Sunday, April 24, 2016

Amara Union Information Center Pal Talk is Shockingly Becoming the Hub o fRacists Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)

Amara Union Information Center Pal Talk is Shockingly Becoming the Hub of Racists
Getachew Reda
(editor Ethiopian Semay)

Today Sunday, April /24/2016 at 12:34 PM California time, went in to listen the above mentioned Pal Talk room. What I heard was shocking. My soul could not believe such a room with a name possessing Professor Asrat’s name or dedication to Professor Asrat’s contribution and mission doing  the adverse of what Professor Asrat’s mission and interest  was.

An individual by the name Menze or similar nickname to that effect, was in the business of attacking the entire Tigrayan population viciously spewing hate speech. I do not want to repeat it here that his ignorant, nasty and racist vocabularies and accusations against our Tigrayan parents, peasants, and mothers that he was notoriously attacking and labeling them mercilessly under animal nature. In short, it was ugly and worst racism in its worst kind. Could this fellow be the same Menze that many years back he was on video urging people  to kill every Tigrayans with mach (Kibrit Esat Eyelekosachih Fijuwachew) ? or could he be a different Menze….?

You all remember, It is this room where I was invited to respond to some Nazi type racists hatched all over the opposition Pal Talk rooms after I comment against them on the media few years back for attacking Tigray population. Now, shockingly to my surprise, today I was hearing the same racism and dehumanization of entire Tigray population mercilessly in this Pal Talk room. 

I have witnessed some similar incidents In the past, though, I was not taking it seriously in the hope it might get better, or the Admin might take steps to correct such unpleasant move, it seemed got worst by the day. I irregularly visited that room and hear some unpleasant speeches here and there; but as I said above, I was hoping it will get better. Unfortunately, I observed the room was becoming completely losing its roadmap slowly to reach up to this label.  

This room was established (at least as I imagined it), to create harmony among Ethiopian society and defense the Amhara society from power abusers, such as from TPLF, OLF and other criminals, not to create animosity and war and conflict with the entire Tigray population. At least Professor Asrat would have object this room if he was alive and hear such racism against Tigray population in his name.  
As I just arrived few minutes, this fellow was constantly dehumanizing our Tigrayn mother and fathers (including my parents) . He called the entire population as “Snakes” Tigrayan parents who taught their kids to be criminal, cruel, murderers, mercenaries, KimenNoch, Leboch, no decent culture, society with no history of moral………. All Tigrayans are all the same and one, ,,,,  So many nasty,  rude and unpleasant vocabularies with no restriction.

I tried to be patient, the more I listen to his nasty and demonizing speeches and the reaction of the members; most of the audiences seemed to enjoy it. That was the time, I openly told the fellow to stop by writing on the board.  I ask the Admin (Mr.Felege Asrat) by writing a text on the board to stop the fellow from continue. He seemed to enjoy it also and gave me “RED” after I wrote my name openly told the audience on the board who I am, in the hope the Admin or the Mr. Menze shrink back from such hateful speech. Unfortunately he was supported by many of them.

Another fellow by the name “KURATE “started to defend him. Others followed to defend him. That was the time I repeatedly ask the room to restrain such stupidity. The Admin seemed to enjoy it and gave me RED and bounced me out.

Are these individuals indeed for Amhara defense or they are there to create a conflict between Tigre and Amhara in the name of Amhara? I am a bit suspicious that this room is hijacked by hateful elements or underground TPLF (who knows who else to derail its roadmap) completely eroded with emotion not guided by rational elements. 

I was shocked one day in particular, when the respected politician and historian and author of many books Ato Tekle Yeshaw was attacked in this room repeatedly. But, I took it lightly in the hope they will correct such rude behavior. But, now, this room can’t even distinguish between “people” and “organization”. I am sick of many diffrent elements spewing hate in the name of Ethiopia/Oromo/Amhara/Tigre…. Is there at all discussion how to solve the crisis or are the solution is simply grabbed with emotion and spewing hate speech? This will not help the Amhara population. In fact this can be dangerous to Ethiopia’s survival if such hooligans attack to a segment of Ethiopian population called Tigray people. 

How can they defend Amhara when they are attacking the entire Tigre population?  How are the Amhara going to live with Tigre in the future when such nasty and hateful and irresponsible elements are advocating hate and conflict? I have observed hateful forums are become popular forums with some 400 and even more audiences in them. This room never went up beyond 50,. The only highest number of participants showed was during my interview over 300 or more people. Some said they could not able to get in to listen to my interview, because it was full.  Could it be this reason why genuine individuals are not massively participating in this room or any other reason? Who knows why!

 Let us restrict our self from contaminating the Amhara farmers and Tigrayan farmers with hate to create conflict and disunity. If such hateful elements allowed continuing spewing hate on media, Ethiopia population will be like Somalia. But, do such hooligans and racists care? No, they do not care, because they live comfort in the Diaspora and none of the bullets or disturbances will reach these ignorant bustards to where they comfortably live.  We have seen this with hateful Oromo secessionists and we are now looking at a new hateful group against coming out. When I support Amhara organizations, I do not mean hateful elements. I want genuine elements like the Amhara Moresh Wogene lead by Ato Tekle Yeshaw, not such nasty and hateful elements. These have to be confronted and challenged if they do not restrain their gullible character in the near future.
 I hope they openly apologize and move on to be accountable for their credibility and cooperate with the rest of us as I always cooperate for genuine cases and with genuine elements. I am afraid, If such elements of racism gave a space to broaden the existing atmosphere of tense, then our people and country will face more deep problem in the future difficult to solve. 

Our culture is already eroded by subversive groups. Preaching hate is the main tool of subversive agents. The people and the country will not survive when the country accepts subversive agenda of hate to create destabilization.
Next two weeks two important issue under my weekly commentary will posted. One is Unique commentary for Fasika and the other article will deal the Shaabiya Ginbot 7/ESAT Vision for Ethiopia, which is simply full of fake. Such presentation was the other new way of introducing fake individuals or our future abusers.

You all remember that the cartographers that drafted our present tribal dismemberment map, almost a copy of the Fascist colonial map drawn by Mussolini in 1936, was sponsored and backed by the CIA, OLF and TPLF. Still these elements particularly OLF is the main front participant of the “Vision Ethiopia” presented by two eloquent Oromo crooks advocating for the same tribal map and Latin fonts to be used for Oromo population when writing.  Not to our surprise, they were also supported by Mesay Kebede (the Philosopher!) to sustain the tribal map drawn by Mussolini in the future Ethiopia. We will visit one more time again how the subversers are trying to keep the OLF/TPLF tribal map/Kilil for the future Ethiopia under our new future rulers.
Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)