Friday, May 18, 2012

Meles Zenawi is a “wristband” gift donated to Ethiopians by the CIA

Meles Zenawi is a “wristband” gift donated to Ethiopians by the CIA

Getachew Reda
No more vote for Obama! When Obama produced his sweet talks before the election and little after he won the election, my teacher the late Professor Aleme Eshete told me “the man is too good to be believed. Not only he is too good to be believed, but he might also be pro corporate dangerous Imperialist’s tool against African”. He told me this after I asked him what he thinks about Obama during our conversation in Italy.
Professor Aleme wrote an article about Obama right after the third day Obama got elected as the new U.S. President repeating a similar paraphrase quoted above. At later time Professor Aleme asked me about Obama and Ethiopia’s situation by saying “Did you recall what I told you? He asked. I said “yes”. And he continued saying “Meles is now the Obama’s and Britain chosen man for their Africa affairs. Do you know a lady by the name Gayle Smith from America who is known as “Guerrilla Mistress”? I answered “yes, but not detail. I read some few documents about her and her close relation with TPLF.”  I replied. “Obama is no question going to use that lady to follow his predecessors’ policy against Ethiopia to support the CIA boy Meles Zenawi regardless his obnoxious record”
He was correct. Right after two years in 2010 I read an article heading Guerilla Mistress To Obama Confidant; The Life And Crimes Of Gayle Smithwritten by Thomas C Mountain.  On his article Thomas stated “…Gayle Smith started her career in service to the American Empire as an undercover CIA operative posing as a journalist in the Horn of Africa in the late 1970’s. Taking her duty seriously, she became the mistress of a guerilla fighter known by the nom de guerre of “Jamaica” in the Marxist-Leninist-Enver Hoxha-ite Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), then fighting for independence from the Soviet Union supported Mengistu regime in Ethiopia.
Thomas goes on saying “Once the mistress of a Marxist guerilla fighter in the Horn of Africa, today Gayle Smith is a senior advisor to Barack Obama in the White House, USA.” As a close confidant to the leadership of the TPLF, Gayle Smith would spend the decade of the 1980’s as the liaison between the CIA and Meles Zenawi, the leader of the TPLF who was to become the Prime Minister of Ethiopia after the defeat and overthrow of the Mengistu regime in 1991.
Gayle Smith is a senior advisor to Barack Obama in the White House
… Gayle Smith is the person most responsible for the rise to power and elevation to international leadership status of Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi, one of the most corrupt, bloodthirsty genocidal killers of modern times who would once again stride the world stage at the G-20 meeting held in Korea.”
The above paper by Thomas proved that Professor Aleme was right on the mark everything that he predicted about Obama. To our surprise, Obam is currently inviting the ruthless and corrupt “Meles Zenawi” to the G8 meeting in America as one of the world’s respected Sates Men representing Africa. What a shame for Obama!
The CIA boy with his master
Now, the game is over. Ethiopians must stop giving our vote for Obama in the coming election! For many of us who gave our vote for Obama in his last election in the hope he might fulfill his promises is been a disappointing 4 years.  Under Obama America is been worst than ever in Human rights, union organizations were under attack under his watch, his Foreign affairs is disappointing, the economic condition went from bad to worse, the rich gets more richer- the poor gets more poorer than ever, the gas price is expensive for consumers than ever before. Many lost their jobs; many got their benefit cut severely or lost their benefit for ever, intentionally by corporate greed on his watch.  Currently, Corporations have the upper hand against Union and the working poor. For many of us, it is been regrettable and seen as a wasted vote.
No question, this educated young man with an amazing and superb oratorical skill was fit for the position he is in now. A man with a mixed race back ground who introduced an agenda that was reasonable and accepted by majority American voters was seen by the people of the planet earth as the second Jesus who came to earth to save us the poor, the repressed, the disadvantageous class. Unfortunately the world was fooled.  Particularly, the greatest hope was incubated by Ethiopians on him, hoping he might bring a proper condition for the repressed Ethiopian people believing his promises to stop helping tyrants in Africa like that of Ethiopia’s Meles who introduced Bantustan land style in Ethiopia like the white South Africa Apartheid era. Obama well, familiar with the record of Meles’s Apartheid rule, to our dismay, Obama ganged up and became close friend with the most racist, brutal and corrupt tyrant Meles Zenawi.
Meles Zenawi is the worst brigand, outlaw and leader of internationally documented terrorist organization in the African continent ( called “TPLF” Tigray People Liberation Front- a virtual clone of the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF).
