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The Emergence of Oromo and Tigre hegemony Part 2 ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)

The Emergence of Oromo and Tigre hegemony
Part 2
ጌታቸው ረዳ
(Ethiopian Semay)
My readers remember the first part of this heading during the Addis Ababa University Oromo students demanded Oromo lands for the Oromos under the slogan “Oromia Kenga”, an ugly term germinated from fascist elites with a plan to keeping the hegemony alive. If so, this is its second part coming to deal with the new proclamation of Addis Abeba given to the Oromos as owners of the city in violation of other citizens’ right. 

The present Oromos who claimed they are the descendants of the Gala pastoralists (though strangely, naively and ignorantly the present Oromo do not like the terms “pastoralists” or ‘Gala’ though they do not deny they are the descendants of the Gala (which they are not 100% descendants of them) contrary to the Tigre denying they are the mixed ethnic from the pastoralist Beja) claimed the ¾ of the largest territory of Ethiopian fertile lands belong to them, which step by step, starting the tribes of the Gala invasion since the 16 century onward until the present time, annexed many areas that never belonged to them is becoming a threat to all citizens of the nation.

Since the Oromo and the Tigre elites jointly control power in Ethiopia after defeated the Derg, the Ethiopian people never get peace for the last 27 years under these brutal ethnic war lords, who are totally uncivilized with a modern language speaking skills.  Besides the Oromo seizing ¾ territories of the Ethiopians, they never stop waging hate campaign and ethnic cleansing against mixed Amhara or none mixed Amhara ethnic who are the largest population than the Oromo or the Tigre population in Ethiopia.

So therefore, many of the different Oromo ethnic believed that Ethiopia is not their country. They see Ethiopia a country established by the Amhara ethnic –which they tagged it as “NefTenGas’ ” or “Debteras’ ” or “Abyssinia” country. Their motive is therefore, to take the ¾ territory (more than an area of covering 284,538 square kms) colonized since 16 Century in order to declare their independent as Eritreans declared their disastrous independent resulted with worst suffering and mass exodus of the Eritrean  population to Ethiopia, Sudan and to all over the world.

How the Gala pastoralists controlled Ethiopias largest territories beginning from the little village of the tip South border of Ethiopia all the way to Tigre and Gonder is a book by itself to discuss (one is written with by a monk (scholar of his time- perhaps even unique scholar of our time –the humanbeing on earth who left the Oromo new generation their knowledge pf ethnic names and their rules and cultures) named ‘Aba Bahrey’ an eye witness of the time and victim himself of the Gala invasion (translated his book/report/ written in Ge’ez into Amharic by the grandeur Ethiopian scholar Professor Getachew Haile).

 It was unfortunate moment of history, that how the Oromo got all this lands. They found it easy to penetrate the territories they lived now all over the country is because of the Islamic terrorist leader ‘Grang Ahmed’ emasculated the indigenous male population with a capacity to fight and defend the nation through his policy of mass conversion to Islam or through mass murder or sold them as slaves to the Arabs. Therefore, was easy to move in to all direction of the country which they got what they got now.

The same tactic is now what the Oromo elites are playing. When the country is weak morally, spiritually and economically with its popular nationalist leaders deceased or chased out of the country , the Oromo always got the advantage of pushing more demand for seizer of territory, power and “cultural subversion” (Introducing and forcing Latin alphabets to the indigenous Ethiopians).

Yesterday, the Fascist Tigre rulers intentionally gave away the Addis Ababa capital to the Oromo as their right to control it under the proclamation “Liyu Tikim”

የኦሮምኛ ቋንቋ የፌደራል ቋንቋ ሆነ የአዋጁ ሙሉ መግለጫ

The new proclamation does not stop only allowing Latin alphabet to replace the indigenes Ge’ez language, or goes side competing it to destroy it, but it also gives the city of Addis Abeba as the oromo owned territory.

 It also gave the name Finfine for Addis Abeba. Strangely also, it allows the cities avenues, roads, bridges to be named by Oromo titles (names). When that occurred, the streets will be called by Lencho Leta, Jara and other extremists who were involved in the crime of murdering the Amhara people. Worst of course might also be Jawar Street who called the “Ethiopians be evicted out of Oromia.  Most worst also called Addis Abeba , as the heart land of Oromo Capital, therefore, belongs to Oromos giving the Oromos special privilege than any other citizen. This is what I see it not only discriminatory based on language and ethnic, but under “Special Act of Privilege”, allowing more act of hegemony on the capital city of the nation by Oromos against the right ownership of all citizens of Ethiopia.

Through such discriminatory based on language and especial ethnic privilege is done intentionally to calm down the current reprisal by the Oromo against the Tigrayan rulers. By doing so, the plan to secede and the plan to close all entrance gates to Addis will eventually come true with ‘one’ single exit gate for the Amhara to be expelled from Addis Abeba city during the declaration of Oromo independence from Ethiopia (as one of the known fascist, corrupted mind like Assefa Jalata vowed to do it so when that day comes).

