Friday, November 20, 2009

Hopelessly Outdated Elite

see for yourself if som eof the past agreemnts in the past election had precondition honored or not. (Sample posted with signaotrs;-) and copare the then and now.
Hopelessly Outdated Elite Getachew Reda
The Diaspora opposition is unfortunately leaded and driven in to emotions by few disgruntled elites who never contacted in person or speak to each other except through the articles they threw on the internet web. These elites are talented in hypnotized their readers and have millions of armies of internet readers , to the extent you can sensed their readers started to speak out their emotions after they finished their reading on the given forum what they felt inside them including wanting to slaughtering the entire given ethnic population from anger and frustration. Their articles are composed of philosophy, law, humanity, coated sugary with patriotic and nationalistic propaganda echoing everything should have been so bright and smooth if their assertion, commentaries and advices on their paper could have been implemented as a solution for the country they left behind. Their readers get emotion and quirkily react as a drunken soul started to repeat what they read on the web. Recently, this election issue is definitely, bringing so many distorted minds of the elite in to the open air as ever before unexpectedly fastest than ever. Hailu Shawel of the AEUP is now currently their number one target of the distorted elites who are living in comfort in the Diaspora teaching University students, some are foreign advisors, bankers and so on. These elites are entirely fraudulent when they started to talk about Ethiopia and its people. They are living here with comfort: we now that; many of them if not all of them do not want to go to Ethiopia and redirect what they write and preach here on the internet. One will ask why they do not want to go back and implement what they preach and write on paper. It is simply easy to find their root cause for not wanting to go back to the people they left them behind. They live in self deceit and betrayal. They are faker and fraud. It is not Hailu Shawel who is living in denial. They are! Not Hailu! Trust me, I live with many of the elites many years here in the Diaspora- I have studied many of them. They are too arrogant to see themselves and their own performance. Their commentary begin in page one and continued for 10 entire pages talking how Shawel or how Gebremariam or how Letemariam should have done with Meles for election detaching themselves from the action! Let me repeat it: - by removing them selves FROM THE ACTION! Many of the elites- for example brother Professor Messay Kebede came with an article “ Much Ado About Nothing!” posted on the so called” EMF”, Abugida and the like Mujahadden look alike web sites stating the agreement between Hailu and Meles is “fishy indeed”. Let me quote him for you: “This act of sabotage suggests, according to some articles, a prior agreement with the Meles regime promising Hailu a post in the future government in exchange for his contribution in dividing and weakening the opposition. I am not yet ready to endorse this kind of analysis, though I admit that the agreement looks fishy indeed”. ( Mesay Kebede). You see writing fiction and passing it as fact is the elites’ “Red Alert” obsession. The news of handshaking with Meles is already made as bad news as it is, and the elite should not have to make it up all the way to come up with such obsession of accusation. One to be credible needs to suggest what to add on the said agreement instead of accusing (fishy, betrayal, coward, power monger….) the person in the front line dedicating his time, his family life, his own luxury, dignity, for the sake of the country living in the country, walking in every hills and villages, talking to villagers in the cold and hot remote lands of the country taking risk. Simply. It is not fair. Elites are to dummy and they are easily rash to react with harsh judgments. The elite in the Diaspora need to start take accountability. Life here is easier than the life in Ethiopia. We are infected with myth and self denial with out putting ourselves in the said battle filed. What are we doing here? Factionalism is eating our unity. Why is that the elite failed to unite these dispersed, misinformed, emotional community and put its mouth in to action the way the elite trying loudly to guide AEUP from thousand miles away? Hailu and his party fought on till we got where we are today. It is our turn in the Diaspora take accountability and do what we preach Hailu Should have done instead of CHAW_CHAW (the Amharic CHA CHata) Let us be fair: the Diaspora elite is hopelessly out of date! And indeed harmless too! The Diaspora elite need to take their warm life out of here and do the job Block by Block walking from village to village if you do not like what the AEUP leaders are accomplishing. Is it hard to move out of U.S and Europe, Canada and Australia and go to Ethiopia and take over Hailu Shaule’s place and guide the population in to WACHWACH (CAHA CHATA) revolution and get Meles Zenawi/TPLF out there in a minute without shaking Meles Zenawi’s hand? Is it hard for you Dr.Elite/Mr.Ealite, professor elite, Weyzero/Weizerit elite, Ambassador elite, media elite….. to move out from U.S/London..and go back home? “Yes indeed! You can’t stand drinking muddy water while teaching the villager how to vote and who to vote after you used to drink Soda and wine in DC and Dallas restaurants. Painful, isn’t it? No question! Take extra pain with them/ with the villagers in Ethiopia and then you have all rights to open your mouth/AEUP. What does people’s power mean to you if you are watering your garden every evening your puppy playing, tripping with the water hose in the Courteous Europe and America where you love to live for years with out forming a single armed guerrilla or even a united opposition. Indeed, the Ethiopian elite (many of them) here in the Diaspora is a fakery and full of fiction teller, hopelessly outdated, arrogant, detached from reality, refused to check itself simply kept marching on, its privates swinging to the breeze. Blind/plain folly! //-