Meles Zenawi came to power by slaughtering thousands of Ethiopian peasants as well its own fighters to liberate his mother’s land Eritrea in order to degrade and dismantle the pride history of Ethiopia and the life of the Amhara society in particular. (Read my book “Ye Weyane Gebena Mahder” written in Amharic if one wants the evidence how TPLF sees Amhara as its primary enemy.  You can read there the TPLF founding fathers’ hand written articles and songs what they said about Amhara.)
Ethnic cleansing - evicted of Amhara children from Souther Ethiopia (shocking photo) by Meles Zenawi government
Many people call Meles Zenawi the Illegal current Prime Minister of Ethiopia in variety negative names.  But, this author calls Meles Zenawi as “Foreign Mercenary” and “The Tigray Herod”. As many of you know, Herod the Great was Slaughterer of the innocent Jew. Herod was both a Jew and an anti Jew. Meles Zenawi is as well  barbarian capable of unspeakable cruelties who is both a Tigrayan (Eritrean) and Amhara by his parents blood (Gojame) and an anti Amhara as well.
Meles Zenawi and his terrorist organization “TPLF” who was torturing elders with a burning flame of a wooden fire Is now able to control Ethiopia for the last 20 years under his iron grip exploiting the wealth of the country with his servant Ministers, Army officers from Tigray and of course also few none Tigrayan officials who are his stooges and ruthless hooligans who do the killings and the ethnic cleansing jobs for him.
Meles Zenawi- the Arabs and the Imperialist’s mercenary is an anti Human Rights and anti press. He is been registered as the 10 worst anti Press tyrant leaders in the world with Eritrea, China, Cuba and Iran. The different financial sectors, the army, the air force, the police, the notorious security department, the land, the housing, the investment in general is at the hand of his organization and it is owned by TPLF elites. How on earth Obama came to believe this thuggish person as his economic advisor for Africa development?
In his 20 years in power, Meles Zenawi isWorse than the former Marxist dictator he ousted nearly two decades ago, Zenawi has clamped down on the opposition, stifled all dissent, and rigged elections. Like a true Marxist revolutionary, Zenawi has stashed millions in foreign banks and acquired mansions in Maryland and London in his wife's name, according to the opposition -- even as his barbaric regime collects a whopping $1 billion in foreign aid each year.” (Worst of the Worst- Bad dude dictators and general coconut heads by GEORGE B.N. AYITTEY - a native of Ghana, is president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington; the author of The March of Freedom: Defeating Dictators in Africa and Around the World)
It is indeed shocking news for me for the so called DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT and HUMAN RIGHTs advocate Mr. Obama to invite Tyrant Meles Zenawi to the White House to attend the G8 summit. I was irritated during the Bush era for Bush (of course Bush was expected to invite Meles to the white House, since it was his father who helped Meles to come to power.) to invite Meles to the White House. But, now it is DEMOCRATIC Obama who is honoring the Bantustan Meles to the G8 summit. When you look at recent situation in the world and in Africa, I think the history of tyranny and Imperialism intervention is even more turbulent than ever under Obama in the case of some countries than Bush  era. Look how discriminative he is when it comes to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Sudan (where thousands of protestors squashed and still the injustice  going on as we speak) compared to the illegal intervention he lead Europeans (NATO and Arab) during the Libya revolt to remove Mummer Gahdafi.
He is completely embedded like Bush with the Saudi Monarchs and princes and the rest of the Arabs who owns Millions of slaves from Africa, Philippines, and .other countries regardless Obama promised his voters to defend Human Rights all over the world during his election campaign. Forget defending! He accepted Gold Necklace from the Saudi King Abdullah!  It is like what Bush received similar gift from Abdullah years back. These Arab tyrants doing business with a president of a strong nation on earth know what they are doing and why they did it. That expensive and glooming gold worth millions of Dollars are dugout from the hot choking air of the Saudi mining desert from cheap labor of the exploited poor Africans, Indians, Pakistan, Philippines male and women slaves who are converted by force to be a Muslim and given an Arab/Islamic name.
Obama the Prophet of the New World Order knows where and how these Gold and wealth are produced.  The exploitation and repression of Africans by the ruthless Arabs is not a secret to Obama. He knows these ruthless Arabs are brutal towards maids and workers. Does he care? No, not at all.   Obama knows Meles Zenawi is still shipping thousands and thousands of women slaves every week from Ethiopia to the Arab countries through his corrupt agencies without any legal protection at all. Does he care? Obama knows his father’s land the corrupt Kenyan government officials and agencies are knowingly exporting Kenyan young girls as maids with no legal protection to the Arab slave masters to be exposed for over exploitation, murder and rape by the Arab rapist employers. Obama didn’t mention a single word to his corrupted Arab Monarchs friends about Ethiopian and Kenyan, Nigerian, Somalia... about the continuing victimization of these young African maids.  