 So, just let you know that the agenda of the Oromo and Tigre secession agenda is slowly but surely in progress. As Abay Tsehaye told his Tigrayan audiences “we intentionally framed ‘ethnic federalism’ all over the country so no one will reverse it – if tried, people will not allow to be reversed”. What it meant is “we gave the Oromo the biggest lands and privilege than any others, therefore, they are the ones to protect the ethnic federalism we gave them”. Here he is right. All Oromo are slicked to their habitual territorial hegemony during a nation when no nationalist leader is in the front challenging the hegemony. Most opposition outside or inside are collaborate in the name of “Democracy” or “Federalism”. The opposition is also the worst animal-hoods not better than the Wallelig groups in one or in the other. Nothing, but all mediocre! “Peoples vote, majority vote” all these jargon are a receipt for disaster. No country built or should not ruined by majority vote. It is group right as we see it Addis for the Oromo in the name “majority right!!!”.

You all know by now, that these Oromo ethnics are made of different tribes. They are in habiting in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Among those three countries, the Ethiopian Oromo elites are most perhaps the only violent and criminal elites in East Africa ‘ethnic elites’ for reasons we do not know. The Oromo in Kenya or in Somalia never had such violent behavior or hegemony of territories or fabrications of history as these ones are.

 Strangely and uniquely anomaly, the Ethiopian Oromo elites who were registered as immigrants in Kenya and hired as elementary school teachers started to create a havoc in Kenya’s Oromo population by writing a letter of protest to the Kenyan Education Ministry to change the name ‘Gala’ to ‘Oromo’ which is written as legal ethnic name in the Kenyan school books. The respond given to them was “get the hell of our Kenya business and create the havoc in your Ethiopia”. (I already post the letter to my readers’ years back).

 You know that such name never was given by the Ethiopians to the Gala in Kenya or in Somalia. They still call themselves as such since there is nothing wrong with it. They demanded name change, just to hypnotize their population as if they are bringing significant change to their social life. We are called Agame by the Eritreans, we never demand name change, because changing name will never get one free from hate or any insult, if conceder in such. You can’t keep changing names anytime your name is attached into different meanings.

Such fictitious work to destabilize Ethiopia is been supported by the German Protestants (the recent bible temperament of Kush Ethiopia) and of course also by other enemies of Ethiopia. For so many years, the Oromo fascist elites supported by foreigners were fooling many naïve Ethiopian elites and foreigners with their treacherous and fictitious grievances which casts Oromo as colonial subjects violently displaced from their land, which unjustifiably the Oromo are the ones who are in the act of subjecting others by annexing ¾ Ethiopian territories held currently by the Oromo themselves. Strangely, giving the annexed territories with a fabricated new name “Oromia” which originally never existed a land or a country called in such name or such large territories never belong to them historically or legally. Thos territories belong to all of “Ethiopian citizens”.

 This is exactly why such unjustified ownership created anger on me for many years: because, it denies also my right, my privilage to own it as a citizen also.  Here it comes again two days ago a new conspiracy of proclamation which gives “only Oromo” as the owner of the city of Addis Abeba with a special privilege to be served, provided better privileged attention more than any Ethiopian citizen, institution, administration, community, association and so on. This is of course, another bribe by the TPLF elites to the Oromo population to hash them down from barking “Oromia Kenga”.

Mind you dear readers; this special privilege is based on ethnic and language affiliation besides the ¾ lands already grabbed by the Oromo for the last 27 years. Now, Addis is given to the Oromo which will deny the ownership of all citizens and other institutions because, we are not Oromo, but Ethiopian. For being Ethiopian or other ethnic group,  we are now legally by proclamation discriminated from the privilege given tot the Oromo ethnic.

 Remember again, our sea ports are given to the Eritreans, now Addis Abeba the vital capital city of the country (Africa) is given to the Oromo ethnic under a special privilege act with a new name “Finfine”.  Now, the conspiracy done in Welkait against the Amhara by the Tigrayans is now coming to play with a similar game to privileged the Oromo based on their ethnic affiliation. If history claimed, it should go back to debate then who owns Addis Ababa. There sitting 13 century government citing palaces and yet no one gives a crap to the artifacts and ancient churches standing in front of them who were there before the Oromos. 

  So, nothing is going to be smooth for the future with such discriminatory special privilege for special ethnic group. Eventually, it is the matter of time, people will eventually react and demand; either the Oromo need to relinquish such hegemony or face future conflict that will create havoc like the South Sundaes in Ethiopia. I am not joking- this is serious issue. No democracy discriminates based on ethnic or language affiliation without any public debate and documentations presented for the destination. Such discriminatory proclamation is done by anti Ethiopian groups set to destroy Ethiopia intentionally.

The Tigrayan elites have no right to disunite Ethiopia or give Addis Abeba to the Oromos as owners in a form of political bribe to hash them from barking against their corrupt system. Ethiopian Citizens should not be subject to the Oromo hegemony in this century again which it reminds us the bad memory of the 16 century of the pastoralist Gala invasion. Citizens’ right should not be allowed to be violated by any group under any circumstances as the only owners of any land or a city. This is why we opposed the ethnic federalism which is apartheid in its worst face.

