who had died is not known.

OCTOBER 30. 1991:

Iп three areas in the district of MERTI i.e in MOUEME SЕКА, FEREКESA МЕSКОВЕ, MOLOME КЕSА areas а total of 570 (Five Hundred Seventy) homes were burnt down.

OCTOBER 31, 1991 :
In this same district of MERTI in areas called AWACHURA МIСНА, FEREКESA MUКAGELO, ASHE FELIКA 336 houses were bumt down.

NOVEMBER 5. 1991 :

In а peasant association knowп as GOBENU СНАКА with the exception of 16 houses with corrugated roofs, all the remaining 116 houses (one hundred sixteen) were Ьumt down. While . houses iп the above-meпtioпed areas were set оп fire, children апd old people housed in these homes were also Ьurnt alive. Тhose who were strong апd tried to escape from the burning houses were shot at and the ones who survived have fled to ап uпknown direction. With iп these two days, in these two districts аlопе property worth millions of Birr, accumulated over centuries has been destroyed. More than one thousand homes were burnt down. Schools and churches iп the districts have Ьееп looted апd pillaged. Parts of these schools and churches have also Ьееп burnt down. At this moment, in the whole sub-proviпce 197 (one hew ninety seven elementary апd junior high schools as well as 2 (two) high schools, thus а total of 199 (опе hundred niпty nine) schools are closed. While а school teacher in the district of MERTI had Ьееп killed, the remainiпg teachers have fled the area. With the exception of government offices iп the sub-provincial capital, aU govemment offices iп other parts of the suЬ-province have Ьееп looted and closed. Тhе culprits or the people responsible for this serious massacre (geпocide) of people апd the destruction of property are .·

1) Mr. Kassim Hussien represeпtative of the OLF iп ARSI adminstrative region:

2) Mr. AЬiyu Gilo represeпtative of the OLF in the district of МERTI, НОМВА area.

3) Mr. Mohammed KeЬir Adem otherwise knowп as Mohammed Моуе а rich merchant iп the district of Guna апd member of the OLF.

4) Mr. Adem Abdulahi а very rich merchant of GEGU district апd member of the OLF.

Тhese four people are the general commanders and coordinators.
Тhе following people are membe1-s of the OLF and commanders of the army who carried out these above-mentioned atrocities):
1) Mr. Sultan Kedir
2) Mr. Reshad Feto
3) Mr. Ahmed Amane
4) Mr. Tutuna Kedir
5) Mr. Gibriel Sheik Mukthar
6) Mr. Geylana Hagihum
7) Mr. Sikuare Sane

Various elders, representatives of the populace, church representatives have at various times appealed and brought to the attention of various authorities inclшfing the
prime minster this g(mocide (massacre) and this boundless tribulation of the people. However, to this day по measures have been taken. Тhе committee presenting this appeal has the backing of 221 (two hundred twenty one) persons and has as its aim the
cessation or stopping of the current genocide or massacre that is being directed against
the АМНАRАS and the CHRISTIAN people living in the area; if at aU this appeal is heeded and supported ".

End of the Translated Text
An Explanatory Addendum

АМНАRА - refers to one of the two major ethnic groups of Ethiopia who predominantly inhabit the administrative regions of Gondar, Gojjam, Wello, and northern Shewa and are dispersed in the rest of Ethiopia. Millions of Amharas live in southern parts of Ethiopia although they are minorities in these areas. Arsi is one such area where the Amharas live as minorities. Тhе Amharas are generally christians Ьу faith although there are also some pockets of Amharas adhering to the Islamic religion.

OROMOS - are also one of the two major ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Like the Amharas they are spread over тапу areas of Ethiopia. ln parts of Ethiopia, like Shewa, the Oromos are not distinguishaЬle from their Amhara brothers or sisters. Some adhere to the christian religion, some to the Islamic religion and some are animist. Тhе majority of the inhaЬitants in Arsi are Oromos. Some are Christians and some Moslem. Christians and Moslems in Arsi, as elsewhere in Ethiopia, have lived in harmony for а long time until recently when the divisive ethnic policies of the new EPRDF-dominated
government led to this massacre reported in this account.

EPRDF -is an abbreviation form meaning Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front. EPRDF is а deceptive euphemism for the Тigrean People "s Liberation Front. Today after the pull out of OLF from the TGE, EPRDF (TPLF) is the single most important group dictatorially controlling the so-called Transitonal Govemment of Ethiopia. lt, along with organizations like the OLF and IFLO, is responsiЬle for the massacre of Amharas in mапу parts of southem Ethiopia - а massacre which it has master-minded and devised through its policy of weakening the Amhara people whom it depicts as opressors,
chauvinists and expansionists.

OLF - Огото Liberation Front, was the second most important group in the Transitonal Govemment next to the EPRDF. Тhе OLF has always defined the Ethiopian state as а
colonial state and the Oromos as colonial subjects although this view is not shared Ьу mz1lions of Oromos оп whose behalf it claims to speak. Following the faU of Mengistu 's regime, the OLF rushed to join hands with the Tigrean group - EPRDF (TPLF) in forming the Transitional Government of Ethiopia.

OPDO - Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization , this is an organiztion which has been spawned Ьу the ТPLF (EPRDF) from the ranks of captured prisoners of war (POWs. of the former government. It was created Ьу the TPLF and is used Ьу the latter
today to displace the OLF proper and justify ТPLF's penetration into Oromo territories. Тhе OPDO is considered Ьу the OLF as а puppet organization of the TPLF (EPRDF); hence their enmity and clash as has been mentioned in this report.

EPLF - refers to ·the Eritrean People's Liberation Front which has now set uр а provisional govevernment in Eritrea. Тhis secessionist organization today dictates Ethiopia 's politics through its proxy - the EPRDF(TPLF) - which it has helped in coming to power. Тhе EPLF today engineers the complete disintegration of Ethiopia оn ethnic lines so that strong Ethiopia тау never emerge to obstruct its secessionist project. It should Ье remembered that the EPLF along with the OLF forces was instrumental in the genocide of 300 innocent АМНАRАS in Assosa in January 1990.
(Re-published at Ethio Semay)