Did you ever see Obama in this photo  meeting African slaves and maids in Saudi Arabia  to ease their problem or is he  comfortably meeting  the biggest Slave Master on earth to receive an expensive gold gift  behind  the back of the African  slaves  in Saudi ?
Husband with children left alone with sorrow his wife murdered by the Arab slave masters. Meles Zenawi and his agents in the Arab countries done nothing to stop the abuse.
G8 is now nothing to the African people beyond the game of the New World Order to introduce their puppets in Africa to the world.  Obama knows Meles Zenawi is a corrupt, murderer and treacherous power hunger individual who stole the people’s vote many times in his 20 years in power.  He never was a legitimate winner of any of the election in Ethiopia. Even, the unrest followed May 2005 parliamentary elections that gave Meles's (the fake name Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front for TPLF) EPRDF control of nearly two-thirds of parliament was a fraud. Opposition parties showed trusted and enough evidence to prove that the election was marred by fraud, intimidation and violence.
Even “Ana Gomes”, who was the European Union's chief observer during the elections, told the AP the report "exposes the lie" that the Ethiopian government is moving toward democracy. "It is time the EU and U.S. realize that the current regime in Ethiopia is repressing the people because it lacks democratic legitimacy and is actually weak," she said by e-mail after reading the report. "It is driving Ethiopia to more poverty, conflict and war." That was Ana Gomez saying this. But, does Obama care about Ethiopian people; regardless his boy in Ethiopia is killing and repressing the ancient country Ethiopia? No, because Obam is partner of the New World Order monsters who want Africa to still be under their old boot. Even the smallest development that any country is allowing to its citizen the “INTERNET MEDIA” is blocked in Ethiopia. The Diaspora opposition media that are operating from here is blocked by Meles Zenawi’s cowardice order from reaching our people. How repressive a system can it be than this?
Unless Obama stops respecting and treating African tyrants and thugs as a State Men, we the voters need to deny our vote for him in the next election. Who will come if he didn’t win? -Republicans? Who cares! Democrats? Who cares! They all have the same wristband made in Capitalism always ready to ship them for free to their agents like Meles Zenawi and their like stooges in order our brothers and sisters in Africa to wear them as a wristband in their daily life. That is the gift of CAPITALIM in the era of Obama.

Remember, we have Meles Zenawi, he is a       “wristband” gift donated to Ethiopians by the CIA. You see, I love America, if I could write this in Ethiopia, Meles could have eaten me alive, my dead body could have not been found.

The anti press, coward Meles Zenawi blocked "Ethiopian Semay" internet  blog  in Ethiopia
Thanks America for my freedom. Mr. Obama, please advice your CIA boy to allow us write about him in Ethiopia. God Bless the beautiful America! I pray for my country Ethiopia to bless her the same freedom of writing I am enjoying  in America.
– Thanks. Getachew Reda Editor Ethiopian Semay. (408) 561- 4836