Ethiopians should oppose such fictitious history by any means and fight back against such illegal hegemony in this modern time. This is not the 16 century that people should be subjected for slavery or discriminated based on ethnic, location or language affiliation. If so, every ethnic is going to go back and claim counter claim of ownership. If such occurred, the result will be havoc. That is why I am warning such is a receipt for disaster.  So we need to stop Oromo expansion and the Tigre expansion from creating more and more public unrest. We need to demand all citizens to own any territory of the country as citizens. No one group should own anything as a master of a given territory, because they are near the capital or center of the land or what have you. We have one country, we are one people living in one country. We all own it- no one should not privileged better or more than the other. Citizen is equal in the share of the nation’s wealth and land. Ethnics do not own Ethiopia, the people of Ethiopia own Ethiopia!
Now, let us revisit the Oromo fiction. The following articulated paper was written by Prof. Feqadu Lamessa for (A guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history) under the title (History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia) posted at ECADF (July 29, 2013).
Fiction #1:
“Between 1868 and 1900, half of all Oromo were killed, around 5 million people”
Fact #1:
This is one of the most repeated inaccuracies, usually told by Secessionist Oromos, radical ethno-nationalist politicians outside the country or pro-OLF history revisionist websites like et al. However, the undisputed fact is that even the total Ethiopian population (the sum of dozens of ethnic groups) was much less than 5 million in the late 1800s, let alone one ethnic group being 10 million. So claiming that 5 million ethnic Oromos were killed by Emperor Menelik’s forces does not add up. The truth is several thousand Oromos were in fact killed during battles of that era. It was not a “genocide” as some politicians claim but it was a massacre of the ill equipped southern forces defeated by the Shewan military of Emperor Menelik which had more European weapons. Throughout those decades, the truth is more Oromos were killed by other Oromos than by non-Oromos because competing Oromo Clans often traded for weapons to have an upper hand against their local competitors, who were often their fellow Oromo and Sidama neighbors. And it was not the first lop sided victory of that era in Africa because various communities from all corners of Ethiopia had attacked one another during the “resource battles” and whichever group had more modern weapons had the upper hand. To summarize, Professor Mengistu Paulos of Jimma University said it best when describing right-wing Oromo liberation philosophy:
“Most fictional accounts of ‘Oromo history’ blindly accepted as facts by some misled people are manufactured by former politicians turned Pseudo-historians like OLF writer Asafa Jalata, who is renowned for abuse of paraphrasing, often with out-of-context citations. For example, while quoting the 19th century Russian Alexander Bulatovich (who provided an ‘educated guess’ of annihilation of almost half Ethiopian population by disease, famine and war, including internal conflict between Oromo clans and with Abyssinians), the OLF-writer Asafa Jalata infamously claimed half Oromo population was killed by ‘evil’ Amharas. This was purposely done by Mr. Jalata to create a foundation for ethnic hatred between Oromos and Amharas. Ironically, even Mr. Bulatovich himself never had the capacity nor the legitimacy to do a reliable census, as he spent just a couple of months walking around Oromia and hunting elephants in 1890s.”
Fiction #2:
“…. largely Muslim Oromo people”
Fact #2:
This is a phrase seen in some media outlets but not most. Oromo people have never been a predominantly muslim people. In fact, both Christianity and Islam is not our ancestral religion because we have practiced an indigenous traditional religion for centuries before. Gradually, Islam and Christianity were both adopted (during Oromo migrations) by us and imposed (during conquest of our lands by Abyssinian/Christians & Somalis/Islam) on us throughout history. Even today, both the two major religions have equal representation among Oromos. The latest official 2007 census showed that around 48% of Oromos practice Christianity (Both Orthodox & Protestant) while around 47% of Oromos practice Islam. Yet, word on the ground is that the Islam population might soon surpass Christianity among Oromos in the future because Orthodox Christianity is decreasing inside Oromia. (Prof. Feqadu Lamessa for (A guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history).
Let me conclude my part 2 until I come back with my part three commentary regarding this issue. Which I read a book by Bahru Zewde, where I quote it on my part one commentary as the following.

 ‘Bahru Zewde’s book “the quest for socialist Ethiopia” dealing about the Ethiopian student movement from 1960 to 1974; a truly well researched book caught my attention reading part of the history of the Hailesselassie University student movement slogan posted around the Yekatit 12 square, just outside the Sedist Kilo campus, read: “Ethiopia’s wealth should reach all”. Indeed a superbly beautiful slogan.’ ( The Emergence of Oromo and Tigre hegemony    part 1


In this era, the reverse is what we are hearing from the so called Tigre or Oromo students’ current slogan ‘Tigre for the Tigrayans, Oromia for the Oromo’. ‘Oromiya Kenga!/Oromo is ours!” A slogan contrary to the then Hailesselassie University Students’ slogan! It is a big “U” turbn leading to a character of hegemony and greed!
This is indeed the result of incredibly corrupt and visionless elites who mislead those sloganeers “Oromo for the Oromo” and “Tigray for the Tegaru”.
Part 3 will continue (ጌታቸው ረዳ Ethiopian Semay)