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Who is banda of the year?

Who is banda of the year?

Which two songs are best songs of the year?

(By Getachew Reda –Ethiopian Semay editor)


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Happy New Year to Ethiopia and wishing continue the doomsday of her enemies!
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 We have two topics for you as introduction to our New Year.

(1)    Banda of the Year

(2)     Two singers/songs of the year.

Dear all Ethiopian Citizens who love Ethiopia from heart!

Last year, the God of Ethiopia has shown us that her old and new internal and external enemies are just started to crumbling by his miraculous power.  See the anti Ethiopia Arab countries what they are going through, and see the anti Ethiopia Weyane Tigray leader Meles Zenawi who destroyed Ethiopia for 21 years supported by the Americans and the barbaric Arabs after ruling it with his bandit guerrilla army to finally taken out by the mighty God of Ethiopia for disrespecting Ethiopia as punishment for ever to his final grave last year.
He is now “HISTORY”. He is no more in this planet. He is dead! His American masters and his cults can’t believe he is gone and can’t sop jabbering that he is not there anymore with them blaming the mighty God of Ethiopia asking why destroy him so young? His hooligan artists in Tigray are also suffering with anxiety disorder chanting satanic chant singing for him not believing he is not there to intoxicate them with his ethno fascist teachings.

Ethiopia is the land of mystery with so many miracles no scientist yet to understand. Yes, the doomsday is ticking fast against her different enemies every day. Her various enemies laughed at us when we cry now is their turn to cry!

Now let us go to the banda of the year chosen by Ethiopian Semay editor.

Ethiopian Semay chose banda of the year Mr.Efrem Madebo who is the Public Relation Officer for Ginbot 7 as the banda of the year with his comrade Andaragachew Tisge who is now acting as the propaganda officer for Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea.

Efrem Madebo on Shaabiya Festival in Oakland California preaching Eritreans how the Shewa Amhara colonized them. This demon individual have no limit when it comes to serve Eritreans throughout his banda  missionary speech standing in-front of the anti Ethiopia  who are all suffering with  mass denial  who enjoyed evil circuses while their people are subjugated to worst slavery ever experienced in the Eritrean people's history by the monster they created to subjugate them after they got their myth Freedom. So, here is Efrem Madebo with no shame talking about how Ethiopia/Amhara subjugate the civilized Eritreans who think they are more civilized than their Tigrayn cousins when it comes  how to eat "Italian Spaghetti"! ! !  Eating Spaghetti not Injera (the Ethiopian traditional diet)  is considered civilization and development by these Italian admirers who are paying heavy price after betraying Ethiopia who feed them., educate them without paying a penny. Here is Efrem Madebo saluting the deluded Eritrean community with his Nazi look alike salutation  promising them he and his Ginbot 7 organization to serve them by insulting the Pan Ethiopianists as NefteNga/TimikihteNga (his word) who disproved the illegal secession of Eritrea carried by internal and international actors/conspiracy.  

 Listen to Andaragachew’s latest interview with ESAT. In particular this part
 There, you will hear him advocating for Isayas Afewerki the Amhara hater Isayas who refuse to speak or respond his interviewers in Amharic, but in English or Arabic.  The mass murderer fascist Isayas who hate Ethiopia and Amhara society is currently described by Andargachew Tsige (secretary of Ginbot 7 ) as “a hardworking, who can be an icon to Africa, an amazing and unique leader, not repressive than other leaders (remember he was seen as the worst 10 dictators of the world for the last 16 years in a row by international Human Rights and other institutions with his friend Meles Zenawi. Andargachew for his banda mission is trying to let us forget who is Isayas Afewerki.), trust his people, loved by his people, seek no bodyguard when he walks inside Asmara or elsewhere.” End of Quote.
 This similar description about Isyas Afewerki reminds me what Abraham Yayeh used to described to glorify Isayas Afewerki when Abraham Yayeh was in Eritrea in 2000 as TDM chief foreign Affairs (13 years back). You can read this on my weblog “Abraham Yayeh’s interview with “Hiwyet” magazine an EPLF organ (periodical magazine) http://ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com/2008/08/herre-is-article-per-your-inquiry.html
 The photos pose below is Abraham Yayeh, OLF and Sidama Liberation Front leaders talking rubbish on their interview with Hiwyet (Eritrean Tigringa magazine) in Asmara. What amazed me is – currently, Ato Abraham Yayeh is emailing many people after he heard  the banda Andargachew Tsiga’s interview this week with ETSAT TV- Andargachew who is currently serving a mission under the command of EPLF’s  defense chief Isayas Afewerki and his General’s in Eritrea-on which Abraham Yayeh email reads the following:-

What amazed me is – currently, Ato Abraham Yayeh is emailing many people after he heard  the banda Andargachew Tsiga’s interview this week with ETSAT TV- Andargachew who is currently serving a mission under the command of EPLF’s  defense chief Isayas Afewerki and his General’s in Eritrea-on which Abraham Yayeh email reads the following:-

 Please watch seriously and without interruption what Andargachew Tsige of Ginbot-7 preaches us about the necessity of waging an armed struggle via Eritrea. The Big-Big question is: Why should it be a curse (ergman) for Abraham Yayeh, a native Tigrayan but who still proudly retains his Ethiopian citizenship, to do same in good time when Isaias Afewerki was not a pariah as he is today; and a blessing (merekka) for Mr. Andargachew Tsige, a native Amharan who relinquished his golden Ethiopian nationality only to become a British citizen, after 14 years and in the wrong time when Mr. Isaias Afeworki is in deep trouble with his own. people and the rest of the world?” End of quote.

The issue is not if Isayas was Pariah or not. That is out of the core of the argument. Let us leave this infantile argument to the side. Be it Isayas was loved by the West and the Arabs or be it Isayas is currently a pariah state leader has nothing to do with the nature and historical record of Isayas when it comes to Ethiopian issue. 

The principal issue here is- Why is that Ato Abraham linking Amhara and Tigre native issue here? Who accepted Andaragachew Tsige for his banda mission in Eritrea because he is native Amhara? And who opposed Abraham Yayeh for doing similar issue because he was native Tigrayan?  To begin with Andaragachew Tsige is not Amhara native. His book is telling us his families are  Oromo not an Amhara native (Ye Amara Hizb keyet Wedyet). Even if he is Amahara- his native affiliation has nothing to do with what Abraham is linking the issue here.

It always puzzled me why Ato Abraham always sees issue with Amhara Tigre issue!? Can’t he simply oppose Andargachew’s mission from his own experience in Eritrea than linking it to ethnic issue? 

with this; let us wait his argument with Andaragachew on Awramba Times website (It will be interesting to hear both expressing their experience in Eritrea).
Now, let me take  you to the Songs of the Year elected by Ethiopian semay Editor for your New Year recreation. I have Chosen The following 2 songs of the year for Ethiopian Semay vistors. Enjoy these songs. These two young artists are “marvelous”. The lead singers and the dancers are breathtaking performers!  Happy  New Year Enjoy!
Lebe Nedo- by Temesgen Gegziabher
Yagere Zema – by  “Zigy Zaga” (real name Behailu Tafesse) http://youtu.be/xodTGPA_YS4
Thanks- Getachew Reda (Ethiopian Semay Editor) to contact the editor you can Email getachre@aol.com